Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/25/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/25/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

The doctor asks Stefano if he's alright. He claims to be fine and asks the doctor again to say what Lexie got it from. She responds that it's possible that the tumor could be a result of exposure to toxic gas from an underground tunnel but it's hard to be certain. Stefano worries and says it can't be his fault as Abe walks by behind him and overhears him. Abe then asks Stefano what he just said. Stefano says nothing. Abe tells him that Lexie is dying and if Stefano caused it, he wants to know how.

Chad and Melanie lay in bed kissing. Melanie wants to stay in bed all day but Chad informs her that he planned a trip for them to Chicago. Chad jokes with her about canceling so they can stay in bed. They agree to stay in bed a little longer and then go to Chicago as they kiss.

Gabi sits at the Pub looking at her and Chad's modeling photos. Will arrives and joins her. Will says he just wanted to talk for a minute since he feels like he complicated things between them when he told her that he was gay. Gabi is glad he told her and is happy that he's comfortable telling people. Will tells her that he's trying to take it one step at a time so he doesn't want the whole town to know. Gabi promises that she can keep a secret as Rafe then arrives and questions what's going on with a secret.

Cameron and Celeste talk at the Coffeehouse. Celeste talks about being upset that she can't do anything to help Lexie. Cameron tells her that she's doing a lot by being there. Cameron touches Celeste's hand and she says she got a strange feeling from it but isn't sure what. Abigail enters and smiles at Cameron.

EJ asks Lexie what the specialist said. Lexie tells him there is no cure. EJ asks how long they are talking about if it's years or months. Lexie tells him that the tumor is very aggressive and her time could end in weeks. EJ cries as Lexie tries to tell him that it's okay. Lexie talks about how much she will miss watching Theo grow up and seeing the changes in EJ. Lexie tells EJ that the way he went after Abe to become mayor caused them a lot of pain. EJ apologizes for it and Lexie forgives him. Lexie wants to see what good EJ can accomplish as mayor. Lexie tells him not to cry. Lexie says she would love to be able to see him in 5-10 years and see what changes have been made in his life. EJ says it's not about him and wants to focus on her but Lexie knows something is on his mind and wants him to talk to her. EJ admits there is a change coming for him just around the corner. EJ informs her that Nicole is pregnant and he's going to be a father again. Lexie asks if that means they are getting back together. EJ says he wishes but she wants nothing to do with him and is saying the baby is Rafe's but he knows it's not true.

Stefano tells Abe that he misheard. Abe says he knows what he heard and wants answers as to why he thinks he's responsible. Nicole arrives with stomach pains as Daniel rushes to begin checking on her.

EJ tells Lexie that he doesn't want to burden her with any of it since it's his problem. EJ then hears Nicole screaming and he rushes out of the room with Lexie.

Daniel and Abe get Nicole in a hospital room with the doctor. EJ and Lexie enter but Nicole screams at EJ to get out so Lexie has him leave. EJ and Lexie talk with Abe outside her room. Abe tells him that she just came in with stomach pains. EJ worries that she could be losing the baby and wants to go back in but Lexie stops him. A nurse comes out and EJ asks for information but she tells him that Nicole requested that EJ not be allowed in or any information.

Daniel has Nicole breathe and has her tell him what happened. Nicole says she was just standing and then had severe pains. Daniel wants to know what she was doing. Nicole says she was just reading a sign about playground renovations that had EJ's name on it.

Rafe sits with Will and Gabi and asks them about the big secret and asks Will if everything is okay. Gabi says everything is okay and tells Rafe that the secret isn't that big of a deal. Gabi then tells Rafe the secret is that she has a crush on someone. Rafe wants to know who but Gabi says she doesn't know how he feels so she doesn't want to say anything. Rafe jokes with her about nobody being able to resist her. Gabi asks how Rafe is doing. Will adds that the kids miss him and Rafe says he misses them too. Gabi asks if he's okay with the divorce. Rafe states that he is okay and then gets a call from Daniel and steps away. Daniel informs Rafe that Nicole came to the hospital with abdominal pains and is now asking for Rafe. Rafe says he's on his way and exits. Gabi hopes everything is okay. Will jokes with Gabi about keeping his secret.

Celeste tells Cameron that she thinks the feeling is about the timing of their reunion and wonders why it happened now. Celeste believes Cameron was sent to get to know Lexie while he can and to help her. Cameron says he also wants to help Celeste. Celeste regrets Cameron growing up without a mother. Cameron blames his father and says he knows he's where he belongs now with Celeste. Celeste cries about having to say goodbye to Lexie.

EJ tells Lexie that he's the father of Nicole's baby and should have some rights. Rafe arrives and EJ questions what he's doing there. Daniel comes out and informs them that he called Rafe because Nicole wanted him. EJ can't believe Rafe gets to go in but he doesn't. Daniel tells him that Nicole filed papers saying that she didn't want EJ to get any information on the baby. Daniel sends Rafe into the room. Rafe goes in and hugs Nicole as she tells him that she's glad he's there.

Cameron gets up and talks to Abigail. Abigail comments that Celeste looks upset and asks if everything is okay. Cameron informs her that Lexie is not well. Abigail is sorry to hear and hopes it means a lot to have them around. Cameron tells Abigail that he had just met Lexie and was so excited to make up for lost time but it's complicated. Abigail offers to help if she can. Cameron thanks her and appreciates it. Cameron tells her that he has to go to the hospital. Abigail stops him and asks if he's alright. Cameron says that he is. Abigail hugs him and tells him to hang in there.

Will tells Gabi that he's surprised she told Rafe about her crush since Rafe is an investigator and could find out it's Chad. Will talks about how Gabi was trying to guilt him into breaking up Chad and Melanie. Gabi tells Will that he helped her realize that it was a bad idea. Gabi says she knows that she can't do anything and will have to accept it. Gabi says she has a photoshoot with Chad today and will consider him just a prop. Will tells Gabi that he has to go do some work for EJ. Gabi thanks him for listening and they agree that they are friends. Will kisses her on the cheek and then exits. Gabi goes back to looking at her modeling photo with Chad. Chad and Melanie then enter the Pub and Gabi looks over at them.

Daniel gives Nicole something to help her relax. Nicole worries about the baby. Daniel tells her that he's going to run some tests and find out what's going on. Nicole thanks Rafe for coming.

EJ paces outside Nicole's room. Stefano comes back and EJ wants his help to get into Nicole's room. EJ reminds Stefano that his grandchild is in there. Stefano tells him that the only thing on his mind is Lexie being sick. EJ wants him to help his son. Stefano says he can't do anything for him and tells him to leave him alone. EJ warns him not to turn his back on him and says if he does it again then he will make him regret it.

Daniel goes over Lexie's diagnosis with the doctor and she tells him there's nothing else that can be done. She tells him that Lexie has weeks or a few months at best. Daniel wants to review her findings just to make sure in case he can help in any way.

EJ tells Stefano that he's a cold man for torturing his family but he's had enough. Lexie screams at them to stop and tries to intervene but gets another headache. Abe can't believe they are doing this to Lexie. Stefano and Abe check on Lexie. Lexie says she's fine and tells Stefano that it'd be best for him to go since he can't do anymore. Stefano tells her that he will go home but he will not give up. Stefano reminds her that she's a DiMera and can't give up. Stefano adds that he still doesn't understand this and it shouldn't be happening to her. Stefano then exits. Lexie tells Abe that she can't deal with that. Abe takes Lexie to go sit down as Will arrives. Will tells EJ that he was looking for him and called his office but wants to know if everything is okay. EJ says everything is not okay and reminds Will that he was supposed to be keeping tabs on Nicole. Will blames it on having class. EJ looks over at Lexie and tells Will that he has a job for him. EJ wants Will to hack into the computer system to get into the hospital records.

Rafe tells Nicole to just think about how happy she will be in a year. Nicole questions if she will be happy. Rafe encourages her that she'll be pushing her baby in a stroll. Rafe assures her that she will be happy with a healthy baby and everything she always wanted.

Chad informs Gabi that their photoshoot was canceled after all the changes in administration at Countess Wilhelmina. Gabi is surprised as Chad tells her that he and Melanie are going to Chicago. Gabi calls it very romantic.

Celeste looks at her tarot cards as Abigail approaches her. Celeste calls her an enchanting young woman. Abigail says she's sorry to hear about Lexie and hopes everything will be okay. Abigail notes that she's never had a tarot card reading and always wondered how it worked. Celeste tells her that the cards can see many things and offers to show her. Celeste tells her that she sees a strong connection to the written word and Abigail tells her that she is studying journalism. Celeste puts more cards down and sees something about a flirtation with an older man. Abigail asks what the cards say about it. Celeste tells her that it's not in her future.

Lexie and Abe go back to EJ. EJ apologizes for his outburst against Stefano and wants to explain. Lexie says she doesn't have room in her life for that kind of petty family drama. Cameron arrives and Lexie invites him to join them. Lexie introduces Cameron to EJ. EJ is surprised to learn she has another brother. EJ tells Cameron that it's a pleasure to meet him. Cameron says he's glad to meet him too but wishes it was under better circumstances. Cameron says he came to get a better handle of what's going on. Lexie hugs Cameron and says they'll make up for not spending more time getting to know each other soon. Abe goes with Cameron to find the doctor. EJ hopes Lexie can forgive him for his behavior. Lexie reminds EJ that he's the mayor now so he can't let his emotions get the better of him and he can't threaten Stefano. Lexie hugs him and wonders what's going on with them.

Stefano returns home and looks at a photo of Lexie. He hugs the photo and holds back tears.

Melanie tells Chad that she's ready to go when he is. Gabi tells them that she's going to her room since the shoot is canceled. Gabi wishes them luck and walks away while still looking back at them as Chad jokes with Melanie about their trip.

Daniel returns to Nicole's room as she has fallen asleep. Rafe thanks Daniel for everything he's done. Daniel reminds him that EJ is still lurking around and wants into the room. Rafe says it's too bad since Nicole doesn't want him in. Daniel brings up that EJ still wants a DNA test. Daniel tells Rafe to keep Nicole well. As Nicole sleeps, she has a dream about being happy with EJ and their baby.

Stefano thinks back to the doctor telling him that Lexie's tumor could've been caused by a toxic gas in an underground tunnel. Stefano drops the picture of Lexie and shatters the frame.

Cameron and Abe talk with the doctor about Lexie's results. Cameron wants to call some of his colleagues to see if they can help. Cameron exits as Abe asks for a moment alone with the doctor. Abe asks her about her conversation with Stefano. She notes that Stefano took it very hard and wanted to know about the causes. Abe wants to know what exactly she told him.

Chad and Melanie talk about their trip as Gabi comes back and tells them that she found a headless doll at her door with a note that reads "This is what's going to happen to you next, model girl"

Celeste tells Abigail that it's all and the cards can be vague. Cameron returns. Abigail says she was just keeping Celeste company but will give them space now. Cameron promises to catch up with her later as Abigail exits. Cameron sits down and Celeste warns him to stay away from Abigail as there is a great aura of danger around her.

Nicole continues her dream about being with EJ and their baby. In her dream, EJ then turns into Rafe and Nicole suddenly wakes up. Rafe asks if she's okay and Nicole says it's him.

Lexie gets dizzy and almost faints into EJ's arms. EJ has her sit down and says he will go find Abe. Will returns and tells EJ that he's close. EJ sends him to keep looking.

The doctor tells Abe that she was explaining to Stefano how underground gasses can cause the tumor. Abe recalls Lexie being held prisoner in an underground tunnel. Abe swears that he will kill Stefano if he caused this as Will and EJ walk in and overhear him.

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