Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/26/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/26/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole wakes up from her dream and tells Rafe it's him. Rafe tells her that he won't disappear on her. Carrie arrives and stops outside the room as Rafe tells Nicole that he's there for her and the baby.

Gabi gives Chad and Melanie the headless doll as Abigail joins them at the Pub. Gabi says that someone is trying to stalk her. Abigail wonders who would do something so sick.

Madison and Brady talk with Justin in her office about finding it ridiculous that she's being forced to work with Kate. Justin goes over papers and tells her that there's nothing stopping Ian. Madison tells Brady that he doesn't have to work with Kate. Justin points out that it is big for Mad World to have two of the biggest fashion consultants but Madison believes Kate will stab her in the back.

Stefano talks on the phone wanting an expert to find out if there are any toxic gas in the underground tunnels as EJ arrives and walks into the living room. EJ asks him if it's true that Lexie might die because of what Stefano has done to her.

Carrie shakes her head and walks away from Nicole's room. Rafe sits with Nicole and asks if she's feeling okay. Nicole says she's much better and thanks Rafe for coming and doing all he can to sell their lie since she knows it hasn't been easy. Rafe says he just wants what is best for her and the baby. Nicole says she knows how people look at him since they think he slept with her. Nicole feels she's beneath Rafe. Rafe jokes with her about it and states that he thinks people are misjudged her and admits that he had in the past. Nicole says all she's ever wanted is to be loved and to love back and she feels like her child is her last chance. Rafe encourages her not to let EJ stress her out. Rafe assures her that they will both love again. Rafe tells her that he's going to go find Daniel and see if he has the test results. Nicole thanks him again and says she doesn't know what she would've done without him as he then exits the room.

Chad, Melanie, Abigail, and Gabi sit together. Gabi talks about being upset as Melanie and Abigail ask questions. Gabi claims that this person has tried to contact her before. Chad suggests calling the cops but Gabi says that would ruin everything.

Stefano tells EJ that he did nothing to Lexie. EJ thinks he just tells himself that to sleep at night. EJ remarks that Lexie is terminally ill likely from toxic gases she received at the house. Stefano tells him not to start with him. EJ states that Stefano hurting his enemies is one thing but when he hurts his family then he deserves to be punished. Stefano shouts at him that losing a daughter is enough. EJ tells him that it's not about him but Lexie paying the price for Stefano's evil as well as everyone else who loves her. Stefano says he loves Lexie. EJ responds that he never doubted that until now. Stefano says the only thing important now is that they do everything they can to save Lexie. EJ questions if he's just trying to save himself. EJ brings up Stefano holding her captive in the tunnels. Stefano tells him that it was Andre. EJ points out that Andre worked for Stefano. Stefano admits that he should've known. EJ tells Stefano that he will never trust him again after he stole money and the election from him while he doesn't understand what he did for Stefano to turn on his own son.

Justin apologizes to Brady and Madison for not being more helpful. Brady thanks him as Justin suggests they come over for dinner sometime and then exits. Madison complains about being stuck working with Kate. Brady then kisses her.

Melanie questions how calling the police will ruin everything. Gabi worries that Rafe will find out and make her stop modeling which will ruin her life. Chad tells her that the modeling is on hold anyway. Melanie brings up if she'd rather lose her job or her life.

Stefano tells EJ that he's not acting like his son. EJ calls it normal for people to be emotional when someone they love is dying but it's not normal for a father to sabotage his son behind his back. Stefano says they will talk when he stops acting like a crazy child. EJ asks Stefano what child could bring about the fall of John Black who did it all for his father's respect and to prove that he could run the company. EJ tells Stefano that it's no child because he's a man and his son. EJ says he follows in his footsteps only to get nothing in return but Stefano stealing billions from him. EJ shouts that Stefano undermined everything he does. EJ states that it doesn't make any sense unless Stefano really doesn't want him to take over the family. EJ wonders if Stefano is afraid that if he relinquishes his power then everything will disappear. Stefano tells EJ that he's wrong. Stefano declares that everything he did, he did because he loves him.

Rafe returns to Nicole with Daniel. Daniel gives her good news that everything looks good and it was just common cramps. Daniel blames it on stress and tells Nicole that after she leaves then she's free to resume her normal life. Nicole calls her normal life avoiding EJ and then asks if he's still there. Daniel notes that he hasn't seen him. Daniel thinks keeping the secret is taking a toll on Nicole. Nicole doesn't know what to do. Daniel suggests that Nicole needs to tell EJ that he is the baby's father.

Gabi decides she'll just be extra careful and will be fine. Kayla brings Chad and Melanie their food and wishes them luck. Gabi tells them to get going and not worry about her since she will be fine. Melanie decides that they aren't going to Chicago knowing Gabi isn't safe. Melanie says that they wouldn't have fun worrying about Gabi. Gabi thanks them and hugs them.

Brady and Madison kiss onto the office desk. Brady stops and makes a call to cancel all of Madison's appointments for the day. Madison runs and locks the door then they go back to kissing on the desk.

Stefano tells EJ that life rarely turns out the way they hope or plan for it. Stefano talks about thinking of having everything then getting confronted with something that was never anticipated. EJ questions what he's talking about. Stefano tells him that the fates are gathering and it's only a matter of time before they threaten to destroy him or someone he loves.

Justin runs into Carrie at the hospital after coming out of Bo's room. Carrie tells him that she came to see Bo also. Justin brings up Carrie looking to work for a law firm. Justin tells her that he will give her name to his colleagues. Justin comments that it's a shame her and Rafe's partnership didn't work out. Carrie states that the timing wasn't right for them.

Nicole asks Daniel if he's kidding and refuses to tell EJ that he's the father. Rafe encourages her to take deep breaths. Daniel didn't want to upset her and is worried about the stress of the lie. Nicole finds the truth more stressful. Daniel brings up the paternity test but Nicole stays adamant that EJ won't find out. Nicole declares that she will do everything she can to make sure her baby is not raised as a DiMera. Nicole compares it to EJ and Stefano. Nicole admits that she feels sorry for EJ at times for being Stefano's son but she refuses to let her child be raised in that family. Nicole worries that she would never see her child if that was the case as Rafe tries to keep her calm.

Justin tells Carrie that he could talk to his colleagues about Rafe too but Carrie doesn't think it's a good idea. Justin thought they enjoyed being partners. Carrie says she loved it but they have decided to move on from their partnership. Carrie adds that she would do it again in a heartbeat since Rafe is the best.

Rafe tells Daniel that Nicole won't be changing her mind. Nicole has both agree that they won't tell EJ either. Rafe encourages Nicole that she'll be getting out soon. Nicole hopes she doesn't come back to the hospital until she has the baby then realizes she has to come back for the paternity test. Rafe tells her that he will worry about EJ.

Stefano remarks that it's been a long day and EJ agrees. EJ is concerned by Stefano's behavior. Stefano reminds EJ that he loves him no matter what. EJ questions why he tests him. Stefano states that he had to know how EJ would react if he was blindsided. EJ thinks he must have been disappointed when Nicole undermined him and he still won the election. Stefano says what Nicole did was the real telling. EJ feels Nicole understood why he was running for mayor and she did it in spite of Stefano. Stefano believes Nicole did it out of love for EJ's children and not EJ. Stefano states that children are precious and adds that loving a child is a reward. Stefano tells EJ to remember that no matter what. EJ says if he did this all out of love then wants to know why he gets the feeling that he's been pushing him away for weeks.

Nicole gets out of the hospital bed and the nurse helps her into a wheelchair. The nurse comments that she will go get her husband and as Nicole tries to correct her that Rafe isn't her husband, Carrie walks up to her. Nicole jokes about people assuming Rafe is her husband. Carrie thinks it's natural since he hasn't left her side since he found out she's pregnant. Nicole calls him a really great guy. Nicole asks Carrie why she's at the hospital. Carrie tells her she came to see Bo. Nicole is glad to hear Bo is doing better. Carrie hopes everything is okay with Nicole. Nicole tells her that she's fine and free to go. Carrie calls it good. Nicole doesn't know what she would have done. Nicole adds that the baby means so much to her. Carrie knows it means a lot to Rafe too. Carrie hopes everything works out for them and starts to walk away but Nicole stops her and tells her that there's something she should know about Rafe and the baby.

Stefano tells EJ that fathers do not push their sons away. EJ wonders why he feels a distance between them. Stefano blames it on being furious about Kate's betrayal and now being worried about Lexie. EJ thinks it's been going on for weeks and months. EJ questions why he tests his love for him. Stefano tells EJ to never think for a moment that his love for him is not real. Stefano says EJ has been the sum of his hopes and dreams like he was for his own father. EJ wants Stefano to tell him why. Stefano responds saying God help him.

Brady and Madison walk through the town square and talk about their marriage. Madison adds that they have to wait until Ian divorces her. Brady wants to pick a date. Madison talks about looking forward to it and compares it to what she had with Ian. Brady talks about everything he loves about Madison and calls her his dream girl then kisses her.

Chad still thinks they should call the cops and brings up the last time they got into something bad with the sports site. Gabi doesn't think it will do anything. Melanie says Gabi can't be alone. Abigail offers to be with her on campus. Abigail suggests staying with Gabi at night but Gabi worries about someone telling Rafe. Melanie decides that Gabi should move in with Chad which surprises him. Gabi asks if she's serious. Melanie says it makes sense since Chad is a DiMera. Chad wonders how long they are talking about. Melanie says it will just be there until they find out who it is. Melanie adds that she will be there too. Gabi thanks them and goes to pack her things. Melanie asks Chad if he's mad. Chad thinks it's a wonderful thing for a friend but he's frustrated that they won't be alone together. Melanie hopes it won't be for long and they can look forward to being alone then they kiss.

Nicole tells Carrie that she knows she and Rafe got close. Carrie points out that she's still with Austin. Nicole says the reason this is all happened is because they both found themselves betrayed and that's what bonded them. Nicole thinks this easily could've been Carrie instead of her and she never meant for this to happen but now here they are with a child involved. Nicole thinks this will seem like ancient history if Carrie and Austin have a baby of their own and they'll never look back. Rafe joins them and asks if everything is okay. Carrie decides she's running late and walks away. Rafe asks Nicole if something happened. The nurse returns and tells Nicole that her husband can take her home now. Rafe states he'll be right back and goes after Carrie.

EJ tells Stefano that they will do everything they can to help Lexie since they don't want to lose a member of their family. EJ adds that they will stick together with no blame. EJ hopes there will be a medical miracle. EJ reiterates that they are family but Stefano tells him that he's wrong. Stefano tells EJ that he cannot help Lexie. EJ questions what he means. Stefano states that he just knows that. Stefano tells EJ that there is something he has needed to tell him but it just breaks his heart. Stefano adds that he's needed to tell him this for a long time. Stefano decides it's best if he shows him but EJ gets a phone call and tells him to wait. EJ rushes out to answer the call from Will who informs him that Nicole has been released from the hospital. EJ thanks him and heads back inside but Stefano left the house through the side door. EJ goes after him and calls out to him.

Chad and Melanie take Gabi's bags out of the Pub. Abigail walks by and notes that Gabi seems awfully happy. Gabi comments that she's just happy to have amazing friends.

Rafe catches up to Carrie and wants to finish their talk. Carrie says she knows he cares about her and she cares about him too but feels there's nothing left to say. Rafe disagrees but Carrie says her place is with Austin and Rafe needs to be there for Nicole and their baby. Carrie walks away as the nurse wheels Nicole over and she watches Rafe walk away. Nicole says to herself that she's sorry but she needs Rafe more than Carrie does.

EJ can't find Stefano and goes back inside. He unlocks the desk drawer and looks inside but it's empty.

Stefano walks through the town square with the envelope in his hand. Stefano sits down and wonders how he is supposed to do this. Stefano asks himself how he is going to tell EJ that he's not his son.

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