Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/30/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/30/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas talks to Sami about being glad to be back with his family. Sami wishes Will felt the same. Sami refuses to give up but wants Will to believe her when she says she loves him. Lucas adds that he will do whatever he can to help. Sami thanks him for staying and for coming back in the first place. Sami thanks him for never giving up on her. Lucas tells her it's been no problem and his pleasure then kisses her on the cheek. They then end up kissing each other. Kate walks by and sees this which shocks her.

Madison meets with Justin at the Pub and wants him to work on her divorce and get through it quickly. Justin brings up that she and Ian will have a lot to negotiate so rushing through could cost her a lot of money but Madison says she doesn't care about the money. Madison just wants to make sure that everything with Mad World is perfect. Justin asks if she sees a problem. Madison worries that Ian is making the divorce too easy so she has to be careful.

Rafe goes to the town square and leaves a message for Nicole asking her to call him since he's worried after the hospital and her not picking up her phone.

Stefano talks on the phone and says he wants to know the minute the plan is executed which better be soon.

Hope and Bo lay together on the couch and kiss as Stefano's guard watches them from the window.

John and Marlena go to the town square where Marlena is grabbed by the man that was following them. He holds a knife on her and warns John to tell him where the coin is or Marlena will die. Roman arrives with a gun and Carrie behind him, ordering the man to drop the knife. Marlena fights the man off and he runs off. Roman calls in for backup. John tells Marlena that this is why he called Roman for protection.

Bo and Hope continue kissing as Stefano's guard begins to try and open the door which Bo senses.

Madison talks with Justin at the Pub that she's worried that Ian is up to something and that he will find a way to keep her from marrying Brady. Madison thinks Ian is trying to bring her into a false sense of security. Madison adds that she doesn't trust Ian at all. Madison thinks rushing through the divorce will force his hand so that she can find out what he's up to.

Kate tells Lucas and Sami that she can't believe her eyes. Sami accuses her of spying on them. Kate wants to keep Lucas away from Sami. Lucas stops her but Sami wants to hear what Kate has to say. Lucas says he can't stop Kate when she's like this. Kate talks about how thinking Lucas would be safe from Sami in Hong Kong. Lucas wants her to stop because he's embarrassed by her. Kate continues berating Sami so Lucas wants to leave but Sami continues to listen. Kate accuses Sami of exploiting Lucas's weaknesses and uses him over and over. Lucas doesn't see it that way. Kate tells Lucas that Sami is like a drug to him and he's under her influence. Kate wants Lucas to go back to Hong Kong but he informs her that his fiancee broke up with him. Kate wants him to leave Salem because any woman would be better than Sami. Kate refuses to let Sami hurt Lucas again. Sami remarks that Kate never disappoints. Kate tells her to go to hell. Sami calls Kate a slut and a hypocrite. Sami points out that Kate cheated on Stefano. Kate calls Sami a bitch. Sami laughs at Kate being kicked out of the DiMera Mansion. Kate asks Lucas to not be an idiot and to go now. Sami informs Kate that Lucas can't leave because he's now working with her at Countess Wilhelmina which shocks Kate. Sami tells Kate that they are going to bury her and Madison and there's nothing she can do about it.

Justin tells Madison that he's sorry but he doesn't see how he can stop Ian from appointing Kate as co-CEO. Madison thinks there's always a way. Justin warns her against rattling Ian's cage since he's wealthy, powerful, and ruthless. Madison declares that she knows every one of Ian's tricks. Justin realizes that she'll do whatever she wants regardless of what he says. Madison says she's desperate. Madison gets a message and informs him that she has to go make some calls. Justin tells her that he will go get the divorce proceedings started. Madison thanks him as Justin figures this will be an interesting case. Madison calls it only the beginning as Justin exits.

John and Carrie sit down with Marlena and try to keep her calm. Marlena insists that she's fine. Roman comes back to them and says the man seems to have disappeared. John talks about Stefano being desperate and tells Roman that he warned that someone will die. Roman adds that they can't prove that he's behind things. Roman says he's talked to Agent Spencer and is having John and Marlena taken to a secure ISA safehouse. Roman tells them that they have heard that Stefano has hired assassins and he has something big planned for all of his enemies in Salem. John calls this just the beginning. Roman says he is sending Rafe to inform Bo and Hope. John tells Marlena that it's good that they will be safe.

Bo swings the door open with his gun only to see Rafe there. Bo tells Rafe how they thought someone was trying to break in. Rafe informs them that Marlena was just attacked by someone with a knife and they head back in. They sit down as the guard continues watching from the window.

Stefano talks on the phone at home about the fake attack on Marlena looking real. Stefano declares that now they know how far he's willing to go to get his coin back. Stefano instructs his man to do as he said and keep him informed on every move they make.

Rafe, Bo, and Hope discuss the attack on Marlena and how it must be Stefano. Rafe tells them that Roman is having John and Marlena sent to a safehouse and he wants them to go too. Rafe knows it's a lot to ask. Bo says it's a good idea and Hope agrees to leave as soon as possible. Hope talks about how they need Ciara to be safe and to bring Stefano down for good.

Kate hopes it's not true. Lucas tries to say it doesn't mean he betrayed her but Kate disagrees. Kate says she will let it pass for now because she knows Lucas has children and responsibilities but she wants him to find something to earn money and not lose it. Kate thinks Sami will lose money in anything she does. Kate warns her that she and Madison are going to bury her but Sami thinks their partnership is flawed. Sami and Kate almost get into it but Lucas separates them. Kate warns Sami that it's not over and then walks off. Sami remarks that she would've really let Kate have it if Lucas wasn't there. Kate walks on to the Pub and orders a martini. Madison joins her at the counter and Kate remarks that she just thought her day couldn't get any worse.

Roman finishes a call with Rafe and tells Marlena, John, and Carrie that Bo and Hope are on board for the safehouse. Roman says an agent will take them to their house to get what they need. Agent Harmon then joins them. Roman introduces them. He talks about being on Stefano's detail for years. John comments that he's never seen Stefano this desperate so he knows he will keep coming after them if he doesn't get the coin. They decide to leave. John stops Marlena and apologizes to her. Marlena tells him that they are going to be together and that's all that matters.

Sami and Lucas talk about Kate. Lucas asks about their relationship. Sami thinks they are great since they are getting along with the kids and working together. Sami adds that she's glad he's back and staying but Lucas wants to know why she's glad. Sami says they are good together. Lucas thinks it has to do with making Kate mad. Sami claims it never crossed her mind. Lucas refuses to help Sami get revenge. Lucas accuses Sami of throwing them working together in Kate's face. Lucas talks about how it was supposed to be a drama free day. Sami claims she doesn't do that. Lucas says he can't improve her relationship with Kate but he refuses to let them play him against each other. Sami says it's fine if he doesn't want to work with her and should tell her now if he's backing out.

Madison asks Kate to share her bad day with her. Madison adds that she's not having a good day either since Justin told her there's no way to stop Ian from making her co-CEO. They agree to sit together and talk. Kate admits that she wouldn't have chosen Madison to work with but she thinks the job will present a challenge and an opportunity. Madison thinks she's only doing it for the money. Kate claims she isn't as desperate as she thinks. Kate informs her that she tried to tell Ian that it was impossible for them to work together but she listened to Ian's explanation of why he wants them to work together. She offers to tell Madison what Ian told her that made her change her mind.

Bo, Hope, Marlena, and John group at their ISA safe house. They talk about wanting to find out what the coin means so they can put Stefano away. Roman and Rafe join in and talk. Roman says Carrie stopped to get groceries. Rafe worries that Carrie could be put in jeopardy but Roman assures that she will be kept safe. Rafe checks with John to make sure they weren't followed. Agent Spencer insists that there is no need to worry since there is no communication. Rafe is unsure and Spencer figures he has an FBI mindset. Rafe adds that he knows what Stefano is capable of. Spencer then offers Rafe to join the ISA at least for this job. Rafe says he's glad to do whatever he can to help. Spencer tells him that Harmon will be his contact. Roman adds to keep contact to a minimum. Hope asks about their families. Roman says he will let everyone know that they are safe. Spencer reveals that he has news about the coin.

Lucas calls it amazing that Sami is giving an ultimatum. Sami says she just wants Lucas to tell her if he doesn't want to work with her. Lucas says he's not backing out but not going into revenge so they aren't going to take down Madison and Kate but grow their company. Lucas says he won't let Sami string him along as they are doing this for their kids and their futures. Lucas warns that he's out if Sami does anything underhanded. Lucas admits that he doesn't trust Sami and adds that he will be watching her. Lucas tells Sami that if she doesn't want to work under their new terms and conditions then she can let him know.

Madison asks Kate if she can really trust Ian. Madison thinks the partnership is Ian trying to rub her nose in Kate being back in his life. Kate brings up their divorce. Madison says she knew divorce would come with a price but didn't know the price would be working with Kate. Kate says they loathe each other but they are both ambitious and can work together.

Spencer tells everyone that the ISA had a duplicate coin made and are having it delivered to Stefano. Spencer assures that he won't see through this one as it's an exact replica with the only exception being the inscription. They hope it drives Stefano crazy. Harmon exits to go prepare surveillance and tells them to stay safe. Spencer takes Rafe to walk him through the security system. Bo asks John if he thinks they are close to ending the war with the DiMeras. John says they are but have to make sure that they are the ones who win.

Stefano gets a package and opens it to find the duplicate coin inside. Stefano looks at it and declares "finally".

Kate explains that Ian told her things about Madison that he already knew that she is driven and ruthless and also that she's creative, intelligent, and self-sufficient which they have in common. Madison doesn't think that convinces Kate to want to work with her. Kate comments that she thought Ian was off his game singing Madison's praises but then he talked about their shared sense of competition. They agree that they both like winning. Kate adds that she also likes seeing someone she hates lose. Madison sees where she's going as Kate talks about how they can be really motivated to bring down an arrogant little bitch. Madison states that they both despise each other but they hate Sami even more. Kate agrees that they are both highly motivated.

Sami tells Lucas that he's changed. Lucas tells her that he won't let her play him anymore. Sami claims that she just wants to work with him and gets that he doesn't want to be in the middle of a war with Kate. Lucas wants her to promise him that it won't happen. Sami promises to try her best not to let it happen. Lucas and Sami shake hands on their deal. Sami's happy and Lucas is glad they got it settled. Lucas then asks Sami about their kiss.

Spencer and Rafe return and Spencer tells them that Rafe will tell them about the security. Spencer talks about how Stefano will get suspicious when he realizes they have disappeared. Bo hopes he won't care now that he has the coin duplicate. They talk about wishing Stefano was in a jail cell. Spencer tells them to call if anything comes up. Spencer exits as Carrie arrives. They thank Carrie for being groceries. Rafe offers to help but Carrie insists that she's fine and goes to the kitchen. John comments that it looks like Spencer thought of everything. Marlena points out that Stefano also always thinks of everything.

Stefano sits at his computer and searches toxic gas brain tumor. Agent Harmon then enters and shakes hands with Stefano as Stefano reveals that he's been expecting him as Harmon is secretly working for Stefano.

Kate and Madison agree to work together to bring down Sami and they toast their drinks to it.

Sami tells Lucas that the kiss was thanking him for taking them out for a fun day and reminding them that they are a family. Lucas asks if she's sure that's all it was. Sami wants him to tell her and then kisses him again.

Roman tells everyone to settle in and relax and he'll call in to check soon. Rafe says he's going to stay around and show them about the security. Roman exits. Carrie takes Marlena and Hope to the kitchen to show her things and jokes about cooking. Bo asks John how long he thinks this is going to take since it's killing them to be away from Ciara again. John hopes it will just be a few days. He talks about how Stefano will try to break the code which will give the ISA time to break the real one. Rafe questions the duplicate being that good. Bo adds that it better be or else Stefano will follow through on his threats.

Agent Harmon tells Stefano that the coin is fake and reveals everything Spencer said. Harmon adds that they have decoded part of the inscription on the real coin and it says "Yvette". Harmon asks if there's anything else he can do for him. Stefano tells Harmon to take care of all of them.

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