Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/25/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/25/12


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John and Marlena go to Abe and Lexie's with food and greet them. They joke around about a past time in New York. Lexie talks about their time in the town square as Paris. John points out that they were busy pretending to be dead then quickly apologizes to Lexie but she insists it's okay and talks about how they are all blessed.

Austin and Carrie meet with Daniel at the hospital. Daniel tells them that the home pregnancy tests are usually accurate but Carrie still wants to make sure so Daniel agrees to put a rush on the test. Austin still can't believe this is happening and talks about waiting so long to start a family as Rafe and Nicole then arrive together.

EJ sits with Will at the town square and gives him his duties for his job. Will comments on the job being more exciting before the election. EJ assures him that something intriguing and exciting will come along soon but the errands that he has him doing helps him fulfill his promises to the voters. Will commends him for taking it seriously as he thought he'd have an agenda. EJ adds that he always has an agenda and that it's too fulfill his promises. Will gets a call but ignores it, saying it's not important because it's Sami.

Sami sits in the Pub leaving a message for Will saying she's waiting for him at the Pub and he can't avoid her forever. Kate arrives, having overheard Sami, and tells her that Will is smart for avoiding her.

Daniel takes Austin to go fill out insurance papers so Rafe asks Nicole for a moment alone with Carrie and she steps out of the room.

Kate asks Sami what's going on with Will and reminds her that she's his grandmother too. Kate remarks that Sami won't be running Countess Wilhelmina long. Kate then threatens to ask Lucas or Will if Sami doesn't tell her so Sami admits that Will finally told her that he's gay.

Marlena sits with Lexie and asks her how she's doing. Lexie insists that she's fine but Marlena asks if she's just being brave for everyone else. Marlena tells her that she will always be there if she ever wants to talk.

EJ wants to know about Will's problems with Sami and if he's angry at her for telling him about his situation. Will says he is because she had no right to do that. EJ explains that he knew and that Sami wasn't trying to hurt or embarrass him. EJ adds that he was just giving Sami advice on how to handle things.

Nicole talks with Daniel outside the room about Rafe being in there with Carrie. Nicole feels bad for Rafe that Carrie might be pregnant with Austin's baby. Daniel suggests they stay out of it but Nicole just feels that Rafe can't catch a break.

Rafe asks Carrie about the messages she left him. Carrie apologizes. Rafe questions her saying she loved him and still sleeping with Austin.

Kate thinks it's good that Will finally came out to Sami. Kate thinks it wasn't hard to figure out what Will was struggling with and questions her not knowing. Sami says she was completely caught off guard and wonders how Kate knew.

EJ questions Will thinking so badly about Sami. Will insists that he knows who Sami is and doesn't think she will change. EJ wonders what if Sami does change for Will.

Carrie tells Rafe that they were trying to save their marriage and she thought he was with Nicole. Rafe apologizes. Carrie tells Rafe that it's not what she wanted. Rafe understands that she was going to leave Austin yesterday but now she's pregnant. Rafe wonders what they do now but Carrie doesn't know and can't even go there right now.

Daniel tells Nicole that she should start seeing another doctor. Nicole knows and admits she's been putting it off with other things. Daniel brings up the paternity test. Nicole knows they don't have a lot of time or a plan. Nicole refuses to let EJ get his hands on her baby and vows to protect her child no matter what.

Lexie tells Marlena that her offer is incredibly generous but she's come to terms with what's happening and wants to spend the time she has left enjoying her friends and family. Lexie just wishes she knew exactly when her time was up. Lexie wonders when she will see Marlena again and wants to make sure she says her proper goodbyes and thank yous. Marlena assures her that she completely understands. Lexie then decides it could be good that she doesn't know because she doesn't think she'll ever really be able to say goodbye. Lexie wishes they would've taken more trips together or gone to lunch and dinner when they had time. Lexie wonders why they didn't. Marlena says things just come up. Lexie blames it on Stefano and then tells Marlena that she's sorry for all the horrible things that Stefano has done to her and John. Marlena assures her that they never blamed her for that. Lexie is grateful and calls them two incredibly amazing friends. Marlena states that they are the lucky ones. Lexie wants to agree to no more regrets over wasted time and just enjoy every moment they have left. Marlena agrees and they say they love each other and then hug.

Rafe questions Carrie telling Austin if she wasn't sure. Carrie explains that he found the test and then there was no stopping him since he was so excited to have a baby. Carrie adds that she's sorry that he found out the way he did. Rafe tells her it's not her fault. Carrie says if the test comes back negative then she's telling Austin that she's leaving him. Rafe wonders what if it comes back positive.

Austin tells Daniel that the paperwork is finished so Daniel agrees to let Carrie know. Austin then wonders about Carrie being in the room with Rafe.

Kate talks to Sami about knowing about Will before her and thinks she's more sensitive than Sami is. Kate calls Sami self-absorbed with everyone. Kate talks about how Sami thought Will's problems were all about her.

Will tells EJ that it's good to know where he stands. EJ questions what he means. Will says he thought he could count on him but now he knows that if he's on Sami's side then he's not on his side. EJ asks Will to sit back down and says he's not picking sides and insists Will can trust him. EJ wants him to realize that he's always had his best interest at heart. Will says EJ should be happy that Stefano is a hero with the CIA. EJ says he was as surprised as anybody to hear he's on the right side of the law. Will is surprised that EJ didn't know and it wasn't his plan. EJ tells him that Stefano is on his own on this one but he's not happy about Stefano acting without his knowledge.

Kate tells Sami that she knows that she feels guilty but knows that she didn't intend to hurt him. Kate says she's been there with all of her children. Kate adds that the bottom line is family loves each other. Sami prays that Will still loves her. Kate knows Will still loves her and asks Sami if she will take her advice.

Nicole tells Austin that Rafe is not in there with Carrie so Austin asks where he went. Nicole says that Rafe went to go fill out paper work too so she goes inside the room to tell Carrie that Austin is back. Nicole tells them that Austin is back and waiting for Carrie but doesn't know Rafe is in there. Carrie thanks her and says she'll see Rafe later. Rafe wishes her luck as she exits the room to rejoin Austin. Nicole questions Rafe planning to see her later and if that's a good idea. Rafe doesn't know. Nicole tells Rafe that he can't go near Carrie until she finds out if she's pregnant or not. Rafe says they'll wait. Nicole asks what his decision is as to what he's going to but he doesn't know yet. Nicole asks if he's afraid that if Carrie's pregnant then she won't leave Austin. Rafe goes to get some coffee as Austin and Carrie come back into the room. Carrie talks to Nicole about all she has to think about now. Nicole understands and offers to help where she can. Daniel takes Austin to go get some coffee to let Carrie and Nicole talk. Nicole tells Carrie that she knows she's hoping not to be pregnant but she's going to have to figure out a way to be happy no matter what happens. Carrie mentions how disappointed Austin will be if she's not pregnant. Nicole tells her to think about how he'll feel when she tells him that she's leaving for Rafe. Carrie worries about pregnant. Nicole advises her to take it one step at a time. Carrie states that she knows she didn't want Rafe to tell her the truth about her baby. Nicole says she didn't want to be the one to come in between them. Nicole then asks Carrie to not tell anyone that her baby is EJ's.

Marlena and Lexie eat with John and Abe. Marlena suggests online shopping with Lexie and they talk about how they can get something for Theo. Lexie agrees and they leave the room together. John then tells Abe that he's there if he ever needs to talk. Abe thanks him as John hugs him.

Sami tells Kate that she would take advice from anyone about Will including her. Kate adds that Will is the only reason that she's offering the advice. Kate brings up that this has been building for awhile. Sami talks about how he won't talk to her and won't let her talk to him so she doesn't know what else to say or do. Sami talks about not knowing Will was gay while Kate, Marlena, and EJ knew. Sami thinks she should've known. Kate states that she would have if she wanted to. Kate says she knows Sami's fine with Will being gay but didn't think she was clueless but rather didn't want to acknowledge the possibility. Sami thinks she made Will feel more alone since he won't accept her phone calls. Kate says Will has every right to be angry but he's also afraid. Kate doesn't think Will would ever want to admit it but he thinks he's lost his mother because of this like Sami thinks she's lost her son.

Will tells EJ that he thought he and Stefano did everything together. EJ tells him that things change and relationships evolve. EJ states that he got fed up with Stefano's surprises and undermining everything he does. Will remarks that he's surprised that he didn't fire him. EJ questions why. Will states that he figured if EJ ever found out then he'd be furious and he didn't want to do it. Will blames Stefano for making him and talks about not knowing how a father could undermine his son. Will then asks EJ how he found out what Stefano made him do.

Lexie and Marlena come back and Lexie thanks them for making the day so special. John tells her it's not over yet since they got cheese cake. Abe goes to get some plates. John tells Lexie that he doesn't know what to say but is sorry for what she's going through. John talks about feeling helpless and wishes he could do something to make her feel better but he can't so he just wants her to know that he'll take care of Abe and be there for him. John adds that he'll take care of Theo as well. Lexie tells John that he did make her feel better and calls him one of the best men there is. Lexie says she is so lucky to be able to call him a friend for all these years as they hug. John holds back tears and then goes to see if Abe needs some help.

Sami tells Kate how she leaves messages to Will every day but he never calls her back and she doesn't know what else to say. Kate assures her that Will will eventually call her and she'll have to listen to him when he does and try to understand, accept, and love him. Sami says he won't let her apologize for how badly she handled him coming out. Kate tells her to wait until Will feels like he can trust her again and that won't be until he's ready since she can't force him to that point. Kate tells Sami to be patient and compassionate. Kate tells her to keep her feelings in check and she can do that if she loves Will.

EJ questions why Will would say it was the worst thing Stefano could have him do. Will brings up Nicole so EJ asks what he did. Will says it was just stuff for the election. EJ suggests he stop lying to him. Will tells him to ask Stefano but EJ expects an answer from Will. EJ says he's done a lot for Will and wants to know what he did to Nicole.

Carrie tells Nicole not to worry since she won't say anything to anyone and will leave it between her and Rafe. Nicole hopes things work out for her. Nicole tells Carrie to make sure to do what's best for both of them no matter what happens. Carrie asks why she's so concerned about it. Nicole admits that she's just looking out for Rafe since he's a great guy that she doesn't want to see get hurt again. Austin and Daniel come back in with the test results from Carrie's pregnancy test.

Lexie gets a slight pain but assures she's fine. Marlena worries if they overdid a bit. Lexie says it's fine and she just feels a bit tired. Lexie decides to go upstairs and lie down. Lexie thanks Marlena and John and hugs them. Abe then takes her upstairs. Marlena turns to John and hugs him as she cries.

Rafe returns to the room to get going with Nicole. Austin stops them and informs Rafe that Daniel was just about to give them the results of Carrie's pregnancy test. Rafe offers to give them privacy but Austin wants them to stay. Austin wants to share it with everybody if it's positive. Daniel gets paged for a consult so Austin tells him to just open the results. Daniel opens it and congratulates Carrie on being pregnant. Austin says he knew it and exclaims that they are going to have a baby. Austin says Carrie has made him so happy and he hugs her.

Sami thanks Kate for her advice and promises not to forget it. Kate hopes she doesn't and adds that this changes nothing between them. Sami assures that she still has every intention of taking down her and Madison. Kate calls her delusional and wishes her luck with that and with Will as she then exits.

EJ continues asking Will for an answer as to what Stefano had him do. EJ suggests he might could make it right. Will says it's already done and apologizes for saying anything. EJ stops Will from leaving and says he understands Stefano may have intimidated him but he likes him so he's going to tell him what exactly Stefano had him do. Will reveals that Stefano wanted him to make sure that Rafe found out about EJ and Sami sleeping together which shocks EJ.

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