Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/11/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/11/12


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Will goes to Sami's and says he's on his way to EJ's and wants to say hi to the kids. Sami opens the door in her bathrobe and Will is shocked to see EJ come up behind her. Will can't believe it and questions Sami if it was first Lucas and now EJ.

Austin and Roman sit at the coffeehouse. Austin can't take Carrie being at the safe house without him anymore. Roman tries to calm him down but Austin demands Roman take him to see Carrie now.

Carrie wakes up in bed and Rafe greets her with coffee. Carrie talks about being glad to see him and Rafe talks about enjoying watching her sleep and then they kiss.

Marlena and John talk as John says he couldn't sleep and is researching Stefano's associates. John refuses to give up. John says this is the end of Stefano whether they put him behind bars or six feet under.

Billie joins Shane at the police department and asks about the increased security with the ISA. Bo and Hope arrive and Billie hugs them. Billie talks about being glad they are alive. Billie wants to make sure they stay that way and thinks it's too big of a risk for them to be here now. Billie warns that if Stefano finds out that they are alive then he'll make sure they die for real next time.

Abe sits at home with the paper as Lexie comes downstairs and is ready to go to the museum. Abe tells her they will go have a wonderful day. Lexie hugs him and says she knows it's hard for him but wants the rest of their time to be special and not sad. Abe wants to give her that but isn't sure he can as she hugs him again.

Will questions Sami getting back with Lucas and if they are in an open relationship. Sami explains that EJ came over and was helping get the kids ready for school. EJ says he was just about to head across to his apartment. Sami goes to get dressed. EJ asks Will what he has to say for himself. Will thinks EJ living across the hall is too cozy. EJ points out that he only moved there to be close to his children. Will wonders what Lucas thinks about EJ spending time with Allie. Will says if Lucas and Sami are getting back together then that makes EJ the lonely ex in the building and he's not sure that's a role EJ can play.

Austin talks to Roman about how yesterday he thought Carrie was dead and he mourned her which made him realize that he loves her more than he ever knew and she needs to know that. Austin wants her to know how committed he is to their marriage. Roman understands and offers to tell her but Austin wants to tell her that himself and begs Roman to take him to see her. Roman says he's sorry but that's not going to happen.

Rafe and Carrie continue kissing in bed. They agree that they never imagined this. They say that they are finally together alone and continue kissing more. They almost start undressing but Carrie stops him and says it's too soon.

Bo tells Billie that the ISA will take care of them. Hope asks when Billie rejoined the agency. Billie says she came back and working with Kate was just a cover. They talk about what Billie's been able to find so far on Stefano.

John tells Marlena that he's sorry if he shook her confidence. John adds that they have the upper hand as long as Stefano thinks they are dead. Marlena wonders if Stefano will lay low. John says they will have to revisit the final option and declares that if that's what it takes to get rid of Stefano then he will gladly pull the trigger himself.

Abe tells Lexie that he's supposed to be supporting him. Lexie reminds him that she supports him too. Abe tells her that he loves her and kisses her. Abe goes to get their tickets to the art museum. Lexie then looks at a photo of their family and starts to cry.

Austin doesn't understand why Roman won't take him to see Carrie. Roman says they tempted fate once and that was too many times. Roman explains that the ISA is taking over the operation so he's not calling the shots anymore. Austin begs him to ask the ISA to let him in. Austin brings up that Carrie is with Rafe. Austin says when he found out she was alive, he was so happy that he wasn't thinking clearly but today he is. Austin asks Roman if he sees why this is important. Roman tells him that he will see what he can do. Austin thanks him and swears Carrie will thank him too. Roman exits as Austin looks down at his wedding ring.

Carrie looks at her ring as Rafe fixes his clothes and agrees that they got carried away and shouldn't be doing this until Austin knows the truth because it's not fair. They talk about wanting to be out of there. Carrie says she couldn't tell Austin in front of everyone after everything he'd been through. Carrie promises to tell Austin the next chance she gets because she wants Rafe.

Billie informs Bo, Hope, and Shane that she found bills of arms and weapons that Stefano got. Billie talks about how she thought EJ was involved but doesn't anymore. Billie explains that EJ set John up and stole the money with the penchant funds but Stefano double crossed him.

EJ tells Will that he doesn't have his eyes on Sami but Will thinks that's how they usually end up together. EJ understands that he's skeptical but assures him that he moved across the hall to be close to the kids. EJ admits that he thinks Sami and Lucas being together is a disaster waiting to happen and that it's too soon. Will agrees with him. EJ asks Will to cut Sami some slack and brings up her losing six people that she was very close to. Will says he lost them too but Sami didn't care since she was mean and nasty to all of them. Will says he felt bad for Sami until she opened her mouth then he got over it. EJ asks him to have Sami say goodbye to the children for him and then he exits. Sami comes back into the room. Will apologizes for what he said but feels like anyone that saw that would assume. Sami understands and realizes that things are never going to be the same but offers to talk with Will if he has time. Will decides he's going to go to the safe house to talk to Marlena later. Sami suggests he try talking to her instead but Will tells her that she's the last person that he would go to for advice.

Marlena tells John that a few weeks ago she was ready to kill Stefano herself until John reminded her that if she did, Stefano would win so she couldn't and didn't follow through because she couldn't let that happen. John brings up that he really tried to kill them this time so he's through with toying and making their lives hell so they can't take their lives back. John declares that if the ISA can't do it then he will.

Bo and Hope are surprised to learn that EJ stole the millions from Basic Black. Hope says it makes perfect sense that EJ used it to win the election. Bo senses tension between EJ and Stefano. Billie wants to split EJ from Stefano. Bo thinks they have a way. Shane wonders how. Hope suggests Billie tell EJ the truth that after everything he did to ruin John it was Stefano who betrayed him and saved John.

Sami tells Will that she can give good advice but Will disagrees. Sami offers to try and be a better mother but Will says it's too late for that. Sami says she will always be his mother and will always love him so she's just asking for a chance but Will says no. EJ comes back and tells Will that Sami is right. EJ suggests Will give his mother another chance since he just lost his grandmother. Sami wants to try so Will agrees to think about it. EJ tells Will that they have some business to attend to. Sami asks what kind of business it is but EJ tells her that it's not her business. Sami wants to make sure that he doesn't get Will in trouble. Will brings up Sami working for Stefano but she claims she's running the company independently. Will thinks Countess Wilhelmina could be a front for drug operations. Sami warns that Will will be the one that ends up in jail since he's working for EJ. Will then reveals that EJ won't put him in prison because he's the one that kept him out.

Abe returns to Lexie and she talks about not having a family photo album growing up so she wants Theo to have more than just a few photos in a box. Lexie wants Theo to know who his family was and how they lived their lives. Lexie admits she's afraid that Theo will forget her. Abe hugs her as she cries about no longer being there for him. Abe tells her that he would never let Theo forget her. Lexie wishes he could always know that she's close by. Lexie decides that the art museum can wait because she wants to make a family photo album now. Abe tells her that Theo will always remember her in his heart.

Carrie tells Rafe that the thought of ending things with Austin makes her sick because she hates the idea of hurting him. Carrie talks about how Austin thinks they are still together and stronger so this will blindside him. Rafe thinks Carrie is having second thoughts but she insists that she isn't as she just feels like the bad guy. Rafe understands that telling Austin won't be easy as delivering bad news never is. Carrie says she's glad that they are stuck here since it will give her the time to find the words to tell Austin.

Roman returns to Austin at the coffeehouse. Austin runs up to him and asks when he can see Carrie again. Roman tells him that the ISA refused at first until he made it personal. Austin thanks him and prepares to go.

Sami questions what's going on. Will tells her that EJ could've sent him to prison but didn't and he reveals to Sami that he shot EJ and not Lucas. Sami can't believe it as Will says it was the only way he could protect Sami and Lucas. Sami questions Will trying to murder someone. Will points out Sami tried to murder EJ too. Will figures he shouldn't have bothered since they broke up anyways. Sami brings up Lucas going to prison for a crime that Will committed. Will explains that it's why he went to Switzerland to live with Austin and Carrie. Sami questions EJ knowing that Lucas was innocent. EJ brings up that Will would've had a lifetime in prison. Sami tells Will that EJ didn't do this to help him and always has his own motives. EJ says everyone makes mistakes and everything turned out fine since everyone survived. Sami doesn't get how Will would want to work for someone that he was willing to shoot. Will says he did it to get even with someone that he hated more. Sami realizes that Will confronted EJ about sleeping with her. EJ reveals that Will threatened to tell Nicole so he blackmailed him into working for him.

Lexie sits with Abe and has him promise to make sure that Theo will still spend time with EJ. Abe agrees to do it for her and Theo. Abe talks about Theo having pictures to remember her by. Lexie says all her love will be ins his heart always and Abe kisses her.

EJ gets a phone call from Billie who tells him that they need to talk. Billie says she learned something that he needs to know. Billie asks him to meet her at the town square alone. EJ hangs up and tells Will that he will text him his duties the rest of the day. Sami warns EJ to leave Will alone and stay away from him as EJ exits.

Billie says EJ is on her way and has to see if he takes the bait. Billie then leaves to go meet EJ as Bo declares that this just might work.

Will tells Sami to relax but she can't since EJ is blackmailing him. Will says he did it first and Sami has blackmailed so many people before. Sami thinks Will doesn't have to work for him anymore since it's all out in the open but Will wants to and says it's too late for her to come to his rescue. Sami says they had a moment when they thought everyone was dead and it kept her from losing her mind. Will thinks she lost her mind anyways. Sami wants what's best for him but Will disagrees and says working for EJ is the best thing that's ever happened to him so he's not about to quit.

Lexie decides they can go to the art museum now. Lexie adds that they can take their time since Theo is with Cameron and she goes to get her purse as Abe looks at their family photo. Abe kisses her and goes to get the car ready as Lexie then looks back down at their photo.

Marlena asks John not to turn this into a vendetta but John says it's too late. John tells her that when he was in Alamainia, he was forced to watch her on a monitor when one of Stefano's guards came close to killing her. John talks about how angry he felt. Marlena says she despises Stefano too but for as long as he has tried, they are still here and still together. Marlena tells John not to let Stefano change that. John declares that one way or another, Stefano is going down whether it's the ISA, the Salem PD, his own people turning on him, or he may have an unfortunate accident. John says whatever it is will be the end of the line for Stefano.

Rafe tells Carrie that he has no doubt she will find the right way to tell Austin. Carrie worries that Austin won't understand. Rafe encourages her that he will in time. Carrie feels guilty. Rafe tells her that Austin would want her to be happy so it will all work out. Rafe and Carrie begin kissing again. Roman arrives with Austin outside the safe house. Austin declares that he will walk through hell to be with Carrie again.

Bo and Hope talk to Shane about hoping Billie can get through to EJ since he's had his problems with Stefano before. Hope hopes that this can get them what they need to put Stefano away.

EJ meets with Billie at the town square. Billie asks if he learned anything about how John was freed from jail. EJ questions why it would matter. Billie informs him that she does know and it's just between them. Billie brings up that EJ framed John and stole his money to get elected mayor. Billie says that part of his plan worked but after all the trouble he went to, the money is missing and John is free. EJ tells her to get to the point. Billie says she knows who made it possible to get John freed. Billie teases EJ to take a guess before informing him that it was Stefano, who betrayed him to help his sworn enemy.

Sami questions Will liking working for EJ. He says he loves it. Sami wants him to quit but Will doesn't care what she wants and calls it an amazing job. Sami tells him that he will end up in prison or dead. Will calls it his dream job and says he loves the perks and the power. Sami says Will doesn't sound like the son she knew. Will declares it's who he is and she should be proud since he is who he is because of her and he then exits.

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