Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/24/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/24/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Bo wakes up Hope with a rose and wishes her a happy anniversary. Hope says the same as they kiss in bed.

Gabi and Will meet at the town square. Will informs her that he came out to his parents. Gabi asks how they took it. Will says Lucas was pretty cool but Sami flipped out and he didn't know what else he expected. Gabi tells him to think about where she's coming from as a mom finding out her son is gay.

Chad sits with Melanie at the coffeehouse. Chad gets a message from Lexie asking him to come to a family lunch with Stefano. Chad thinks he should go for Lexie but asks Melanie to come with him.

Celeste sits with Theo at home as Theo finds one of her tarot cards showing death and shows it to Lexie and Abe.

John and Marlena talk at the town square about things getting back to normal but John points out that it won't be normal as Stefano is still free.

Stefano talks on the phone at home trying to find information about the coin. Stefano offers to pay any price as EJ walks in and asks if he's referring to the money he stole from him.

Gabi tells Will that she meant to say that most parents don't plan to hear that their sons are gay and she knows Sami's a drama queen. Will tells her that Sami just walked out. Will says he prepared for her to say some crazy things but didn't prepare for her to say nothing at all. Will tells her that Sami did come back and threw a fit because he told Marlena before her. Gabi suggests Will just give Sami some time to get used to the idea. Will thinks that's enough about him then asks about Gabi since he's been worried about her. Will asks her if the guy is still stalking her.

Melanie tells Chad that she'd love to go to a family lunch with him but she doesn't think she can be around someone like Stefano.

Celeste tries to explain to Theo that the card doesn't always mean death as it can mean the end or start of something new. Lexie tells Theo about having lunch as Theo gets excited about seeing EJ. Celeste takes Theo to go to the park. Abe talks to Lexie about lunch and worries about it being too much with Stefano but Lexie says she needs to leave her family at peace.

Stefano tells EJ that he didn't steal his money since EJ stole the money from John. EJ points out that Stefano still stole it from him and he wants it back but Stefano responds that it's not going to happen today or ever.

Gabi tells Will that her stalker hasn't been bothering her lately. They sit together and Will still thinks she should report it to the police but she insists that she can't or else they will tell Rafe and he'll be overly protective. Will wants her to be safe if some guy is really stalking her. Gabi takes Will to go get some lattes and continue talking.

Hope tells Bo that she thought being in their own bed would be the best anniversary present and calls it fabulous as they continue kissing. Bo calls marrying her his best idea as they flashback to their wedding. Bo tells Hope that he loves her now more than he did then. Hope tells him that she loves him too and kisses him.

Melanie tells Chad that she doesn't want to be selfish but brings up that Stefano did just try to kill half the people they care about so she doesn't want to be around him. Chad understands and feels the same way but thinks he has to go since Lexie is dying and asked him to make peace with the family. Melanie asks if that means this won't be a one time thing. Chad knows Stefano can be a heartless bastard but he's also losing his daughter. Chad says Lexie being sick has reminded him that Stefano is sometimes human. Melanie tells him that his heart is always in the right place and she understands. Melanie worries that Stefano will use Lexie being sick to get Chad too close to him. Chad tells her she worries too much but Melanie thinks Chad doesn't worry enough. Melanie reminds him that Stefano is and will always be evil.

John and Marlena sit together at the town square. Marlena tells him that she knows it's frustrating but at least they are still alive. Marlena doesn't think Stefano will bother them anytime soon since he's under such scrutiny. John reminds her that they said the only way to get Stefano is with their own hands. Marlena wishes it didn't have to be like this. John gets a call and tells her that he's on his way to agency business. John kisses her and says he'll see her at home as he then exits.

Stefano talks to EJ about how he likes working for the CIA. EJ doesn't understand what's going on since he seemed happy to honor his debt to Alice but not to EJ. Stefano tells him that John's penchant fund helped him become mayor. Stefano tells EJ to forget about it and move on like he has.

Melanie tells Chad that his relationship with his dad is none of her business so he should go support Lexie. Chad then exits. Gabi and Will sit at another table and Gabi gets up and looks at Melanie sitting alone now. Marlena arrives and greets Will with a hug. Will tells her that he came out to his parents. She asks how it went. Will informs her that Sami didn't take it well. Gabi goes over and sits with Melanie and asks if everything's okay after Chad left. Melanie tells her that she thinks she screwed up.

EJ tells Stefano it might not be easy for him to grasp normal human emotions and it's difficult for him to just move on. Stefano suggests he go talk to Marlena. EJ warns him not to dismiss him. EJ states that he loves Chad and Lexie as his family. EJ says even though Stefano treats him like a leper, he still has feelings for him other than hurt and anger which is the only reason that he hasn't strangled him. Stefano says that's enough. Stefano states that he made EJ and if he wanted to, he can break him. Lexie arrives and orders them to stop then she gets another headache.

Marlena asks Will what Sami said. Will responds that she just walked out. Marlena tells him that she's sorry. Will says it's okay since Lucas took it like a champ. Marlena insists that Sami will come around when she realizes that it's not about her since she likely thinks it has something to do with her parenting. Marlena encourages him and he thanks her with a hug. Will jokes with her about being officially not dead. Marlena then says she has go to work but just wanted to see him so she then hurries out. Will sits back down.

Melanie informs Gabi about Chad wanting her to join him at lunch but she can't stand Stefano. Melanie worries that Stefano will use Lexie's illness to get closer to Chad and thinks she might should have gone with him to keep an eye out. Gabi tells Melanie that if Chad wants to let Stefano back into his life after everything he's done then she should leave him and never look back.

EJ asks Lexie if she's okay. She says she's fine but hates when they fight. EJ and Stefano tell her that it was nothing and try to comfort her. Abe arrives with Celeste and Theo. Stefano greets Theo and takes him and Celeste out to the garden. Abe steps out to make a call. Lexie asks EJ what he was fighting with Stefano about. EJ calls it just a spirited debate. Lexie wants to know that everything won't fall apart when she's gone but EJ can't promise that. Lexie wants him to try because she wants to die knowing that her family is at peace so EJ promises to try and she thanks him. Lexie tells him that she doesn't want to be sad but be grateful for the time they have left. EJ calls it not enough. Lexie talks about never getting to know Tony as much as she would have liked and won't get that chance with Cameron or Chad so EJ is the only brother she ever truly knew. Lexie tells EJ that she loves him. EJ thanks her and hugs her.

John meets with a man who gives him a bag. John pulls a gun out of the bag and declares that he thinks it will do the job. John pays the man and they agree that they were never there as he exits. John walks on as Marlena then follows him out of the town square.

Bo and Hope drink champagne in bed and talk about just staying there. Bo talks about all the things they usually deal with including Alice's bank statements which Hope says she had almost forgot about for one morning until he brought it up. Hope begins to wonder why Alice sent money to Africa and she wishes Doug and Julie found something out. Bo stops her from worrying and tells her it's a time to relax and be happy as they lay back down together.

Gabi tells Melanie that she's sorry if she came off strong but brings up how Stefano tried to kill Rafe and everyone at the safehouse. Melanie continues to worry that Stefano will use Lexie to get close to Chad. Gabi warns Melanie to keep Stefano away from Chad. Will comes over and tells Gabi that their order got messed up so she should talk to the barista. Gabi gets up to sort it out as Will then sits with Melanie and asks what's new. Melanie informs him about Chad wanting her to go to a lunch at the DiMera Mansion but she didn't want to be around Stefano though now she feels bad about Chad leaving upset. Will decides they should do something to fix it.

Stefano comes back in with Theo and Celeste. Theo talks about liking his new swingset outside and goes to tell Lexie about it. Stefano tells Celeste that time is the only enemy that he cannot conquer. Celeste talks about wishing they could have more time with Lexie. Stefano calls her the light of his life. Celeste reminds him that he'll have other family to love and care for. Stefano talks about Lexie always being a part of his heart and he wishes they could exchange lives. Celeste goes into the living room as Abe comes over to talk to Stefano. Abe tells him that he wishes he could go back in time and hold Stefano prisoner in the underground tunnels so he'd be dying instead of Lexie. Stefano points out that Andre held Lexie without his knowledge. Abe blames him since Andre worked for him so that makes him responsible. Stefano asks if Lexie knows about that being a possible cause. Abe says he loves Lexie too much that he doesn't want her to die hating Stefano. Abe tells him that it ends with Lexie's life and steps away. Chad then arrives which makes Stefano happy that he's joined them. Stefano tells him that he's sorry that he had to be there because Lexie is ill. Chad comments that they are family as Stefano talks about missing him. Chad declares that if it's not too late, he would like to be part of the family again. Stefano says nothing would make him happier. Chad points out that he can't be like EJ and do the things Stefano asks him to do. Stefano gives him his word that he'd never have to do the things that EJ has done. Stefano hugs him and tells him how good it is to see him as EJ glances over at them from the living room.

Melanie tells Will that she can't stop Chad since he's already there but Will suggests she show up late to make everyone happy and she can keep her eye on things. Melanie still doesn't want to be around Stefano and mentions that Gabi agreed. Will calls Gabi on drama overload right now then tells Melanie that Chad is not going to be Stefano. Melanie agrees to go join Chad and tell him that she loves him. Melanie thanks Will and exits as Gabi comes over to ask Will where she's going. Will tells Gabi that Melanie is going to tell Chad that she loves him more than she hates Stefano.

Marlena catches up to John in the town square and informs him that she saw him with the man. Marlena tells him that he can't kill Stefano but John thinks he can. Marlena warns him that he can't have Stefano's blood on his hands. John jokes that he won't have to shoot him close-range. Marlena reminds him that he would be a prime suspect. John thinks he can cover his tracks. John tells Marlena that she is not going to stop him. Marlena says if he loves her then he will let it go and let someone else handle Stefano.

Lexie greets Chad and hugs him. Stefano goes to check on the food for lunch. Lexie asks where Melanie is then understands when he doesn't answer. Chad tells Lexie that he just told Stefano that he wants to rejoin the family in the way that she's been without being part of the family business. Lexie tells him to keep Stefano at arms length and he'll be good. Chad thanks her with a hug. Chad adds that he wishes they had more time together. Melanie then arrives which surprises Chad. She greets him with a kiss and hugs Lexie. Lexie is glad she came and tells her that she's right on time. Lexie heads back into the living room as Chad asks Melanie what changed her mind. Melanie declares that loving him is more important than hating Stefano so she's accepting it. They head into the living room where Stefano announces lunch is served. Lexie stops everyone and declares that she has something to say. Lexie asks Celeste to take Theo to get food but Melanie insists on doing it instead so she steps out with Theo. Lexie says that she is so touched and grateful that everyone came together for her. Lexie knows their family history makes her sad but maybe fresh hope comes at the end of life. Lexie hopes and prays that even though she knows they will never be close but that they will at least try to get along for Theo. Lexie talks about how Theo will need his family and they are all he's got. Lexie tells Stefano that she expects him to be his best for Theo. Lexie adds that they might not agree with each other or respect one another but she needs them to be the family that Theo deserves. Stefano tells her that he will do his part. Celeste says she will also and Abe, Chad, and EJ all agree that they are in too. Stefano gives Lexie their word and he hugs her as she cries.

Will tells Gabi that he thinks Melanie was right to support Chad today and show that she trusts him. Will then tells Gabi to stop being jealous and stop trying to break them up because it's not going to happen. Will then exits. Gabi sits down and pulls out her tablet to see if she can get Chad there.

Lexie has a photographer join them to take pictures of the day that will remind them that they are a part of something important like a family. The photographer calls everyone to the staircase for a family photo and takes various pictures of them all together.

Hope and Bo sleep in bed together. Hope dreams about John saying they are out of options and have to take care of Stefano themselves. Hope wakes up suddenly and looks over at Bo. Hope whispers that Stefano will never come between them again and kisses Bo.

John tells Marlena that she's right that he can't do this to her or their family. Marlena tells him to get rid of the gun so he agrees to do so. Marlena adds that she knows how tough it is for him but she loves him for it. John says he loves her too and kisses her. John adds that he'll see her at home. John watches her leave then puts the bagged gun back in his jacket and walks away. Marlena keeps on walking out of the town square where she says out loud to herself that it's okay because she will make sure Stefano pays for his crimes.

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