Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/9/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/9/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jack, Jennifer, and Abigail join Kayla at the Pub where she is setting up pictures of everyone lost in the explosion for their wake. Kayla talks about how she can't believe it's been two days and adds that she can't believe that Stefano would do this. Victor and Maggie arrive with Victor promising that Stefano is going to pay for what he's done.

Brady and Madison talk as Brady works on his computer. Brady vows to make Basic Black a success like John wanted before dying.

Billie goes to Austin's hotel room and knocks but gets no answer so she goes in herself. Billie finds Austin distraught, seated against the wall and crying. Billie hugs him as Austin cries about Carrie being gone and how much he misses her.

Stefano sits at home as Will arrives and asks if his conscience is bothering him. Stefano states that he knew it was only a matter of time before Will came. Will asks Stefano why he killed his family.

Lucas enters Sami's and finds her crying. Lucas tries to comfort her as Sami cries about how she treated John, Carrie, and Rafe. Lucas tries to encourage her that it will be okay but Sami cries that they're gone forever and now she can't ever make it right.

Shane sits with Roman outside the town square. Roman tells him he's not looking forward to the wake but knows they have to go. They talk about how hard it is to tell them that nobody's dead. Shane warns Roman that if anyone finds out that they aren't dead then their lives will all be in danger. Shane calls it the chance to finally bring Stefano down once and for all.

Maggie takes Victor aside and wants him not to promise more bloodshed. Victor refuses to let it go that Stefano killed his son. Maggie reminds him that they are there to remember and celebrate the times they had together. Victor wants to go after Stefano but Kayla tells him to let the police handle it. Stefano says he's done that for years and this is what happens. Stefano blames Roman for not handling it. Jack confronts Victor about making things worse. Maggie tells Victor not to make things worse so he apologizes to Kayla. Kayla understands that Victor just loved Bo so much. Abigail hugs Kayla. Victor vows that this is not over as he will bury Bo and Hope and then go after Stefano with everything he's got. Chad arrives and questions Stefano being innocent until proven guilty. Victor declares that he knows Stefano is guilty and warns Chad to keep his distance from his father.

Lucas tells Sami that everyone fights with the people they love and they knew how much Sami loved them. Sami doesn't believe it. Lucas asks if she needs anything and tries to get her to eat. Sami tells Lucas that he's done more than enough. Lucas adds that he's here to take care of her. They talk about making sure the kids don't know yet. Sami worries about how she's going to explain what happened. Lucas agrees to tell the kids together after the wake. Sami hugs him as she cries.

Stefano calls Will having a classic Brady reaction to blame Stefano when something goes wrong. Will calls something going wrong an understatement when six people are dead with the blood on Stefano's hands. Will screams at Stefano not to lie to him and brings up Ciara's parents being dead. Stefano threatens to kill Will and warns him not to scream at him. Will questions if Stefano thought about everything he did for him before killing his Grandmother. EJ arrives and enters the room after hearing Will. EJ questions Will what he's talking about and what exactly he did for Stefano.

Billie tells Austin she's going to start cleaning up before they go. She finds a crumpled up picture of Carrie and asks Austin what happened. Austin declares that he's so angry and furious at Carrie.

Madison stops Brady from working and tells him that he needs to mourn. Madison says they know he's going to keep Basic Black going but right now it's an escape. Brady wants to tear Stefano apart. Brady talks about Stefano tormenting John for years and declares that he's got to pay.

Stefano tells EJ that Will was referring to the work he's done for the family. EJ states that Will works for him and not Stefano. Will considers DiMeras all the same. EJ doesn't think that explains what he said. Will questions EJ having anything to do with the explosion but he says no. Stefano adds that he didn't plan anything because he didn't do anything. Will calls Stefano a sick man who doesn't deserve to be alive. Will promises to do anything he can to change that.

Melanie joins Chad at the Pub and tells him he can't tell people how to feel. Chad doesn't like people threatening his family. Melanie points out that everyone thinks Stefano killed six innocent people. Chad steps out to get some fresh air.

Madison tells Brady that she's afraid something bad will happen to him if he goes after Stefano. Brady talks about how John would always tell him to calm down. Brady says this last time working with John was different and talks about how they would laugh together. He talks about he and John getting to know each other until Stefano ripped it away from him. Madison points out that Brady and John knew they loved each other and no one can ever take that away from him. Brady thanks Madison for him having that relationship with his father. Madison wants Brady to take time to say goodbye and then work on Basic Black being a huge success to honor John. Brady worries about Stefano getting off free again. Madison tells him that he needs to calm down, think things through, and focus.

Austin talks to Billie about how Carrie was there helping her family but he feels there was no reason for her to be there. Austin questions why Carrie stuck around. Austin declares that he knows Carrie wasn't there for her family but for Rafe. Billie tries to calm him down but Austin shouts about Carrie's feelings for Rafe. Billie tells him not to do this. Austin thinks Carrie couldn't keep away from Rafe and now he's dead. Austin screams about being angry and then cries that the misses her.

Lucas holds Sami as she worries that she can't handle this. Sami calls herself a screw-up. Lucas encourages her to start over one step at a time. Sami says she first wants to make things right with Will and admits she's worried about how he's handling it..

Stefano warns Will not to be stupid or he won't like the consequences. Stefano explains that Marlena and Hope were special to him and he's mourning them also. Will doesn't believe him. Stefano gets a phone call and orders EJ to show Will out as he steps out of the room. EJ wants Will to tell him what he and Stefano were really talking about. Will says he meant that he thought working for EJ was working for Stefano and he thought helping the DiMeras would help his family. EJ hopes he's not lying to him because he will find out if he is. Will questions EJ playing mind games after he just lost six people that he loved. Will tells EJ to ask Stefano if he wants to satisfy his paranoia then exits. Stefano returns to EJ and assumed EJ would be leaving with Will but EJ wants to talk to him. Stefano thought EJ said everything in his speech and he knows that EJ thinks he killed the people. EJ got Stefano's message that they are no longer family so there's no loyalty between them. EJ talks about how Stefano just cast him aside. EJ states that to be loved by Stefano seems to be a death sentence and brings up Benji, Tony, Marlena, and Lexie. EJ calls himself lucky to get out when he did.

Lucas and Sami arrive outside the Pub but Sami stops and thinks it's hypocritical of her to go in to the wake since she made their lives hell and now has to talk about how much she loved them. Lucas assures her that it will be fine since she did love them so they head inside where everyone is seated. Kayla speaks to them about how this all happened so suddenly. Kayla talks about some family members still not knowing. Shane tells her she doesn't have to continue but she insists that she's got it. Kayla says they were all so lucky to know and love Bo, Hope, John, Marlena, Rafe, and Carrie. Kayla suggest sharing memories with everyone who loved them as a tribute to not let the sorrow erase the joy. Kayla talks about how much they had all been through together. Kayla says the laughter is what she remembers the most and calls it the sound of love.

EJ stops before leaving and tells Stefano that he found something out that he should know.

Gabi speaks next at the Pub and talks about her childhood with Rafe. Gabi talks about how Rafe always acted like she was all that mattered and she wishes she had the chance to tell Rafe that him picking her up was the best part of her day. Gabi breaks down in tears so Chad gets up and hugs her.

Sami speaks next and says anyone that knew Rafe isn't surprised that he died the way he lived, protecting other people. Sami considers herself and her children very blessed to have spent time with Rafe. Sami says she loved Rafe and then hugs Gabi as she cries.

Victor speaks about Bo. Victor talks about spending time with Ciara and it would hit him that he and Bo never spent that time together when he was growing up. Victor realized it was a selfish way to think. Victor tells Kayla and Roman to tell Caroline that he loved Bo and loved that he was strong, defiant, unafraid, gentle with his children and always understanding with him. Victor loved Bo's righteous anger and his warm heart. Victor realized that all the things he loved about Bo was because he grew up here with Caroline, Shawn, and their family. Victor tells Kayla and Roman to tell Caroline that she did one hell of a job. Maggie joins Victor and they sit back down together.

Jennifer talks about her childhood memories with Hope. Jennifer talks about how Hope was always so strong and courageous. Jennifer says Hope made the impossible seem possible. Jennifer calls Hope her best friend who made her feel like she could do anything but she can't do this. Jennifer cries that she can't say goodbye to her as Abigail gets up and hugs her.

Austin talks about Carrie and how they got married so young. Austin talks about how he couldn't help but fall in love with her over and over. Austin thinks as they grew, they grew closer even at times when they almost separated, they stuck it out and got closer. Austin says the thing that hurts now is that they were really sure that they were on the right track this time and were talking about having a family. Austin says he loves Carrie, always has and always will.

Will talks about how he'd come in to the Pub and Marlena was always talking to different people about things like football and grunge bands. Will talks about Marlena always trying to figuring out who people are and never telling them who they should be. Will says he told Marlena things he never told anyone else and that's why he will miss her for the rest of his life.

Brady talks about John being a role model to many. Brady says John made mistakes like everyone but he owned them and took responsibility for his mistakes which hardly anyone does anymore. Brady says John always tried to do what's right. Brady wishes he had more of that in him. Brady declares that he's now going to try and live his life in a way that John would be proud of.

Sami stands back up and says it's no secret that things were difficult between her and Marlena as she never made it easy for her. Sami says she never made it easy for Marlena to love her but she always did. Sami adds that she would do anything to have another chance to hug her mother and then sits down crying.

Stefano and EJ arrive outside the Pub as Stefano wonders what they are doing here. EJ informs him that it's a wake. Stefano doesn't think he's welcome but EJ wants him to see what he's done, the people he's hurt and the pain that he's caused. Stefano calls him sanctimonious and walks away.

Kayla tells everyone that they should head over to the memorial. Will stands at the counter looking at a picture of Marlena. Maggie joins him and Will says he can't believe they're gone. Maggie encourages him that they will always be with them, watching over from heaven. Maggie and Will walk out together after everyone else.

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