Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/14/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/14/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Lexie talks with Cameron, Celeste, and Theo at home. Cameron talks about having fun with Theo and they tell Lexie about plans to go camping this summer.

Agent Harmon talks to Stefano at the mansion and he tells him that he understands things got out of hand. Stefano tells Harmon that he failed at his job. Harmon promises to get Stefano the coin as soon as he finds out where it is.

Bo and Hope talk to Shane at the police station about the coin and hoping that Billie is able to get somewhere with EJ. Shane talks about being unable to decrypt the code on the coin. Hope wants to give it a try since she knows Stefano.

Billie sits with EJ outside the town square and informs him that it was Stefano that helped free John thus betraying EJ. EJ says that Stefano already assured him he had nothing to do with it. Billie questions EJ believing him. EJ talks about John being an enemy of Stefano for years. Billie explains how Stefano owed Alice a favor. EJ mocks the idea but Billie continues to tell him that Stefano has been undermining him for quite some time. EJ wonders why Billie seems so determined to get between he and Stefano.

Rafe and Carrie kiss in their room at the safe house. Roman brings Austin into the safe house and directs him to Carrie's room. Rafe and Carrie stop kissing when she hears Austin's voice. Rafe realizes Roman must have brought him. Carrie says she wasn't expecting to see him but decides she has to tell Austin. Rafe offers to help but Carrie says she has to do it herself.

Billie tries to explain to EJ as EJ points out that she despises him just as much as Stefano. Billie says that was true until Stefano killed six people. Billie continues to tell EJ that Stefano has been undermining him for months. Billie brings up that Stefano could kill six people so who knows what he has in store for EJ.

Hope, Bo, and Shane continue examining the coin. Hope talks about having a similar one as Princess Gina. Shane goes to see if he can find out more about where it came from. Hope says Stefano prides himself on being the Phoenix that always rises from the ashes but this time it's their turn.

Lexie talks with Cameron about Theo. Lexie comments on how sometimes people don't get Theo and Theo has a hard time warming up to people but she sees that they are already comfortable together. Lexie tells Cameron that she has a huge favor to ask. Cameron says yes before she asks. Lexie asks Cameron to continue to be a part of Theo's life after she's gone.

Harmon tells Stefano that he can't just get the coin while Shane has it. Stefano tells him he's paying him due to his connections to the ISA and orders him to get the coin.

Rafe walks out and meets with Austin and Roman. Rafe comments that he didn't know they were accepting visitors. Austin remarks that it's how Carrie got there in the first place. Roman talks about wanting everyone to be safe. Austin walks on to see Carrie. Roman asks Rafe if he has something to say but Rafe says he's just surprised to see Austin since Roman said it was risky to have visitors. Roman questions if Rafe is worried about safety or if there's another reason he doesn't want Austin there like being Carrie's husband.

Austin goes to see Carrie and she's surprised. He greets her with kisses. Carrie talks about how Roman said no one could visit. Austin says he pulled some strings until Roman gave in. Austin tells Carrie that he hates this. Austin talks about thinking she was dead and then finding out she's alive and now can't see her. Austin kisses her and tells her that he loves her while calling this torture.

EJ goes to the DiMera Mansion and Stefano questions why he's there. EJ asks if he really thinks that he wouldn't find out that he got John exonerated. EJ reveals that he knows about his IOU to Alice and asks what he was thinking.

Lexie tells Cameron that she knows it's a lot to ask but Cameron says it's not and that he already planned to spend as much time as he can with Theo. Lexie is happy since her side of the family hasn't had the best role models. Lexie says EJ and Stefano love Theo but she doesn't want Theo growing up wanting to be like them. Cameron promises to try and live up to the man she thinks he can be. Lexie asks him to be there for Theo when she can't be as he hugs her.

Roman asks Rafe about his feelings for Carrie. Rafe doesn't deny it. Roman says he's seen the way they look and they aren't fooling anyone. Roman brings up that Carrie is married, Rafe is still technically married and is with Nicole. Rafe calls it not that simple. Rafe talks about he and Carrie fighting this for months until they realized that life is too short not to be with the people you love. Roman thinks he's trying to make it simple. Roman says just because they love each other doesn't mean they should be together and asks if he has considered the pain it could cause other people.

Austin tells Carrie that he didn't sleep last night and wishes he could take her home. Austin tells her that he's counting the minutes until this is all over. Austin tells her that he loves her so much and goes to kiss her but Carrie stops him.

Hope suggests to Bo that they find the engraver of the coin. Billie rejoins them and tells them about how she told EJ about the IOU and Stefano freeing John. Billie says she knows she got to EJ and assumes they are at it now.

EJ tells Stefano that he found out that he exonerated John. Stefano questions who tells him these stories. EJ wants to know why he did it and thinks he deserves an explanation. Stefano responds that he owes him nothing. EJ asks about Stefano undermining all the hard work that he did for him. Stefano admits that he owed Alice. EJ points out that she's been dead for two years. Stefano explains that he gave her his word. EJ questions Stefano choosing a promise to a dead woman over the love of his son. Stefano says he made the promise because he loved EJ. Stefano explains that EJ was a baby that he thought was his son so he did whatever he had to in order to protect him. EJ questions Stefano letting John free because of a debt because of EJ. Stefano says that's right. EJ thinks this is why Stefano is so angry because he let his nemesis go for a child that isn't even his.

Cameron tells Lexie that Theo will be okay and will grow up to be a man that she would be proud of. Lexie talks about all she wishes she could share with him about life and people but now realizes that she won't be able to. Celeste returns to them and suggests Lexie make videos for him to watch when he's older. Lexie calls her brilliant and hugs her. Lexie decides to go get started now.

Carrie tells Austin that she's sorry. Carrie explains that a few nights ago she almost died with five other people she cares about. Austin understands she must have been scared. Carrie says she was terrified and not brave like the rest. Austin talks about how she never should've been there in the first place. Carrie says she was and the close call with death made her think about her life. Carrie thinks she's been selfish. Austin tells her that all he has been thinking about is how much time they have wasted arguing and not trusting each other. Austin wants to put that all behind them and learn from it. Austin tells her that he's committed to getting to the good stuff and the future that they always wanted. Carrie says she wanted to tell him something before but she has to say it now.

Roman tells Rafe that he's a good man and he respects him despite their difference. Roman adds he's sorry that Sami hurt him. Rafe says it's not about Sami but Roman thinks it is since Sami would never forgive he or Carrie if they get together and Roman doesn't want Sami and Carrie to have another reason to resent each other. Rafe refuses to give up the woman he loves because of Sami. Roman asks him about Nicole and the baby. Roman suggests Rafe stick with Nicole and be a good father to their baby.

Carrie tells Austin that she doesn't know any other way to say this. Austin instead decides he wants to show her something and reveals the photo album scrapbook that he put together. Austin shows her various pictures of their past but Carrie says they can't do this now as she has to tell him something but Roman interrupts by banging on the door and informing them their time is up. They try to argue against it but have to go. Austin tells Carrie that he knows that she wants to tell him how important it is to put the bad stuff behind them or else their marriage won't stand a chance. Austin says that's the whole reason he came and put the scrapbook together so she can remember him and how good they were together and how he's the one that she fell in love with. Austin tells Carrie that when she gets out, they are going to have a lifetime of happy new memories. Austin says he promises it and kisses her hand before exiting.

Shane informs Hope that the coin was tracked to Italy. Shane finds out that Stefano's father Santo used the same jeweler. Hope wants to talk to the jeweler in person and Bo wants to go with her. Bo suggests to Shane to let them go since Stefano thinks they're dead anyways.

Stefano tells EJ that he does not second guess his decisions. EJ brings up that John is dead now anyways. Stefano talks about how he knows EJ still wants him to be his father. EJ says he was for most of his adult life. Stefano says it's different now but EJ doesn't think it has to be unless Stefano wants it to be. Stefano doesn't want to pretend since life does not work that way. EJ says that he has no choice then. Stefano questions EJ threatening him. EJ says he watched Stefano for years and scrutinized everything he did and every move he made because he thought one day that he would become his successor. Stefano calls him a good pupil. EJ talks about learning how to be cold, ruthless, and unforgiving. EJ says now that he can no longer apply those traits to the DiMera legacy, he's putting Stefano on notice. EJ warns him that everything he taught him, he will be using against him.

Cameron gets the camera to film Lexie talking for Theo in the future. Lexie talks about how this was Celeste's idea. Lexie begins talking about how she won't be around for some of Theo's important moments in life. Lexie says so many people that love him will still be around. Lexie calls Theo her angel, her gift from God, and her heart. Lexie says nothing can ever change that. Lexie says whenever Theo misses her that he can go somewhere quiet and listen for her whisper because she will be saying that she loves him. Lexie finishes wanting Theo to never forget her and then breaks down in tears as Cameron stops the camera.

Bo continues trying to convince Shane to let them go to Italy. Shane is worried about getting them back to the safehouse. Hope thinks they can find more about the jeweler. Shane agrees to let them stay at the station. Billie comments that she's glad to help bring Stefano down and she walks out with Shane. Bo tells Hope that they finally have time to themselves so he kisses her.

Carrie returns to Rafe and Rafe realizes that she didn't tell Austin. Carrie says she tried. Rafe is sure she did. Carrie wonders why she couldn't do it. Rafe understands it's hard to hurt someone she cares about. Carrie points out that she's in love with Rafe. Rafe adds that Austin's in love with hear and was probably hearing what he wanted to hear. Carrie begins to wonder if they are doing the right thing.

Stefano tells EJ that he doesn't want him as an enemy so they should declare peace and go their own ways. EJ doesn't think it's that simple. EJ talks about spending years preparing to take over his empire and his legacy so he won't let all of that slip through his fingers. Stefano tells him that he doesn't have a choice. EJ responds that he won't live forever so he wants to know what will happen when he dies. Stefano doesn't think he's going anywhere for quite a while. EJ asks who he thinks is going to take over when he's gone as he doesn't think it will be Chad or Theo. EJ says if Stefano gets out of a prison sentence for killing the six people then he'll be living alone in his own prison.

Agent Harmon goes to the station looking for Shane. A woman tells him that he just missed Shane. Harmon wants to find Shane's office to pick something up but she doesn't tell him. Harmon warns her that she'll be to blame if he doesn't get what he needs so she instructs him to the office. Harmon goes to enter but finds the door is locked. Hope hears it but Bo thinks it's nothing and continues kissing her.

Theo comes downstairs and brings Lexie a card for Mother's Day. Lexie thanks him with a hug. Cameron puts Lexie's video in a case with the card as the cover.

Rafe talks to Carrie about how Roman doesn't think they are doing the right thing and wants him to keep his distance from her. Rafe agrees to do that if it's what Carrie wants. Carrie assures him that what she wants is to be with him and then hugs him.

Stefano orders EJ to get out as he's not welcome there. EJ tells him that it doesn't have to be this way as he would've stood by him no matter what. EJ reminds Stefano that he pushed him away. EJ decides he should count his blessings since Stefano is a soulless bastard. EJ realizes he could be lucky to have Stefano not be his father and threatens to become his worst nightmare easier. EJ then exits.

Harmon goes and gets the woman to help him unlock the door. Harmon then heads inside where Bo and Hope are now gone. Harmon looks through the folders on the desks but can't find the coin. Harmon pulls out his gun as Bo and Hope hide in the investigation room. Harmon goes to the door and prepares to open it.

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