Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/22/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/22/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami comes home and is surprised to find Lucas cooking. Lucas jokes about the food and they bring up Will. Lucas asks if Sami decided how she's going to approach Will. Sami says she spent some time thinking of what she was going to say but she wasn't alone.

Hope and Marlena walk through the town square with people looking at them since they are alive. They talk about John and Bo joining them and how they are going to celebrate taking Stefano down. Hope can't wait until all this is behind them and they can move on with their lives. They spot Rafe walking through and wonder where Carrie is so Marlena approaches him and asks. Rafe tells her that Carrie went to talk to Austin. Marlena asks if Carrie didn't talk to Rafe before she left so Rafe wants to know about what.

Austin tells Carrie that he's so happy that she is home and kisses her.

Agent Newman orders Stefano to be released but Roman argues with him. Bo tells Newman that Stefano was caught trying to purchase illegal arms. Newman orders Stefano to be handed over to him but Roman says no. Lexie asks Stefano what's going on and how it's possible. Stefano tells her that all that's important is that he will be there when she needs him. John tells Stefano that he's not going anywhere. John adds that Stefano can't be free. Newman explains that these are orders. Bo brings up the evidence but Newman declares Stefano is pure as far as the government is concerned. EJ tells Stefano good job.

Abe walks through the town square and finds Hope. Abe asks her what she's doing out in public. Hope informs him that it's over and they brought Stefano down for illegal arms trafficking. Abe begins to worry about how it will crush Lexie. Abe says he's sorry for Lexie but knows it's about time this happened.

Marlena tells Rafe that Carrie was feeling under the weather but Rafe tells her that she didn't say anything about it to him.

Austin asks Carrie what's wrong as she begins experiencing stomach pains.

Sami tells Lucas that she has a confession to make and admits that she was with EJ. Lucas calls it twice in one day. Sami begs him not to be mad and wants to explain. Sami says she was in the town square by herself thinking about what she was going to say to Will and EJ was there to offer advice. Sami says she needs all the advice she can get about Will. Lucas is glad that she told him because he already knew since he saw them. Sami questions Lucas going through this and making her tell him. Sami jokingly calls him a jerk as he laughs.

Carrie tries to say it's nothing but Austin doesn't agree. Carrie mentions that she wasn't feeling good earlier and assumes it's just the stress. Carrie wants to go get some fresh air and some food. Austin tells her to relax and get in bed while he orders room service but Carrie wants to get out so Austin agrees and they exit the room.

Rafe joins Abe as he congratulates Rafe on helping bring Stefano down. Rafe adds that they have to celebrate. Hope wonders what is taking Bo, John, and Roman so long.

Roman talks about Stefano being a lifelong criminal. EJ asks Lexie not to put herself in the middle of this but she continues asking for answers. Bo talks about how they caught Stefano red handed but Newman reveals that Stefano was asked to do this by the CIA and was granted immunity. Stefano claims that he reports directly to the CIA and that he's been buying the arms to get them out of the way from dangerous people. Stefano tells John that he's been doing this for months. EJ questions believing that Stefano is some sort of patriot. Bo calls it a fabrication as John can't believe that Stefano is going to get away again. Stefano comments on disappointing him. John tries to go after Stefano and attack him but Roman holds him back. Stefano tells Roman that he's going to need to uncuff him. Lexie asks if it's over since Stefano didn't do anything wrong. Roman says Stefano can't leave yet and he's staying handcuffed until he gets more reliable answers. Roman argues with Newman. Roman says nothing happens until Newman's story is verified. Stefano says he expected this since they don't like to lose. Roman orders the guards not to release Stefano until he orders it. Bo goes to call the others to let them know what's going on. Roman wants John to help get authorities to put Stefano away. EJ offers to take Lexie out until this is settled but she refuses to leave until she knows what's going on with Stefano. EJ steps away and makes a call to Abe. Abe steps away to answer. EJ asks Abe to come down to the police station since Lexie needs him. Abe hangs up and hurries off.

Austin brings Carrie to the Pub despite not thinking it's a good idea. Kayla greets Carrie and is glad to see her as they talk about being glad to be out of hiding. They talk about Carrie not feeling good. Carrie decides to go get some medicine. She tells Austin to order some food while she goes to get medicine and fresh air and she'll be right back. Carrie then exits and walks on holding her stomach.

Lucas and Sami go to the coffeehouse and sit together. Sami talks about worrying about Will since he won't answer any of her calls. Lucas tells her to give him some time. Sami suggests Lucas try talking to Will but he reminds her that he already tried. Sami realizes she has to wait and brings up what EJ told her. Sami talks about EJ knowing Will was gay while she didn't. Lucas tells her that he didn't know which makes her feel better. Lucas talks about how he should've been there for Will instead of EJ. Sami asks Lucas about seeing her and EJ together and not saying anything. Sami questions if it was a test but Lucas says it wasn't. Sami remarks that she gets the same reaction from him whether she lies or tells the truth. Lucas admits it did kind of upset him since Sami being with EJ is what started the whole mess. Lucas warns her that if Will would've seen them talking then that would've been the real mess. Sami recalls handling Will coming out in the worst way while Lucas was great. Sami feels like she always messes up and doesn't want to blow it with Will or with Lucas.

Marlena tells Hope and Rafe that she hasn't heard from John or Bo and now Abe's gone so she's getting a bad feeling. Hope encourages her to stay positive. Hope decides to make a call as Rafe spots Carrie and goes to check with her. Rafe approaches Carrie as she is putting a pregnancy test away in her purse.

Kayla sits with Austin and tells him how it warmed her heart to see him come in with Carrie. Austin says they have a lot of time to make up for. Austin says he knows he and Carrie had been growing apart for awhile now and that part of the blame belongs to him. Austin wants them to have some peace and for things to be back the way they were before when they were happy. Kayla encourages him that he can't fail with that attitude. Austin talks about he and Carrie loving each other forever and calls her the most amazing woman he's ever met in his life. Austin recalls almost blowing it with her so many times. Austin states that he doesn't want to make the same mistake again. Austin tells Kayla that he's having a really rough time and was thinking about Carrie being in the safehouse with Rafe. Austin brings up Sami thinking Carrie still has feelings for Rafe but Kayla tells him to listen to his heart instead of Sami. Austin hopes he's not just trying to convince himself but agrees that they have been through so much together that they will get stronger and they toast to the best being yet to come.

Carrie is surprised to see Rafe. He asks what happened with Austin since she's alone. Carrie tells him that she hasn't had a chance to tell him yet since she hasn't had the right moment. Rafe questions what changed since she was so determined to tell him. Hope calls Rafe back over to tell him the news. Rafe asks Carrie if she's okay but Carrie isn't because she has to hurt Austin a lot. Rafe tells her that he will be there for her since he loves her and they will be together. Carrie exits as Rafe returns to Hope and Marlena. Marlena tells Rafe that he's never going to believe this.

John makes a call in the interrogation room with Roman. John argues on the phone with the CIA about giving Stefano immunity. Roman tells him that he couldn't get any further with the government. John worries about Stefano going free. John wonders why the government picked Stefano to work for them and gets upset. John realizes they are out of options.

EJ tells Lexie that he'll feel better if she goes home since this won't get any easier but Lexie refuses to go. Stefano asks Lexie to come be close to him. EJ tries to tell her not to but Stefano insists. Lexie starts going to Stefano but Abe arrives and stops her, warning her to stay away from him for her own good. Abe thanks EJ for calling him. Abe says he made calls on his way over to find out what's going on. Lexie wants him to understand why she has to be there. Abe doesn't want her to get dragged into this and waste her strength here. Stefano tells him that it's Lexie's decision and he's concerned about her just as much. Abe disagrees but Stefano insists that it's true. Stefano says he'd do anything for Lexie because he would never desert her. EJ tells Lexie not to listen to Stefano as he explains what's going on.

Sami talks to Lucas about Will being mad at her for so long and how she always makes it worse. Lucas insists that Will doesn't hate her. Sami says she blew it and can't let Will go around thinking that she disapproves of him. Lucas encourages her to tell Will these things. Sami worries about screwing up again. Lucas promises to help her and be there for her as they do it together. Sami talks about imagining losing Lucas and Will. Sami says she's her own worst enemy. Sami tells Lucas that he should probably listen to Kate and stay away from her but Lucas assures her that won't happen.

Carrie returns to the Pub and rejoins Austin. Carrie starts to go to the restroom but Austin reminds her that she said eating would make her feel better and the food is ready. Carrie hopes she's right and sits down with Austin.

Sami thanks Lucas for having faith in her and promises to earn it and change. Sami says she's really going to change this time and calls Lucas her inspiration. She compares it to how Lucas has changed. Lucas says he's the same person he's always been. Sami calls him her role model. Sami talks about not wanting to keep going like she was or she'd end up alone and push away all the good things. Lucas comments that it sounds like Sami wants to turn into a different person. Sami thinks that's what everyone wants but Lucas says it's not what he wants since she's the same person that he fell in love with. Lucas encourages her not to forget who she is. Sami suggests they go back home so she can make him dinner.

Austin tells Carrie that she looks tired. Carrie calls it an overwhelming few days. Austin tells her that he loves her and is so happy that she's alive and sitting with him. Carrie responds that she loves him too and that hasn't changed but she doesn't want to hurt him. Austin tells Carrie that she couldn't hurt him since what's happened in the past is in the past and he's only thinking about their future together. Carrie states that she is too and steps away to go to the restroom.

Roman and John return to Stefano. Stefano asks if they made all their calls. John refuses to let Stefano slip through their hands. Roman adds that they are still checking Newman's story. Stefano thinks there's nothing left to check. Stefano accuses them of acting recklessly and interfering with the government. Stefano thinks John's just angry because he got caught with his pants off. Stefano threatens to sue them all for false arrest but says he's more concerned with Lexie being very sick. Stefano tells them to see what this is doing to Lexie and how she needs her father. Stefano asks them to admit their mistakes and let him go. Stefano wants to be uncuffed and given some justice. Marlena, Rafe, Hope, and Bo arrive with Marlena questioning Stefano wanting justice. Marlena thinks Stefano being given death row wouldn't be justice but would be a start.

Sami and Lucas return home and begin cooking together. They joke around and end up kissing.

Kayla checks with Austin and asks if she should wrap Carrie's food up. Austin doesn't know since Carrie was hungry then didn't have an appetite. Austin can't wait for things to get back to normal for them. Carrie watches from a distance and looks down at the pregnancy test in her purse which says positive.

Marlena tells Lexie that she knows how much she loves Stefano but reminds her that he tried to kill them all. John talks about how they have been Stefano's victims for too long. Hope says this isn't over by a long shot. Stefano tells them to deal with the fact that they lost. Everyone argues as Stefano asks Newman to let him go. The arguing increases as Lexie starts to get a headache. EJ and Abe check on her. Stefano realizes it as Lexie screams at everyone to stop and then faints. Abe and EJ sit her down as Stefano starts to cry.

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