Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/28/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/28/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Bo and Hope get food at the Brady Pub as Hope talks about how much it will help Abe and Lexie. Bo hugs her and talks about how they were together in the safe house and compares it to Abe and Lexie. Bo adds that he doesn't know what he'd do if he ever lost Hope. Hope assures him that she's not going anywhere so he has nothing to worry about. Hope hugs him and says she's here to stay.

Abe returns home from dropping off Theo where Lexie is sitting down with an ache. Abe talks to her then notices something is wrong and offers to get her pain meds but Lexie insists that she's fine and just had a slight headache. Abe wants to call Bo and Hope to postpone but Lexie tells him how much she's been looking forward to it. Abe worries about Lexie not feeling well so she agrees to go take a nap before Bo and Hope arrive. Abe offers to take her upstairs but she assures him that she's fine. She makes sure he got everything on the grocery lists and suggests he go make some coffee. Lexie kisses him and he then heads into the kitchen. Lexie then leans against the wall with a worried look on her face.

Abigail arrives at the coffeehouse where Cameron is seated. She overhears him leaving a message on his phone for a girl named Sara, who he calls his number one girl that he plans to see today. Abigail turns to leave but Cameron hangs up and sees her. Cameron comments that he's surprised to see her. Abigail remarks that she was going to ask him about the dinner they talked about but she sees that he already has plans. Abigail tells him to have fun with Sara but Cameron wants to explain. Abigail tells him to explain because she'd love to know why he didn't tell her that he had a girlfriend. Cameron apologizes and admits he should've told her about Sara which Abigail agrees with. Cameron invites her to come with him so he can make it up to her but Abigail questions where they would be going. Cameron says they'll be going to see Sara and takes Abigail by the hand as they exit together.

At the hospital, Austin hugs Carrie and excitedly tells her how happy he is that they are going to have a baby as Rafe and Nicole look on. Austin talks about how they fought for their marriage and now only have to focus on the one thing that matters which is their baby and family. Austin turns to Rafe and Nicole and says he forgot they were still there. Nicole tells him it's okay since it's an exciting time for him. Austin says they would know that it's the most amazing feeling in the world. Rafe asks what and Austin responds being a father. Rafe agrees and keeps his arm around Nicole as Austin kisses Carrie.

At the town square, Will reveals to EJ that Stefano wanted him to make sure that Rafe found out about EJ sleeping with Sami. EJ is shocked to learn that Stefano knew about he and Sami. Will promises he didn't tell Stefano and has no idea how he knew. Will suggests asking Stefano and tries to rush off but EJ stops him and wants an answer. Will explains that he was at the mansion working on election stuff when Stefano came in and pulled him to the library to tell him that he knew about EJ and Sami and said the secret would ruin his family so he needed to do something about it. Will continues that Stefano convinced him that it'd be best if the secret got out. Will reveals that Stefano threatened him. EJ questions why Will didn't come to him. Will doesn't know and admits he was afraid. EJ asks Will what he did. Will explains that he didn't want to tell Rafe to his face so he was talking to Sonny at the Pub when Rafe came in which he thought was the perfect opportunity to ensure Rafe overheard. Will apologizes to EJ about how things turned out. EJ then blames Will for being the reason that he lost his wife.

Stefano sits at home talking on the phone asking for information on the coin. A man tells him how his grandfather made the coin. Stefano wants to know about the code and who Yvette is but he doesn't have that information. Stefano orders him to find out and hangs up.

EJ questions Will how he could do that to him after everything he's done for him. Will apologizes and didn't mean for him to get hurt. Will explains how Stefano told him that Nicole was EJ's weakness and was holding him back. EJ calls Nicole his life but now he's lost everything because of Will.

Nicole and Rafe congratulate Austin and Carrie as they start to leave but Austin stops them and wants to say something to Rafe. Austin says they have had their issues but now that they are both going to be fathers, he wants to put everything behind them and focus on the future since life's too short. Rafe agrees with him and they shake hands as Rafe congratulates him. Rafe and Nicole exit the room together. Nicole tells Rafe that she's sorry and Rafe says he is as well.

Bo and Hope go to Abe and Lexie's with the food from the Pub. Abe thanks them. Bo asks Abe how he's holding up. Abe says the days are okay and he keeps himself busy with taking care of Lexie but the nights are the worst. Hope asks if he's had time to think. Abe talks about watching Lexie sleep and he wonders how he's going to do this without her as Hope then hugs him.

Nicole follows Rafe to outside of the Pub. Nicole tries to tell him that it doesn't mean Rafe's chances with Carrie are over since they might not raise the baby together. Rafe disagrees but Nicole compares it to her baby not being raised with EJ. Rafe talks about how it's different because Austin's a good guy who Carrie has been in love with for half of her life. Rafe declares there is no reason for Carrie to leave Austin now.

Will holds back tears as he apologizes to EJ and tries to say it wasn't his fault but EJ disagrees. EJ yells at Will that he made the wrong choice that cost him his wife and his child. EJ warns Will that he's going to regret it for the rest of his life.

Rafe tells Nicole that he wants some time by himself but Carrie arrives. Nicole tells Rafe that she will see him later and walks away. Carrie apologizes and says she didn't know Rafe was there. Rafe tells her there's no need to explain or be sorry because she should be happy about having a baby.

Cameron brings Abigail to the hospital and says he knows Sara is around here somewhere. Abigail doesn't want to do this and starts to leave but Cameron stops her. Sara then arrives and is an old woman who is a patient of Lexie's that Cameron has been taking care of, which surprises Abigail. Cameron jokes with Sara and then introduces her to Abigail. Cameron sends Sara to Lexie's office where he will meet her later. Abigail tells Cameron that she's mortified. Cameron says her reaction made him feel good since now he knows that she might like him as much as he likes her.

Stefano gets a call back from the man looking into the coin. He informs Stefano about private records that were kept. Stefano orders him to find them because he has to know what the code is all about. Stefano sits back down and wonders what his father had done.

Abe tells Bo and Hope that he can't bring himself to say it even though he knows it's happening. Abe thinks the words make it more real or definite. Hope tells him to just focus on the time he has with Lexie. Abe agrees and thanks them. Bo says they are here for them for whatever they need. Abe says Lexie just needs good friends like them as well as her family which unfortunately includes Stefano. Bo can't believe Stefano slipped through their fingers. Hope suggests it was a sign that Lexie needs more time with her father. Abe declares that Stefano will still be held accountable for what he's done. Lexie comes downstairs and joins them. She greets Hope with a hug. Hope says they can come back another time if Lexie wants to rest more but Lexie says she has so much more to say starting with talking about Stefano.

Stefano gets a call from Will which surprises him. Will informs him that something happened and EJ knows what he made him do. EJ then storms into the mansion and shouts that Stefano has gone too far this time. EJ accuses Stefano of destroying his life. Stefano tells him to stop and says he didn't destroy his life. EJ questions him. Stefano explains that he was trying to steer him in a better direction. EJ asks if he wanted him to have a life of solitude and loneliness. EJ shouts that Stefano cost him the woman he loves. Stefano laughs at the idea of love and says EJ has loved a lot of women including Nicole and then walked away happy when he was done with them. EJ tries to explain that Nicole was his wife but says Stefano doesn't get it because he's dead inside. Stefano questions why EJ cheated on Nicole with Sami if he loved her so much.

Carrie tells Rafe that she can't believe this is happening and asks if he can forgive her. Rafe insists it's not her fault and she was just trying to make her marriage work. Carrie says she was thinking about Rafe the whole time. Rafe tells her to just focus on herself and her baby. Carrie wishes she could be selfish and impulsive like Sami but Rafe tells her that's not who she is and that's why he and Austin love her.

Cameron and Abigail to the town square and talk. Abigail thinks it's sweet that he takes the time to take care of Lexie's patients. Cameron talks about wanting to help Lexie in any way that he could but wishes he could do more.

Lexie apologizes to Bo and Hope for all the horrible things that Stefano has done to them. Bo tells her that she doesn't have to apologize for Stefano. Lexie points out that she doesn't condone his actions in any way. Abe suggests not talking about Stefano tonight and just enjoying their company. Abe goes to get them cheesecake. Hope talks with Lexie about Theo and Ciara. Lexie tells Hope and Bo about how she's been worrying about Abe. Bo tells her that they will all be there for Abe and Theo. Lexie thanks them and then ask them both to promise that they won't let Abe shut himself away from the world after she's gone. Lexie wants them to make sure Abe still sees his friends and takes Theo to the park. Lexie wants them to encourage Abe to love again if he meets another woman. Hope cries and promises her. Lexie thanks her as they wipe away tears.

Stefano tells EJ that he was unfaithful which was his choice and now he's looking for someone else to blame for something he did. EJ admits he made a mistake by sleeping with Sami but it's his life and not a puppet show for Stefano's amusement. Stefano says he doesn't like to see him go through this but thinks it's for his own good. EJ accuses him of costing him the love of his life. Stefano suggests he keeps falling into bed with Sami because he loves her more. EJ calls it ridiculous but Stefano thinks that's' why Nicole won't give him a second chance.

Will runs into Nicole into the town square and tells her that he just upset EJ. Nicole suggests he run as far away from the DiMeras as possible. Will wishes it was that simple. Nicole offers to talk but Will decides he has to go and walks away. Austin arrives and approaches Nicole. Austin tells her that she's just who he was looking for. Austin says she's the one person that can help him as he wants to find maternity clothes. Nicole offers to go with him and help him find something. Austin admits he'd have no idea what he's doing. Austin brings up that they've never had a chance to catch up and asks how things are with Rafe. Nicole states that Rafe is good and going to be a great father. Austin tells her that he's happy for them despite that he wanted to wring Rafe's neck at one time. Austin says they are both dads to be now and talks about how lucky they all are.

Carrie tells Rafe that the time they spent together in the safe house meant more to her than he will ever know. Carrie doesn't know what to do since her heart and head are saying different things. Rafe tells her that he wants to be with her but he could never live with himself if he broke up a family and that's what she, Austin, and their baby are now. Rafe states that they are a real family so they should be together. Carrie knows he's right and that's the way it has to be but she doesn't think she can stop loving Rafe. She doesn't know if she can let go. Rafe tells her that it's the only way. Carrie wonders how since Salem is a small town and they have the same friends so they will run into each other all the time and it will be heartbreak. Rafe offers to do whatever to help out and jokes about being a hermit and staying in all the time. Carrie tells him not to be the hero and put his feelings aside for her. Rafe tells her that it's what they have to do. Carrie and Rafe then hug.

Abe and Lexie eat cheesecake with Bo and Hope while telling old stories. Lexie decides she isn't hungry. Hope suggests they get going and hopes they didn't keep Lexie up to late. Lexie thinks it was worth every minute. Hope suggests they plan a Salem trip like the old days. Lexie thinks it sounds great. Lexie hugs Bo and thanks him for coming. She tells Bo to take care of Hope which he promises to do. Lexie says she's so lucky to have Hope as her friend and is so blessed to have had her in her life. Hope tells her that she loves her as they cry and hug.

Stefano asks EJ if they are done but he says no. EJ wants Stefano to tell him why he did it. Stefano explains it was because Nicole was not for him. Stefano calls Nicole low class. EJ tells her that he has no right to talk about her like that. Stefano says when he found out they were getting so serious, he took things into his own hands and adds that Will was glad to help. EJ warns that they will both pay for what they did. Stefano suggests he forget it since Nicole has moved on so he should too. EJ questions why he cares since he's not his son. Stefano claims he still wants what's best for him. EJ says Nicole was the best thing for him but now she won't even look at him because of Stefano. EJ accuses Stefano of thinking he's some sort of God. EJ then declares that Stefano is not God but he's the devil.

Cameron offers to walk Abigail home but she informs him that she's heading to the library to study for finals. Abigail tells Cameron that she had really good time and he did too. Cameron suggests doing it again some time which Abigail says she'd like. They end up kissing before saying goodnight. Cameron walks away as Abigail goes the other way with a smile. Cameron stops and watches her go as he smiles as well.

Rafe holds Carrie as she cries. Carrie tells him to never forget how much she loves him. Nicole and Austin arrive. Austin apologizes for being late as Carrie says everything's okay. Austin invites Rafe and Nicole to join them but Rafe tells them to celebrate together like a family. Austin thanks him as Rafe shakes his hand and congratulates him again. Austin and Carrie head into the Pub together. Nicole asks Rafe if he's okay. Rafe looks through the window at Austin and Carrie. Inside, Austin surprises Carrie with maternity clothes as a gift. Austin thanks Carrie for not giving up on him and for giving him the chance to be a father. Austin kisses her and then goes to get the menus. Carrie looks to the window at Rafe as he then walks away and Carrie cries.

Lexie starts cleaning up after Bo and Hope leave but Abe tells her that she doesn't have to do that. Abe tells Lexie that he knows what's going on so she doesn't have to pretend with him. Lexie admits that she feels it getting worse and knows her time is almost up. Lexie cries that she's not ready as Abe hugs her.

Bo and Hope walk through the town square together as Hope talks about how much it bothers her to imagine not having Lexie in her life anymore. Hope talks about thinking about Stefano rather than worrying about Lexie. Hope talks about how Stefano makes her furious and she hates him. Bo hugs her and tells her not to worry as Stefano will get what he deserves. Bo kisses her and says he has to get to work so Hope exits. Bo watches her leave and then stops and checks his gun. Bo looks around and then walks off.

Stefano tells EJ that he's had enough but EJ stops him until he hears what he has to say. EJ declares that Lexie wants peace in the family so he will make sure she gets it. EJ tells Stefano that he's destroyed his life so he will destroy Stefano's. Stefano shakes his head and walks away.

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