Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/27/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/27/12


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Sami and Lucas take Will and Allie to Outdoor Family Day at the Town Square. Lucas assumes Outdoor Family Day was Lexie's idea and thinks that it will be the last good thing since Lexie is dying. They talk about being a family together and Sami suggests doing it more often since Lucas is staying in town.

EJ sits at the coffeehouse as Billie arrives and sits with him against his will.

Hope, John, and Marlena bring Bo home. They talk about how they had to get Daniel to discharge Bo from the hospital early. Bo insists that he's fine. Marlena reminds him that he's still recovering and John jokes with him that he could end up back in the hospital. Bo wants to know what happened in Alamainia. John thinks it can wait and suggests some alone time with Hope. Bo then asks Hope when they are getting married. Hope informs him that it won't be as soon as they want. Bo asks what the holdup is after they were in Alamainia for two weeks. Bo wants to know how long it takes for the divorce to be finalized. They inform Bo that the divorce didn't get finalized since they got sidetracked by Stefano.

EJ tells Billie that he's busy and asks her what she's up to now that Kate lost Countess Wilhelmina. Billie tells him that she's just unemployed. Billie says she won't take up his time but wants an answer to the question she asked the other day. EJ brings up that she was snooping around reading private files and threatens to have her arrested. Billie points out that he didn't go to Stefano and says they both know why he didn't.

Sami and Lucas talk with Will and Allie. Sami is glad Will came so he says he'd never miss spending the day with Lucas and Allie. Will takes Allie to go play basketball. Lucas tells Sami to give Will some space. Sami says she's been trying but it's hard. Lucas insists that he will come around in time. Sami thinks she could be patient if it was getting better but it's getting worse. Sami says she knows something is going on with Will that she has nothing to do with and she can't help him. Lucas says he will talk to him at another time. Lucas tells Sami that he's going to make today a drama free day.

Hope tells Bo about Agent Spencer working on their divorce. They tell him about the coin hidden in an egg. Bo asks them how they got the coin. Marlena doesn't want to upset Bo but he continues asking. They don't answer so Bo asks what Stefano did to them. Hope admits that he turned them back into Princess Gina and the Pawn.

Sami and Lucas play basketball as Lucas says they won't talk anymore about anything that they will upset her including Will, Kate, EJ, Rafe, Nicole, or Carrie. Lucas says today is all about having a good time. Sami jokes that his list of people should be longer. They then race each other to the wall.

John and Hope assure Bo that nothing happened between them. Bo brings up that they were turned into two people that loved each other. John says that his mind control didn't work this time. Bo wants to know how they kept it from working. John says they prepared themselves since they knew it was coming and happened to find a photo of Marlena. Hope adds that John helped her by talking about Bo. They talk about Stefano being furious since they got away with the coin. John says he won't get the coin until they find out what's on it. They talk about the other half of the coin and being a step ahead of Stefano. John thinks it's too soon for Bo to join the investigation after getting out of the hospital.

EJ tells Billie that he knows she'd go to the police and run an investigation but insists that his hands are clean. Billie doesn't think that's the reason why he didn't turn her in. EJ questions her poking around his house. Billie continues to claim that she came across the hidden compartment by accident. EJ thinks she's clearly working for someone and trying to dig up dirt on he or Stefano. EJ suggests she either tell him or Stefano.

Bo refuses to be left out of the investigation. Hope tries to argue but realizes she won't win. John thinks it's possible that the coin could lead them to the stolen funds from Basic Black. John says they will find the truth one way or another. John says that Spencer has someone working on the case that is fearless with the DiMeras but he doesn't know who.

Billie tells EJ that they both know Stefano is not EJ's favorite person. Billie adds that she hates Stefano more for what he did to Kate. EJ points out that Kate made the biggest mistake. Billie tells him that they have all made those mistakes and says Kate's heart is broken. EJ calls it a pity. Billie calls EJ self-serving and thinks that EJ has lost more than he's gained since becoming mayor like Nicole and Stefano's respect. EJ tells her that she knows nothing about his life. Billie says she doesn't care but wants the dirt on Stefano for what he did to Kate and her business. Billie talks about how she started Countess Wilhelmina and now Stefano is using it as a weapon. EJ questions Billie going after Stefano for personal reasons. EJ doesn't believe her and questions why he would ever support her in ruining his father and taking away his children's legacy. Billie states that he wouldn't but they both know that if Stefano is not stopped then everything EJ has worked so hard for could go up in smoke just like the money in the overseas bank accounts. Billie tells EJ that it's time to admit that he has no idea what Stefano is up to and it scares the hell out of him.

Sami and Lucas finish their race. They jokingly argue about who won as Will and Allie rejoin them. Lucas tells Allie she's just like her mother and Will quickly tells him not to say that but Lucas calls it a compliment. Sami hugs Allie and sends her to one of her friends. Sami and Lucas compliment Will on climbing the rock wall. Will asks Sami about EJ paying for her place and how it is working for Stefano. Lucas intervenes and doesn't want anyone to spoil their good time. Will then questions Lucas why he didn't tell him that he's staying in Salem. Will adds that he's glad but wants to know what happened to his fiancee. Lucas informs Will that she broke up with him so they aren't getting married. Will asks what happened and then assumes it has to do with Lucas coming across the world to rescue Sami. Lucas says he's not rescuing anyone. Will blames Sami for wrecking Lucas's relationship.

Bo states that when Stefano gets mad, he gets careless. John adds that he's never seen Stefano so mad. Marlena thinks they should tread lightly after the news about Lexie. Bo says he feels terrible but doesn't agree. Hope agrees with Marlena and worries about what they'd be doing to Lexie by going after her father in the last weeks of her life. Marlena says that Lexie will need the support of all her family. Marlena decides that they should not be the ones to take Stefano away from Lexie if she needs him now. Hope and Marlena talk about Stefano being less focused on the coin with the news about Lexie. John gets a message on his phone and informs them that he's afraid they are both wrong.

Lucas tells Will that Sami doesn't deserve that and suggests he treat her with respect and start acting like a member of their family. Will says he's got it. Sami adds that Lucas made an effort so she wants to start over with Will. Allie comes back so Will takes her to the trampoline. Sami talks to Lucas about how great Will is with everyone but her. Lucas insists that it will get better. Sami recalls when Will was little and how young she was. Sami talks about not having a good role model as a mother. Sami tells Lucas about a time when Carrie pushed her off a slide when she was four years old. Lucas doesn't believe her so Sami tells him the story. Sami complains about how everyone believed Carrie saying it was an accident. Sami tells Lucas that it's hard to look back on her childhood. Lucas thinks everything she's been through as made her who she is and adds that he wouldn't change a thing.

Billie tells EJ that the contents of the folder shook him and she can see it in his eyes. EJ calls it absurd but Billie thinks EJ is worried and frightened.

Marlena asks John what the message says. John reads it saying "Return what's mine or lose someone you love." Hope worries that Stefano is threatening to kill someone if they don't give him the coin. John brings up how he tried to take out Bo and almost went after Marlena. Marlena realizes that nothing has changed for Stefano. John says the first priority is to keep the family safe. Bo points out what Stefano did in Alamainia. Bo questions what will stop Stefano from getting to them again. John brings up that there's no telling who Stefano will go after. Marlena suggests giving the coin back but John and Bo disagree. John believes that if they can find out what's on the coin then they could put Stefano away. They talk about protection and getting extra security. Bo thinks they have no other choice. John says he's going to call Roman. Marlena asks if there's any chance that they are overreacting. John points out that Stefano never makes idle threats.

EJ warns Billie that she's treading on dangerous ground. Billie says she knows and admits that she doesn't know what EJ is capable of and isn't sure she wants to find out. She tells EJ that she was scared at first when he caught her going through the files. Billie says she started to wonder after EJ didn't do anything to her so she thinks EJ is still considering her offer. EJ tells her that she's wrong. Billie thinks they should team up to figure out how the money disappeared from the bank accounts. EJ questions why he would do that. Billie says it's to find out what Stefano is up to and to understand why he's kept EJ out.

Will and Allie return to Sami and Lucas. Lucas tells Will about Sami being on the gymnastics team in school. Sami points out that she got pregnant with Will around that time. Lucas jokes about pictures from old yearbooks and they talk about going to look at them but Will passes on the idea. Will wishes things could be like that again but says they can't. Will takes Allie and says they are going to Grandma's. Will tells Lucas that he's glad he's staying. Will exits with Allie. Lucas tells Sami that he's sorry since he wanted today to be special with the kids. Sami thinks it was special since Allie had a great time. Lucas thinks Will did too and Sami tells him that she had a great time. Sami talks about how it's been a long time since they had family time and it was special even if Will can't stand her. Lucas points out that Will at least came. Sami tells Lucas that she's also glad he's back and hugs him.

John and Marlena say their goodbyes to Bo and Hope as they then exit. Hope tells Bo that they should get him to bed. Bo tells her that he needs time alone with her more than sleep since he's missed her and then kisses her.

Billie tells EJ that he has to admit working together makes sense. Billie talks about her past as a cop and being a good investigator. EJ mocks the idea of Billie not looking for anything and just wanting to help him. Billie says Stefano has hurt Kate and it's time for him to pay. Billie tells EJ to stop stalling and asks if he's in or out. EJ tells her that he won't betray his father. Billie asks if he will be loyal even after Stefano has betrayed him.

John and Marlena talk outside. Marlena thinks they could be going overboard but John believes Stefano's threats are different this time as he's never seen a man so desperate. John states that it's like Stefano's never ending chess game is coming to an end and he's going all out no matter who or what he has to sacrifice in order to win. John and Marlena walk off together as a man then follows them.

EJ tells Billie that it hasn't been a pleasure. Billie tells him that they don't have to get along to work together. EJ hopes she is leaving. Billie talks about how she talked to Carrie about how she got John's charges dropped since someone tipped her off. Billie adds that the key is in the timing that the money transfer was made. EJ questions what it means to him. Billie talks about how they almost gave up until what they needed came to them from an unlikely source. EJ starts to leave but Billie keeps talking about how someone pointed Carrie and Rafe in the right direction. EJ doesn't believe her but Billie suggests he asks himself how they solved the puzzle and exonerated John or he can just ask Stefano.

Lucas talks to Sami about being glad to be back with his family. Sami wishes Will felt the same. Sami refuses to give up but wants Will to believe her when she says she loves him. Lucas adds that he will do whatever he can to help. Sami thanks him for staying and for coming back in the first place. Sami thanks him for never giving up on her. Lucas tells her it's been no problem and his pleasure then kisses her on the cheek. They then end up kissing each other.

Bo and Hope sit at home and kiss as Bo tells her how much he missed this. Hope stops and asks if he's sure his doctors would approve. Bo tells her that he only needs her approval so they continue kissing. Stefano's guard Martin hides outside and watches them through the window.

John and Marlena go to the town square where the man that was following them grabs Marlena from behind. John asks him to let her go. The man tells John to tell him where the coin is or Marlena dies.

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