Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/29/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/29/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jack and Jennifer sit together at the coffeehouse with Abigail. Jack and Jennifer talk about their anniversary and possibly get re-married. Abigail thinks it's weird that they asked her to join them. Cameron walks up and comments that Abigail looks even better than last night.

EJ talks with Lexie at her home. He talks about the beautiful day as Lexie jokes about Theo learning yoga. Lexie tells EJ to make sure to go to Theo's games and that Johnny and Sydney remain a big part of his life. Lexie talks about wishing she could've gotten Theo a brother or sister so he could have what she has with EJ. EJ sits with he and holds her as he wishes he could never let her go.

Will goes to the DiMera Mansion looking for EJ but he's not there. Sami follows in behind him. Will tells her that EJ isn't there if she's looking for him but she says she's looking for him. Sami tells Will that he can't keep avoiding her because she has something to tell him and he has to listen to her.

Cameron tells Abigail that he doesn't want to interrupt and will catch up with her later but Jack and Jennifer quickly stop him and invite him to stay. Jack jokes around about asking him questions about being with Abigail. Jack asks Cameron if he knows when they will be going out again. Cameron says he doesn't know as that's up to Abigail.

Will tells Sami that she doesn't need to say anything because she made her feelings clear already. Sami claims she wasn't thinking. Will talks about how she came back and made things worse. Will suggests they go their separate ways. Sami wants him to listen but Will says he doesn't have time because he needs to find EJ. Sami wants to know why he's looking for EJ. Sami stops him from leaving and says he's not going anywhere until they talk about this.

Lexie talks to EJ about how much she loves Theo but admits sometimes it's a challenge to take care of him. Lexie talks about being unable to reach him after a bad day at times. Lexie says she always had her job to go to but Abe will be raising Theo on his own. Lexie talks about how being mayor was the most important thing to Abe until EJ took it away from him. Lexie asks EJ to give Abe his job as mayor back.

Abigail jokes about having this conversation with her parents. Cameron gets a call from the hospital. Jack is surprised to learn that he's a doctor. Cameron reveals to Jack and Jennifer that Lexie is his half sister. Cameron talks about there not being a lot he can do for Lexie. Abigail adds that Cameron is checking on her patients. Jennifer talks about wanting to see Lexie. Cameron comments that she's tired a lot. Jack suggests they go take a walk for the beautiful day to leave them alone. They tell Cameron it was nice meeting him and then exit. Cameron tells Abigail that he likes her parents. Cameron says he called Lexie earlier but she said not to come over because there's something she had to do.

EJ tells Lexie that he doesn't know what to say. Lexie jokes about playing the brain tumor card to get what she wanted. EJ tells her that he'd do anything for her but he won an election. Lexie suggests that he resign. EJ thinks it's unlikely that Abe would then get it because of the scandal he was involved in. Lexie wants EJ to fix it and clear him of all previous charges. Lexie wants EJ to announce he's stepping down as mayor to concentrate on his personal life and then endorse Abe. EJ tells her that he doesn't have a personal life so being mayor is all he has. Lexie questions EJ enjoying going to city council meetings. Lexie calls him Stefano's heir apparent. EJ says his situation with Stefano is not what it used to be so Lexie wants to know what's going. EJ states that he can't do the things that Lexie is asking him to do anymore.

Will refuses to tell Sami anything but she continues asking if EJ is making him do something. Will tells her not to judge anyone. Sami doesn't want to talk about EJ. Sami says she looked in the mirror and saw that what she did and how she handled it is the worst thing she could do in response to Will saying he was gay. Sami tells Will that she just wants to say she's sorry. Will questions why he should believe that. Sami tells him she's not finished. Sami wants a do-over and have Will tell her everything he wanted to say the first time. Will asks what she wants to know. Sami talks about never seeing Will struggling with anything until the last few months and asks if something happened. Will says nothing happened but he just figured it out and knew. Sami asks how and why since he had girlfriends. Will doesn't want to justify it to her. Sami apologizes since she's just new to all of this and is trying to understand. Sami tells Will that he threw it in her face so if he was trying to make a point that she wasn't paying attention it worked. Will gets mad and accuses her of making it all about her. Will questions her thinking that he decided to be gay just to get her attention and calls it unbelievable.

EJ tells Lexie that it's not the time to talk about his problems. Lexie questions he and Stefano not getting along and thinks he is distancing himself from Stefano. EJ tells her that Theo will always be taken care of but Lexie doesn't want him to change the subject. EJ says he just wants a break from Stefano. Lexie tells him that he did take a break and believes that he changed Stefano. Lexie talks about being unable to believe Stefano worked with the federal government to set up and arms dealer. Lexie believes this is the beginning of the DiMera name being the source of pride and suggests they could change what that name means. Lexie thinks something else is going on that EJ isn't telling her and wants to know what it is. Lexie wants to help EJ while she still has time. EJ says he's sorry but this is not one that she can fix which is saying something. EJ states that he can't change the DiMera name because he's not a DiMera. Lexie is shocked as EJ reveals that Stefano is not his father so he's not a DiMera and Lexie is not his sister.

Cameron tells Abigail that it's nice to see people together so long and happy. Abigail informs him that they are divorced but engaged to be married again. They joke about Jack and Jennifer's relationship and they toast to their third try.

Jack and Jennifer sit in the town square. Jennifer asks Jack if he thinks all the danger is over for them. Jack asks if she wants it to be. Jennifer calls it exhausting as Jack adds it was exciting too and they flashback to moments they shared together over the years. Jennifer then agrees it was very exciting and really good then they kiss.

Lexie tells EJ that Stefano must have done something terribly wrong for him to say he's not his father. EJ informs her that he meant it literally that Stefano is not his father. EJ explains that Stefano thought he was but when he found out that he wasn't his father, he tried to undermine everything he's ever achieved and then disowned him. Lexie doesn't think it makes sense since Stefano put his whole life to put the family behind him. EJ says that was when he thought he was his son. EJ talks about putting his life on the line for Stefano many times but now it means nothing. Lexie suggests that Stefano will get over it but EJ says he won't. EJ tells her about Stefano getting Will to ruin his marriage with Nicole. EJ says he was happy and didn't deserve this. EJ states that all he ever did was love Stefano but that means nothing. Lexie can't believe him and wants to go talk to Stefano but EJ stops her. EJ wants Lexie to promise not to confront Stefano since she doesn't have the strength for it and shouldn't spend her time. Lexie thinks it's wrong. EJ points out that he didn't want to tell her but she forced it out of him. Lexie says he can tell her anything. EJ didn't want her to know that she's not his sister but Lexie insists that he is her brother and nothing can change that as she hugs him.

Will starts to walk out on Sami but she questions it being okay if he walks out but not when she does. Sami talks about all her mistakes but says she doesn't judge people. Sami then admits that she does judge people that she hates or that deserve it but doesn't judge people for who they are. Sami tells him that she loves him unconditionally. Sami adds that she just knows something about Will that she didn't know before but it doesn't change how she feels about him. Will asks if that means she's okay with him being gay. Sami then states that she can't say that she is. Will hopes they are done talking now since she keeps making him feel worse but Sami says she isn't done. Sami tells him that she is okay with him being gay but she's worried about the rest of the world. Will thinks that's ridiculous. Sami talks about reading about bullying. Will states that the world is slowly changing and families are realizing all over that someone they love is gay. Sami hopes they handled it better than she did. Sami talks about Will being her firstborn and how they were a team when he was little. Sami says he has a huge part of her heart. Sami tells him that she loves him. Sami just wants to know if Will is going to give her a second chance.

Lexie tells EJ that she's fought with him, mourned with him, and worried about him. She talks about how he's been there for Theo and made a truce with Abe. Lexie says EJ is his brother because he's been there for her. EJ thanks her and is glad she feels that way. EJ admits Stefano's reaction to the news has hit him hard. Lexie questions if it's even true and suggests a DNA test but EJ states that Stefano has already made up his mind. Lexie declares that nothing can ever sever their connection and she tells him how much she loves him. Lexie talks about there being times when she wishes she wasn't a DiMera. Lexie doesn't like everyone she knows hating her family and she doesn't like never knowing what Stefano is going to do next. Lexie tells EJ that he made it all worth it by being her brother. Lexie tells EJ that she's sorry for all the pain he is in now but she doesn't believe it was some twist of fate that brought him to their family. She believes God brought him to them and decided they should be brother and sister. EJ calls her the sweetest sister. Lexie changes the subject to talking about Stefano and tells EJ to think about how utterly alone he is now. Lexie states that they both know how much Stefano loved and needed EJ. She wonders why he pushed EJ away when he got the news. EJ doesn't feel sorry for him. Lexie adds that she knows he's hurting but wants him to think that Stefano could be hurting even more. Lexie doesn't want EJ to end up like Stefano. EJ calls it irony that he's not Stefano's son but he is just like him.

Cameron tells Abigail that he has to head to the hospital. Abigail is glad they ran into each other. Cameron brings up going out again and asks if she has plans tonight which she does so Cameron starts to leave but Abigail adds that her plans could include him.

Jennifer asks Jack if he thinks they have grown up which Jack laughs at. She asks if he thinks they have settled down but Jack's phone rings before he can answer. Jack read a message and tells Jennifer that he doesn't think they've settled down quite yet.

Will tells Sami that she drives him insane but it's only because of how much he loves her. Sami talks about being so unsure the last few months but she believes him and asks him not to take it back. Sami hugs him and cries that she loves him and just wants him to be happy and for no one to hurt him. Will comments that everyone gets hurt but Sami states that she doesn't want to hurt Will ever again and hopes he knows that. Will tells her that he knows and hugs her which makes her happy.

Abigail invites Cameron to her parents' anniversary dinner. Cameron doesn't want to interrupt but Abigail insists that it'd be a help to her. Cameron doesn't think they'd want an outsider there but Abigail points out that he's not an outsider since he's Lexie's brother and says they like him. Cameron agrees since he'd be doing her a favor and says he will see her tonight.

Jack informs Jennifer that he just got a message that EJ wants to run for governor and not tell anyone about it. Jack declares that they can't afford EJ as governor so he's going to stop him. Jack decides he's going to make some phone calls. Jack then says they are here for the anniversary together so nothing else is important but Jennifer encourages Jack to make his calls and stop EJ. Jack tells her that he won't let this mess up their lives again. Jennifer tells him that she trusts him as he goes off to make his calls.

EJ talks to Lexie about being concerned how this will affect Johnny and Sydney since they adore Stefano but will find out eventually. Lexie asks if Sami knows but EJ tells her that she's the only person that knows. Lexie tells EJ that he will make the kids understand when the time comes by being the father that they need. EJ talks about running for mayor to make his kids proud and adds that he'd do anything for Lexie. EJ talks about losing everything he has so he can't give up his job. Lexie understands. EJ says he can get the charges dropped against Abe and Jennifer which makes Lexie happy. She thanks him and adds that she knows asking him to give up being mayor was a long shot but she had to try. EJ states that she looks tired and he should go. EJ comments that he doesn't deserve a sister like her and hugs her. Lexie holds back tears and says goodbye as EJ exits. Lexie then sits down as EJ holds back tears on the other side of the door.

Sami wants Will to now tell her what's really going on with he and EJ since they are no longer fighting. Sami says he can trust her and won't judge him so he can tell her what it is. Will says there is something but he can't tell her. Sami continues trying to get it out of him but Will states that she won't understand this. Sami wants him to get it off of his chest and asks what EJ did now. Will declares that EJ is not the bad guy this time but he is. Sami asks what he's talking about. Will reveals that it's really his fault that she lost Rafe. Will announces to her that he's the reason that Rafe knows Sami had sex with EJ.

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