Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/1/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/1/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami and Lucas kiss at the town square as EJ walks by and sees them.

Brady arrives at Nicole's hotel room which surprises her. Brady brings her food and says he heard she was in the hospital. Nicole calls it stress and says she's fine. Brady says he wanted to surprise her and shows her everything he brought from the Pub. Nicole then reveals to Brady that she's pregnant.

Rafe talks to Bo and John about how they hopefully won't be there long. Hope, Marlena, and Carrie rejoin them. Bo talks about wanting Stefano behind bars so everyone will be safe. Rafe decides he will go check with Spencer and Harmon. John thanks Rafe as he goes to exit but Carrie stops him and tells him that he can't leave yet.

Stefano tells Agent Harmon to take care of them all. Stefano talks about how they trust Harmon and think he is on their side. Stefano wants this to end today.

EJ approaches Sami and Lucas. EJ asks to talk to Sami about the kids and wanted to make sure everything is safe. EJ tells Lucas that he wishes to speak with Sami alone.

Brady is surprised to learn that Nicole is pregnant and hesitantly congratulates her. Nicole talks about still not knowing she can carry to full term. Brady assumes EJ is giving her full care. Nicole tells him that she won't let EJ help. Brady points out that it's EJ's baby so Nicole tells him that EJ isn't the father but Rafe is.

Harmon shows Stefano on his computer a link to the safehouse where they are hiding. Harmon tells Stefano that they wait and see what happens now.

Marlena tells Rafe that Carrie is right that he can't leave because he hasn't shown them how the security system works yet. Rafe begins showing them how it works.

Stefano tells Harmon that he doesn't need details and sends him to do his job.

Rafe shows the code of how to arm and disarm the security system.

Harmon walks to the town square talking on his phone about a bomb being armed and ready to explode.

Stefano pours a drink at home and sits down with the fake coin then slams it down in frustration.

Rafe decides he's going to disarm the security system and then head to town. John wants to talk to him first about going after Stefano. Hope goes to make food. Marlena tells Carrie that she needs to go home but Carrie wants to stay and eat.

Brady can't believe Nicole and questions Rafe being the father of her baby. Brady asks how that could happen and how she ended up with Rafe. Nicole says they freaked out when they found out about EJ and Sami having sex. Brady tries to understand and asks her what happened. Nicole repeats that they turned to each other. Brady questions them having sex and thinks it was a stupid thing to do. Brady tells Nicole that she must not have been thinking.

Lucas questions what EJ wants to tell Sami without him around. EJ says it's about their children but Sami tells him to just talk in front of Lucas. EJ brings up Caroline taking the kids to the zoo without anyone telling him. Sami doesn't need his permission but EJ thinks it would've been considerate to think he might have wanted to spend time with his children. Sami agrees and steps away to talk with EJ in private. Sami tells EJ that she didn't ask him because she thought he would be busy as mayor. EJ informs her that he wanted to talk to her about more than the kids. EJ is concerned about how the kids will be affected by her relationship with Lucas.

Carrie brings Rafe a sandwich and offers to wrap it up so he can take it home. John and Marlena sit together and play cards while John talks about how much he hates this. John talks about wishing he could bust into the mansion and kill Stefano. John declares that he wants Stefano dead. Bo tells Hope that he worries about Stefano hurting them and knows he wants blood. Marlena tells John that she knows Stefano pushes all his buttons but the ISA is doing everything they can to bring him down so if he goes rogue, anyone could get hurt. John talks about wanting to see Stefano fight for his last breath. Hope encourages Bo to eat but he talks about almost being killed by Stefano's goons and now he has to go into hiding. Hope is happy that he's home but Bo brings up that she's still married to John and the whole trip to Alamainia was for nothing. Hope wants to use all their energy on healing. Bo is frustrated about not seeing Ciara or being alone with Hope. Bo then tells Hope that he saw Zack while he was in a coma.

Nicole tells Brady that they weren't thinking and needed some kind of comfort. Nicole tells Brady to get off his high horse and stop judging her. Brady brings up EJ and Sami but Nicole doesn't care about them. Brady asks if EJ has accepted that Rafe is the father. Nicole tells him that EJ still thinks it's his and wants a paternity test. Brady realizes that EJ is the dad but Nicole says she won't let that happen.

EJ tells Sami that he's worried that Johnny and Sydney will be confused seeing Sami getting back with Lucas so soon after Rafe. Sami talks about how great they are doing with the kids. Sami tells him that it's none of EJ's concern what she does with Lucas though she's curious why he's bringing it up. EJ claims he's just concerned about their children's stability. Sami says she's got the message. EJ asks Sami if she knows what the evidence was that Rafe and Carrie found to help free John.

Rafe starts to leave but Carrie stops him again and says she doesn't want him to go.

Sami tells EJ that she doesn't know what the evidence was as he didn't say and she didn't ask since she hated all of John's case and it's also how Rafe and Carrie got so close. EJ apologizes and just hoped she'd know something. Sami says she'd tell him if she knew. EJ believes her and walks on as Lucas returns to Sami and asks what that was about but Sami doesn't know.

Nicole tells Brady that she's afraid that the paternity test will show EJ is the father since he's a DiMera that could have the test altered. Brady suggests EJ still loves him. Nicole thinks EJ just can't admit that he lost her. Nicole brings up that EJ said he would raise Rafe's child as his own if she took him back. Brady asks if she would take him back. Nicole says she came close but she wouldn't and refuses to have her child raised as a DiMera. Brady laughs that he came to surprise her and now she's surprising him with all the news. Nicole congratulates Brady on his engagement to Madison. Brady wonders how she knew since they hadn't gone public. Nicole says she keeps tabs on who she cares about and she just hopes Madison doesn't hurt him like she did.

Carrie congratulates Rafe on working for the ISA. Rafe thanks her and isn't sure that they will keep him after this is over but it's good for now for him to take care of who he cares about. Carrie tells him that everyone is lucky to have him on board since he's really great at what he does. Rafe tells her she is too. Carrie is sorry that their partnership ended and Rafe says the same. Carrie says he should've thought about that before he slept with Nicole and got her pregnant.

Bo continues telling Hope about seeing Zack in his coma and how he was happy. Bo talks about it feeling so real that he wanted to stay until he heard Hope's voice.

John and Marlena talk about the code on the coin. John wants to know who Yvette is and why its' so important to Stefano.

EJ goes to the DiMera Mansion and sees Stefano is back. They talk about trying to find help for Lexie. EJ brings up that Stefano was going to show him something in the drawer and he looked but nothing was there. EJ wants Stefano to tell him what he's keeping from him. Stefano thinks back to wondering how he would tell EJ that he's not his son. Stefano starts to change the subject but EJ brings up how John got free from his charges due to the internet outages.

Sami tells Lucas that EJ was talking about being concerned about the kids. Sami gets a message about a Countess Wilhelmina order being canceled and freaks out. She wants to go to the office but Lucas doesn't want the other employees involved so they rushed off.

Marlena suggests to John that Yvette could be connected to the original owner of the coin and not Stefano. John wonders what's so important about the coin that Stefano has been willing to kill to get his hands on it. Marlena tells him that the ISA will stay on it until they crack the code as John says they are stuck here until then.

Stefano questions EJ asking him about that. EJ thinks it makes sense that Stefano was the one to get John out of jail. Stefano claims that a father would never betray his son like that.

Bo talks to Hope about hearing her voice as she cries. Bo cries about wanting to stay with Zack but Zack told him that he had to come back. Hope kisses him and thanks him for sharing it with her. Bo calls Zack a gift and thanks Hope for coming back to bring him out of the coma. Hope says that once the whole nightmare is over then they can continue their therapy with Marlena. Bo agrees if it makes their marriage stronger and better. Hope tells him that she loves him and they kiss.

Brady talks to Nicole about how at first Madison didn't want to have a work place romance but he won her over until it was turned out that she was married to Ian. Nicole is surprised that Madison is married. Brady says that as soon as she is divorced then they are getting married. Nicole questions Madison hiding the fact that she was married. Brady calls it something Nicole would do. Nicole asks if they are okay now. Brady assures her that he loves Madison and has never been happier in his life.

Rafe tells Carrie that he knows she's trying to save her marriage with Austin. Carrie says seeing Rafe with Nicole at the hospital proved that she made the right choice. Rafe declares he can't do this anymore. Carrie questions if he means lying and denying it. Rafe agrees that he lied and tells Carrie that he can't lie to her anymore and needs to tell her the truth.

Brady tells Nicole that he's going to marry Madison and asks if she's going to marry Rafe. Nicole says they are committed to doing what's right for the baby. Nicole adds that they aren't in love and never pretended to be. Brady asks if she would like to be in love with him. Nicole talks about how amazing Rafe has been to her. Nicole doesn't know where she would be now if it wasn't for Rafe but insists that she's not in love with him. Brady says he sees in her eyes that she will be.

Carrie stops Rafe and tells him it's too late since she's back with Austin and Rafe is with Nicole. Rafe tries to talk but Carrie shouts that Nicole is pregnant with his baby so he should leave her alone now which causes Marlena to ask if everything is okay.

EJ talks to Stefano about sabotaging him. Stefano calls it tests and says he just borrowed the money. Stefano asks EJ if he's accusing him of using their enemies to clear John. EJ wants to know if he had any idea how it managed to happen. Stefano says he has business to attend to and leaves the room.

Lucas and Sami go to Sami's. Lucas talks on the phone fixing the orders for Countess Wilhelmina. They get things cleared up and Lucas declares that they make a good team as Sami hugs him.

Rafe apologizes and tells Marlena that he doesn't mean to be rude but they are having a private conversation. Marlena questions doing that in this room. Carrie says it's okay but Marlena disagrees. Marlena says she didn't want to get involved but now they have all been dragged into it. Marlena tells Rafe that she's sorry about what happened between he and Sami but apparently Nicole is having his baby and Carrie is with Austin so he needs to leave Carrie alone. John adds that he appreciates Rafe's help but his treatment of Carrie is leading him to believe that he's not the man he thought he was. Rafe states that things aren't always what they seem. John questions what that means but Rafe says it doesn't matter and decides to leave but Carrie stops him again. Carrie tells Rafe that if there is something that he needs to tell her then he should tell her now because it's his last chance.

Nicole tells Brady that she and Rafe are taking things one day at a time and what matters most is raising the child. Brady tells her that it's smart to take things slow and think things through. Brady talks about how Nicole thought she'd never have another baby. Nicole admits she's in a good place with Rafe and the baby but she hopes EJ leaves her alone once he's convinced that the baby is not his. Brady tells her to let him know if she needs anything. Nicole thanks him and says she knew she could count on him after everything they have been through. Brady assures that she always can. They talk about how they tried but decided they weren't right for each other. Brady thanks Nicole for helping him understand that Madison is the one. Brady suggests that maybe Rafe will end up being the one for Nicole and she'll have everything she ever wanted. Nicole worries that what she wants could be different from what she deserves.

Lucas tells Sami that they are good together. Sami agrees in business but asks about the rest of it.

EJ looks through all the drawers at the DiMera Mansion. He finds the envelope inside one of the drawers and opens it. EJ sits down to read it.

Rafe tells Carrie that he wanted to tell her that he never meant to hurt her. Carrie gets upset and decides she's leaving. Bo suggests Rafe stick around and help out a bit more. Carrie says goodbye to Bo and Hope and goes to leave but John stops her and reminds her that they have to disarm the system.

Agent Harmon makes a call that everything is set with the bomb and says the next time a window or door opens, everyone in the safe house dies.

John disarms the security system and says goodbye to Carrie as she grabs the doorknob and prepares to leave.

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