Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/4/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/4/12


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Hope tells Bo they are safe as Rafe praises him. Roman and Shane celebrate outside the door as they shake hands and hug. Everyone decides that they can get out but the bomb timer then goes off. Bo realizes that they didn't disarm the bomb but activated the timer.

Ian hopes he's put Kate's doubts about Madison to rest. Kate agrees that she shouldn't let Brady get to her. A man arrives but Ian waves him off as he tells Kate that she is not a fool.

Brady and Madison kiss in her hotel room. Madison asks if she's crazy for believing that Ian is going to let her go. Brady doesn't care since she's his and they continue kissing.

Sami leaves Lucas a message from home and says she wants to talk about what happened between them. She hangs up and EJ arrives.

Roman and Shane wonder why no one has come out yet and Roman talks through the radio. John responds that the bomb was not disarmed but the timer has been activated.

Sami asks EJ if everything is alright as he comes in. EJ wants to see the kids. Sami wants to know what's up. EJ says nothing is up and he won't be very long but he just wants to see his kids and hold them. EJ thinks it's important to tell his kids that he loves them. Sami thinks EJ has been drinking but he says no. Sami wants to know what's going on with him. EJ thinks it'd be nice if the kids visited him every now and then since he'll live across the hall. Sami wants to know what is upsetting EJ. Sami assumes he is upset about Lexie. Sami encourages him to stay strong. Sami talks about EJ having to say goodbye to part of his family.

Roman wonders what they do now. Hope explains through the radio to Shane what happened. Shane explains that the bomb was wired to go off no matter which wire was cut. Hope realizes that they were never supposed to make it out alive. Hope tells Shane that there's 40 minutes on the timer as Rafe continues trying to keep Carrie calm.

Ian tells Kate that he wants to put Brady behind them and Kate agrees. Ian thinks they were in an important conversation about planning a trip together. Ian gets a call from the man who walked up earlier. He asks if it's a bad time and Ian says no. Ian instructs him to contact his team and keep him in the loop. Ian informs Kate that it was the head of IT at Titan and someone hacked into the company's server and went after Mad World. Kate thinks they need to tell Madison but Ian isn't sure about interrupting her time with Brady. Kate offers to call her instead.

Brady and Madison kiss into bed until Madison's phone ring. Brady tells her to ignore it but Madison says she can't as it could be important. Madison answers and Kate wants her to meet her at Titan right away since their company is under attack. Madison agrees to be right there. Madison tells Brady that someone hacked into the server which Brady can't believe. Madison kisses Brady before leaving.

Kate tells Ian that Madison will be meeting at the office. Ian thanks her for handling it. Kate kisses him and then walks away. Ian goes to the man and tells him that he appreciates his work and wants to not draw attention to themselves. He hands Ian an envelope and tells him to be careful with it then exits.

Madison leaves and Brady then gets a phone call. He answers and asks what they want.

Rafe tells Shane that they need a plan B since they are watching the time go by. Roman hopes Shane has another way to get them out. Rafe adds that they really need him as Marlena and Carrie hold each other.

Brady arrives at the Pub to meet Ian. Ian is surprised he showed up. Brady admits he's curious as to why he reached out to him. Ian wanted to offer him some reassurance about Madison. Brady goes over Ian leaving her alone and not contesting their divorce. Ian thought he'd be happier. Brady wants the games to end. Brady tells Ian that he doesn't believe him.

Kate and Madison talk at the office about the hacking and not knowing who's behind it. Madison wonders who would be ballsy enough to pull a stunt like that. Madison suggests Sami but Kate doesn't think she could get around Titan servers. Madison feels she could have hired a professional. Kate thinks it could be someone else. Madison still thinks Sami knows she couldn't win a fair fight. Kate disagrees but Madison brings up that Stefano owns Sami's company so he'd give her anything to take them down which makes Kate believe that it could be Sami.

EJ decides he should leave as he doesn't think it's a good idea for the children to see him like this but Sami thinks maybe they should. Sami feels EJ should surround himself with people who love him unconditionally. Sami encourages EJ that his children love him completely so he should be with them. Sami shuts the door to stop him from leaving and tells him to stay and be with his kids.

Rafe, Bo, and John examine the bomb as Shane tries talking them through and wants to see what else he can come up with it. Bo gets upset that nothing Shane has told them has worked. Shane says he's doing everything that he can. Bo wants to know what they do next. Carrie worries that nothing is working. Rafe tells her to just give it some time. Carrie worries about almost opening the door and killing everyone. Rafe tells her to stop thinking like that and insists they will get out. Rafe hugs Carrie as she cries and promises that everything will be okay. Rafe talks about being unable to believe this is happening and wishes he could do anything to get Carrie out. Rafe tells Carrie that he loves her but she tells him not to say that just to make her feel better. Rafe insists that he means it and is in love with her. Carrie questions him saying that before they die. Carrie talks about being ready to leave Austin and her marriage but felt he didn't want to be with her or else he wouldn't have slept with Nicole. Rafe finally admits to Carrie that he did not sleep with Nicole and the baby is not his but is EJ's. Rafe reveals that's the truth that he's been trying to tell her as Carrie smiles.

EJ sits with Johnny and Sydney and watches a movie as Sami watches and smiles.

Kate tells Madison that she's going to rip Sami apart. Madison tells her that they can't right now. Madison convinces Kate to let Sami think she got one over so they can make their move while she's distracted. Kate thinks they already have an edge and will take Sami down at her own game. Kate wants to use inside information to take Sami down since nobody knows Countess Wilhelmina like she does. Kate states that she built the company up and can tear it back down.

Ian tells Brady that part of him wants to keep what means the most from him but he won't. Ian says he understands where Madison is coming from since he is also in love. Ian talks about the chance to share his life with a beautiful woman that feels the same way about him. Ian wonders why he'd risk that and hold on to Madison while she couldn't care less about him. Ian tells Brady that he meant everything he said. Brady steps out of the Pub to get some air. Ian then pulls out the envelope he received earlier.

Madison gets a call from Brady as Kate tells her to make it fast since they are in the middle of something. Madison tells Brady that they are just about finished. Brady informs her that Ian called him wanting to clear the air. Brady tells Madison that he knows she wants to believe him and has known him longer than he has but there's something about him that he doesn't trust at all. In the Pub, Ian opens the envelope and inside is a powdered substance that he pours into Brady's glass. Brady finishes talking with Madison and she goes back to talking to Kate about Sami hacking. Kate reveals to Madison that she walked in on Sami and Lucas together earlier and that they are now working together also. They talk about Lucas putting himself in the line of fire. Kate says she can work with Madison if it means taking Sami down once and for all as Madison agrees that Sami won't know what hit her.

Brady returns to Ian at the Pub and says he has to get going. Brady warns him to make good on his word. Ian tells Brady that he was right that Madison should have her freedom to be with whoever she wants and he never should have taken it away from her. Ian says he sees that now and they toast to better choices and Brady drinks the glass. Brady gets up and exits as Ian calls it perfect.

Carrie asks Rafe why he said it was his baby. Rafe tells her it was because he can't stand EJ and Nicole was terrified that he would take the baby away so saying he was the father seemed like the right thing to do. Rafe doesn't expect Carrie to understand and apologizes for hurting her as he never thought helping Nicole would cost him Carrie. Rafe talks about wanting to tell Carrie until he heard her working things out with Austin and he promised Nicole he wouldn't tell anyone so he figured she wanted to be with Austin. Carrie says she loves Austin and wanted to try to make their marriage work but she couldn't stop because she wanted Rafe. Carrie says they could have been together this whole time and now they are going to die. Bo and John call Rafe back over to help with the bomb as Shane instructs them to jam a piece of wire into a plug-in while reconnecting one of the other wires. Shane thinks they can short out the clock before it has a time to detonate. They begin working and they successfully stop the timer at 19 minutes. Carrie wonders if that means it worked but the timer comes right back on. Shane declares that he's sorry but that was his last shot and there's nothing else they can do. Roman tells Shane they can't give up but Shane says they know they are trapped. Roman thinks there has to be something else but Shane is adamant that it didn't work and he's sorry but in 15 minutes the bomb is going off and there is nothing they can do to stop it. Inside, Bo hugs Hope as she cries about Ciara. John tells Marlena that he's sorry. Marlena says he has nothing to apologize for. John says he brought her because he thought he could keep her safe but it's his fault. Marlena tells him not to say that but John feels he should've done a better job protecting her. Marlena states that staying with him is the best thing she ever did and she is exactly where she's meant to be. Hope cries to Bo about not getting to see Ciara grow up. Bo tells her that she will be fine since she has so many people that care for her and love her. Hope talks about always fighting out of tight spots before but not this time. Bo tells her that he loves her and wishes he could get her out but Hope says she would never leave him. They tell each other I love you and kiss. Rafe and Carrie say they love each other and then kiss.

EJ and Sami put the kids to bed and joke about the kids having candy. Sami comments on the kids being excited to be with him. Sami says she hopes their kids end up more Brady than DiMera. EJ tells her that she doesn't need to concern herself with that. EJ is sure they will turn out just fine. EJ decides to leave but Sami feels he shouldn't be alone. EJ doesn't want to overstay his welcome. Sami assures that she'd let him know if he did and offers him a drink so he agrees to stay.

Brady returns to Madison's hotel room and he is feeling hot and uncomfortable. Madison comes in and talks about wanting to take down Sami for having their servers hacked into. Brady is surprised as Madison comments that it's no wonder Rafe walked out on her. Brady shouts back at her to shut her mouth about his sister.

Rafe and Carrie finish kissing. Rafe then says they have 10 minutes to build a blast wall to try and protect themselves. John and Bo don't think there's a point and Hope adds that the whole place is going to blow sky high but Carrie insists that they have to try. Carrie talks through the radio to Roman. Roman encourages her that they are waiting for her to make it out. Carrie says she's scared. Roman knows but calls her the bravest girl he knows. Roman tells Carrie to stay behind the blast wall. Carrie tells Roman that she loves him and he says the same. Rafe and Carrie help build the blast wall. Rafe can't believe he finally told Carrie the truth and apologizes for waiting so long. They talk about being together when they get out.

Ian goes to the office and talks with Kate. Kate says it went very well and she and Madison both know who the enemy is.

Madison apologizes to Brady for upsetting him. Brady apologizes for snapping. Madison knows she didn't say nice things but has a right to be upset. Brady understands and apologizes. Brady talks about how he came in and it was so hot and Ian got him wound up so it's not her. Madison agrees to forgive him and kisses him as they hug.

Sami tells EJ that he has that look on his face that he had when he first came. EJ jokes that he should come back tomorrow for breakfast. Sami asks EJ what he's going to do since he's going to have to tell the kids what's happening with Lexie. Sami apologizes if it's too soon to think about that. EJ says it's alright. Sami responds that she's worried about him and hasn't seen him like this in a long time. Sami knows it's hard for him. Sami reminds EJ that he's not alone.

The bomb goes to 50 seconds. Marlena thinks they have done all they can and tells John that she will be wherever he is as he instructs her to get behind the blast wall. Bo and Hope say they love each other and kiss. Rafe and Carrie continue to prepare. Roman and Shane worry outside what's going to happen. John orders everyone to get down and declares this is it as the bomb explodes.

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