Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/15/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/15/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas goes to Sami's and she thanks him for coming. Sami tells Lucas that she knows that he didn't shoot EJ back on their wedding day but Will did and he covered for him. Lucas tries to deny it and asks what Will told him. Sami explains that EJ knew the whole time and is now blackmailing Will. Sami talks about Lucas going to prison to protect EJ. Lucas says he had no other choice. Sami praises Lucas for being amazing and agrees to forgive him for lying to her in the past. Sami thanks him and hugs him. Lucas informs Sami that there is something else that he didn't tell her.

Gabi sits at the coffee house looking a modeling photo of her and Chad on her phone. Will arrives and tells her that he just talked to Chad and asks if it's true that she has a stalker. Gabi tells him that there have been threats. Will wants to know why. Gabi talks about being in an international ad campaign and having pictures of her everywhere. Will wants to take her somewhere safe but Gabi thinks he's overreacting. Will doesn't think so if someone's stalking her. Gabi decides she isn't going anywhere so Will wants to know why not.

Chad and Melanie walk through the town square together. Melanie comments on Chad being quiet and asks if he thinks Stefano was responsible for the explosion. Chad has no idea but feels bad for Gabi and Will's families and is sad about Lexie. Melanie says she's fine if he wants to talk or if he doesn't. They walk on and come across a sign that says the Spa is under new management. They talk about not knowing about it and about Melanie's job. Maggie arrives and reveals that she bought the spa which surprises them.

Marlena sits at the safe house as John paces. Marlena asks him to stop but John says he's going crazy. They sit and talk about the situation they are in. Marlena tells him that they can't do anything about it. John says Shane should be making a move on Stefano or else he will. Shane arrives and asks where Rafe and Carrie are. John say they are resting and asks about Bo and Hope. Shane informs him how they are looking into the coin. John is surprised and they talk about Agent Harmon. John and Marlena worry about Harmon coming across Bo and Hope at the ISA headquarters.

Agent Harmon goes into the room where Bo, Hope, and Shane were and looks through the desks. He pulls out his gun and goes towards the interrogation room where Bo and Hope are hiding. Harmon prepares to open the door but stops and opens a safe as Bo watches through the window. Harmon opens it and finds the coin inside. Harmon steals it and then goes to exit. Bo's phone rings which worries them that Harmon may hear it. John is surprised that Shane is calling him but he insists their phone is safe. Harmon goes back in and answers the phone that was left there. Shane says he left it there. John and Marlena worry about Harmon having the phone. Harmon then exits with the coin. Hope and Bo talk about how close that was and how now Harmon got the coin.

Melanie asks Maggie about buying the Spa. Maggie says she did it last week since she was looking for a good investment. They talk about the explosion and Melanie asks how Victor is. Maggie says they are both trying to take it one step at a time. Melanie worries about Ciara but Maggie doesn't want to talk about it. Maggie talks about wanting to keep busy. They talk about how Maggie bought the Spa because Melanie works there so she can see her more. Melanie apologizes for not stopping by and having a lot going on. Maggie adds that she wants to get to know Chad better too.

Will sits with Gabi and tells her that Chad told him that someone took the head off of a doll and left it outside of her door with a note saying she was next. Gabi tells him that's right. Will questions Gabi not wanting to go somewhere safe. Gabi thinks if the guy wanted to do something then he would've and they are just trying to scare her. Will still wants to take her somewhere safe. Gabi talks about how her and Chad's modeling being on hold so she doesn't know if she still has a job. Gabi wants to get her modeling career going so she can't be hiding. Gabi talks about how she has to pretend to be grieving for Rafe. Gabi tells Will that she knows he cares but she's fine.

Sami asks Lucas what else he needs to tell her. Lucas tells her that he found out that EJ knew what Will did when he first came back because Will told him. Lucas talks about confronting EJ but Will wanted to work for EJ so they couldn't change his mind. Sami shouts about Lucas knowing this whole time and questions how he could keep it from her. Lucas didn't want to make her upset but Sami yells that he doesn't get to tell her what she does and doesn't know about her son.

Maggie sits with Chad and Melanie at the town square. Chad tells Maggie that he's sorry about his outburst at the memorial service since he's still trying to make peace with being Stefano's son but promises he'll never be like Stefano. Maggie brings up Chad's modeling. Chad doesn't think he will be doing much of it anymore. Melanie tells Maggie about Sami replacing Kate at Countess Wilhelmina so Kate's ideas won't be popular. Maggie announces that she is looking for someone to do an ad campaign for the Spa and wants Chad to model for it. Melanie adds that she can see him all the time as Gabi walks by and looks at them.

Lucas tells Sami that it was Will's secret to tell. Sami whines about not knowing when Lucas and EJ knew. Lucas says she's just screaming and yelling while only caring about herself. Lucas talks about how Will was furious with her for cheating on Rafe with EJ. Sami accuses Lucas of saying a lie is okay with a good reason. Lucas tells her that lying works for her but Sami claims she doesn't lie. They argue about owning up to lies as Will arrives and suggests Sami take her own advice.

Stefano listens to the news talking about the explosions and then turns it off and sits down. Agent Harmon enters but Stefano tells him he's busy so he should make it fast. Harmon offers to help him but Stefano says no. Harmon tells Stefano to have more faith in him and he pulls out the coin. Stefano assumes it's another fake but Harmon tells him it's not this time. Stefano asks where he got it. Harmon reveals he took it from the safe at the ISA headquarters and walked out the door. Stefano comments that it looks like the real thing. Stefano declares that he paid a high price but it's his at last.

Bo and Hope return to the safe house and tell Shane that Harmon took the coin. They talk about how he got it and being sure that Stefano has it now. John wonders what Stefano's next move will be. Marlena suggests he take the coin and leave town but John declares that they can't let him disappear because he wants him gone for good. Shane says they have to find out what the coin means and why Stefano wanted it so bad. Hope decides they have to get to Stefano no matter what it takes. Shane makes a call trying to find out how Harmon just walked in and walked out with their evidence then went into Stefano's house to turn it over. Shane is told that they didn't want to tip Harmon off. Shane orders his people to do whatever they can to keep Stefano where he is. Shane hangs up. John decides it's up to them to get to Stefano. Shane says they at least have the element of surprise on their side since he thinks they are all dead. Shane gets another call and steps away. Marlena comments that they would all be living a normal life if it worked. Shane hangs up and tells them that the invoices that Billie photographed at Stefano's house might be useful. Shane says he heard one of the biggest illegal traffickers is landing in Salem. Marlena wonders if they can arrest Stefano but Shane says they don't have time for warrants. John realizes that maybe they have to position themselves in the middle of Stefano's deal with the trafficker.

Will assumes Lucas and Sami are talking about the blackmail. Will comments on Sami not getting enough attention from EJ so she's looking for it from Lucas. Will talks about how Sami lied about having sex with EJ for months. Sami gets that he thinks she's a hypocrite. Sami says she loves him and cares about him so she thinks Lucas should've told her. Will questions Sami thinking she should know everything there is to know about him then warns her to be careful what she wishes for. Sami questions what he means. Sami wishes they could be close like they used to be and wants him to know how much she loves him. Sami wishes he could be more understanding. Will says he spent his whole life trying to understand the things she does. Sami apologizes for sleeping with EJ and for hurting him. Will tells her what hurt him was that she cheated on Rafe and lied to him which destroyed his family and he doesn't think she cares. Sami claims she does care a lot and knows she did something terrible. Sami tries to tell him again that she was devastated and thought Johnny was dead so she did something crazy and stupid. Sami says she has to find a way to live with it and move on. Will wishes her luck on that. Sami says what worries her is that Will isn't trying to move on and reminds her of her failures at every chance he gets. Sami says she can take whatever Will says but she won't destroy her. Sami worries that it will turn Will into a person that he doesn't want to be. Lucas suggests she stop now but Sami has been wanting to say this for a very long time.

Maggie tells Melanie that she has plans for her to work at the Spa also. Gabi hides and listens to their conversation. Melanie offers to take Maggie on a tour of the Spa. Maggie asks Chad to join them. Chad says he has to make a phone call but will meet them inside. Melanie and Maggie head to the spa together so Gabi walks by and Chad spots her. Chad asks if something is wrong. Gabi claims it's just her imagination so he shouldn't worry about it. Chad asks her what happened. Gabi claims that she heard footsteps and saw a guy behind her that was following her. Chad asks if he's still there but Gabi says she doesn't see him. Chad assures her that nothing will happen and hugs her so she says she feels better now.

Shane talks about the man being a Russian coming in as an arms dealer for Stefano. John and Bo are sure that they want to get involved. Marlena worries about going after Stefano. Bo wonders what their first move should be. Shane decides he'll talk with Agent Harmon. John tells Marlena that he knows she's scared. Marlena brings up that John said they wouldn't be free from Stefano until he's dead and asks if that's what he's planning. John declares that if they pull this off then it's over whether Stefano is alive or dead.

Chad asks Gabi what the guy looked like. She claims that he was wearing a brown jacket. Chad asks for more details but Gabi says she doesn't know and didn't get a good look since she was scared. Chad questions her being alone and thought she was hanging out with Sonny. Gabi says she didn't want to be a pain and is embarrassed to have to ask people to hang out with her. Gabi feels like she did something wrong so Chad hugs her. Melanie comes back and asks Chad about joining them. They tell Melanie about Gabi being followed so Melanie decides she's calling the police but Gabi doesn't want her to. Gabi argues against it but Melanie is adamant that Gabi needs some help and she's calling the police.

Sami tells Will that she's glad that he's working for EJ. She talks about how EJ manipulated him into taking the job and made him think he enjoys it. Will questions if EJ hypnotized her into sleeping with him and laughs at her. Sami talks about situations EJ can get him in and having to lie to protect people they love. Will thinks Sami was just trying to protect herself but she claims she lied to protect their family. Sami thinks Will just wants to think the worst of her. Will tells her not to tell him how he feels or what he thinks. Sami says everyone has to make tough choices in life and Will is going to also. Sami hopes Will realizes that her back was against the wall and that a lie can sometimes be an act of love. Will says he sees that already and suggests maybe today is that day.

Stefano examines the coin as Harmon says that he came through for him. Stefano thinks he was just afraid not to. Harmon says he was in the right place at the right time. Stefano wonders if the ISA knows it's missing. Harmon doubts it and gets a call from Shane. Harmon puts it on speaker so Stefano can hear it. Shane talks to him about the arms dealer being on the move and suggests he get a hold of his contacts. Shane hangs up and Bo asks when the information will get to Stefano. John bets he has it already. Marlena comments on him taking the bait as Bo adds that now they just have to reel him in.

Melanie calls the police and tells them about Gabi receiving threats and notes and thinks she saw the guy responsible. She hands the phone to Gabi but Gabi hangs up and thinks there's better ways to get the police involved. Gabi explains how she thinks Will can use the mayor's site to help her by arranging protection without involving the police. Gabi assures that she's okay. Chad tells her to be careful as he and Melanie go to join Maggie at the Spa.

Will asks Sami about thinking he's had it easy or that he's never had to hold something in because he didn't want to hurt the people he loves. Sami asks if he's in some kind of trouble. Will explains that there's a part of himself that he hasn't been sharing with them because he knows they don't want to deal with it. Lucas wants him to be more specific. Will says Sami is willing to live with her lies but he's not like that and doesn't want to lie about who he is to his family because it's dishonest and it hurts. Sami begs him to tell him but Will says she doesn't want to know the truth. Sami asks what truth so Will finally shouts that he's gay.

Stefano talks to Harmon about tracking down the arms dealer. Stefano says Harmon has demonstrated some value. Harmon assures him that he can count on him and if he gets any information he won't tell the ISA. Stefano says they now understand each other.

Shane gets a photo of Vladimir the arms dealer. They talk about what this could do for them.

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