Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/24/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/24/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Bo wakes up at the hospital with Hope at his side. Bo tells her that he had a good nap with an interesting dream about Stefano leaving them alone. Marlena and John arrive and comment that it sounds like a wonderful dream. Hope asks about Agent Spencer. John says it won't be much longer before they find out why the coin is so important to Stefano.

Stefano talks on the phone ordering someone to get what he wants from John and Hope. Stefano has a flashback to being told by his father that he needs to find the egg because the future of their family depended on it. Kate enters and asks Stefano if he's alright but he tells her to get out. Kate says she has something she has to tell him and wants him to sit down.

Abe continues holding Lexie as she cries. Abe reiterates that no one is giving up. Abe says he might not be a doctor or understand the disease but he knows it is not Lexie's time and says it can't be. Lexie tells him that he knows he's scared and she is too. Abe admits he's terrified. Lexie says they have each other and their friends and family who love them so they deserve to know. Lexie states that her condition is what it is and won't change so it's time to start telling people what's going on.

Lucas asks Sami what she means by a proposition. Sami tells him it's an offer. Lucas wants to know what she means. Sami asks what he thinks she means.

EJ tells Nicole she can't be serious about leaving Salem. Nicole suggests they leave tonight. EJ calls it their home but Nicole says it's been nothing but bad for them and it has torn them apart. EJ points out that it's also the place that brought them together and says they can't just walk away from their lives. Nicole wants to go somewhere fresh but EJ doesn't think it's that simple. Nicole tells him that this is how he can have her and it's his decision. EJ stops her and tells her to listen to what she's saying. EJ doesn't think they need to leave as it doesn't matter where they live. Nicole tells him to stop trying to make a case and listen to her if he wants to keep her as his wife. EJ doesn't know if it's possible for him to just leave because of his children, family, and job. EJ asks if they can compromise. Nicole thinks EJ isn't willing to give up anything when she's only asking for one thing. EJ calls it one huge thing. Nicole points out that EJ said he'd do anything but is afraid to leave a town where he's respected and feared. Nicole calls him selfish for not wanting to give up his power but EJ says that's not it. Nicole then decides it must be Sami that's keeping him in Salem.

Lucas tells Sami to tell him what she wants. She hints to him that if he does it right then they could both end up very satisfied. Lucas says he gets it now. Sami declares that she thinks they should work together. Lucas is shocked that she's just offering him a job now. Sami thinks it would be great like old times and they could crush Mad World. Lucas says he knew she was up to something. Lucas questions Sami wanting him to compete with his own mother.

Stefano doesn't want to listen to Kate and tells her to get out but she says it's important and about Lexie. Stefano tells her that she shouldn't mention Lexie's name after what she's done. Stefano starts to leave but Kate stops him and informs him that Lexie is sick and dying. Stefano questions what she just said. Kate says Lexie is sick and needs him. Stefano accuses her of saying anything to get his attention. Kate insists that it's true but Stefano calls it a lie. Stefano then gets a call from Lexie. Lexie says she has something to tell him. Lexie asks Stefano to come to the hospital so they can talk in person. Stefano doesn't want to bother her while she's working but she responds that she isn't working and this is important. Stefano decides he will be right there and hangs up. Kate tries to go with him but Stefano says no. Kate reminds him that she loves Lexie too and exits with Stefano.

John talks about how Agent Spencer told him the code on the coin was so heavily encrypted that they didn't two more agents to help. John says they gave him the name Ivette. Marlena says whoever it is must be clearly is connected to Stefano and they have to find out fast before Stefano makes good on his threats.

Lucas tells Sami that he won't work against his mother or work for Stefano. Sami tries to convince him that he'd be working for her. Sami tries to persuade him. Lucas questions her trying to start a war with Kate. Sami tells him to listen to his gut. Lucas says he should get out now but Sami thinks he wants the job. Lucas tells her he has to go. Sami wants an answer but Lucas says he'll be in touch and exits.

EJ questions Nicole thinking that he wants to stay in town to be with Sami. Nicole thinks Sami has a pull over EJ. EJ shouts that he loves and wants to be with Nicole. Nicole reminds him that he said that right before he slept with Sami. EJ doesn't know what to say. Nicole thinks there's nothing to say and declares that EJ chose Sami over her again. EJ denies doing that and says he's aware of his mistakes but is putting them in the past because he wants to start fresh with Nicole and their baby. Nicole screams back that it's not his baby. EJ gets a phone call and says he will be right there. EJ tells Nicole he's sorry but has to go and he wouldn't if it weren't important. Nicole says they are done here as EJ exits. Nicole then breaks down crying.

Bo says it strange how something as small as the coin could be so important. Hope mentions that they need to find the other half of the coin before Stefano does.

Stefano and Kate arrive at the hospital looking for Lexie but can't find her. Stefano goes searching for her as Lucas joins Kate. Kate tells Lucas about Lexie being sick and dying. Kate tells him about going to tell Stefano and Lucas thinks she did the right thing. Kate asks why he came to talk at the hospital.

Nicole goes to the coffeehouse and spills her water bottle. She grabs a newspaper to clean it up and sees Sami on the front page with news about her taking over Countess Wilhelmina. Sami then enters and Nicole approaches her and says congratulations bitch.

Stefano returns to Kate and Lucas looking for Lexie. Marlena, John, Bo, and Hope hear Stefano from their room as he's outside their room. Bo wants to go talk to him but Hope keeps him in bed so John and Marlena step out with Hope. John tells Stefano that they don't have what he's looking for so he needs to back off. Kate questions what's wrong with John since Stefano is in pain. Lexie arrives and Stefano hugs her. Marlena questions what's going on so Kate informs her that Lexie is dying so she should leave Stefano alone. John says they need to find Abe. Hope tells them to go ahead while she stays with Bo. John and Marlena walk off as Hope heads back into Bo's room. Stefano tells Lexie to tell him everything. Lexie informs him that she has a brain tumor that's inoperable and there's nothing anyone can do. Stefano wants to talk to the doctor but Lexie says she'll just say the same thing. Stefano wants to find a better doctor but Lexie tells him that no doctor will give a different answer so they have to face the facts. Stefano refuses to give up. Kate tells Lexie that she's sorry and asks if she can do anything. Stefano tells Kate to leave so she walks away. Lucas adds that she was just trying to help and follows Kate. Lexie asks why Stefano talked to Kate like that. Stefano says he only cares about Lexie and wants to call more doctors but Lexie stops him and says that this can't be fixed. Lexie states that she wanted to fight too but the reality is that sometimes fights aren't meant to be won so they have to accept this. Stefano hugs her as she cries. EJ arrives and sees them together.

Abe sits in Lexie's office alone as John and Marlena join him. Abe realizes they have heard the news. Marlena tells him that they are sorry. John says they just got word and asks more about it. Abe tells them that it's a tumor with no cure and no hope. Marlena tells him that there's always hope and encourages him to never give up. John asks if there's anything they can do. Abe says he doesn't know what to do. Abe calls Lexie his life and entire world. Abe talks about how doctors are supposed to save lives. Marlena encourages him to be strong for Lexie. Abe doesn't know how he will go on without her.

Sami tells Nicole that she won't let her spoil her good mood but tells her that jealousy isn't flattering. Nicole laughs at the idea of being jealous of Sami. Sami says she has a great new job, a great place to live and four great children while Nicole has no place to live, no job, and no money to support her baby. Nicole tells Sami that she hasn't earned anything. Sami decides she's going back to work but Nicole stops her and tells her that she doesn't deserve it. Nicole says leaving Sami was the best thing Rafe ever did since he deserves a loving wife and children of his own someday. Sami notices that Nicole said Rafe deserves children someday and then questions who's baby Nicole is carrying. Nicole insists that it's Rafe's. Sami accuses her of squirming. Nicole says Sami makes her skin crawl. Sami questions why she would say someday. Nicole brings up her medical history and her baby not being born yet. Nicole tells her that she's going to sell her stock in Countess Wilhelmina now and exits.

Lucas and Kate walk through the town square. Lucas doesn't think Kate should let Stefano talk to her like that and doesn't understand how she can still have feelings for him. Kate says she still loves him and understands that he wants to break her heart since she betrayed him. Kate assumes she'd be the same way and says she and Stefano are alike in many ways. Kate tells Lucas to stay clear of Sami since she took what's hers and is going to pay. Kate warns Lucas to keep his distance from Sami.

EJ joins Stefano and Lexie. EJ tells Stefano that he's heard. Lexie tells him that she's sure and the tests are conclusive that nothing can be done. Lexie says she's going to rejoin Abe so EJ offers to go with her. The doctor joins them and Lexie introduces them. Stefano asks EJ to take Lexie so he can talk to the doctor. They walk away as Stefano wants to know what she's going to do to help Lexie. She responds that all they can do is keep her comfortable. Stefano wants her to keep Lexie alive. Stefano declares that he will take things into his own hands if he has to.

Lucas goes to Sami's and tells her about finding out that Lexie has a brain tumor and is dying. Sami calls it awful. Lucas tells her that taking it all in has got him thinking how unpredictable life is. Lucas worries about something happening to Sami or the kids. Sami tells him not to worry since they are healthy and happy. Sami insists that she's fine but Lucas points out that Kate will do anything to Sami. Sami says it won't happen and Lucas agrees because he won't let it.

EJ and Lexie go to her office but Abe is gone so Lexie wants to go find him. EJ stops her and wants to talk. EJ asks how much time they have. Lexie responds that it's not enough. EJ hugs her as she cries. EJ tells her it's okay to cry and says he's there for he as EJ gets teary-eyed as well.

Hope lays with Bo in his hospital bed and worries about Lexie. Hope says she can't believe it and doesn't want to. Hope wonders how this could be happening. Hope calls it unfair since Lexie is still so young. Hope worries about Abe and Theo. Hope cries that Theo will grow up without his mom.

Stefano asks the doctor if they understand each other. She says she knows who Stefano is and is well aware of his reputation but no amount of threats, ultimatums, or money can cure Lexie. Stefano thinks something has to be done. She tells him to spend his time with Lexie rather than searching for someone to blame. Stefano apologizes and doesn't understand. Stefano asks if it's genetic. She tells him that there could be any possible reason but most likely it could have been exposure to a certain gas. She tells him that the gas could be found in powerplants as well as underground in tunnels. Stefano begins to worry and mutters to himself.

Sami asks Lucas what he means. Lucas tells her that he has her back and is accepting her job offer. Sami asks him about going up against Kate. Lucas says he was concerned but feels Kate left him no choice. Sami hugs him and tells him it'll be the best decision he ever made. Lucas hopes she doesn't make him regret it.

John and Marlena return to Bo and Hope. Bo asks about Abe. John says he's devastated. Hope worries about how they are going to tell Theo and explain it to him. Hope calls it heartbreaking. Bo wants to go home but Hope reminds him that he has to wait until he's released by the doctors. Marlena warns him that if he rushes his recovery then he could end up right back in the hospital. Bo wants to hold Ciara. John wonders why it always takes bad news to remind them how fragile life is and how they can't take the people they love in their lives for granted. Marlena tells John that she loves him. John kisses her and hugs her as Hope and Bo kiss as well.

Nicole walks through the town square. She stops and thinks back to EJ proposing to her. Nicole continues walking and comes across a flyer about renovations for a children's playground from Mayor EJ DiMera. Nicole then starts to have stomach pains.

Lexie thanks EJ for being there for her as she continues to cry. EJ says he will always be there for her as her brother. EJ wants to know what he can do. Lexie tells him that there's nothing but EJ thinks there has to be something. EJ offers to call Chad but Lexie thinks she should tell him in person. EJ calls her amazing. Lexie says she doesn't know about that but EJ insists. EJ tells her that she doesn't deserve this. Lexie states that nobody does but these things happen and sometimes there's no reason at all.

The doctor asks Stefano if he's alright. He claims to be fine and asks the doctor again to say what Lexie got it from. She responds that it's possible that the tumor could be a result of exposure to toxic gas from an underground tunnel but it's hard to be certain. Stefano worries and says it can't be his fault as Abe walks by behind him and overhears him. Abe then asks Stefano what he just said.

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