Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/10/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/10/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas and Sami return to the Pub. Sami stops before entering and says she needs a minute, wondering why Roman wanted them to meet there. Lucas offers to take her back home. Sami wonders how to tell the kids about what happened. Lucas promises to help her. Sami brings up all the times that she told Marlena that she hated her when really she loved her and never got to tell her since she's gone as Lucas hugs her.

Roman and Shane talk with Bo, Hope, Carrie, Rafe, John, and Marlena at their hideout. John steps aside with Marlena and wants to know what's going on. Marlena admits she's thinking about their family and how they are mourning them with no clue that they are still alive. John says they have to until they take down Stefano so he can never mess with them again.

Brady and Madison talk with Nicole at the Pub about how beautiful the memorial service was.

Doug and Julie sit with Kayla and talk about how Ciara is away with Caroline and they have no idea how they are going to tell them when they get home.

Roman finishes a phone call and informs them that Stefano was spotted outside the Pub during the wake. Roman guarantees his spies were there. They talk about Stefano's grief being genuine. Roman wants to make sure this doesn't go any further than it has to. Shane reveals that they told Abe and Lexie the truth so they know what's going on. Roman declares it's time to execute the second part of their plan and he exits with Shane. Rafe steps aside with Carrie and asks if she is thinking about Austin. Carrie says she feels horrible about all of this. Rafe tells her that Austin loves her very much but she has to do what feels right in her heart. Carrie states that she kept trying to make her marriage work but her heart is with Rafe. Carrie tells Rafe that she's so glad that they decided to be together. Bo and Hope talk about getting a hold of Stefano. Hope calls this the best chance they have ever had to nail Stefano. Carrie tells Rafe that she hopes their decision to be together won't cause problems for Nicole. Rafe assures her that it won't. John calls Rafe over to go over the second phase of their plan. Marlena approaches Carrie and notes that she and Rafe had a lot to talk about. Carrie informs Marlena that she and Rafe have decided to be together. Marlena thought she and Austin were going to try and make it work. Carrie says she tried but her heart is with Rafe and she can't pretend anymore. Carrie admits she was scared to tell Marlena because she was afraid of being judged. Marlena tells her that she won't judge her and has been in the same situation. Marlena says it might send shocks through their family but she will never judge her. Marlena tells Carrie that she's in for a rocky road with Rafe.

Austin sits with Billie in the Pub and talks about how he almost lost Carrie to Rafe and then they decided to make their marriage work. Austin talks about how determined he was to make it work but he can't stop thinking that he was more committed than she was. Austin keeps thinking that Carrie died with Rafe and doesn't understand why she was there. Billie tells Austin that she's sorry.

Gabi and Will join Sami and Lucas outside the Pub. Sami tells Gabi that while her marriage to Rafe didn't work out, she still loved him then hugs Gabi. Gabi thanks her and states that everyone loved Rafe as he was the best. Gabi heads in to the Pub and Sami stops Will. Sami tells Will that she knows how hard it is for everyone and how close he was to Marlena. Sami tells Will that they can help each other through mourning as a family. Sami thinks that's what Marlena would want. Will says all he can think about is that he just lost six people that he loved. Lucas adds they are just trying to support him as Will then heads inside of the Pub. Sami tells Lucas that she doesn't want to lose Will and make the same mistakes that she made with her family. Lucas assures her that she won't lose Will. Sami swears that she will be different and not be selfish or make scenes. Sami cries that she will make Marlena proud of her as Lucas hugs her.

Nicole sits with Daniel at the Pub and thanks him for taking her to the service. Nicole tells Daniel that she's fine if he has to go back to the hospital. Daniel asks if she's fine and she responds that she's just heartsick after everything Rafe did for her. Daniel informs her that it will be harder to keep EJ away without Rafe around. Daniel promises to do anything he can to help her. Nicole thanks him but realizes now that all she can do to keep EJ away from her baby is to disappear. Daniel questions how she's going to do that and live life on the run. Nicole calls it her only option. Nicole doesn't want her baby to grow up a DiMera. Daniel calms her down. She apologizes and admits Daniel is right. Nicole says she will do anything to protect her baby because it's all she has left.

Brady tells Madison that she can go to her conference call but she doesn't want to leave him alone. Brady insists that there's other people there and Roman is coming by. Madison has him make sure and tells him she will come right back after she's done. Madison kisses him and exits.

Sami and Lucas enter the Pub and talk with Doug and Julie about the explosion.

Bo asks John what he thinks is the best way to handle Agent Harmon. John suggests hanging him but Hope thinks he could be their key. Rafe talks about interrogating him. Bo talks about how they can use him to leak information back to Stefano and get him to do what they want.

Billie tells Austin to stop torturing himself over why Carrie was there when her family was there. Billie gets a call and decides she has to leave. Billie has Austin promise her that he'll be okay. They say goodbye and Billie exits.

Will sits with Gabi as she talks about being unable to contact her family and is going through this alone. Will tells her that she's not alone. Gabi thanks him for saying that. Will tells her that he'll do whatever Rafe would have done for her.

Roman arrives at the Pub and thanks everyone for waiting for him since he has something very important to share with them. Brady hopes it's that they are nailing Stefano for murder but Roman says not yet but it's something better. Roman says he has to speak with Doug, Julie, and Kayla alone while everyone else moves quickly and quietly to the back of the Pub and get into the back of a beer truck. Sami questions what it's about but Roman tells her that they don't have time for questions so they just do as he says.

Shane joins Agent Harmon at the town square. Harmon asks how he's holding up being so close to the Brady family. Shane talks about them all being family to his and with their deaths, the ISA has suffered a crippling blow in bringing down Stefano.

Roman brings Sami, Will, Gabi, Austin, Nicole, Lucas and Brady to the hideout and has them blindfolded. Roman removes their blindfolds and they are shocked to see that everyone is alive. Sami runs to hug Marlena. Brady runs to hug John. Gabi hugs Rafe and says never to do that to her again. Austin hugs Carrie and Will hugs Marlena telling her to never do that to him again.

Doug and Julie talk to Kayla about it being a miracle that everyone is still alive afterwards. They toast to nine lives and more with champagne.

Roman tells everyone that he's never seen so much joy in one place. Roman is sure everyone is confused. Nicole agrees. Roman explains that everyone was forced into hiding by Stefano since he rigged the house to explode but they got to safety under a trap door. Marlena apologizes for causing them pain. John calls it necessary to bring down Stefano. Bo adds that their grief will convince Stefano. Hope wants to get the evidence to take down Stefano. John reminds them they all have to continue to pretend they are dead. Bo announces that everything depends on everyone keeping the secret.

Rafe hugs Nicole and asks how she's doing. Nicole says she's much better now. Rafe apologizes for the stress not helping. Nicole says she's fine now and had Daniel there for her. Rafe is glad to hear. Nicole can't believe he's alive because she actually cares about him. Rafe looks over at Austin and Carrie talking. Sami approaches Rafe and is glad they are alive but can't believe they put them through letting them think they were dead. Sami asks if it was Rafe's idea and calls it selfish to make them mourn. Rafe explains that they were protecting their families from Stefano but Sami doesn't get it so Rafe doesn't know what else to say.

Shane tells Harmon that the deaths undermines the ISA's effort to take down Stefano. Harmon asks if he has the information needed but Shane tells him that all the information was in the explosion. Shane says they now have to start from scratch but this time he wants Harmon at the center of their investigation. Harmon claims it would be his honor and they shake hands.

Rafe sits with Nicole and says he has something to tell her. Rafe tells her that he cares about her too which makes this a lot harder to say. Rafe tells her that he's there for her and wants to protect her and the baby from EJ. Rafe reveals that when he thought they were going to die, he told Carrie the truth about the baby. Nicole says she understands and hopes Carrie doesn't tell anyone their secret. Rafe assures that she won't say anything and everyone thinks they are dead anyways. Nicole asks if this means Rafe loves Carrie and calls her a lucky girl. Rafe tells Nicole that he's still there for her and will protect her and the baby from EJ. Nicole says she's sorry and needs to thank him for making her believe that there are good guys out there as she starts to cry.

Carrie tells Austin that she's sorry that they had to put him through that. Austin understands it was because of Stefano but he doesn't understand why Carrie stayed after everyone got settled. Carrie says she planned to leave. Austin tells her that he was torturing himself thinking that she stayed for Rafe but none of that matters anymore since she's alive. Austin doesn't want her to explain anything because he's just grateful to have her back and hugs her as Rafe watches.

Brady steps aside with John and says he has something to ask him. Brady asks John to be the best man at his wedding when all this is over. John says nothing would make him prouder and hugs him.

Marlena sits with Will and says she's so sorry to put him through this. Will tells her it was hard to lose everyone but especially her because she's more than just his grandma and jokes about her being his shrink. John declares that it's crucial that everyone continues to grieve and make it real. Sami screams about how it was real when they thought they were dead and it wasn't an act. Marlena tries to calm her down but Sami yells about how she almost told her kids and can't believe they thought it was okay to do this. Marlena tries to explain but Sami yells at her for always hurting them. Lucas tries to calm her down but Sami thinks she has a right to be upset. Lucas tries to explain to her but Sami screams that they should've told them that they were okay and questions having to fake grief. Carrie tries to intervene but Sami yells at her about being comfortable with Rafe. Roman tells everyone it's time to go. Carrie apologizes to Austin for Sami saying that. Austin understands that it hasn't been fun and games. Austin wonders why Carrie has to stay and wants to arrange it with Roman to get them to Switzerland to disappear. Carrie says they can't risk Stefano finding out so this is how it has to be for now. Austin tells her it will be hard to let her go again. Austin tells her that he will be waiting for her and hugs her. Carrie says she has to tell him something but Roman announces it's time for Austin to leave. Austin tells Carrie that they will have plenty of time to talk when she comes back to him. Austin adds that he misses and loves her then kisses her goodbye. Austin hugs Marlena then exits with Roman.

Shane walks through the town square and comes across Billie. Billie wanted to offer her condolences and hugs him. Shane informs her that they are all alive and he'll explain later. Billie tells him to let her know if there's anything she can do. Shane walks on as Daniel arrives. Billie tells Daniel that she and Shane were just sharing memories about Bo. Daniel adds that he's sorry for what she's going through. Billie talks about it being hard realizing Bo is gone. Daniel offers to be there if she needs someone to talk to or lean on. Billie thanks him so Daniel invites her for a cup of coffee and they walk off together.

Brady walks through the town square and finds Madison. She tells him that she'd been looking for him as she was worried about him. Brady insists that he's okay. Madison wants to be strong for him. Brady wishes he could tell her and hugs her.

Sami, Lucas, and Austin return to the Pub and talk to Doug, Julie, and Kayla about everyone being fine and they got to see everyone. Sami adds that Roman went to tell Victor and Maggie. Sami steps aside with Austin and asks if he talked to Carrie or asked why she was there. Austin says that Carrie just said she was there to help and was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sami questions Austin believing that.

Rafe tells Carrie that Austin looked happy to see her. Carrie hates the emotional roller coaster that they are putting him through. Rafe tells her it's not her fault but Carrie feels that it is. Carrie talks about how awful it's going to be when she breaks his heart. Rafe asks if she is sure that she still wants to do this. Carrie says it may be selfish to put a life with Rafe ahead of Austin's needs but she needs Rafe and Austin needs someone who loves him completely. Carrie assures that Austin will find someone else. Rafe just wants her to have no regrets. Marlena comes over and tells them that Roman and Shane are coming back to talk about the next step.

Lucas sits with Sami and Austin. Austin insists that Carrie and Rafe were there to set up the safe house and that's it. Sami brings up that they are stuck together now and he can't be happy about that. Austin says he's committed to marriage and hasn't seen anything to refute that. Sami warns him not to be a fool.

Bo talks about needing evidence to put Stefano away. Carrie talks about wanting to put him away but Rafe brings up Harmon being a traitor. Shane talks about meeting with Harmon and Hope thinks it will give Stefano false confidence. Marlena asks if anything ties Stefano to the penchant funds. Shane says that they have an agent working on it. John declares that he doesn't know why he ever thought this was going to work since it's been two days and they have nothing to show for it. Hope tells him to be patient but John says it doesn't matter what kind of case they build since Stefano will pay off the judge and walk free like he always does. Bo asks what he's suggesting. John shouts that he's sick of taking it since Stefano has threatened them all and the explosion was the last straw. John declares that they all know the only way to stop him. John shouts that they will never be out of danger until Stefano is dead.

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