Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/23/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/23/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Lexie regains consciousness at the station with Bo and Hope. She wonders where Stefano is. Hope explains that Stefano left because Roman thought it'd be best. Lexie wonders where Abe is as she hears he's bringing the car around. Marlena apologizes for upsetting Lexie. Abe comes back in and wants to take Lexie to the hospital but she just wants to go home.

Nicole sits in her hotel room on her computer until Rafe arrives. Nicole is happy to see him and greets him with a hug. Nicole asks Rafe if they got rid of Stefano. Rafe wishes they did but informs her that Stefano lives to torment them. Rafe explains to her that Stefano is free and is being heralded as a hero by the CIA. Nicole doesn't get how. Rafe wants to make sure she and the baby are okay. Nicole tells him that he doesn't have to take care of them anymore since he wants to be with Carrie. Nicole adds that she's happy for him and tells him not to worry when he goes to be with Carrie.

Carrie rejoins Austin at the Pub and Austin talks to her about eating making her feel better. Austin gets a call from Billie and steps away to answer it. Carrie then looks in her purse at the positive pregnancy test.

Bo talks with Roman, John, Hope, and Marlena about coming so close to getting Stefano. Marlena calls it unjust and wonders if Stefano will ever be punished.

Carrie pulls out her phone and calls Rafe. She leaves a message saying that she needs to talk to him and loves him. Austin comes back and asks who she just called.

Abe brings Lexie home and thinks they should've gone to the hospital since she passed out. Lexie says she'll be fine after some rest and talks about how there were so many people at the station. Celeste wonders what she was doing at the station then goes to get her a blanket. Abe still wants Lexie to go get checked out by a doctor. Lexie agrees to let Abe call Daniel to come over. Lexie reminds him that they know what's going on since she has a tumor and there's nothing that Daniel could do for her so nothing can change that.

Rafe tells Nicole that she won't get rid of him that easy and he refuses to let EJ find out that it's his baby. Nicole thanks him for lying for her but thinks things are different now since he's going to be with Carrie. Rafe feels that they can figure it out. Nicole asks how Austin took the news. Rafe says he will let her know since Carrie should be breaking the news to him and he's expecting the call. Nicole doesn't know who she feels worse for either Carrie for breaking the news or Austin for having his heart broken.

Carrie tells Austin that she was leaving a message for her mother. Austin informs Carrie that Billie just told him that Stefano got freed from jail.

Shane returns to the station and tells them that after calls he's made, there is nothing they can do about Stefano thanks to the CIA being indebted to him working for them. Bo calls it the one time Stefano is on the side of the good guys. John questions Stefano's immunity. Marlena brings up the bomb but Shane points out that there is no proof. Hope wants to go after Agent Harmon but Shane says they can't tip him off. Marlena talks about how they almost died and everyone went through grief for nothing. John declares that they are now back to square one.

Nicole jokes with Rafe about Carrie being a saint to be okay with Rafe pretending to be the father of Nicole's baby. Rafe points out that she understands not wanting EJ to know about it. Nicole wants Rafe to be sure that Carrie will keep the secret. Rafe promises that he's sure. Nicole jokes with Rafe about being in love with Carrie. Rafe praises Carrie and Nicole calls her the exact opposite of Sami. Nicole brings up how Sami will freak out when she finds out that Rafe and Carrie are together. She jokes to him about wanting to see her reaction to it. Nicole calls it good that he found Carrie or else he'd be stuck with her.

Roman says he's going to head over to Abe's and tells everyone not to get down because they aren't giving up as he exits. Shane adds that he's right. Hope brings up that this month is the 30 year anniversary of Stefano beginning his reign of terror in Salem. They talk about all the crimes he's committed with barely any jail time and how it's not right.

Celeste puts Theo to sleep and returns to Lexie and Abe. Daniel then arrives to check on Lexie. Lexie tells him that she's sorry but he's glad that Abe called. Lexie tells Daniel about fainting and calls it no big deal. Daniel asks how she's feeling now. Lexie says she's fine and asks Abe to go get her some soup. Abe asks Celeste to come with him so that Lexie can talk with Daniel alone and they exit together. Daniel then asks Lexie how she's really feeling and she admits that her headaches are getting worse and her body aches. Lexie says she could barely make it into the house and knows her time is running out as she can feel it.

Rafe jokes with Nicole about picking out baby clothes then realizes his phone ringer was off. He checks his phone and hears the message from Carrie wanting to see him. Rafe wonders where she is and notes hearing plates in the background. Nicole suggests going to eat at the Pub so they head out together.

Bo mentions how if it were up to Stefano, they'd all be dead. John points out that the year is still young as Hope declares that he must be stopped.

Celeste and Abe talk at the town square about Stefano being guilty but free. Celeste adds that it could be good to not have Stefano in jail for Lexie's last days so she is less stressed. Celeste figures it must be hard for Abe to hide his hatred for Stefano as he shouts that what Stefano did is unspeakable which has Lexie wonder what he means.

Austin and Carrie talk about nothing turning out right. Austin still wants her to eat so Carrie goes to get a to go box from the counter. Austin starts to pay the bill but doesn't have enough money so he looks into Carrie's purse and is shocked to find the pregnancy test.

Daniel checks Lexie's blood pressure and sees it's low. Lexie brings up how it should be high from her stress but knows her body is shutting down and she's down to having days left rather than weeks or months. Daniel says it's possible. Lexie wants Daniel to promise not to tell Abe. Daniel doesn't want her to carry this on her own. Lexie thinks if everyone knows how little time she has left then they will start worrying and treating her differently. Daniel praises Lexie for how she's handling things. Lexie talks about wishing some days she could get in a crash and days where she wants to scream about how it isn't fair. Lexie cries as Daniel asks how she stays so strong. Lexie tells him that she stays strong for Theo so he doesn't have to remember her always crying and angry. Lexie talks about wanting to keep it together for Theo, Abe, and for herself. Daniel tells Lexie to call if she needs anything and he won't tell anyone. Daniel hugs her as she cries.

Abe talks to Celeste at the town square about blaming Stefano for what happened at the station. Celeste goes to check on their order. Roman arrives and meets with Abe. Roman gives Abe a report from Shane that found what he was looking for. Roman tells Abe that he was right that the underground prison which Lexie was kept in years ago still had traces of toxic gases. Abe declares that Lexie is dying because of her family and it's Stefano's fault.

Shane, John, Marlena, Hope, and Bo talk about Stefano being free and John talks about how his entire life is a game to Stefano. John declares that he's willing to do anything to get Stefano out of their lives.

Austin stares at the pregnancy test as Carrie comes back with a to go box. Austin tells her that he was looking in her purse and asks if it's true that she's pregnant. Carrie says apparently and Austin gets excited. Austin hugs her and thinks this is what Carrie was trying to tell him. Austin tells her how happy he is. Austin announces to the Pub that they are having a baby and kisses Carrie.

Abe talks with Roman about Lexie being trapped in the tunnel for six months and the doctor said the poisonous toxins could be the cause of her brain tumor. Roman reminds him that the report can't conclusively link them and points out that Andre held Lexie not Stefano. Abe talks about Stefano bringing Andre to Salem and how he was working for Stefano. Roman tries to calm him down. Roman tells him that going after Stefano right now won't help Lexie or anyone. Abe tells him that all bets will be off soon and he will make sure that Lexie is the last of Stefano's victims.

Hope finishes a phone call with Ciara. She talks with Bo about how they wish they could be with her. Hope brings up that Ciara would've lost both her parents if Stefano had his way. Hope talks about Stefano taking Zack from them and how they lost JT. Bo wonders how different their lives would've been and hugs her. John tells Marlena that he he asks that question every day. Marlena talks about everything Stefano has done to their lives and she thinks he damaged her relationship with Sami. Bo points out that this won't end as Stefano will go after their kids and families over and over again. Hope wonders what they can do to put an end to it.

Austin tells Carrie that this is perfect timing since he's been looking at houses. Carrie slows him down and tells him that the tests aren't always accurate so she wants to be sure. Austin has a really good feeling about it. Rafe and Nicole arrive at the Pub and Nicole points out how happy Austin looks. They walk up with Austin saying they have some really good news but Carrie doesn't think they should say anything until they are sure. Austin goes ahead and announces that they are having a baby and Carrie's pregnant which shocks Rafe.

Abe and Celeste return home with food for Lexie. Daniel decides he has to go back to the hospital. Abe thanks him for coming and Daniel tells to call any time and offers to be there if he needs to talk since he's been there with Rebecca. Abe asks how he kept going after. Daniel says to take it one day at a time as Abe walks him out. Lexie wants to go over her bucket list with plans of things to do tomorrow but Abe suggests taking a break for a day to catch up on her rest. Lexie insists that she will be fine and doesn't want to miss a moment.

Roman returns to the station and talks to Shane. Shane says everyone was headed to the coffeehouse talking about bringing down Stefano. Roman talks about giving Abe the report and now he's blaming Stefano for Lexie's illness. Shane worries about Abe confronting Stefano but Roman thinks he convinced him to wait. Roman tells Shane that they should keep quiet on it too. Roman informs Shane that Abe wants to kill Stefano and he's afraid it might not be an idle threat. Shane questions Abe being capable of murder but Roman thinks he could be when it comes to the man he thinks is responsible for the death of his wife.

Bo, Hope, Marlena, and John sit together at the coffeehouse and wonder what Stefano's next move is. Bo wonders what he'll do with the coin now that he has it. Hope suggests tracking down the jeweler in Italy but John doesn't think that will get them anything since Stefano's obsession with the coin seemed so personal. Hope hates that they are waiting for him to make the next move. Marlena remarks that she has a bad feeling that Stefano is planning something horrible and cruel that this time someone may really die.

Abe sits with Lexie as she thanks him for her afternoon in Paris which she calls magical. Lexie talks about being together and how she feels so loved and safe. Lexie wishes they could have danced forever and Abe says so does he.

John tells Marlena not to worry since he won't let anything happen to her. Marlena can't help but think after today that Stefano is invincible since he walked away unscathed. Marlena suggests he might be unstoppable. Bo says their judicial system won't be stopping him. John declares that they are out of options so they will have to take care of Stefano themselves.

Austin asks Nicole if she can believe that their kids are gonna be the same age and tells Rafe that their kids will go to school together. Rafe congratulates them. Carrie adds that she hasn't gone to the doctor so she isn't sure yet but Austin thinks he's sure. Austin calls it ironic that they are the first two people to know and they haven't told their family yet. Nicole tells Rafe that she suddenly got a different craving from the Cafe and she exits with Rafe as he's still stunned. Austin talks to Carrie about not wanting him to say anything. Carrie wants to be sure but Austin tells her how excited he is. Carrie says she's not mad at him. Austin tells her that she's made him the happiest man on the planet and he loves her so much and then kisses her as Nicole stands outside with Rafe in disbelief.

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