Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/21/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/21/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie asks Victor what he was talking about the truth about. Victor tells her that he was just saying he doesn't deserve a wife as wonderful as her and jokes that she's out of his league. Maggie wants the truth.

EJ finds Lexie at the town square and asks how she enjoyed her afternoon in Paris. Lexie talks about it being just like she was there. Lexie mentions that Abe went to pay the vendors and Cameron took Theo home. EJ asks how she likes Cameron as her new brother. EJ tells her that he saw her dancing with Abe and can't remember the last time he saw her so carefree. Lexie states that she felt that way thanks to him. EJ says he didn't do all of it. Lexie wishes Stefano could've been there and talks about being unable to reach him. Lexie assumes he must have other things on his mind.

Austin sits in his hotel room until Billie arrives. Austin greets her and she tells him that she's just checking in on him. Austin asks if she has any information. Billie doesn't know but imagines they will be done soon. Austin thinks she should have information since she's connected an is ex-ISA. Austin talks about being over all of this and wants his wife back. Austin talks about going nuts. Billie notices his papers and asks if he's going on a trip. Austin says he's looking at houses because he's done with hotel rooms and doesn't think he and Carrie will get back on track unless they get their own house. Billie talks about how Carrie didn't seem to want a family before but Austin thinks their relationship is in a different place now. Austin says they almost lost everything but now that they are going to start over, he can't think of a better time to start a family.

Marlena tells Carrie that she's just putting the idea out there that she could be pregnant. Carrie thinks she must just be sick but Marlena asks Carrie if it's possible that she could be pregnant.

Bo, Rafe, John, and Hope bring Stefano to the police department with Roman and Shane. They talk about putting Stefano away for the rest of his life as Hope remarks that this won't just be a bad dream for Stefano.

Billie tells Austin that she thought he and Carrie would have a houseful of kids by now. Austin says they've had baby names picked out since before they got married since they've always wanted kids but things always got in the way like school, careers, or living abroad. Austin says they have never settled down. Austin says this week has taught him not to let them run out of time. Billie warns him not to rush into starting a family. Austin doesn't feel like it's rushing and says after everything that they have been through, he knows Carrie feels the same way.

Carrie tells Marlena that anything is possible but she knows she's not pregnant. Carrie blames it on stress. Marlena talks about being in love with someone that isn't her husband can be stressful. Carrie states that she and Rafe never did. Marlena brings up Austin wanting to start a family. Marlena tells her that they are going to get out of here and being pregnant could make things complicated. Marlena tells Carrie that she's on her side. Carrie then gets a phone call from Rafe. Rafe tells Carrie that it's over and declares Stefano's reign of terror over. Rafe tells Carrie that she and Marlena should get to the station to celebrate. Carrie tells Marlena that they got Stefano and Marlena hugs her in relief.

Roman takes Stefano's fingerprints as Rafe tells Shane, Bo, and Hope that Carrie and Marlena are on their way. Stefano talks about them coming back from their graves. Hope and Bo think Stefano must be panicking. Bo doesn't see Stefano getting out of this one. Shane brings up Stefano facing federal charges. Hope tells Stefano that the phoenix can't fly anymore, only fall.

Victor tries to tell Maggie that he was just joking around with Henderson and Maggie took it out of context. Maggie asks Henderson to give them a moment alone so he exits. Victor questions Maggie being upset with him and he doesn't want to fight with her. Maggie stops him and says she heard enough to know that he wasn't joking. Victor thinks she's making too much of this. Maggie questions him lying to her. Victor asks her not to ruin the night. Maggie accuses him of blaming her. Maggie says Victor is keeping something from her and it's her fault for believing that Victor would be honest with her. Maggie then storms out.

EJ tells Lexie that maybe it's better that Stefano wasn't there after everything that's happened. Lexie brings up that he's still their father. EJ gets a call and answers it.

Stefano compares his arrest to a fable of trying to push a boulder up a hill. Shane points out that they got him this time. Hope tells him that he's lost control of everything. Hope declares that Stefano will never see his family again. John comments to Stefano about his future jail cell. Stefano asks if they are finished. Marlena and Carrie arrive with Marlena telling Stefano that she hasn't had her share yet. Stefano calls Marlena the queen of the night and comments on her being alive. Marlena talks about all the pain Stefano caused and calls him dark and evil. Marlena says she doesn't hate Stefano but finds him pitiful. Shane finishes as Rafe asks Carrie if she wants to get out of here so he agrees. Roman tells Stefano that he's entitled to one phone call but he turns it down. Stefano says when everybody finds out that he's been arrested, it will travel fast. Roman takes Stefano to his cell as John and Marlena laugh.

Rafe and Carrie walk through the town square together. Carrie can't believe they are out of the safe house. Rafe reminds her that he promised her they would get out. Rafe says it's time to get their lives back. Carrie tells Rafe that she loves him and Rafe tells her that he loves her too. Carrie stops Rafe and says she needs to talk to Austin first.

Austin talks to Billie about possible houses and shows pictures of ones he's looking at. Billie comments that they both seem fine. Austin questions her not having an opinion and thinks she's saying that he's wasting his time. Austin wants her to be honest with him. Austin brings up Sami thinking Carrie still has feelings for Rafe. Austin states that he doesn't believe that. Austin talks about seeing Carrie at the safe house and how excited she was to see him. Austin thinks they are close to being back to the way they were before. Billie then suggests he choose the house in the school district. Austin thanks her and then gets a call from Carrie which excites him. Austin asks where she is and how she has phone access. Carrie informs him that it's over and Stefano has been arrested. Austin asks if she's at the station. Carrie says she's at the town square so Austin quickly decides that he's on his way.

Roman puts Stefano in his cell and tells him to call if he needs anything and then exits.

Victor goes to the Pub where Maggie is seated. Maggie doesn't know why he followed her but Victor wants a chance to explain himself. Victor offers to apologize. They talk about Maggie's eggs. Maggie comments on knowing Victor knew the Jonas family but she doesn't want to make Lillian out to be innocent since she stole her eggs. Victor reveals that Lillian had help from him which shocks Maggie.

Stefano sits in his cell as Lexie and EJ arrive. Stefano questions what Lexie is doing there and insists that he's fine. Lexie asks about his arrest. Stefano says Roman and his friends don't know what they are doing. Stefano then informs her that everyone from the explosion is alive and it was all a hoax to trap him. EJ wants to know what he was charged with so Stefano reveals it was for trafficking and illegal arms. Lexie asks if it's true. Stefano thinks they will believe what they want no matter what he says. Stefano talks about being in jail while Lexie needs him. Lexie turns to EJ and asks if he can do something as the mayor to get Stefano out.

Rafe asks Carrie if she's alright but she's not since she has to tell her husband that their marriage is over and doesn't know how to do that. Rafe suggests that she sit down since she looks pale. Carrie says it's just from being indoors for so long. Rafe tells her that they don't have to do this now but Carrie feels she has to let him know they don't have a future together but she doesn't want to hurt Austin. Rafe offers to say something to Austin for her but Carrie says it has to come from her as that's the least he deserves. Carrie states that a part of her will always love Austin but it's not like it was before since he's not the only one in her heart. Carrie loves that Rafe is there now too. Austin arrives and rushes up to Carrie and hugs her. Austin declares that he's got her back and is never going to let her go then kisses her and hugs her.

Lexie tells EJ that she needs his help but EJ responds that he can't and doesn't want to go against the ISA. Lexie accuses him of making excuses and wants to know why. EJ says it has nothing to do with his political agenda. Lexie gets that EJ is upset with Stefano and says she is too. EJ points out that Stefano has been caught. Lexie realizes that EJ thinks he's guilty. Lexie says that maybe he is and it's exactly what he deserves but she asks EJ about her. Lexie apologizes for playing this card but says she doesn't have much time left so every minute counts. Lexie declares that she wants Stefano to be with her and begs EJ not to deny her the chance to be with her father. Stefano tells her to stop pressuring him because he would refuse EJ's help even if he could help.

Austin tells Carrie that he can't stop looking at her and talks about thinking he lost her. Austin proclaims that he can take her home now that it's over. Austin tells her how happy he is and hugs her again. Austin wants to be alone with her. Austin turns to Rafe and thanks him for getting Carrie home safely. Austin adds that Carrie never should've been there in the first place but all that matters is he's got her back now and he's got it from here. Austin then takes Carrie and exits as she looks back to Rafe.

Austin brings Carrie back to their hotel room. Carrie looks at the pictures of houses and Austin tells her that's his surprise for her. Carrie doesn't understand. Austin kisses her and tells her it's time for them to settle down since he doesn't want to live in hotel rooms anymore, he wants something permanent. Austin shows her the picture of a house and says they have plenty of room to grow there.

Maggie questions Victor helping Lillian. Victor explains that Daniel's parents were his best friends and he knew they wanted a child and he knew he could help them so he did. Maggie asks what he did. Victor reveals that he owned the medical lab where Maggie's eggs were stored. Maggie questions Victor giving Lillian access to whatever she wanted. Victor says he thought he was just helping his friends and didn't know it was Maggie's eggs. Victor talks about not knowing her back then. Maggie doesn't think that makes it okay. Maggie starts to cry and says the day she found out that Daniel may be her son, Victor knew the truth and said nothing. Maggie asks why. Victor talks about doing what he thought was best at the time and then he fell in love with her. Victor talks about the different lives they lead and how he wasn't used it. Maggie questions Victor being used to lying. Victor says he didn't see a point in bringing something up from so many years ago. Maggie states that she never forgot about her eggs for a moment. Victor doesn't think knowing would've changed anything. Maggie accuses Victor of keeping her in the dark. Victor says he loves her but Maggie feels that he struggles to be honest with her. Victor tells her that he's trying. Maggie thought they were committed to being honest to each other but now knows she was wrong. Maggie declares that Victor hasn't changed at all.

Billie joins Shane at the department and they talk to Bo, Hope, John, and Marlena about their plans. Billie and Shane exit together. Roman comes back and talks to John about things turning out the way they did. Roman tells them that Lexie and EJ are Stefano's first visitors. Roman gives them the okay to go home and says it's time to celebrate pulling off the impossible. Bo and John send Marlena and Hope home and say they will join them later. Marlena and Hope exit together. A man arrives looking for Roman and informs him that he needs Stefano.

Victor tells Maggie that she has every right to be angry with him. Victor wants to go home and have a fresh start tomorrow. Maggie tells him not to give her conditions. Victor doesn't want this to get any bigger than it needs to be. Maggie responds that he can't decide that since he's decided enough for her. Victor wants to go home but Maggie says no. Maggie informs Victor that she has decided that she doesn't want to go home with him tonight. Victor says he's apologized repeatedly and she hasn't acknowledged it. Maggie tells him that she's not ready to accept it. Victor asks her if all her anger is really directed at something that happened three decades ago or if she's just using it as an excuse to lash out at him. Maggie then gets up and exits the Pub.

Marlena and Hope walk through the town square together and talk about hoping John and Bo are done soon and how they had to let everyone believe they were dead.

Carrie tells Austin that the house he picked is too big for them but Austin wants to fill it up and decides it's time for them to build a family. Austin tells her that they should just do it but Carrie tells him that she can't. Carrie tells Austin that they need to talk.

The man introduces himself to Roman as Agent Newman from the FBI. Stefano is brought out by guards. Agent Newman wants Stefano freed and orders him to be uncuffed. Roman questions what's going on and argues with Newman as Lexie wonders if Stefano is still being charged.

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