Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/17/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/17/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ tells Sami to go home and apologize to Will. Sami says she needs to gather her thoughts. Sami says she knows she messed up. EJ wonders why she isn't doing anything about it. Sami is afraid that she will make things worse.

Will asks Lucas for an answer as to if he's going to be okay with him being gay. Lucas questions if he really has to ask.

Abe, Lexie, Cameron, and Celeste talk with Kayla, Melanie, and Chad at the Pub. Abe talks about gathering to celebrate Lexie. Chad wonders what's going on. Lexie announces that she made a bucket list of things she wants to do while she can and she's always wanted to see Paris in the spring so that's what she's going to do. Celeste praises her for the idea. Lexie then announces she's taking them all with her.

Vladimir says he won't pass up a good bargain then gets a message on his phone. Vladimir instructs his two guards and they pull guns out. John questions what's going on. Vladimir reveals that he knows who they are and what they are doing. Vladimir says he knows everything. John warns him to make sure he's right before he walks away from all the money.

EJ tells Sami that he doesn't think she can make it any worse. EJ encourages her to find Will and apologize and make him listen. EJ assures her that he needs a strong and supportive mother. Sami wishes she had some type of warning and worries about being unable to handle it. EJ tells her it's about Will and what he's feeling not her. Sami says she gets it. EJ brings up how she keeps talking about how she feels and her excuses. Sami says Will must be feeling alone and abandoned. Sami asks EJ what she should do or say. EJ encourages her to tell him the truth and tell Will that she loves him.

Will tells Lucas that he doesn't know what to say after Sami's reaction. Will starts to leave but Lucas stops him and talks about how he wanted to be a magician when he was a kid and how kids teased him at school. Lucas talks about how Will never gave up. Will says he won't be changing his mind since being gay doesn't work like that. Lucas tells him that he's going to walk a tough road but he knows that he's going to be okay. Lucas declares that it doesn't matter to him if he's gay or straight because he's his son and he'll always love him no matter what. Will thanks him and hugs him.

Melanie questions Lexie taking them to Paris. Chad thinks she can't be serious since it's expensive but Lexie insists that they have it all taken care of. Lexie tells everyone to clear their schedules and go to Paris as Abigail arrives and overhears. Abigail tells Melanie and Chad how lucky they are to go to Paris and how it's her favorite city. Cameron adds in that it's his favorite place too.

Vladimir praises them for finding his weakness of lots of money. Hope tells him they did their research. Vladimir explains how when they arrived, they were all photographed and sent to be looked up so their real identities were revealed. Vladimir tells them that he knows them as John Black of the ISA, Bo and Hope Brady of the Salem PD, and Rafe Hernandez formerly of the Salem PD and FBI. Vladimir adds that he doesn't like liars. Vladimir instructs his guards with the guns. Rafe says he may know who they are but he doesn't know why they are really there.

Sami assures EJ that she loves Will. EJ reminds her that she just walked out on him. Sami says she knows it was stupid but she's hurt. EJ asks if she's hurt because he's gay. Sami says she doesn't care about that but is hurt that he couldn't have told her sooner. Sami knows she's been distracted but insists that she would've been there for him if he let her. EJ tells her to have this conversation with Will. Sami complains about being a terrible parent for not seeing that Will was struggling. EJ tells her to offer her support and understanding. Sami thanks EJ for helping her and rushes off.

Will tells Lucas now that everything is out on the table, he wants to thank him for taking the fall for him and going to jail for him when he shot EJ. Lucas says he doesn't have to thank him but Will insists that he wants to show how grateful he is. Lucas explains how he couldn't let his son go to jail as he was a kid. Will talks about how he always wanted to confess and get him out but he was afraid. Will apologizes for it but Lucas tells him not to since he made the decision and has never regretted it.

Abigail and Cameron sit with Chad and Melanie. Abigail and Cameron talk about the places they have been in Paris and everything they have in common.

Abe and Lexie sit together making reservations for Paris. Lexie goes to get more coffee as Abe books their flight. Kayla tells Lexie how much she inspires her for staying happy through tough times. Lexie says she's happy because she's focusing on family and friends. Kayla tells her that she deserves Paris. Kayla says she'd like to join them but knows she's needed at the Pub. Kayla tells her that she's there for anything she needs. Lexie is glad because she's going to need her help about Abe.

Vladimir questions why he shouldn't shoot them down right now. John brings up that he'd risk losing all the money. Vladimir points out that they'd be dead. Bo points out that he wouldn't know why they are there. John brings up his original buyer Stefano. John explains how Stefano put him in jail and is now using his money to buy the arms. Vladimir wonders what it has to do with him. John says he'd make a bounty and sell the arms to get at Stefano. Vladimir questions where John got all this money if he was so broke.

Abigail continues talking with Cameron about places in Paris. Melanie whispers to Chad that they should kiss already. Chad has an idea and suggests Abigail join them on their trip to Paris.

Celeste sits with Abe and discuss their reservations for Paris. Lexie continues talking with Kayla at the counter. Lexie talks about how Abe has always been her rock but she's afraid that when she's gone, the reality will hit him hard. Lexie tells Kayla that she's coming to her because she's one of her best friends and one of the strongest people she knows. Lexie needs Kayla to be a rock for Abe so he can be a rock for Theo. Kayla tells her that she would do anything for her and her family and promises to be there as Lexie thanks her.

Lucas tells Will that his one regret is allowing EJ to blackmail him like he did. Will states that he should've stood up to EJ but he was a coward and it's his fault. Lucas tells him that he made the right choice but he hates that he is working for him. Will reminds him that he does enjoy it. Lucas wants Will to tell him if anyone tries to blackmail him again. Lucas encourages him not to hold things in and is sorry that he had to come out alone. Sami returns but stops behind the door and listens as Will reveals to Lucas that he actually came out to Marlena first. Sami enters and questions if he seriously went to Marlena instead of her.

John tells Vladimir that he got an advance from a buyer. Vladimir instructs one of his guards to hold Hope at gun point as he questions what's in it for them. Bo says it's the money and Hope talks about being after Stefano for years. Vladimir then asks Rafe. Rafe blames Stefano for ruining his life. John tells him that their deal has nothing to do with him. Vladimir questions why he should believe them. John tells him that he's done his research and adds that if they wanted to bust him then they would have by now. Vladimir tells him that he doesn't trust him but he believes him as they agree to a deal.

Abigail says going to Paris seems kind of crazy last minute but Cameron encourages her to say yes so she does. Melanie and Chad go to tell Abe that he needs another ticket. EJ then arrives at the Pub. Abe asks what he's doing there. EJ announces that he heard about the trip to Paris so he decided to offer his plane to them for free. Abe thanks EJ and calls it very kind of him. Melanie talks to Chad about flying in a private jet. Lexie gets a call and steps away to answer as Abe talks to everyone about their plans in Paris. Lexie hangs up and reveals that she just got a call from the doctor and has some bad news. Abe asks what it is. Lexie informs them that at her stage and condition, the doctor thinks it's unwise for her to travel. Lexie agrees that the doctor is right. Celeste hugs her and says she's sorry. EJ offers to have a medical specialist travel with her but Lexie says that's not how she imagined her trip to Paris. Lexie adds that if she has to be hospitalized then she wants to be here. Chad says they just wanted to spend time with her so they can forget Paris. Abe tells Lexie that he knows she's disappointed but she can avoid jet lag. EJ motions to Chad and Cameron. EJ comes over and says something came up so he has to go. Chad says he has to go also and follows EJ out. Cameron comes over and says he and Abe have a project to work on. Cameron tells Lexie not to go anywhere as Abe exits. Cameron stops and asks Abigail to enjoy french cuisine with him in Salem. Abigail tells him maybe and she'll let him know. Celeste stops Cameron on his way out and warns him to stay away from Abigail as she sees danger in her future. Cameron will talk to her later and joins the guys outside the Pub. Abe wonders what's going on as Cameron says he'll tell him on the way and they walk off.

Vladimir and John discuss their deal. John wants reassurance and Bo wants to see the bigger guns. Hope wants a complete inventory list and the location of the ship holding the arms. Vladimir calls them quite a team and instructs his guards to give them what they want. The guards exit so Vladimir asks if he can now have his money.

Sami says she can't believe she came back to apologize only to find out that Will went to Marlena instead of her. Sami yells at him and can't believe he went to Marlena. Will tells her that not everything is about her and declares this is why he didn't come to her. Will yells at Sami to stop being a victim and grow up.

Abigail sits with Melanie at the Pub. Melanie brings up her talking with Cameron about Paris and Melanie comments on a lot of sexy smiling. Abigail stops her and reminds her what happened last time she tried to set them up. Melanie calls it obvious that they are into each other but Abigail denies it. Melanie asks if she's going to go to dinner with him. Abigail tells her that she hasn't decided yet.

Lexie and Celeste talk with Kayla about wondering what the guys left to go do.

Sami tells Will that they are not turning this around to be about her. Will thinks Sami wants that and all eyes to be on her. Will talks about Sami walking out on him. Sami claims she was shocked and didn't know how to react. Will shouts back at her that she was ashamed and embarrassed to have a gay son.

Vladimir shows them the arms and the inventory and they exchange the money. Vladimir tells them that it was a pleasure doing business with them and starts to leave. John stops them and they then all raise their guns on Vladimir and his guards. Vladimir thinks they are joking but Rafe calls Shane to send in the guards because they got Vladimir.

EJ and Chad talk outside the town square. EJ comments on Abe and Cameron taking their time. Chad asks if he invited Stefano but EJ says no. Chad wonders why since he loves Lexie. EJ explains that Stefano would bring drama and that's the last thing Lexie needs. Cameron and Abe join them and say their big surprise will be there soon. EJ states that they are now just waiting for the guest of honor.

Abigail tells Melanie that not everyone has to be in love like she is. Melanie encourages Abigail to give Cameron a try.

Lexie comments to Celeste and Kayla that she can't believe the guys aren't back yet. Kayla asks what else is on her bucket list. Lexie says her next thing was riding an elephant. They begin to speculate if that's where the guys went.

Sami questions Will thinking she's ashamed of him. Lucas intervenes and wants them to stop and treat each other like family. Will says family doesn't walk out on you. Lucas encourages Sami to listen to Will. Lucas tells Sami that she should be happy that Will had Marlena to lean on. Sami says she's glad but wishes it could've been her. Will questions when he could've done that since she was too busy hiding her secret to even care about anyone else. Sami claims she would've made time and been there for him. Will brings up how she just walked out on him. Sami admits she shouldn't have and apologizes for walking out since she was surprised and shocked. Sami talks about how upset she was for not being there for her. Sami lets it slip that she talked to EJ. Lucas can't believe she went to EJ. Sami tries to cover up and say EJ was giving her advice. Will questions what advice she needed and if she needed advice on how to handle the embarrassment of her gay son. Sami tries to explain herself but Will storms out.

Bo, Rafe, Hope, and John handcuff Vladimir and the guards as they wait for the ISA. Vladimir questions it all being an act. John says they are still after Stefano. Vladimir wants to make a deal and offers to give them names, contacts, and whatever they want. Bo declines since they aren't in the business of making deals but of putting guys like him away for a very long time.

Abigail, Melanie, and Celeste join Chad, EJ, and Cameron and talk about how gorgeous they have made the town square. Abe brings Lexie in blindfolded. They then reveal that they have decorated the town square like Paris which Lexie loves.

Sami wants to go after Will but Lucas stops her and tells her to give Will some space. Sami cries that she wants to tell Will that she loves him and is okay with him being gay. Lucas encourages her to wait. Lucas warns her to do this right or she will lose Will forever.

Vladimir and his men get taken by the ISA. Bo, John, Rafe, and Hope talk about Stefano getting word of it and how he'll go on the offensive. Hope declares that when Stefano makes his move, they will be waiting.

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