Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/3/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/3/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ian sits at the town square. Kate arrives and comes across him. Kate is surprised to see him since she thought he was in meetings. Ian asks if she was looking for him. She says she was but she forgot why. Ian then kisses her.

Madison looks at files in her office as Brady joins her. Brady wants to go to an early dinner but Madison says she's late for meetings and rushes out. Brady opens the door and calls out after her.

Lexie sits in her office and looks at a picture of Abe and Theo. Chad arrives and says he got her message. She thanks him for coming and he sits down. Lexie says she knows Chad has been keeping his distance from the family. Chad assumes she wants to talk about Stefano. EJ arrives and stops outside the room and hears Chad say that Stefano has the son he wants so he doesn't need him.

Rafe declares that he, John, and Bo can disarm the bomb. Carrie worries about it being set off. Hope assures that they will get everyone out safe. Carrie sees Roman arriving through the window but Rafe stops her from opening it so it won't set off the bomb. John tells her to listen as Roman approaches the door and Carrie worries how they are going to stop him from opening it. Roman tries to open the door but John and Bo hold it shut. They try to tell him what's going on but he can't hear them. Marlena and Carrie wonder how they can warn him as Hope says she knows what to do.

EJ enters Lexie's office and says he needed to see her. Chad wonders what's going on. Lexie tells Chad that she didn't ask him to come to talk about Stefano but about her.

Hope slips Roman a paper under the door that explains what is going on with the bomb. Rafe watches through the window and sees that Roman got the note and isn't trying to open the door anymore. They praise Hope for the idea as Carrie worries if they will get out alive. They send Roman another paper that says all cell phone signals are out and note not to include Agent Harmon as he might be in on it. Carrie watches from the window and wonders what Roman is going to do. Roman sends a paper back that says not to worry as the cavalry is here.

Ian sits with Kate and says now that they are working together they should abuse company privileges on a regular basis. Ian suggests using the company jet to fly on vacation or go to shows on Broadway and visit art exhibits. Kate reminds Ian that he promised Madison that Kate is hard working and reliable. Ian says he can't have her working all the time. Madison arrives and says she hates to break up all the fun but she needs to talk to Ian alone. Madison adds that she isn't trying to keep Kate out of the loop but needs to talk to her future ex-husband. Ian tells Kate he will find her later as she then walks away. Madison sits down and tells Ian to be honest with her for once. Madison wants Ian to prove to her that all the talk about letting her go wasn't a bunch of crap and gives him a folder.

Roman sends in a police radio through the chimney to speak with them through it. John talks about Agent Harmon was the only other one that knows they were there so he had to be working with Stefano. Bo explains to Roman how the bomb is wired. Roman suggests cutting the circuit breaker but they aren't sure what would happen. Carrie talks to Roman about how scared she is. Roman tells her to stay calm as he's all over it. Roman promises not to let her down. Carrie hopes he isn't saying that just to stop them from panicking. Marlena adds that she's never known Roman to make a promise that he doesn't intend to keep.

Brady goes to the Coffeehouse and runs into Kate. Brady assumes she's having a bad day. Kate talks about Ian making her share Mad World with Madison. Kate insists that she can take care of Madison. Kate brings up how Madison is talking to Ian right now but it won't work. Kate realizes Brady didn't know about it. Brady figures she'll have to talk to him since she works for him. Kate teases that she thinks Madison wanted to be alone with Ian. Brady says he's not threatened and asks Kate if she is. Brady assumes Kate is the reason that Ian is divorcing Madison.

Ian reads Madison's folder and calls it impressive. Madison points out that the papers have been on his lawyer's desk and Justin's calls have not been returned. Madison accuses him of being too busy with Kate to get the divorce going. Madison tells Ian that he's not going to distract her from the divorce. Madison adds that she knows she can't trust him. Madison says he can use the company against her all he wants but she will still push through on getting the divorce.

Lexie tells Chad about her inoperable tumor. Chad can't believe it and talks about how Lexie looks fine. Lexie says it doesn't change the fact that she's dying and there's nothing anyone can do. Chad asks EJ if he's just going to let her talk like that. Chad tells EJ that he and Stefano have all this money so they can't let her give up. EJ assures him that they have done everything they can and every doctor says the same thing. Chad refuses to believe it. Chad tells her not to give up and says they have to make it happen. Lexie tells Chad that accepting it is the only choice she has so she won't spend her time chasing something that will never happen. EJ tries to comfort Chad as he gets up and hugs Lexie and cries.

Bo and John work on the bomb. Hope and Marlena watch the window as Rafe tries to stop Carrie from pacing. Marlena wants Carrie to sit and talk. Marlena has Carrie talk about work. Roman returns on the radio and brings the ISA's Shane Donovan with him. Shane talks through the radio as Rafe is surprised to hear from him. Bo adds that he picked the perfect time to visit. Shane says the ISA has trained him to be able to disarm the bomb. Shane begins trying to talk them through the bomb as Roman makes a phone call trying to find out about Agent Harmon. Shane tells them to make sure that they include every detail as they start to work on disarming the bomb.

Chad asks Lexie about Theo. Lexie brings up that he'll have Abe. Lexie worries about even the smallest changes affecting Theo and starts to cry. Lexie says Theo will really need all of his family and thinks it will help if he spends more time with Chad and EJ. Lexie tells EJ that she hopes he will look after Stefano. Lexie brings up Stefano leaving Kate and says Stefano is really going to need both of his sons. Chad decides he can't say no to that. Chad can't believe Lexie is staying together so well through it all. Lexie talks about this reminding her what is important. Lexie tells Chad that he's part of the family and they need him. Chad wonders what he's supposed to do. Lexie brings up that Chad knows what it's like to lose his mother way too soon. Lexie tells Chad that when the time comes, he will know what to do. Chad points out that EJ hasn't said much. EJ agrees with Lexie and says Chad has been running away from the family for a long time but it's time he come home.

Kate tells Brady that she and Ian go way back. Brady talks about it being his business now. Kate tells him that he and Madison can walk off into the sunset together. Brady doesn't think Ian will keep his word. Brady asks Kate if it bothers her at all that Ian is dragging his feet with the divorce. Kate says it doesn't. Brady brings up Madison's qualities that Ian must like. Brady tells Kate that she's a lot like Madison except Madison has a heart. Brady doubts that Ian is completely over Madison and tells Kate that she should too.

Ian tells Madison not to worry since she will get the divorce. Ian says his lawyer is in a trial right now. Madison wants to work out a property settlement. Ian claims he wants the divorce just as much as she does since he has met someone else. Madison realizes it's Kate. Ian states that he's in love. Madison brings up how he had an affair with her in the past. Ian tells her that there is absolutely nothing standing between Madison and Brady.

Chad asks Lexie when he should start hanging out with Theo. Lexie tells him about Theo's schedule and suggests he could start taking him to therapy. Chad tells Lexie that she is the one person in the family who made him want to be a part of it. Chad talks about always wanting a sister and there's still so much he doesn't know about her. Lexie adds that they aren't out of time yet. Chad says he's been a mess and knows he's been gone for a long time but it's time to come home. Chad asks EJ if there's still a place for him. EJ hugs him and tells him his timing will be perfect.

Shane talks with Bo about trying to cut the wires. Bo wonders if it's a good time to tell their families what's going on. Roman wants to get this behind them first. They talk about staying safe and agree that they are all in it together while they prepare to try and disarm the bomb.

Madison returns to her hotel room where Brady is. Brady asks how it went with Ian since he ran into Kate. Madison apologizes for lying to him and hopes he isn't upset. Madison talks about wanting Ian's lawyer to get the divorce moving. She tells him what Ian said about wanting the divorce. They talk about Ian being with Kate. Brady asks if she's okay with it. Madison says she's thrilled since it means they can have a future.

Ian talks on the phone about getting materials that he discussed. Ian says Madison finally believes he's giving her a divorce so she can be with Brady of all people. Ian tells them to get what he asked for and pretty soon she will want nothing to do with him. Kate returns and asks if he's finished with Madison. Ian notes her bad mood and Kate blames it on a long conversation with Brady.

Shane talks to Hope through the radio as Bo works on clipping the wires in the correct order. Bo gets a wire clipped and John declares they are down to two. Shane warns that the red wire is next and is the big one. Marlena hopes they can get it over with and get home. Bo successfully cuts the red wire. Shane congratulates them. Bo hugs Hope, John hugs Marlena, and Rafe hugs Carrie as they all cheer.

EJ says Lexie has proved that she can be a member of the family and still disprove. EJ tells Chad to use Lexie as a role model. Chad wonders what Stefano will think. EJ says Stefano's love for his children is unequivocal and Chad has DiMera blood. Chad agrees to talk to Stefano and tell him that he's over himself. Chad says when something like this happens, he sees what really matters. Chad declares that this family is his family and hugs Lexie.

Madison and Brady talk about figuring out that Ian and Kate are together. Madison suggests they stop talking and says she's in the mood to celebrate as they then kiss.

Ian asks Kate what Brady said to upset her. Kate says he was just being a jerk and she's having a bad day. Ian tells her not to let Brady get under her skin. Ian assumes Brady doesn't believe he will give Madison her freedom and now Kate doubts him too. Ian asks Kate if she's concerned about his feelings for Madison. Kate doesn't want to play games anymore. Ian assures her that this is no game and kisses her. Ian says he loves her and wants her. Ian says Kate walking back into his life is the best thing to happen to him and promises to spend the rest of his life making her happy.

Hope tells Bo they are safe as Rafe praises him. Roman and Shane celebrate outside the door as they shake hands and hug. Everyone decides that they can get out but the bomb timer then goes off. Bo realizes that they didn't disarm the bomb but activated the timer.

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