Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/20/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/20/12


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Brady and Madison wake up together in bed. Brady brings up their wedding and wants to fast track it. Brady says he'd get married right now if he could. Madison reminds him that she has to get a divorce first. Madison admits to Brady that she's wondering if Ian is setting her up. Brady threatens to come after Ian if that was the case and then they kiss.

Ian sits with Kate at the town square. Kate remarks that it's all over the internet that she's been thrown out and lost her company. Ian tells her that Stefano rejecting her is the best thing that could happen to her. Ian promises her that things are going to look up for her soon. Lucas walks up and says he can't believe Stefano kicked her out because of Ian.

Sami talks on the phone at her office. She finishes as EJ arrives. Sami brings up expecting to see EJ last night and wants to know if she still has the job.

Carrie has a dream where she wakes up in bed with Rafe. They kiss and say that everything is perfect now. They talk about being glad they finally worked everything out and then continue kissing. They make love in her dream and then she wakes up in bed next to Austin, remarking out loud that it's perfect and they have all the time in the world now. Austin then agrees with her as Carrie realizes she was dreaming.

EJ tells Sami that Countess Wilhelmina is her company now to run as she wants. Sami wonders what Kate did to Stefano. EJ tells her not to worry since she got this opportunity. EJ states that he's here to make sure she doesn't screw up.

Kate wants to explain to Lucas but Lucas thinks they lost their jobs because of Ian. Ian introduces himself to Lucas. Ian offers to explain exactly what happened. Kate thinks she should be the one to help Lucas understand. Lucas thinks he already knows but Kate notes that Stefano set her up. Kate says she failed Stefano's test. Lucas hopes it was worth it and reminds them that it's only a matter of time before Stefano destroys them both.

Madison warns Brady not to get mixed up with Ian. Brady wants to make sure Ian lives up to his promise. Madison thinks Ian always goes back on his word. They talk about how it must hurt Ian's ego to see his wife fall in love with another man. Madison assumes that Ian must have found someone new if he's letting her go. Brady hopes that she's not jealous.

Kate tells Lucas that she doesn't need this from him. Ian promises not to let Stefano lay a hand on her. Lucas doesn't feel reassured. Ian informs Lucas that he's in love with Kate and has been for a very long time. Lucas then realizes he might know Ian.

Sami tells EJ that Stefano must think she's going to make him money since he made her CEO. EJ tells her that Stefano only hired her to hurt Kate. Sami talks about knowing about cosmetics and says she's going to make the company more successful than Kate ever did. EJ thinks Stefano doesn't care about the company but he does and says he's here to help.

Carrie gets up from bed and looks at a photo of her and Austin. Austin comes out of the shower and rejoins her. Carrie talks about how they both have so much to do today. Austin says they have all the time in the world now. Carrie tells him that she will call him for lunch. Austin kisses her and then goes to get dressed. Carrie sits down and calls Rafe. Rafe walks through the town square and answers. Carrie tells Rafe that they need to talk.

Ian tells Lucas that he has a very good memory. Lucas wants to know when they met. Ian recalls visiting Kate when they went on a ski trip. Lucas says he was just a kid then and realizes Ian taught him how to ski. Lucas recalls thinking Ian was a cool guy and then he took off. Ian says their lives took different parts and now they have found each other. Lucas brings up Stefano again. Ian tells Lucas that he and Kate have nothing to worry about with Stefano because he will take care of him. Lucas wishes him luck. Ian shakes hands with Lucas and then exits to go to his office. Lucas remarks to Kate that he hopes Ian was worth it.

Madison tells Brady that she'd gladly congratulate Ian if he has a new woman. Madison says she just wants to know what she's dealing with. Brady promises to be there with her through anything. Madison then gets a text message from her director of PR. Madison tells Brady that he won't believe it but informs him that Sami is now running Countess Wilhelmina instead of Kate, which shocks Brady.

Sami questions how EJ plans to help her. EJ hopes Sami runs with her new job. EJ tells her that she has an opportunity to provide for herself and her children without anyone helping her. EJ suggests she set something up for the long term. Sami thinks he's saying that she can't do it without his help. EJ states that he has inside knowledge so he can be her partner and back her up. Sami assumes that Stefano hasn't ran any of this by him. Sami asks EJ if Stefano has kicked him to the curb with Kate.

Rafe sits at the town square and thinks back to overhearing that Carrie and Austin were going to try and work things out. Carrie arrives at the town square and stops when she sees Rafe. She thinks back to overhearing Rafe say he's the father of Nicole's baby. Carrie joins Rafe and thanks him for meeting her. Rafe notes that she sounded upset and wants her to talk. Carrie talks about Austin being so happy that they are back together and trying to be the perfect husband but she is going through the motions and lying to him because of how she still feels about Rafe. Carrie tells Rafe that her old feelings are not the same. Rafe tells her that she hasn't done anything wrong. Carrie admits that when Austin is holding her, she's wishing it was Rafe. Rafe doesn't know what to say and thought they were working things out. Carrie says she doesn't know now. Carrie talks about how she and Austin have been through so much to be together but she can't get Rafe out of her head and she doesn't think she wants to.

EJ tells Sami that he's offering her a lifeline. Sami thinks he's trying to avoid talking about Stefano. Sami compares them both not having many friends. Sami talks about how they both lost the ones they loved. EJ adds that they also have two children. Sami convinces him to talk about Stefano. EJ says there's been tension between them lately. EJ thinks it's because of Stefano ending his relationship with Kate so he's trying to keep distance between people he's loved. Sami thinks what he's doing to Kate makes sense but EJ is his golden boy. EJ tells Sami that he found out that Stefano has been working to undermine him in everything he does for months. EJ thinks it makes no sense. EJ brings up how Stefano dissolved Hearth & Home which was a profitable company and calls it not like Stefano. Sami goes over that EJ wants to help her to prove something to Stefano. EJ thinks they could turn the company into a financial powerhouse. Sami thinks he'll have his hands full with being mayor. EJ says he can be an outside consultant. Sami thinks EJ is trying to use her to get back into Stefano's good graces which doesn't set well with her. Sami then turns EJ down.

Madison finishes a phone call as Brady gets dressed. Madison tells Brady that Stefano took over Countess Wilhelmina behind Kate's back and then dumped her and made Sami the CEO. Brady figures Stefano must be trying to get back at Kate for something. Brady asks if Madison is worried. Madison states that she can handle Sami and is going to face her.

Kate explains to Lucas what happened and how she went crazy when she saw Stefano's photos of Marlena. Lucas asks if Ian was there to pick up the pieces. Kate says it wasn't Ian's fault and he's been wonderful to her since. Lucas doesn't want to hear about her love life. Lucas brings up being happy about what they accomplished at Hearth & Home even though it's gone now. Kate says they've been through worse and they will survive and end up back on top. Kate thinks Stefano will realize what a stupid mistake he made by kicking her out and giving Sami her company. Lucas asks what Kate is going to do to Sami now. Kate remarks that she will be out for revenge.

EJ tells Sami that she's making a mistake but Sami doesn't think so. Sami says she will handle whatever comes her way on her own. Sami gets a call from Madison. Madison congratulates her. Sami tells her that she will thank her by driving Mad World into the ground. Madison tells her to focus on running her company instead of her mouth. Sami says she can do both. Sami tells Madison that she's going to use everything she knows to make sure she goes down and then hangs up. Madison calls her a bitch and then gets a text message from Ian that he wants to see her and it's personal.

EJ remarks that Sami seems confident. Sami thinks Madison was just trying to shake her up. EJ reminds her that she has a company to run and hopes she realizes it. EJ starts to leave but Sami stops him and says they can still be friends even if they aren't partners. EJ jokes about being friends. Sami says she knows what it's like to prove something to your parents. Sami says they won't do that to their kids and then asks EJ if he's going to find a way to fix things with Nicole.

Madison and Brady go to Ian's office. Ian comments on not knowing Brady was coming. Brady wanted to make sure Ian was letting Madison go. Ian questions why he would do that. Madison says she knew it and Brady says no more games. Ian says Madison is a capable executive that he wouldn't let go. Madison brings up the divorce. Ian says he will give her the divorce but wanted to talk with all of them about business. Kate enters with Lucas which surprises Madison and Brady. Ian declares that he wanted to have a meeting about business.

EJ tells Sami that he misses Nicole. Sami says she misses Rafe and knows they screwed up. EJ says he hasn't given up on Nicole but knows it won't be easy. EJ says he has a lot to do and so he exits.

Rafe tells Carrie that he's sorry that she's going through all this. Carrie says she needs to find a way to move on and owes that to Austin since she and Rafe never had a real chance. Rafe calls what they had real. Carrie tells him that he doesn't have to say that since he is having a baby with Nicole. Carrie questions why she's even telling him this and thought it would help her marriage. Carrie admits that she just wanted to see Rafe. Rafe reveals that he heard her say she was going to work things out with Austin so he chose to back off. Carrie can't believe it and questions why he would sleep with Nicole if he really felt that way.

EJ exits the Brady Pub and runs into Nicole.

Rafe tells Carrie that he has his reasons for doing what he did. Carrie wants to know what they were. Carrie assumes he and Nicole were out of their mind after what they had been through but Rafe states that's not what happened. Rafe tells Carrie that he lied to her. Carrie thinks before he knew that Nicole was pregnant that he thought he could've gotten away with it. Carrie thinks things could've been different if they were upfront with each other but Rafe thinks they still can.

Sami walks through the town square and finishes a call. She comes across Austin who questions what she's talking about with Countess Wilhelmina. Sami reveals to him that Stefano fired Kate and now she's the CEO. Austin can't believe it since Kate hasn't told him anything about this. Austin gets worried and decides to call Kate now. Sami wishes him luck. Austin says she's the one that needs luck and warns her not to accept a gift from Stefano. Sami says she realizes the risk. Austin reminds Sami that she will now owe Stefano. Sami claims she will shut everyone up by turning Countess Wilhelmina into a huge international success. Austin hopes she's right.

Ian brings up Sami becoming CEO of Countess Wilhelmina and he thinks Countess W's loss could be Titan's gain. Ian reveals that he's offering Kate a job which infuriates Madison.

Nicole starts to walk away from EJ but he offers her his tea and says he can get some somewhere else. Nicole thanks him and wonders why EJ was drinking herbal tea since he only did when he was hungover. EJ recalls Nicole making him a smoothie at the Pub one time and they flashback to that time together. Nicole says she doesn't want to walk down memory lane and gives him his tea back. Nicole starts to leave but EJ stops her. Nicole says he can't keep doing this to her. EJ says he's lost everything in his life that matters and doesn't want to lose her as well.

Ian calls hiring Kate a no-brainer but Madison disagrees. Ian praises Kate's experience. Madison refuses to work for Kate since she's tried to destroy Mad World. Ian says they were just competing in the past. Ian thinks Sami will be no match for the two of them. Madison thinks she can take Sami on her own. Ian points out that Sami has Stefano behind her. Ian offers Kate the job of co-CEO of Mad World but Madison says it happens over her dead body.

Sami tells Austin that she's not worried about Kate or Stefano. Sami insists that she has it covered and knows how to handle the job. Austin says he always supports her. Sami calls it a great opportunity and a nice chance to focus on something besides Rafe. Sami asks how things are with Austin and Carrie. Austin says it's not exactly been the most pleasurable couple of months. Austin tells Sami that they are starting to put things back together and reveals that they are talking about having a baby. Sami responds that she's now worried about Austin. Austin says his life is as good as it's been in months. Sami warns Austin not to buy a house before finding out if Carrie is over Rafe.

Carrie questions how they could go back to what they had when Nicole is pregnant. Rafe says it's not what she thinks. Carrie thinks Nicole's pregnancy is life's way of telling her to stay with Austin. Rafe says he's trying to do the honorable thing. Carrie brings up Sami and says she can't hurt Austin that way. Carrie asks if Rafe could do that to Nicole. Rafe says he wouldn't be hurting Nicole since Carrie doesn't know the whole story. Carrie wants him to tell her so Rafe declares that he will tell her the whole story.

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