Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/16/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/16/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ian joins Kate at the town square with coffee. Kate jokes about needing coffee if she's going to listen to Brady and Madison. Ian says they have time. Kate asks if it bothers him to see Madison and Brady together. Ian says it doesn't at all since he wants to see Madison happy. Kate is unsure but Ian tells Kate that he's in love with her and she brings out the kinder, gentler version of him and then they kiss.

Madison joins Brady at the Kiriakis Mansion. Madison wanted to make sure Brady was okay with today's meeting. Brady insists he's fine. Madison tells him that she understands if he's not ready to work after the death of his father. Brady tells her that there's something he needs to tell her.

Nicole sits in her hotel room until EJ arrives. Nicole tells him to leave but EJ brought her a chocolate cupcake. Nicole agrees to give him five minutes. EJ thinks they should talk about the baby now that Rafe is gone. Nicole tells him that Rafe's death doesn't change anything. EJ says they both know it's his baby but Nicole argues that it's not. EJ tells her that either way Rafe is not able to help her raise the child. Nicole tells EJ that she wants nothing to do with him.

Rafe comes downstairs to talk with Bo, Hope, and John about their new plan. Bo informs Rafe about Vladimir, the international arms dealer being in town and tells him about Stefano is using the stolen money. They talk about how they can't let anyone figure out their onto them. Bo says the plan is for the four of them to go undercover and outbid Stefano then they bust Stefano in the act and put him in prison for illegal arms dealings.

Will tells Sami and Lucas that this isn't how he wanted to tell them but it's the truth that he's gay. Will asks if they want to say anything. Will tells them to say whether they accept it or hate it. Sami doesn't understand why he would say that he's gay. Will tells her it's true but Sami doesn't believe him. Sami says she would know if he was gay so she knows he isn't. Will doesn't expect her to understand since she's only interested in herself. Sami tells Will not to turn it around on her. Lucas wants to listen to Will but Sami thinks Will is just going through some confusion. Lucas tells her that Will knows exactly what he's saying and is trying to tell them the truth about himself.

Hope says she hates that so many people think they are dead but thinks it will payoff. John feels confident that they can catch Stefano red-handed. Bo points out that they have to move fast. Bo gets a call from Shane and Shane informs him that Vladimir is refusing to meet with them.

EJ tells Nicole to think about what's best for the baby and that it needs a father. Nicole talks about hating her father and says she'd rather be alone. EJ tells her that he's a good father but Nicole says it doesn't matter since it's not his kid. EJ brings up that they are going to have a paternity test. Nicole can't wait so she can get him off of her back. Nicole reminds him that she offered him a chance with her to start fresh somewhere else but he turned it down so she takes that as he does not love her.

Will thanks Lucas and says he's wanted to tell them for awhile but was afraid and didn't know how. Lucas asks if he's sure about it. Will says that he is. Lucas asks how long he's known. Will says deep down he's always known but it took him a long time to accept it as he struggled for awhile but he knows that he's gay. Lucas admits he didn't see this coming and is in shock. Will understands since Lucas wasn't around and points out that Sami was there but mentally checked out for his whole life. Lucas thinks they can all sit down as a family. Will asks Sami if she has anything to say since it's not like her to be quiet. Sami decides she can't do this for now and rushes out of the house.

EJ tells Nicole that she gave him an ultimatum. Nicole says she just challenged him to be with her but proved his promises meant nothing. Nicole tells EJ to just leave. Nicole tells him to stop doing this to her if he loves her and just let her go so she can find someone that loves her and won't hurt her like EJ has. Nicole thinks she deserves that after everything EJ has done to her.

Madison asks what Brady has to tell her about John but Kate and Ian arrive. Ian jokes about Brady going to the meeting or not. Kate asks if it's too soon. Brady says he will do it as John's last wish. Ian tells him that he's sorry for his loss and Kate adds that John was a good man. Brady thanks them. Kate talks about the launch of their new line. Kate jokes with Brady about the protein shake he's drinking. Madison realizes she left her papers at her room so Kate offers to go with her to get them. Brady goes to shower and will meet them at the meeting. Ian says he has a prior engagement to go to and exits.

Hope, Bo, Rafe, and John talk about the risks they have to take to meet Vladimir and to try and get Stefano even if it means revealing that they are still alive. Hope declares that this is their one chance to get Stefano so they can't let it slip by.

EJ admits that he's made some mistakes and has hurt Nicole deeply but says no one will love her as much as he does. Nicole hopes that's not true. EJ tells her that they can be a family and share a child together. Nicole is sick of listening to him and wants him to leave. She opens the door and tells him that she never wants anything to do with him ever again. EJ tells her that she isn't going to get rid of him that easily. EJ states that they share a child and there's nothing she can do about that so they will be connected whether she likes it or not. EJ then exits the room.

Ian returns into the Kiriakis Mansion while everyone is away and slips a bunch of powder in Brady's shake. Ian hides when he hears Brady coming back on the phone. Ian watches as Brady continues drinking his shake.

Bo finishes a call with Shane and says John's man came through so they are meeting with Vladimir in an hour. John and Rafe head upstairs to let Marlena and Carrie know. Bo tells Hope that she doesn't have to go but Hope insists that she wants to. Bo hugs her and they say that Vladimir won't know what he's up against.

Sami walks through the town square and runs into EJ. Sami says she doesn't want to talk to him and tries to hurry off but EJ stops her and asks what he did now. Sami brings up EJ blackmailing Will. EJ says he's sorry and adds that he couldn't care less about Will. Sami brings up Will seeing them together and everything he's going through the last few months. EJ asks what exactly he's going through. Sami says it's just issues he's dealing with so EJ asks if it's his sexuality and if Will came out to her. Sami is surprised he knew. EJ reveals that it's been clear to him and can't believe it was news to her since she's his mother. Sami says he's right and wonders what's wrong with her.

Will talks to Lucas about Sami walking out after he came out. Will talks about he knew she wouldn't understand. Will thinks Sami is disgusted by him and couldn't be in the same room with him. Will asks how Lucas feels. Lucas says he's shocked and admits that he's disappointed.

Brady comes across Nicole outside the Pub. Brady asks how she's doing. Nicole says she's okay other than running into EJ earlier. Nicole notices something's wrong and asks if he's been drinking. Brady says he's okay and hasn't been drinking. Brady talks about the meeting he has to go to in the Pub. Nicole stops him from going in and doesn't think he's in any shape for a meeting. Brady insists that he's fine.

Will tells Lucas that he's sorry to disappoint him and he will leave. Lucas stops him and wants him to hear him out. Lucas says he's not disappointed in him but is disappointed for him since it won't be easy for him to be gay but knows it's not his choice. Will talks about how he never wanted to be gay and was trying so hard to be straight. Will says he prayed every night to try and make his feelings go away. Lucas says he's sorry that Will had to go through it alone. Will says it's not his fault since it took him a long time to come to terms with it but now he feels that there's nothing wrong with being gay because it's just who he is. Lucas is glad he feels that way but he worries about him. Lucas brings up hearing about hate crimes. Will assures that he can handle anything that happens. Lucas wants him to be happy and to find someone to share his life with. Will says he can do that eventually. Will tells him that right now he's trying to focus on the people that he already loves and after Sami's reaction, he's not sure how many others he will have left.

Sami sits with EJ and says she feels like the world's worst mother since she had no idea that Will was in so much pain and that he had been struggling with his sexuality. EJ apologizes if it made her feel bad. Sami feels like an idiot. EJ brings up that Sami has been dealing with a lot and keeping her own secrets. Sami doesn't think it matters compared to her son. EJ states that Will is good at keeping secrets because he takes after her. Sami declares that she thinks it's her fault that he's gay.

Vladimir is brought to meet with John, Bo, Hope, and Rafe. John introduces themselves using fake names. John talks about being interested in what he has to sell. Vladimir mentions already having a buyer but John says they are offering something more substantial.

Nicole sits Brady down and says she will go get Madison. Nicole goes into the Pub where Kate and Madison are meeting. Nicole approaches and asks Madison to come outside but Brady comes in anyways. Madison and Kate tell Nicole that they are in a meeting so it can wait. Brady joins the meeting and starts rambling which makes everyone uncomfortable.

Lucas sits with Will and asks him about Mia and Gabi and if he had feelings for them or if he was pretending. Will says he definitely thought he did and he was happy for awhile because he thought it would mean he wasn't gay and he wanted to be like everyone else. Lucas asks what changed things for him. Will brings up that Mia cheated on him with Chad and he thinks with Gabi, he convinced himself that if he tried hard enough then he could make it work but he realized that was stupid. Will says he didn't have the courage to end things so Gabi ended things when she realized something was wrong. Lucas asks him about Sonny. Will says Sonny has been incredibly supportive and has helped him so he doesn't know where he would be without him. Lucas thinks it's great that Will has a friend like that but it leaves him wondering if Will and Sonny are a couple now.

EJ tells Sami not to be absurd since people are born gay so it can't be controlled. Sami talks about Will resenting her for a long time so she worries that she did something to make him feel that women can't be trusted. EJ tells her that's not the case. EJ jokes that if poor mothering made kids gay then all of Kate's kids would be. Sami just wants to make sense of things because she doesn't understand. EJ tells her that Will being gay is not the end of the world unless she's uncomfortable with his sexuality.

Brady continues talking to Serg at the meeting. Madison tries to explain what Brady is trying to say but he interrupts her. Serg wants to start over but Brady spills water on him. Serg argues with Brady. Madison gets up and asks Nicole to take Brady outside so Nicole takes him outside. Madison apologizes to Serg and tries to cover up by saying Brady was nervous. Serg says Madison and Kate are great but Brady is clearly a liability so he cannot support their project with Brady on board.

Will tells Lucas that he and Sonny are just friends and just because two guys are gay doesn't make them a couple. Lucas brings up seeing them at the coffeehouse together. Will recalls Lucas saying he didn't want people to get the wrong impression of him. Will says at the time it hurt, because it made him think that Lucas would think less of him if he was gay. Lucas apologizes and didn't mean it that way. Lucas admits that he kind of had a feeling Will might be gay when he saw them together and was trying to make himself believe otherwise. Will understands that Lucas was hoping that he wasn't gay.

Sami tells EJ that she's not homophobic and she loves Will regardless of his sexuality. EJ asks why she's having such a hard time and walked out on him. Sami says she was shocked and should've known and she can't stand that she wasn't there for him. Sami says Will was right that she wouldn't know how to handle it. Sami talks about finding out that Will shot EJ and that Lucas covered for him and that EJ knew it and was blackmailing him. Sami cries about everything she's had to find out about Will in one morning. EJ understands that she doesn't feel connected to will but says she's missing the point that it's not about her but about Will and right now he needs her.

Vladimir talks about being in the business for a long time but never hearing of them before. Bo says they like to keep a low profile. Vladimir tells them that they won't be low profile if they are apart of this deal. John asks if he's interested. Vladimir is willing to hear what he has to offer but doesn't like games. Vladimir warns that if they are playing games then it won't end well.

Brady wants to go back in to the meeting but Nicole holds him back. Madison comes out and asks if Brady is drunk. Brady wonders why everyone asks him that. Madison talks about Brady going through a tough time with losing John. Madison says Brady made an ass of himself. Ian arrives and asks how the meeting went. Madison says Brady isn't feeling well but she and Kate are handling it. Nicole agrees to take Brady home. Madison takes Ian and walks away.

Lucas talks to Will about how glad he was when he found out Will was his son and how he didn't expect Will to be gay. Will says he didn't expect it either but it's the hand that he's been dealt. Will wants to live just as full and happy as a straight person. Lucas says that's what he hopes for him. Will thanks him and says it's taken him too long but he can finally say that he's okay being gay. Will then asks Lucas if he can say that he's okay with it.

EJ tells Sami that Will is going through a lot and asks if Sami is up for being there for him. Sami says Will hates her. EJ doesn't think Will would've told her if he hated her. Sami thinks he told her because he was mad at her. Sami worries that she blew it by walking out. EJ encourages her to go to Will and listen to him.

Vladimir tells John that their offer is very generous but worries that their original buyer would be upset if he backs out of their deal. Vladimir says he won't pass up a good bargain then gets a message on his phone. Vladimir instructs his two guards and they pull guns out. John questions what's going on. Vladimir reveals that he knows who they are and what they are doing.

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