Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/23/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/23/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Lexie, Abe, Celeste, and Cameron meet with the doctor that has flown in to work on Lexie's case. Celeste hopes she can help her. Lexie adds that they are still awaiting test results. Lexie says that she's hopeful.

Ian tells Kate and Lucas that he thought they had a successful meeting. Lucas disagrees and Kate thinks she and Madison can't work together. Ian thinks she should be happy for the job offer. Kate points out that she'd never work with Madison. Ian admits that he gets a kick out of Madison and Kate going at it. Kate starts to leave but Ian asks her to stay and listen to what he has to say so that she will understand.

Outside the Pub, EJ tells Nicole that he can't lose her. Nicole says he already has lost her but EJ doesn't accept it. EJ asks her not to shut him out since she's carrying his child and they will always be connected. Nicole insists that he's not the father. EJ says he can live with her denial but can't live without her. Nicole tells him to stop. EJ tells her that he loves her and needs her. Nicole tells him that she doesn't care about him anymore.

Austin tells Sami to trust that Carrie is over Rafe and what happened between them wasn't serious. Sami refuses to believe it and brings up Carrie saying she was falling in love with Rafe. Austin thinks she was just confused about him and their relationship. Sami disagrees and thinks nothing was going wrong between them until Carrie laid eyes on Rafe. Austin doesn't want to hear this and tells Sami that Carrie is committed to their relationship and now Rafe is no longer a factor in their relationship. Sami hopes that he's right.

Rafe tells Carrie that he promised he wouldn't tell anyone but she needs to know. Carrie doesn't want to get in the middle of his relationship with Nicole. Rafe tells her that what he has to tell her changes everything so that they can be together.

Nicole tells EJ to let her go. EJ says that he can't because he has nothing without her. Nicole tells him that it's not true. EJ says his life is falling apart and assumes it's what he deserves.

Sami apologizes to Austin for being bitter. Austin understands the history between them. Sami tells Austin that she's happy for him if he's happy. Austin thanks her. Sami offers to buy him a cup of coffee so they start to walk on but end up seeing Rafe and Carrie together. Sami asks if Austin knew they were meeting. Austin says Carrie didn't tell him where she was going. Sami remarks that Rafe must be at the top of Carrie's to-do list.

Rafe tells Carrie that he and Nicole aren't in love. Carrie can't believe she didn't realize it. Carrie brings up the baby and thinks it could change everything if he gives it time. Rafe starts to tell her about the baby but they are interrupted by Austin and Sami walking up and Austin asks what's going on.

Cameron offers to take Celeste to get coffee but Abe offers to go if Cameron says with Lexie. Lexie hugs Abe and thanks him then he exits with Celeste. Lexie talks with Cameron about Lexie hovering. Cameron understands she needs space. Lexie thanks him for being there. Lexie thinks it's strange that she never knew about him. Cameron brings up the brother Lexie does know. Lexie assumes Cameron is nothing like EJ and they laugh together. Lexie hopes to get to know him better and find out what else they have in common. Cameron encourages her and they talk about Theo. Lexie states that she's not giving up when she has so much to live for.

Ian tells Kate that she and Madison are both smart and talented. Lucas points out that they can't stand each other. Ian thinks they'll get over it and then Mad World will exceed all expectations. Ian believes they can overcome their animosity and focus on what they have in common. Kate can't imagine what they could have in common. Ian points out that they both hate Sami. Kate questions that being the motivation. Ian thinks an intense feeling like hate can be motivating. Lucas asks them to leave Sami out of it but Kate tells him not to stand up for Sami since she doesn't deserve it. Ian says that Kate and Madison are both very alike as they fought to become pioneers in the fashion industry. Kate mocks the idea of Madison being a pioneer. Ian thinks Kate really respects what Madison has accomplished. Kate states that if they are so alike then Ian doesn't need both of them. Kate wants him to fire Madison and keep her as the CEO.

Nicole asks EJ why he thinks his life is falling apart and then realizes that he talked to Stefano. EJ says he didn't really talk to him and calls it a complete waste of time. Nicole wants to know what happened. EJ says he confronted Stefano about sabotaging the election and the stolen money but he said nothing. EJ says that Stefano made it clear that he's cut out of DiMera Enterprises but he has no idea why. EJ figures he must have done something to upset Stefano and now he's being punished. Nicole brings up how much Stefano's approval means to him. Nicole asks about Lexie but EJ thinks she has enough on her plate. EJ tells Nicole that he's never needed her as much as he does now.

Austin tells Carrie that he didn't realize she was meeting up with Rafe. Carrie says they just had a few things to wrap up and calls it no big deal. Sami asks what they were talking about but Rafe doesn't think it's her business. Sami says it's Austin's business and they heard them talking about a baby. Carrie states that Rafe was telling her how excited he was about having a baby with Nicole. Sami and Carrie argue about cheating as Carrie points out that Sami cheated on Rafe and lied about it while Sami thinks Rafe cheated on Carrie with Nicole. Sami tells Carrie to look in the mirror.

EJ and Nicole go to Nicole's hotel room. Nicole tells him not to get too comfortable because she's still not sure it's a good idea to have him there and then tells him to talk. EJ says he's been re-evaluating the choices he's made that hurt people he loves. EJ doesn't want to end up like Stefano and calls him a bitter, lonely old man that has pushed away everyone who ever loved him. EJ says Stefano's life is empty without redeeming qualities. Nicole doesn't think EJ's life is empty since he has his kids, his job, and he's the mayor. EJ asks if she understands what he did to Lexie by going against Abe in the election. Nicole thinks Lexie will get over it. EJ says he wouldn't admit to anyone else but says the election campaign and running for mayor destroyed his life.

Kate tells Ian that she will sign right now if he fires Madison but Ian refuses to do that. Ian thinks it wouldn't be in the best interest of the company. Kate tells Ian that he's putting her in an uncomfortable position. Ian thinks she can put her personal feelings aside and then realize the opportunity. Lucas points out that Kate doesn't have many options. Kate tells Ian that her one condition will be that he hires Lucas so that she has someone she can trust. Ian says it's done but Lucas isn't asking for a job. Lucas reminds her that he has a life and fiancee in Hong Kong and says he's going back soon since staying in Salem is not an option for him right now. Kate hopes Sami doesn't talk Lucas into extending his stay then. Kate wants Lucas to put an ocean between he and Sami as soon as possible.

Austin tells Sami that they will take a rain check on coffee. Sami agrees and says she has to get back to work. Rafe questions Sami getting a new job so she informs him that Stefano hired her as the new CEO of Countess Wilhelmina since she kicked Kate to the gutter. Sami tells Austin that she will call him and hurries off. Rafe decides he should get going too. Carrie thinks they left everything in a good place for everyone and Rafe agrees then walks away. Austin tells Carrie that nothing has changed and asks if she still has feelings for Rafe.

Cameron, Celeste, Abe, and Lexie talk and laugh together until the doctor returns with the test results. She informs Lexie that after going over both sets of scans, she agrees that the tumor is inoperable. Abe asks about treatment or anything else they can do but she apologizes and says there's nothing that anyone can do. Lexie then states that she's going to die.

Sami sits at home and Lucas then arrives. Lucas tells her that he came to give her a heads up that Ian just hired Kate as co-CEO with Madison. Sami calls it nuts and thinks that won't work out. Lucas talks about how Ian is rallying them up to take Sami down and he wants to know what she's going to do about it. Sami says she's going to do nothing since Kate and Madison hate each other more than her. Sami believes Kate and Madison will destroy each other and the company and they can watch it unfold.

Austin tells Carrie that they both know the truth as much as he wishes she could just turn her feelings off, he knows she has them. Carrie tells Austin that she loves him and her feelings for Rafe don't matter anymore. Austin points out that she still has them. Carrie says they will go away over time. Austin wonders how this happened and how he didn't realize what she and Rafe had was so serious. Austin points out the way that she looked at Rafe. Carrie apologizes. Austin tells her that he can be patient but if she can't get over Rafe then she has to tell him. Austin asks Carrie if they have a future or if Rafe is always going to be in the way.

Nicole tells EJ that running for mayor didn't ruin his life as had a clear goal and has done it. EJ questions what cost it was at. Nicole doesn't know and points out that EJ won so she doesn't see the downside. EJ states that he alienated Lexie and his plan to frame John backfired. EJ talks about inciting so much contempt for John that someone tried to kill him and says that's where it all began. EJ says that's why Johnny disappeared and they thought he was dead which is why he slept with Sami and that's why he lost Nicole. EJ tells Nicole that he'd give up all the power of being mayor to get Nicole back. EJ asks her to trust him one more time.

Lexie asks the doctor how much time she has. She tells Lexie that the recent scan showed very aggressive growth so she's afraid that they are talking a matter of weeks. Celeste cries as the doctor adds that it will be a few months at the most. The doctor apologizes and exits as Lexie cries. Abe tries to suggest getting more opinions but Lexie says it won't make a difference. Lexie tells Abe that they have to start preparing and make plans. Lexie wonders what they're going to tell Theo since he won't understand what's happening and why she won't be there. Lexie cries about having to leave Theo as Abe hugs her.

Ian has fashion designers brought into his office and introduces Amy Accord to Kate. Ian tells Kate to pick out a wardrobe since she'll need one after Stefano threw her out. Ian wants Kate to pick whatever she wants.

Sami asks Lucas how he's doing. Lucas says he's ok since he still has some investments and isn't totally broke. Lucas says he's waiting for the right time to tell Autumn what happened and then she calls him. Lucas says she sounds upset and exits the room to continue talking.

Nicole tells EJ that she can't just give and take her trust. Nicole says she wants to trust and forgive him but he broke her heart after promising that he'd never do it again and it can't be fixed ever. EJ tells her that they can raise their baby together and that can fix things for them. Nicole reiterates that it's Rafe's baby but EJ says he knows it's not Rafe's. EJ says he knows their baby was created out of love and then they can be a family like they always wanted. Nicole calls it a stupid dream. EJ holds her and says it's his dream too. EJ tells her to think about having Sydney and Johnny too. EJ asks her for one more chance.

Sami listens from the door on Lucas' conversation then runs back to her chair when he finishes. Lucas tells her that he heard her eavesdropping. Sami says she couldn't hear everything so she wants to know what's up. Lucas announces that Autumn just broke up with him because she's sick of waiting for him to come home. Lucas thinks it has to do with putting Sami first and above their future. Lucas says he tried to explain but she didn't believe him. Sami encourages him that he can fix it but Lucas says she told him not to bother. Lucas talks about thinking Autumn was the one he'd spend his life with but now it's over and done.

Carrie apologizes to Austin and says she never wanted this to happen. Austin asks what she's saying. Carrie tells him that she wants to be with him and hugs him, asking him not to give up on her. Austin tells her that he loves her too much to ever give up on her. Carrie apologizes for ever making her doubt that she loved him too. Austin asks about her feelings for Rafe but Carrie says they are nothing compared to her feelings for him and then kisses him.

Lexie asks Abe what they are going to do with so little time left. Abe wants to continue with only positive thoughts and love. Abe tells her that she is his life. Abe says he's never loved anyone as much as he loves her. Abe doesn't care how many doctors they see or what they say, he will never give up on her. Abe kisses her and hugs her as she cries.

Nicole tells EJ that it's scary how sincere he sounds and she thinks he actually believes what he's saying. EJ says Nicole and Lexie are the only people to ever love and accept him. EJ says it would destroy him to lose either one of them. Nicole asks him to stop and let her think about things. Nicole hesitates and then says she can't believe she's going to say this but if EJ truly believes what he's saying and is willing to do anything to prove that she can trust him then she has one condition. Nicole says before she even agrees to take him back then she wants them to leave Salem for good.

Celeste and Cameron sit together at the coffeehouse. Celeste says she knows what the tarot cards said but she can't believe Lexie is losing her life now. Cameron encourages her not to give up hope since miracles happen all the time. Celeste calls him a good son but says the test results don't lie and her doctor told them that Lexie has no hope of recovery. Kate overhears them and hopes she misheard. Kate asks if Stefano knows. Celeste says she doesn't. Kate states that Stefano will be devastated and decides she's going to tell him. Celeste tries to stop Kate but she exits as Ian enters.

Lexie continues crying in Abe's arms. Abe kisses her and cries as well.

Austin and Carrie lay in bed together kissing.

Rafe sits at the Pub and looks at a picture of Carrie on his phone.

Sami encourages Lucas and he thanks her for being there. Sami tells Lucas that she has a proposition for him.

EJ questions why Nicole wants to leave Salem. Nicole says there's too many memories and she can't rebuild a new life if she's constantly reminded of the old one. EJ wonders where they would go. Nicole doesn't care as long as it's away from Salem and away from Stefano. EJ brings up Johnny and Sydney. Nicole says they can still them and the kids can come to them. Nicole tells EJ that he also has to be willing to raise Rafe's child. Nicole tells EJ that if he truly means what he says then he should prove to her that he will always put her first by leaving Salem. Nicole tells EJ that if he does it, then he will have her forever.

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