Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/19/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/19/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Gabi tells Will that he doesn't have to try to make her feel better but Will assures her that he's gay. Gabi asks if he's sure and when he figured it out. Will talks about not being ready to accept that he knew it. Will says he's the reason he couldn't make their relationship work. Gabi asks Will how he feels about it. Will says he's mostly at peace and it wasn't the end of the world like he first thought. Will says not fighting it has made it feel less like a big deal. Gabi feels like it is her fault.

Chad walks through the town square when two girls recognize him as a model and approach him. One of the girls takes a picture with him and then kisses him as Melanie walks by and is surprised by what she sees.

Madison talks on the phone in her office as Brady watches. She talks about working with Basic Black and finishes. Brady comments that he loves watching her do business. Madison says the next order is sticking it to Sami for leaving Mad World. Brady tells her that he's staying with her. They talk about ordering food and talk about the last time they ate together in the office. They recall that night together until Ian interrupts by entering and telling them that those nights are behind them.

EJ tells Stefano that fun time is over but he thinks it has just begun. EJ wants to know what that means but Stefano says he doesn't talk about business in front of enemies. Kate says she's not his enemy but his wife and she loves him. Stefano tells her that will be taken care of. EJ questions if he wants to be alone without either one of them. Stefano says he is not staying married to a hooker. EJ refuses to leave until Stefano tells him why he's been sabotaging everything he's tried to do. Stefano responds that EJ is not the man that he thought he was.

Will tells Gabi that it's not her fault that he's gay and has nothing to do with her. Gabi recalls liking a boy in high school that turned out to be gay. Will assures her that she didn't make them that way. Gabi thinks something must be wrong with her if two guys couldn't love her back.

Melanie interrupts Chad as he tries to explain. Melanie says Chad doesn't have to explain but the girl does.

Brady thinks Ian wants to cause more problems but Ian says he just wants to talk to Madison. Madison asks Brady not to get upset.

EJ tells Stefano that he doesn't recognize him either. Stefano says they can talk about what's in the folder but not in front of Kate. Kate wants him to stop but Stefano responds that she's dead to him and he means it. Stefano tells Kate to either get out or he'll have her thrown out.

Melanie informs the girls that she's Chad's girlfriend so she's looking after him. Melanie argues with the girls until they leave. Melanie calls out to them that Chad is staying her boyfriend. Chad says he's impressed and jokes about girls fighting over him. Chad then kisses Melanie.

Will tells Gabi that there's nothing wrong with her. Will says she couldn't have known about him since he wasn't even ready himself and didn't know what he wanted. Will apologizes to Gabi for any time he made her feel undeserving. Gabi is glad that they ended up friends and Will says the same. Will encourages that she'll find a good guy soon. Melanie and Chad enter the coffeehouse laughing together which upsets Gabi. Will encourages her not to go after Chad since he's not into her. Gabi thinks Chad could be into her if Will helps her.

Ian tells Brady and Madison that he's not going to hurt them and won't let his emotions get in the way of business. Ian asks for time alone with Madison so Brady exits. Madison wants to know what he wants. Ian wants to talk about the man she loves.

Kate questions Stefano throwing her out after everything they had meant to each other. Kate talks about having his back and how she fell in love with him. Stefano tells her not to talk about that. Stefano thinks Kate is making a fool out of him. Kate wants to explain but Stefano claims there is no explanation. Stefano tells Kate to get out and lie in the bed she made.

Madison tells Ian to say what he came to say and get it over with. Ian says he's still her boss and husband and still cares about her. Ian wants to spend a few moments with her while she's still his wife because he sees that she's still deeply in love with Brady. Ian claims he won't stand in the way of true love and offers Madison divorce and freedom. Ian says there is no catch. Ian tells her that he loves her and always will but has his pride. Ian decides he will no longer keep her in their marriage. Ian tells her that she is free.

Kate tells Stefano that she will still love him even though he detests her for no reason. Stefano declares the conversation is over. Kate thinks she shouldn't lose her livelihood as well. Stefano thinks she's all about business. Kate talks about building Countess Wilhelmina and Hearth & Home by herself. Stefano says they now belong to him. Stefano blames Kate for betraying him. Kate says he's leaving her with nothing. Stefano yells at her to get out so she leaves.

Will asks if Chad and Melanie are going to join them. Melanie says they are waiting for their coffee so they'll let them have fun and they step away. Gabi mocks them as Will asks Gabi what her master plan is to break them up. Gabi says he doesn't know what Chad is like when they're alone. Gabi says she liked Chad before Melanie did and knows there's something between them. Will brings up how she thought there was something between them two as well. Gabi calls it mean. Will talks about how he wished he could love Gabi and not be gay before. Will encourages Gabi to give up on Chad since it won't happen while Melanie is in the picture. Gabi thinks Melanie won't always be in the picture. Gabi says she and Will are still friends so she hopes he wants her to be happy. Will thinks that's not fair. Gabi says life isn't fair and wants to know if Will is going to help her.

Madison thinks Ian is trying to trick her and punish Brady. Ian states that he won't hold anything over their heads anymore. Ian says their divorce can be quick, easy, and painless. Madison still can't believe it. Ian declares it's the end of them. Madison smiles and feels like she's looking at the good honest man that she fell in love with now. They talk about first meeting and Ian seeing her potential. Ian says he will always love her. Madison tells him that she will never forget what they had but agrees that it's time to move on. Ian suggests she go tell Brady the good news so she hugs him. Madison then rushes out to catch up with Brady.

EJ tells Stefano that it's about time they have an honest conversation about what's in the files. Stefano thinks EJ already knows what's in there. EJ admits he's shocked that the whole time that EJ was setting up John, Stefano was working to undermine him. Stefano admits it's true. EJ talks about bleeding John's bank accounts dry and now the money is gone. EJ brings up the election and how Stefano rigged it so that he would lose. Stefano doesn't know why he cares since he's still the mayor. EJ wants Stefano to explain why he did everything he could to ruin his son. Stefano states that he doesn't have to explain anything to him. EJ refuses to let Stefano leave until he tells him everything that he wants to know.

Will steps away to make a call for work. Chad and Melanie sit at the counter and Melanie talks about Chad having so many fans. Melanie says she's not jealous or mad but is annoyed by all the girls that love him. Gabi approaches them and brings up the comments on the internet about Melanie. Gabi talks about all the girls that wanted to talk to Chad at one of their photoshoots. Will returns and stops Gabi from going on. Melanie says she gets that a lot of girls want Chad but she has him.

Brady sits at the Pub with a drink until Madison texts him to meet her at her hotel room because she has good news so Brady gets up and hurries out.

Ian makes a phone call saying that he cut ties with Madison so they can set the next phase in motion. Kate enters his office and Ian sits down with her since he can tell something is wrong. Kate tells Ian that Stefano threw her out and took everything. Ian asks what she means. Kate responds everything from her clothes to both of her companies. Ian states that Stefano can't do that but Kate tells him that he did. Kate wonders what she's going to do now.

EJ questions why his own father would go to such great lengths to sabotage him. Stefano asks why he always questions what he does. EJ states that Kate was right that he doesn't know who Stefano is. EJ says even when they were at each other's throats, he always knew Stefano loved him because he thought Stefano loved his children. EJ wants to know why he'd try and pull the rug from underneath him. Stefano thinks EJ tried to do the same to him but EJ denies it. Stefano says that when EJ ran for mayor, he acted like he didn't even know him and brings up deciding to go after John. EJ shouts that he did those things to prove to Stefano that he was ready to take over the family. Stefano tells EJ that he failed. EJ blames Stefano for it. Stefano states that EJ will never run their family.

Will sits with Gabi again and tells her that it's hopeless but Gabi disagrees. Will tells her that she could have any guy she wanted but she wants Chad. Will tells Gabi that even if they broke up then there's no guarantee that Chad would end up with Gabi. Gabi questions why he's being a drag. Will talks about going through this all his life with Sami. Will tells Gabi that if she wants to screw with their lives then she's on her own.

Ian tells Kate that he's there for her. Kate thanks him but points out that he's the reason she is in this mess. Kate tells him how Stefano set her up to see the photos of Marlena to test her and she failed the test. Kate informs Ian that Stefano knows that they were together. Ian thinks she's better off without Stefano. Ian questions what kind of husband throws her out. Kate says they had no problems until Ian came to Salem. Ian thinks it's a good thing because she deserves better. Ian calls Stefano a vicious, controlling man but Kate stops him. Ian compares it to the way Ian treats Madison. Ian admits he deserved that but says he's done the right thing and is giving Madison a divorce. Kate is surprised and questions why. Ian says he wanted to do the right thing by her and not stay married to her when he's in love with Kate. Kate thinks he only said that to get her in bed. Ian tells her that he did get her in bed but he still loves her very much and wants to spend all his time convincing her that it's true.

Brady arrives at Madison's room. Madison excitedly greets him with a hug. Madison informs Brady that Ian is letting her go. Brady can't believe it and thinks it's too easy. Brady thinks there has to be more to it but Madison feels that Ian finally realized there's no point in staying married when she just wants to be with Brady. Brady gets excited and they kiss. Brady picks her up and takes her to bed.

EJ questions Stefano saying he will never be the head of the family. EJ hopes Stefano plans on living for a long time then. Stefano brings up that there's always Chad. EJ points out that he doesn't even talk to him. Stefano admits that he's not quite as good as EJ. EJ feels Stefano is threatened by him. Stefano laughs at him. EJ questions why else he'd do all this. EJ talks about standing by him through thick and thin and cleaning up his messes. EJ feels he has the right to know what he did to deserve this. Stefano tells him that he doesn't want to know. EJ questions what Stefano is going to tell Johnny and Sydney and how he will explain that he's trying to ruin EJ's life. Stefano says he won't explain anything to them. EJ mocks him for not caring about his grandchildren. EJ says whatever he's done must be pretty serious. Stefano tells EJ that his failure is really not his fault but Stefano's fault for not being careful enough.

Will tells Gabi that he has to go. He tells her that he really cares about her and asks her to stop and give it up then he leaves. Gabi looks over at Chad and Melanie and decides it's all up to her now.

Brady and Madison lay in bed after making love. Brady can't believe they are together and not worrying about Ian. Madison wonders what changed his mind. Brady believes something must be in it for him. Madison doesn't want to talk about Ian and says she has almost everything she wants. They bring up Brady's proposal and Madison wants the offer to be back on the table so she can say yes. Brady decides it's not too late so Madison wants him to ask her. Brady asks Madison to marry him and she says she would love to as they then continue kissing.

Kate tells Ian that she's broke and her life is a complete mess but Ian still wants to see her through it. Kate calls him either the sweetest man or a complete sucker. Ian says all that matters is that they are together. Kate tells him that she can be pretty high maintenance. Ian reminds her that he's rich and can buy her a whole new wardrobe as well as a job at Titan. Kate says it means a lot that he wants to be so generous but doesn't think anything will make her happy for a long time. Ian asks her about revenge in going after Stefano with his help. Kate asks if he would do that and brings up that Stefano hates his guts so he'd come after him. Ian tells her that he won't because Stefano is going to regret the day that he ever hurt her.

EJ tells Stefano to stop talking in riddles and tell him what it is that he did. EJ talks about the importance of family and compares it to how Stefano treats him. EJ states that Stefano no longer feels like a father to him and hasn't for quite some time. EJ then exits the room. Stefano shuts the doors behind him. Stefano sits at his desk and opens the drawer then pulls out the folder from Alice's safety deposit box. Stefano pulls out a paper and says to himself that EJ is right that he's not like a father to him because EJ is not his son as he gets teary-eyed.

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