Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/18/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/18/12


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Abigail, Melanie, and Celeste join Chad, EJ, and Cameron and talk about how gorgeous they have made the town square. Abe brings Lexie in blindfolded. They then reveal that they have decorated the town square like Paris which Lexie loves. Abe says it's not quite Paris but Lexie calls it better and thanks everyone for making her feel so special. EJ praises Abe for a fantastic job. Abe says he had a lot of help. Lexie tells Abe she loves him as they kiss.

Victor walks into the living room to find Maggie with a candle lit dinner set up which surprises him. Maggie wishes him a happy birthday and kisses him.

Sami wants to go after Will but Lucas stops her and tells her to give Will some space. Sami cries that she wants to tell Will that she loves him and is okay with him being gay. Lucas encourages her to wait. Lucas warns her to do this right or she will lose Will forever. Lucas thinks it's good that Will went to Marlena which upsets Sami. Lucas then questions what Sami was doing talking to EJ about Will.

Carrie wakes up from a nightmare in bed looking for Rafe. Marlena calms her down as Carrie wonders where everyone is. Marlena tells Carrie that she's worried about her.

Bo and Hope put hoods on and talk to John and Rafe about waiting for Stefano to arrive. John explains how Shane will be recording the conversation. Hope has Vladimir's phone and it rings from Stefano. Bo answers and pretends to be Vladimir. Stefano asks why he hadn't heard from him. Bo talks about not trusting anyone. Stefano comments that he can't be double crossed. Bo tells him not to jump to conclusions.

Carrie tells Marlena that she's worried. Marlena tells her that she heard from John and informs her that they are trying to set up a meeting with Stefano. Carrie hopes the worst is over. Marlena worries about what could happen if their set up doesn't work.

Stefano tells Bo that they haven't met yet because Stefano knew he was meeting with another buyer. Bo tells him to stop the threats and continue negotiations unless he's backing out of the deal. Stefano informs him that he's on his way.

Victor thanks Maggie for everything and talks about how he was dreading his birthday knowing that Bo isn't around. Maggie assures him that they will have a big family celebration when everyone comes back. Maggie tells Victor that she's happy tonight is just the two of them.

Abigail and Cameron talk about how happy Lexie is. Abigail tells him to be proud of himself. Cameron says he couldn't have done it without EJ. Abigail is glad EJ and Abe are not down each other's throats for Lexie. Abigail tells Cameron about her brother JJ. Cameron reveals that he went to the same boarding school as JJ.

EJ talks with Celeste and offers to do anything he can. Celeste tells him that she sees his love for Lexie and agrees to let him know if Lexie needs anything. Celeste comments that Lexie needs all of her family.

Chad sits with Melanie and has a painter draw Melanie. Gabi then arrives and sees them together.

Lucas questions why Sami was talking to EJ about Will. Sami says she didn't mean to and just ran into him. Lucas doesn't think Sami knows what privacy means. Lucas talks about how they never had to go through what Will is going through right now. Lucas questions Sami being mad that he didn't confide in her first and then walking out on him. Lucas yells at Sami about her telling EJ about everything. Lucas shouts that this was a private family matter that had nothing to do with EJ. Lucas adds that he will understand if Will never talks to her anymore. Sami cries out that she has to fix this and Lucas has to help her.

Lexie sits with Abe and talks about Paris. She tells him they will always have Paris then they kiss. Abigail and Cameron sit together and watch them as Abigail comments on how Abe and Lexie look like they just met and are falling in love for the first time. Abigail remarks that it's nice to see everyone so happy and then she sees Gabi and says maybe not everyone. Gabi interrupts Chad and Melanie and asks if she can talk to Chad.

Lucas apologizes to Sami for yelling at her. Sami says she's upset because he's right. Lucas talks about how Sami doesn't think sometimes and just reacts. Sami wants to tell Will that she loves him no matter what but she messed it up like she always does. Sami says she can't mess it up because he's their son. Sami worries that Lucas could be right that Will will never talk to her again. Lucas doesn't think they are there yet but warns Sami that if she loses it again then she might not get another chance.

Carrie talks with Marlena about John calling as soon as things are over. They talk about wanting to go home and Carrie wonders where she'd be going. Marlena asks Carrie about telling Austin about her decision. Carrie suddenly feels sick and rushes out of the room.

John and Rafe hide wearing hoods with Bo and Hope as Stefano arrives at the meeting place. Stefano meets with Bo thinking he is Vladimir. Stefano questions the need of a mask since they have done business before. Bo says he doesn't want to be photographed. Stefano adds that it'd be foolish to try and double cross him. Bo says he's a business man and responded to the better offer.

Henderson pours champagne for Victor and Maggie as they joke about how many candles they need. Maggie tells Victor that he's forever young and she loves him.

Abe tells Lexie that he'll be right back as there's something he has to do. Lexie thinks he's done enough but Abe insists then walks away. Lexie spots EJ and gets up to sit with him. Lexie thanks EJ for everything he did. Lexie thanks him for also getting along with Abe for her. EJ says he and Abe both love her. Lexie asks EJ to be honest with her as she asks if he's alright. EJ responds that he honestly is not.

Celeste sits alone as Cameron walks by with Abigail so she starts looking at her tarot cards. Abigail comments to Cameron that she's worried about a friend as they come across Gabi, Melanie, and Chad. Cameron brings up having dinner together as Abigail goes over to Gabi and Chad to ask if something is wrong. Chad explains that Gabi has been getting weird phone calls that she thinks is from her stalker.

Sami tells Lucas that she should be more like Marlena. Lucas comments that she must be upset. Sami mentions that Marlena always thinks before she acts so she needs to work on that. Sami claims she didn't walk out on Will but was just overwhelmed because she felt like a failure because Will was going through something and she didn't know since he didn't feel like he could confide in her. Sami talks about how she was a horrible kid but had a great dad and now Will is a great kid but has her for a parent. Lucas thinks things will work out for her because he and Will are a lot alike in that they get really mad at Sami but then forgive her because they love her so much. Sami is afraid this is different and worries about Will never talking to her again. Lucas encourages her to tell Will what she told him. Sami admits that she's scared and thinks the longer she waits, the worse it will be. Sami hugs Lucas and thanks him. Sami asks Lucas to pray for her that she doesn't lose her son forever as she exits to go find him.

Stefano tells Bo, thinking that he's Vladimir, that they had a contract paying for the ammunition. Stefano warns him to deliver what he bought and paid for or else he will regret it.

Lucas calls Will and leaves a message telling him that he had a long talk with Sami and she's really sorry and wants to explain how she really feels. Lucas adds that they both love him and asks Will to call when he gets this.

Celeste sits with Cameron and wants to read the tarot cards for him again. Cameron thinks she just doesn't like Abigail.

EJ tells Lexie that this isn't the time or place to talk about his problems but Lexie disagrees. Lexie thinks EJ is lonely and misses home. EJ says he does more than he could imagine.

Gabi says it's probably nothing but Melanie thinks it isn't if the guy keeps calling her. Chad brings up someone following her and asks if the calls say anything. Gabi says no as they just hang up. Abigail offers to call the number back but Gabi says she can't.

Carrie lays back down as Marlena brings her tea. Carrie assumes all the stress made her sick. Marlena says she's on her side but asks her about making such a big decision. Carrie knows she wants to be with Rafe and doesn't know how to tell Austin but knows she has to. Marlena asks Carrie if she's worried about Nicole carrying Rafe's child.

Stefano declares that he came alone and unarmed because he's not afraid and can't be intimidated. Stefano warns to deliver what he paid for or there will be consequences and asks if they understand.

Lucas arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion to wish Victor a happy birthday. Maggie hugs him and is happy to see him. Maggie adds that she's happy that he is staying in Salem. Victor is surprised Lucas remembered his birthday. Maggie comments on not seeing much of Lucas lately. Lucas says he's been busy but is doing good. Lucas talks about seeing the kids again and being a part of their lives. Maggie brings up he and Sami running Countess Wilhelmina together. Victor asks him if it's great seeing Sami and being in her life again.

Lexie comments to EJ that Celeste and her tarot cards remind her of old times. Lexie tells EJ that she sees him having a great wife and a wonderful family because he is a good man at heart with a good soul. Lexie states that she really sees good things happening for him. EJ thanks her. Sami arrives to the town square and wonders what happened to the town square. Lexie jokes with her that it's a long story and walks off to find Abe. Sami then asks EJ what's going on.

Celeste tells Cameron that she doesn't have anything against Abigail but she is worried about them since the cards say there is great danger around her. Cameron remarks that the cards say whatever she wants them to say. Celeste warns him that it's foolish not to believe the cards.

Gabi tells Abigail that the number was blocked and she deleted the calls because she was scared. Chad tries to calm her down and steps aside with her. Chad promises her that everything will be okay.

Carrie tells Marlena that she talked to Rafe about Nicole and the baby and she understands that Rafe made a commitment so she respects him for it. Marlena asks if that commitment won't have an affect on their relationship. Carrie tells her to trust her that Rafe is one of the most honest and loyal men that she's ever made and him standing by Nicole makes her love him more.

Bo tells Stefano that they do have a deal after all. Stefano wants the exact location of the ship so his men can get everything. Bo talks to Stefano about the inventory and asks for the original invoice and money transfer papers so Stefano hands them over as Bo comments that it seems they have everything they need.

Lucas tells Victor and Maggie that he and Sami are focused on being there for the kids. Maggie is glad that he came to see them. Lucas talks about going through a tough time lately but Maggie always helps him get through. Maggie tells him that she'll always be there if he needs her. Lucas decides to leave and wishes Victor a happy birthday again. Maggie walks Lucas out as they talk about setting aside time to talk.

EJ sits with Sami and asks if she talked to Will. Sami says she hasn't yet as she wants to think through what she wants to say. Sami promises to do it right this time.

Cameron asks Celeste to focus on Lexie since he's fine. Celeste just wants him to stay fine.

Abigail sits with Melanie and talk about how upset Gabi seems. Abigail hopes Chad can talk Gabi into going to the police. Melanie complains about Gabi staying at Chad's place. Melanie says she knows that sounds bad since she's going through a lot but she and Chad don't get a lot of time alone.

Chad talks to Gabi about Will looking into calling the mayor's office. Gabi claims she's heard from them so Chad asks what they are going to do to catch the guy.

Lexie finds Abe and wonders what he has been up to. Abe has an accordion player play one of her favorite songs and they begin to dance.

Carrie takes pills for a headache. Marlena asks how long it's been going on. Carrie says it's been a few days but she's fine. Marlena worries that she's not fine. Carrie asks if she thinks something is wrong with her.

Stefano talks to Bo about adjusting the inventory and price. Stefano says the rest of the money will be sent overseas as it was before. Stefano instructs him to stay in touch. Stefano asks if they are done but Bo says not quite.

Henderson asks Victor about Lucas visiting and comments that it was nice to wish him a happy birthday. Victor comments on dinner being nice. Henderson informs him that Maggie prepared it all. Victor adds that he wants to make sure Maggie stays happy so she can never find out the truth as she comes back into the room and asks what truth he's talking about.

Abigail understands Melanie wants alone time with Chad. Melanie wonders about Gabi being in danger. They agree that they think Gabi would go to the police if she was that scared. Melanie brings up Gabi losing Rafe and how she doesn't want to push anything but only Chad can calm her down. Gabi tells Chad that she'll feel safe as long as she's staying with him and hugs him.

Lexie hugs Abe and thanks him for everything. Abe is glad to make her dreams come true and they kiss.

Marlena asks Carrie if she's having other symptoms or if she's late. Carrie says she missed last month but doesn't think that means anything. Carrie then asks Marlena if she thinks she could be pregnant.

EJ encourages Sami to think things over before talking to Will since she might not have another chance. Sami says Lucas said the same thing. EJ and Sami continue talking as Lucas arrives at the town square and sees them together.

Stefano questions what it means. Bo reveals himself and says they aren't done yet since Stefano made some wrong moves. John, Hope, and Rafe reveal themselves by unmasking. John calls it check mate. Stefano comments that they are all alive and well. Bo begins reading Stefano his rights as Hope begins arresting him.

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