Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/7/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/7/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

The bomb goes to 50 seconds. Marlena thinks they have done all they can and tells John that she will be wherever he is as he instructs her to get behind the blast wall. Bo and Hope say they love each other and kiss. Rafe and Carrie continue to prepare. Roman and Shane worry outside what's going to happen. John orders everyone to get down and declares this is it as the bomb explodes.

Cameron joins Lexie, Abe, and Celeste at the Town Square. Lexie announces that her time is shorter than they had thought so she and Abe have made a decision about what's left of her future.

Austin sits in his hotel room with a paper heart and thinks back to Carrie telling him that she wants him and she wants to make their marriage work. Billie arrives so Austin greets her and invites her. Austin tells her that he's been doing a scrapbooking project but he realized it's not really his thing. Billie says she loves to scrapbook and will save the day. She asks Austin what the occasion is. Austin talks about getting he and Carrie's relationship back together so he thought it would mean a lot to Carrie and be good for them to see pictures and remember good times. Austin states that they used to be so good together. Billie is confused and asks about things getting better since he seems upset. Austin says they were getting better but then he realized that she's still in love with another man.

Will and Lucas talk at the Coffeehouse. Will thanks him for inviting him out and calls it fun. Lucas says he misses spending time together and Will does also. Will tells Lucas that there's something he's been meaning to talk to him about. Lucas says he has something to tell him too so Will agrees to let him go first. Lucas brings up spending a lot of time with Sami lately. Lucas says things have been going well and they have gotten closer. Lucas informs Will that they have decided to get back together. Will laughs and asks if he's kidding.

Sami tells EJ that he has that look on his face that he had when he first came. EJ jokes that he should come back tomorrow for breakfast. Sami asks EJ what he's going to do since he's going to have to tell the kids what's happening with Lexie. Sami apologizes if it's too soon to think about that. EJ says it's alright. Sami responds that she's worried about him and hasn't seen him like this in a long time. Sami knows it's hard for him. Sami reminds EJ that he's not alone.

Shane makes a phone call outside the explosion about the bomb going off. Roman wants to go in and screams about his family being on fire. Shane stops him and tells him that the chances of surviving a blast like that are just about impossible.

Will asks Lucas if he's lost his mind. Lucas tries to calm him down but Will can't believe it. Will accuses Lucas of losing it. Will warns Lucas that he's about to make the biggest mistake of his life.

Sami goes to check on Sydney as EJ remains sitting on the couch.

Roman wants to do something but Shane says they are doing all they can. Roman tries to talk through the radio but gets no response from anyone.

Lexie announces that she and Abe have decided not to pursue any medical treatment from this point on since they know when and how so she's not willing to spend the rest of her time suffering from terrible side effects of medication that can't help her. Lexie wants to spend quality time with her family. Cameron thinks there's alternative treatments and doesn't want her to give up. Lexie adds that she's still praying for a miracle but has so much to do in so little time. Cameron urges Lexie to reconsider and Celeste agrees. Cameron worries that Lexie could be closing herself off to medicine that could save her life.

Sami returns to EJ and tells him that Sydney is asleep. EJ tells her he wasn't expecting anything when he came over. Sami adds that she didn't expect anything by asking him to stay. Sami says they are platonic friends and jokes about if they ever got back together. Sami then informs EJ that she's in a relationship anyway. EJ calls it nice until Sami reveals that she's with Lucas which EJ can't believe.

Billie asks Austin about Carrie still having a thing for Rafe. Austin calls it more than just a thing and says she has real feelings for him. Austin doesn't think Carrie's moving past them fast enough. Billie thinks it must be killing Austin. Austin declares that he won't stop until he does everything he can to fix it but he knows it will be hard to convince Carrie not to stop either. Billie asks where Carrie is. Austin isn't sure as she left early to see her dad and he hasn't seen her since.

EJ tells Sami that she's doing the same thing she always does by playing musical chairs with the men in her life. Sami calls EJ arrogant, conceited, and bossy then says it must be in his DNA as a DiMera. EJ gets a phone call and leaves her place to answer it.

Roman and Shane stand outside the explosion remains and the fire as Roman realizes they are all gone. Shane says he's sorry and adds that they did everything they could but Roman disagrees, saying there's one more thing they could do. Roman declares that he can kill Stefano for doing this.

Lexie tells Cameron that the doctors said nothing more can be done. Cameron thinks there are several experimental drugs. Lexie adds that she's done her research and the chances of any experimental drugs working are extremely rare. Cameron questions Abe being okay with this. Abe trusts Lexie's judgment and supports her. Celeste says they've obviously given it a lot of thought so they should respect their wishes. Cameron reluctantly agrees and says he's not ready to lose his sister yet. Lexie gets up and hugs him as he cries.

Austin tries calling Carrie but she doesn't pick up. Billie insists that she will probably be back soon. Austin tells her to finish the scrapbook. Billie thinks it's great how he's determined to fix his marriage. Austin jokes about their childhood together. Billie tells him that she still has his back and assures him that he and everything will be fine since he's a good guy it will all work out. Billie says there's nothing he can't do.

Lucas tells Will that he knows he has issues with Sami but he shouldn't waste his time holding grudges. Will is worried that Sami will do the same to Lucas what she did to Rafe. Will says Sami can't help being the slut that she is. Lucas warns him about the language and wants him to see that Sami's changing. Will thinks Sami can't change and calls it all an act. Will says her kids always end up getting hurt. Lucas asks Will if there's something else bothering him that he needs to tell him. Lucas wants to help Will with anything that he needs to get off his chest.

Shane stops Roman and tells him that killing Stefano won't solve anything or bring them back. Roman says he killed his family. Shane suggests they give them the justice they deserve by bringing Stefano down the right way. Bo, John, Marlena, Hope, Rafe, and Carrie emerge from the remains and Bo offers to help which shocks Roman and Shane.

Cameron apologizes to Lexie for pushing her. Lexie stops him and doesn't want any more apologies from anyone. Lexie wants life to go on as normal as possible. Lexie doesn't want to live the rest of her life being treated differently or feeling sorry for herself. She wants to enjoy her time so Celeste adds that they will make sure of it. Lexie wants them all to promise not to tell Theo that she's dying because he doesn't need to know yet. Lexie talks about Theo's plans for his birthday party and she doesn't want to take away his excitement. Lexie tells them to act like everything's okay and nothing has happened. Celeste agrees and adds that they are there for whatever she needs. Lexie is glad because there's one more thing.

Lucas apologizes for bringing up his stuff and asks what Will wants to talk about. Will wants to talk about Lucas getting into a dead end relationship and destroying his life again. Lucas decides that they are going to talk to Sami and discuss this but Will says no. Lucas brings up his brother and sisters and what they need. Will calls it a low blow and agrees to go but doesn't think it will make a difference.

Roman asks them how it happened. Carrie calls it a miracle. Rafe adds they won't believe it and thinks back to how they found a trap door underneath the rug. Hope and Rafe explain how they got into a basement under the trap door by the time the place blew. Shane says they have a medical team on their way to check them out with the fire department but John says no and declares that no one can know that they are alive.

Lucas and Will arrive at Sami's. Will calls it a nice place and jokes that she put away her pitchfork and the fire place. Lucas tells him to cool it and informs Sami that he told Will they are giving things another try. Sami assumes Will is not happy about it. Lucas reminds Will that he said he would make an effort. Lucas suggests they sit down and get some peace in their family. Sami asks where to start. Will suggests Sami apologize to him for lying to him, for being selfish, and for putting herself before her kids.

Roman and Shane talk with the fire department about the explosion and they act like everyone was inside and hadn't got out. EJ arrives and says he just heard what happened. Roman accuses EJ of being in on it with Stefano. Shane holds Roman back from EJ. Shane tells Roman they should get the family together to tell them what happened before they see it on TV. Roman sends Shane to do that while he sticks around.

Austin and Billie continue talking. They agree to talk about Kate and Billie asks what he thinks about Ian giving Kate a new job but Austin has no idea. Billie explains that Ian made Kate the co-CEO of Mad World. Austin can't believe it and thinks there has to be more to the story. Billie thinks he's right. Austin asks if she thinks Ian and Kate are together as a couple. Billie isn't sure and calls Ian a step up from Stefano. Austin says he's concerned about Billie since she built Countess Wilhelmina from the ground up. Austin asks how she is with losing it. Billie doesn't like that it's in the hands of a DiMera but says she's fine with being fired as she's keeping very busy. Austin gets a phone call from Shane and is excited to hear from him. Shane asks him to come to the Pub so Austin asks if everything is alright.

Sami tells Will that she does owe him an apology and tells him that she's sorry for being selfish and for what she did to hurt him and for messing up their whole family. Sami says if Will gives her a chance then she knows they can work through it and they could be okay and happy if he just gives her a chance. Will wonders how long it will be before she breaks Lucas's heart again. Sami says it won't happen but Will thinks it will since she never changes no matter how many promises she makes or how many times she tries, she always ends up making the same stupid mistakes. Sami gets a phone call from Shane and is surprised to hear from him. She hangs up and informs Lucas that Shane just said he needs them to see him at the Pub. Sami notes that it didn't sound good.

EJ makes calls as Roman talks with the fire department and learns they have found nothing. The officer tells Roman that there were no survivors. EJ says he's sorry but Roman tells him to shut up and blames Stefano for the death of his family.

Lexie pulls out a list of things she wants to do while she still can. Celeste calls it a wonderful idea. Cameron asks her what's on the list. Lexie lists off things like places she wants to go, food she wants to have, and adventures she wants to have. Cameron looks at the list and is surprised to see she wants to bungee jump. Lexie tells Cameron about how she used to be a cop. Cameron mentions there's a lot that he doesn't know about her. Lexie says they'll take a few weeks to know everything about each other which Cameron calls perfect.

Sami, Lucas, Will, Austin, Billie and Kayla join Shane at the Pub. Shane informs them that Bo, Hope, John, and Marlena were put in protection from Stefano. Sami wonders why Stefano was getting aggressive all of a sudden. Shane can't go in to details but says things escalated in Alamainia so they went into hiding. Will asks if that means they are safe. Shane tells them that a couple hours ago, Rafe and Carrie helped take them to a safe house but they didn't realize that the security system had been rigged with explosives. Shane says they did everything they could but it wasn't enough and the bomb went off with everyone inside.

Roman brings everyone out after the fire department leave. Hope thanks him and knows they are asking a lot. Roman is just glad they are alive. Roman asks if they are sure they want to pretend they are dead. Hope calls it their best option right now. John thinks it's the best opportunity to take Stefano down.

Everyone at the Pub questions Shane what that means. Shane stops them and says there's a rescue team sifting through the wreckage and Roman will let them know if there's any news. Austin and Lucas want to go there right now but Shane stops them and reminds that it's a crime scene now. Sami worries about everyone there. Lucas insists they will be okay. Shane hugs Kayla as Sami hugs Will. Billie encourages Austin that they will find Carrie.

Marlena tells John that there has to be another way since they can't do this to their families. John wishes there was but he sees that this is their best shot at bringing Stefano down. Roman finishes a call with the ISA. Roman tells everyone to get out of here before they get there so they all leave. Roman tells Marlena that he has to go deliver the bad news. Marlena says she's sorry but Roman adds that it will be worth it in the end.

EJ sits at the coffeehouse until a man enters and approaches him. He tells EJ that the press want a statement about the bombing. EJ tells him to set up a press conference while he has something else he needs to take care of.

Sami talks to Will and Lucas about everything needing to be okay. Roman enters the Pub and declares that he's sorry but they are gone and they didn't make it. Austin can't believe it, Kayla cries and hugs Shane while Sami begins to cry.

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