Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/8/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/8/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami talks to Will and Lucas about everything needing to be okay. Roman enters the Pub and declares that he's sorry but they are gone and they didn't make it. Austin can't believe it, Kayla cries and hugs Shane while Sami begins to cry. Brady and Madison arrive and want to know what happened so they are informed of the explosion. Will throws over a table in frustration as Lucas tries to calm him down. Brady thinks it can't be true.

Kate arrives at the town square for a meeting business dinner and thinks back to her last dinner with Stefano. Ian arrives and informs her that he is surprising her with a private dinner. Kate questions how he could do that.

Chad lays in bed reading a magazine until Melanie joins him and kisses him.

Jack and Jennifer talk at the town square and then kiss until Abigail runs up and says she's been trying to call them. Abigail reveals that Maggie called and something terrible has happened.

Stefano sits at home and thinks back to his father talking to him about finding the Anastasia Egg to uncover the coin that is hidden inside because the future of their family depends on it. Stefano told his father that that he didn't understand what was so important but his father died before he could tell him. EJ enters to break Stefano out of his dream and asks what he has done.

Kate tells Ian about her last supper with Stefano at the town square. Ian apologizes to Kate for not knowing. Kate tells Ian that he is nothing like Stefano.

EJ informs Stefano that John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Rafe, and Carrie are all dead. EJ explains that they were hiding in a safe house from him until the bomb exploded and killed them all. Stefano wonders if it's a ploy. EJ wants to know why and says he never thought Stefano would end it like this.

Roman hugs Sami as she cries about Roman not saving everyone. Will tells her to stop blaming Roman. Sami cries about never seeing Marlena or Rafe again. Will yells at Sami about breaking Rafe's heart and treating Marlena like crap. Lucas tries to stop Will but he screams back that Lucas needs to know who Sami really is.

Melanie and Chad kiss in bed until Chad stops because he can't stop thinking about Lexie dying. Melanie understands and wishes she could help. Chad tells her she's helping by being there and holds her.

Ian tells Kate that he would never hurt her and suggests they go somewhere where she's not reminded of Stefano but Kate insists that she's fine and won't let Stefano ruin her evening or her life so they sit down. They have champagne poured and Ian toasts to Kate's freedom. Kate talks about how vindictive Stefano is and how he never forgets or forgives. Ian states that he doesn't either.

Jennifer and Jack talk to Abigail at the town square and Abigail informs them that Maggie called the house and informed her of the explosion that killed Bo and Hope. Jennifer doesn't believe it and thinks it can't be true. Jennifer hugs Abigail as she cries.

Stefano states that he didn't mean for this to happen. EJ asks if he's then admitting that he killed them.

Will tells Sami that no one is buying her act. Austin takes Will aside. Will screams at Austin about defending Sami after what she did to Carrie. Austin tells Will that no one loved Sami like Carrie and he knows Sami loved Carrie too. Will apologizes as Austin tells him to cut Sami some slack. Lucas sits with Sami and tries to tell her that Will didn't mean it but Sami thinks he did mean every word. Billie talks to Roman and Shane about what happened and how they assume Stefano was behind it. Austin joins them and says he knows why Rafe was there but he wants to know why Carrie was there. Roman says she was just helping them get settled. Brady comes over and calls it cold blooded murder. Brady declares that he's going to do something about it and make Stefano pay. Brady storms out of the Pub as Madison chases after him and Roman and Shane follow to stop him.

Ian gives Kate a bracelet but she says she can't accept it as she feels he's been too generous already with giving her a job and a new wardrobe. Kate calls it too soon and says she appreciates it and cares for him but she still has feelings for Stefano. Ian states that won't do.

EJ questions Stefano never intending for them to die and asks if he admits he murdered them. Stefano responds of course not. Stefano declares that he never wanted them dead. EJ questions what kind of man Stefano is to chase after things he can't have while he treats the people in his life with indifference. Stefano states that he loves his children more than life. EJ questions this being how Stefano shows his estranged son and dying daughter that he loves them. Stefano tells him not to bring Lexie into this. EJ brings up how Lexie cared about all the people that he killed. EJ warns Stefano that his family is getting smaller by the day since Lexie is dying, Chad reviles him, and he threw Kate out of the house. EJ brings up Kate loving him but Stefano feels she betrayed him. EJ points out that Stefano has betrayed those that love him also. EJ talks about spending half of his life trying to win Stefano's respect. Stefano says it broke his heart when he found out that EJ is not his son. EJ wants him to pretend he didn't find out since only they know. EJ wants to help him get through this but Stefano calls it not possible since everything has changed. EJ calls that an understatement. EJ warns Stefano that people are going to find out what he did and when they do, they will come for him.

Roman and Shane try to calm Brady down outside of the Pub. Brady wants to kill Stefano for killing people they love. Madison reminds Brady that he'd go to jail for the rest of his life and asks him not to do that to them.

Gabi and Nicole join everyone at the Pub. Gabi talks to Nicole about how great of a brother Rafe was. Kayla tells them that she heard Rafe was a true hero that tried to save everyone. Sami talks to Gabi about how she knows how proud she was of Rafe and even though things didn't work out for them, Sami calls Rafe the most amazing man she ever met and hugs Gabi. Lucas asks Will to go easy on Sami. Will talks about Marlena always being there for him and he never understood why Sami hated her so much. Lucas assures that Sami didn't hate her. Billie sits with Austin and tells him to never forget that Carrie loved him. Shane comes back inside so Billie joins him and says it's just them now and she wants Shane to tell her what is going on.

Melanie brings Chad some herbal tea to help him sleep but he wants to stay awake until Gabi calls. They wonder why Roman wanted to talk to Gabi. They joke about playing video games to stay up but Chad suggests a better idea since Melanie is hard to resist and they kiss.

Madison tells Brady that he'd be saying goodbye to all of their dreams and plans if he killed Stefano. Roman tells him that they all want to get Stefano but they need to do it as a team. They talk about how John wanted to take down Stefano. Madison asks Brady to head back inside so he agrees to for now until they see how things go so she hugs him.

Billie talks to Shane about working for the ISA and being entitled to know what's going on. Shane says he came because Spencer called him to bring down Stefano. Billie says she had been following some leads but the stakes have changed now. Billie looks over at Austin and declares that she's going to help take down Stefano for Bo, Hope, and all of them.

Stefano assures EJ that he did not kill anyone. EJ brings up John receiving a threatening text message. Stefano claims it wasn't from him. EJ talks about knowing him more than anyone. EJ doesn't understand why he spent so many years terrorizing them and recently in Alamainia. EJ wants to know what it's all been about but Stefano calls it personal to his family so he can't give him that information. Stefano calls EJ now an outsider so he's not allowed to trust him anymore.

Kate asks Ian if he refuses to be with her if she still has feelings for Stefano. Ian doesn't like to see her sell herself short by still having feelings for someone who threw her out. Kate blames herself for betraying Stefano with Ian. Ian questions if Stefano ever loved Kate. Ian talks about how Stefano initially blackmailed her into marrying him. Kate admits it didn't start off as a fairy tale but over time they grew to love each other. Ian can understand Stefano loving Kate but not Kate loves him and compares it to Stockholm Syndrome. Ian says he will give Kate some time to clear her mind but hopes she won't let her thoughts linger on Stefano for too long since Ian loves her and wants what's best for her.

Jack, Jennifer, and Abigail arrive at the Pub. Jennifer hugs Kayla and cries asking if it's true. Kayla tells her that Bo and Hope died together. They talk about trying to reach other members of the family. Kayla mentions that Caroline is on a church trip with Ciara so they don't know yet and Roman wants to tell them himself. Kayla and Jennifer sit together. Abigail approaches Austin at the counter and tells him that she just wanted to say she's sorry. Austin thanks her. Roman talks with Shane and tells him it's hard to see their family in pieces thinking they are all dead. Shane calls it the only way they will get Stefano. Kayla adds that if they don't get Stefano, one of them will.

Stefano tells EJ that he's not the only one devastated to find out he's not his son. EJ doesn't think he has to treat him like this. Stefano states that in the DiMera family, you're either in or out. EJ says he's the same person and talks about spending his whole life trying to follow in Stefano's foot steps only to find out it was a colossal waste of time. EJ says Stefano taught him that when something unforeseen gets in your way, you kick it to one side. EJ slams a picture down and tells Stefano that he's on his own and then exits. Stefano picks up the photo of them together and looks at it.

Roman tells Kayla that they will bring Stefano to justice. Kayla calls justice too good for the monster that murdered their family. Jennifer shouts that she hopes Stefano burns in hell if he did this. Jack tries to calm her down. Roman gets word that EJ is about to make a public statement and decides he should be there. Shane says they won't stop until they take Stefano down and Nicole wishes him luck.

Kate thanks Ian since she knows she hasn't been easy to get along with. Ian brings up hearing that she's been getting along with Madison. Kate admits that they have more than one thing in common and they both want to bury Sami. Ian wants to hear some of her ideas. Kate tells her she will tell him but not tonight. Kate gets a message on her phone about the explosion. She can't believe it and informs Ian that Stefano has finally lost his mind.

Stefano gets a call from Agent Harmon. Stefano says it's about time he called because he wants to see him right now. Stefano paces and then wipes out his chess table in frustration.

Kate tells Ian what happened and he wonders how this happened. Kate worries that if Stefano is capable of doing that then what will he do to them.

Chad and Melanie sleep in bed together until Chad gets a phone call from Gabi. Gabi informs him that something really bad has happened and asks him to come to the Pub so he says he'll be right there.

Roman joins EJ at the town square and says he thought he should be there for his public statement. EJ is surprised to see him in light of the circumstances and gives his condolences. EJ asks if Roman is sure he wouldn't rather be with his family. Roman says he just came from them and wants to be here to assure the public that they won't rest until they get who did this and they both know who that is.

Agent Harmon meets with Stefano. Stefano questions what he was thinking. Harmon brings up that he said to get rid of them. Stefano says Harmon should've known that he never wanted this from all the years he's worked for him. Stefano says all he wanted was for them to realize how serious he was about getting back what's his. Harmon says he's sorry. Stefano grabs him and calls him stupid then shoves him down. Stefano questions if he has any idea what he has done. Stefano asks him if he's sure they are dead. Harmon responds that no one made it out alive.

Shane thanks Nicole for wishing him luck but says right will prevail and Stefano will be punished. Jack has Kayla turn on the TV so they can watch EJ's speech as mayor. EJ begins his speech and says this is the hardest thing he's had to do since becoming mayor as six beloved citizens were murdered in cold blood. EJ promises as mayor that this cruel, premeditated attack will not go unpunished. EJ talks about the investigation and assures that the monster responsible for this will not go unpunished. EJ promises not to let these murders go unavenged. EJ says if by any chance the murderer is watching this, he should come forward. EJ calls for a moment of silence for those lost in the tragedy as Stefano turns off his TV.

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