Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/2/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/2/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas and Sami talk until the doorbell rings and she gets a package with a list of all their projects for Countess Wilhelmina.

Roman joins Kate at the Brady Pub. Kate doesn't want to talk about Sami taking over Countess Wilhelmina but Roman wants to advise Kate about Stefano's latest activities so Kate realizes he doesn't know.

Carrie says goodbye to John and goes to leave but Rafe stops her and warns her not to open the door as he points at the security system.

EJ sits at the desk of the living room as Stefano walks back in. EJ asks if it's true that he's not Stefano's son. Stefano wonders where EJ found the envelope. EJ tells him it was where Stefano hid it and realizes that this is what he was trying to tell him earlier that was so hard to say. Stefano admits that it's true that EJ is not his son. EJ feels like his entire life was just one big lie now.

Sami talks about working with Lucas. Lucas clarifies that he works with her and not for her. They agree that they make a good team. Sami brings up that EJ thought she and Lucas were getting back together. Sami wonders why he would think that. Sami asks Lucas what she thinks about it. Sami then admits she's trying to ask if Lucas thinks they would ever get back together as a couple.

Kate informs Roman that Stefano dumped her. Roman asks if she's okay. Kate brings up that Stefano also stripped her of her company and gave it to Sami. Roman wishes Sami would not have accepted the offer and worries that things will turn out bad if Stefano is involved. They agree not to discuss Sami. Kate asks why he was warning her about Stefano anyways. Roman tells her that he had an attempt made on Marlena's life and he's still threatening Bo, Hope, John, and Marlena. Kate understands why he's worried. Roman understands that Kate doesn't know what's going on with Stefano. Kate tells him that she knows Stefano has been particularly angry and vindictive lately. Roman adds that he will keep that in mind. Kate thanks him for the heads up. Roman tells her that he didn't want her to get mixed up in it all. Roman tells Kate that he does still care about her.

Rafe points out that the lights in the security system should be solid and not blinking. John wonders if he didn't disarm it right. Rafe tries to disarm it but it turns from green to red. They wonder what's wrong. Rafe assumes there's a glitch in the system and tries to get into the control panel. Rafe gets it open and discovers that the bomb has been wired to the alarm system so he warns that nobody touches the door. Rafe talks about how much of the explosives there are and there's a timer that isn't running yet. Bo and John talk about how the system being on standby so that the door or windows would set off the bomb. Marlena and Hope wonder if the bomb could be triggered by a remote.

Lucas tells Sami that when she called him in Hong Kong and said she and Will needed him, he thought about it for a second. Sami brings up that he's not engaged anymore. Lucas says that doesn't mean he wants to get involved with the woman who has made his life a living hell. Lucas jokes that Sami is selfish, impulsive, quick to judge, and easily angered. Lucas states that he knows what to expect with her but keeps coming back for more. Lucas thinks that means there's something there. Sami asks if Lucas wants to find out what it is. Lucas doesn't know and then admits he's curious a little bit and kisses her. They continue kissing as Sami removes his shirt.

Kate questions if Roman is hitting on her now that she's available. Roman says he isn't but still thinks she's one of the most beautiful women he has ever known. Roman thinks they have too much history to go back down that road. Kate agrees that there is a lot of history and brings up that Sami is also a problem. Roman tells Kate that if she ever needs a friend or favor then she knows where to find him. Kate appreciates it and thanks him for warning her about Stefano. Kate states that she thinks it's time Stefano finds out that he can't treat people the way he does and get away with it. Kate then gets up and exits the Pub.

EJ tells Stefano that now everything he's done makes sense like rigging the election and keeping him in the dark. Stefano claims it was a test of his character at the time as he had every hope that EJ would take over the family. EJ doesn't understand. Stefano tells him that he didn't learn about it until the night of his election. EJ points out that since then, everything Stefano has done has been because he's not his son. Stefano declares that he's terribly sorry and didn't want him to find out like this. Stefano says he tried to tell him but he couldn't bring himself to do it. EJ questions who his real father is.

Bo thinks that if someone was going to detonate the bomb remotely then they would have done it and there wouldn't be a need for the timer. Bo thinks they were counting on one of them setting it off. Carrie worries if they can disarm it. John decides he will call in the ISA bomb squad but finds out that they don't have any cell phone service. Carrie worries about having no contacts and being trapped with the bomb.

EJ tells Stefano that he wants some honesty so he asks him who is his father. Stefano tells him that he does not know. Stefano says he would tell him if he knew. EJ questions how he could know one half of the secret. Stefano reminds him that he hasn't known that long. EJ questions who knew before he did. Stefano admits that it was Alice Horton that knew.

Roman talks with Kayla at the Pub and tells her about Bo, Hope, John, and Marlena being at the safe house. Kayla worries about them needing anything. Roman says he's going to let them settle in before he checks on them.

Rafe tells Carrie to relax as John and Bo insist that they can handle this. Bo thinks they can disarm it. Carrie worries that they could make a mistake and set it off. Rafe promises Carrie that everything will be fine.

Sami and Lucas finish making love and come back out of the bedroom still kissing and talking about how good they are together. Kate walks in which catches them off guard and says she's going to be sick.

EJ questions why Alice would know something like this. Stefano explains to EJ about how he became very ill when he was a child and his mother didn't know what to do so she called Alice. Stefano informs him that Alice got the doctor that saved EJ's life but also learned the secret of his paternity only she promised to keep it a secret. Stefano continues about how they exchanged the secret as part of a bargain with him. Stefano tells him about how Bo and Hope found the key which brought this all up and they exchanged secrets. Stefano assures him that they are the only people alive who know the truth. EJ realizes this means he's not a DiMera, Chad is not his brother, and Lexie is not his sister. EJ declares that he really is on his own.

EJ questions how Stefano could keep this from him. Stefano talks about not wanting to believe it. EJ wonders if maybe it isn't true and planted by Bo and Hope to come between them. Stefano says he thought about all the possibilities and tried everything to find out that he wasn't true. EJ tells Stefano he respects him and spent his life trying to make him proud. Stefano tells him that he did make him proud like his own son. EJ says he was his son. Stefano asks him to stop and says he knows how it makes him feel. Stefano tells EJ that he has lost a father while Stefano has lost a son

Bo talks about trying to find tools to disarm the bomb. Carrie worries about Austin coming to check on them and opening the door. John says they will keep working on it and tells Rafe to try and keep Carrie calm. Hope wonders what she and Marlena could do. Carrie is scared as Rafe tries to keep her calm.

EJ tells Stefano that he hasn't lost him and brings up everything they have done together. Stefano says he always hoped and dreamed that EJ would take over the family. EJ talks about wanting to continue his work. EJ says he hasn't changed and would be honored to continue to call Stefano his father if he can still think of him as his son.

Lucas questions what Kate is doing there as Sami accuses her of breaking in. Kate wants them to get dressed. Sami asks what Kate wants. Kate declares she's here to end Sami's short tenure at Countess Wilhelmina. Kate shows them papers that prove that the Countess Wilhelmina name and logo belong to her which means their company is now worthless.

Roman tries calling Carrie but can't get an answer. Kayla wants to know as soon as he reaches them. Roman promises to let her know.

Stefano tells EJ that nothing in the world would make him happier than to think of him as he always has but he's sorry that it's not possible.

Bo and John examine the bomb as Bo says whoever did this was very good. John calls it very obvious that Stefano wants us dead even more than he wants the coin. Carrie cries that she's getting a bad feeling. Rafe tells her to take it easy and stay calm. Carrie worries that this is their last minutes or hours. Rafe tells her it's not as Carrie says there are so many things they haven't done or said.

EJ asks Stefano why it isn't possible since they are the only two people who know so nothing has to change between them. Stefano declares that something has changed and that's that he knows EJ is not his blood.

Sami questions Lucas how Stefano could do that. Kate says Stefano doesn't give a damn about Sami or the company but only hurting her. Kate says she lost her company but at least can stop it from benefiting Sami. Lucas disagrees and reveals he has some paperwork of his own. Lucas brings out the contract that Kate signed with Stefano and points out that it included all rights, titles, and images for Countess Wilhelmina. Lucas declares that it means Kate is wrong and Stefano owns the entire company so he can do whatever he wants with it. Lucas tells Sami that means she can do whatever she wants with it too. Sami tells Kate to leave so she starts to but Lucas stops her and says he wants to tell Kate something first.

Roman calls Agent Spencer. Spencer informs him that his boss is on his way to take over the investigation because he has a personal interest in seeing Stefano go down. Spencer thanks Roman for all he's done and Roman talks about how he'll be to thank for Stefano going down too. Roman tells Spencer that he's getting the feeling that something isn't right with the safe house. Roman adds that he can't get ahold of anyone. Spencer says he will look into it now.

Rafe assures Carrie that they are going to get through this and adds that if talking makes her feel better than she can talk to him. Carrie talks about wondering if what they had was real or a reaction to Austin and Sami. Rafe tells her that what he feels for her is real. Carrie responds that what she feels for him is real too. Rafe again tells her that there's something he needs to tell her. Rafe starts to tell her the truth but John calls him over to help with the bomb. Marlena tells Carrie that they are all getting through this together. Rafe, Bo, and John talk about how they can't even tell where the circuits to the bomb lead.

Stefano tells EJ that he does not have a choice since blood ties are the only proof of birth right. EJ disagrees but Stefano talks about how a DiMera never denied a child and no one was allowed in to the family without the blood since the blood tie is the only way to be trusted. EJ brings up Tony. Stefano talks about raising Tony since he was a child so they are two different cases. Stefano points out that Tony is gone and was taken from him way before he had to worry about his own mortality. EJ thinks Stefano made an exception for Tony and so he can make an exception for him. EJ questions if he ever let Stefano down or refused anything he asked of him. Stefano says he never doubted him until he found out he's not his son. Stefano tells EJ that without him even knowing the truth, he started to question everything like his feelings for him and what he did to him. Stefano thinks EJ started to challenge him. EJ points out that it was because of how he was behaving and treating him. Stefano feels a true son might not like it but would never question. EJ says Stefano used those things to rationalize his decision to shut him out of his life. Stefano tells him that he's wrong as he's given it a lot of thought and decided that he has to have the DiMera family live on. EJ calls it his family but Stefano tells him that he's wrong because he has to make sure the bloodline continues like his father did for him. Stefano states that he had a son and now he's learned that he doesn't have him anymore. EJ realizes this is no longer his home and turns to exit but Stefano tells him to wait.

Lucas tells Kate that he's on to her and talks about how Kate did this just to unnerve Sami since she didn't think Lucas would be there and know the terms. Kate says she didn't know he'd be back in bed with Sami. Lucas informs Kate that he's back with Sami in every way so if she and Madison go after Sami then they are going after him too. Kate then exits. Sami questions if Lucas really meant that. Lucas says he did mean that he's with her in every way so Sami kisses him and hugs him.

Carrie worries about someone trying to call them and then coming to rescue when there's no answer. Hope takes Carrie to the kitchen with Marlena. John brings up the one problem with someone coming to rescue them then the explosives will detonate when the door opens and kill them all.

Spencer calls Roman back and says he checked things and found out the alarm is set and everything's quiet. Roman wonders why he can't get a hold of anyone and decides he's going to check on them to make sure what's going on.

Stefano tells EJ not to tell anyone the truth because he will deal with it in his own way. EJ says yes sir and tells him he understands perfectly then exits the room. Stefano sits down and cries. EJ walks on and falls onto the stairs crying.

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