Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/18/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/18/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Austin and Carrie go to the Pub talking. Austin tells her that tonight is all about them and kisses her. Austin turns off his phone and Carrie says she doesn't even have hers. Austin says tonight will be a great night and kisses her again. Carrie suggests going to see a movie. Austin thinks they could do something more private. They head inside of the Pub and run into Rafe. Rafe greets them. Rafe has a bowl of ice cream and Austin jokes with him about it until Carrie points out that it's not for Rafe but Nicole who is seated nearby.

Will finishes meeting with a man at the coffeehouse. The man thanks Will for getting him materials and gives him tickets to a concert. Gabi arrives and comments on things changing for Will. Gabi wants things to change for her also.

Melanie and Chad talk to Abigail at the Town Square. Melanie wants Abigail to join them. Chad reveals that Abe asked him to show Lexie's half brother Cameron around and suggests a double date. Cameron arrives and Abigail tells them that they have already met.

Kate goes to the DiMera Mansion to get her things but is told by Harold that Stefano had all of her things removed and there's nothing left. EJ enters and tells Kate that he's here to find out what Stefano is up to.

Marlena and John join Bo and Hope at the hospital. Marlena and John talk about how good it is to have Bo back. Bo wants to know what happened in Alamainia but Hope says they can talk about it later. They begin to wonder where Stefano is now. Stefano then arrives outside of Bo's hospital room.

Kate questions EJ as to why Stefano would turn against him and what he did. EJ tells Kate that he was just with Sami and heard that Stefano gave Countess Wilhelmina to her. Kate calls it the worst day of her life and insults Sami. EJ tells Kate not to focus on Sami since she's not the enemy but just the beneficiary. Kate laughs at the idea of Sami not being her enemy after the lies and betrayals. EJ tells Kate to stop venting and start trying to figure out what's going on. EJ states that he has no idea since Stefano should never have given Sami control without running it by him first. EJ figures he's out of the company and a family.

Hope and John talk about Stefano coming after them again but they don't know when or why. Bo's nurse comes in for checkups so everyone leaves. Hope wonders how they find out what Stefano really wants as they then come across Stefano, who suggests they go right to the source.

Will tells Gabi that she seems interested in his job. Gabi thinks the job has caused him to be more confident and sure of himself. Will doesn't see why she cares. Gabi adds that she's his friend. Gabi admits there is something she wants that she hasn't been able to get on her own. Gabi says she's been trying to figure it out and thinks Will could help her pull it off. Will asks what it is and if he's going to regret it.

Cameron jokes with Abigail about getting Chad to set them up on a date. Abigail mentions that they have run into each other a few times before. Cameron jokes about not having anything breakable on him in case they run into each other. Abigail decides to leave but Cameron asks her to stay and go to the movie with them but Abigail doesn't think he can help being a wise ass.

Rafe says goodbye to Austin and Carrie as he joins Nicole at their table. Austin tells Carrie that when she's pregnant then he will wait on her hand and foot. Carrie looks forward to it and suggests going somewhere else but Austin wants to stay and put everything behind them. Austin and Carrie sit together at their own table while Rafe and Nicole joke around at theirs.

Chad and Melanie walk through the town square with popcorn and talk about not thinking it will work out for Abigail and Cameron, who are sitting and on their phones.

Gabi tells Will that Chad and Melanie don't belong together. Gabi wishes she and Chad never broke up. Gabi talks about seeing them together and thinking Chad belongs with her. Gabi wants Will to help her figure out how to break them up. Will mocks it being a good idea. Gabi asks why he has to be mean to her. Will tells her that this isn't something she would do. Gabi says she's alone and feels Will doesn't care. Will can't believe Gabi wants him to stab his friends in the back.

Kate and EJ talk about Stefano giving Countess Wilhelmina to Sami. EJ asks Kate if she knows what she did for Stefano to turn against her. She doesn't answer so EJ realizes that she does know. EJ sits with her and wants to know what she did. EJ asks if she lied or if she stole. Kate turns away and EJ then asks if she cheated on him. EJ realizes that she did. Kate doesn't want to talk about it. EJ states that now he knows Stefano hates her a lot more than he hates him.

Stefano tells John and Hope that they have something that belongs to him and he wants it back. They deny it and say they gave him what he wanted. Stefano accuses them of stealing what's his and he wants what was originally in the egg not the replacement. John wants Stefano to tell him what it is to him and then maybe they will help him. Stefano asks how he can show them that he means business. Bo comes out of his hospital room and warns Stefano that he's going to have to go through him.

Nicole tells Rafe that they can leave if he wants but he tells her not to worry about him. Nicole worries about Rafe jumping in to say he's the father of her baby without thinking it through. Rafe wanted to get EJ off her back. Nicole says it's great for her but not him. Nicole talks about his relationship with Carrie. Rafe calls it dead in the water. Rafe points out that she's trying to work things out with her husband so he shouldn't come between that. Nicole asks Rafe how he can stand being honorable all the time.

Carrie tells Austin that she's not very hungry. Austin blames himself and thinks they should've left. Carrie says she's just not hungry. Austin decides that they will go to the movie at the town square. Carrie instead suggests they go spend some quality time alone together. Austin likes the idea and kisses her. They get up and kiss as Austin says it's going to be a great night and then they leave together. Nicole tells Rafe that Carrie doesn't know what she's missing and they laugh.

Kate talks to EJ about not knowing why he turned on him. EJ has no idea what changed. Kate thinks EJ could be overreacting. EJ tells her that he found out a lot more things that go back to the election and John's problems with the law. Kate wants to know what things but EJ doesn't want to tell her. EJ tells her that Stefano has been undermining him for months.

Hope tells Bo he should stay in bed. Bo refuses to let Stefano threaten the people he loves. Stefano calls it difficult to be threatened by a man who just came out of a coma in a hospital gown. Hope tells Stefano to leave since they don't have what he's looking for. Stefano says he's tired of their lies. Stefano reminds John how close Marlena came to an accident while he was away.

The movie begins airing at the town square. Abigail sits next to Melanie and exchanges looks with Cameron who sits on the other side. Abigail begins choking on popcorn so Cameron gets up and begins performing the Heimlich maneuver. Chad and Melanie praise Cameron but Abigail claims she was fine and wasn't choking. Cameron thinks she should be thankful that he saved her life. Abigail states that Cameron really can't help being a wise ass and storms off as Melanie goes after her. Melanie catches up to Abigail and questions if she's crazy.

Gabi tells Will that he's doing shady things for EJ anyways but Will calls it not the same thing since Chad and Melanie are their friends. Will says this isn't like Gabi. Gabi thinks they might not last so she'd be helping something that's going to happen anyways. Will tells her to let it happen since screwing around with their lives would be wrong. Gabi wants to know where being right has gotten her. Gabi talks about being a good girl when she was with Will and always ended up feeling like she wasn't good enough. Will tells her it's not true. Gabi wonders why Will gave up on her. Gabi says she realized that she wasn't trying hard enough and doesn't want to make that mistake again. Gabi wants to get what she wants. Gabi says she's tired of losing and being judged. Gabi thinks Will has made her feel bad enough already.

Nicole thanks Rafe for taking her out. Rafe jokes with her about being lucky. Nicole goes back to talking about Rafe and Carrie. Nicole asks if Rafe really just wants to sit and watch Carrie fix things with Austin. Rafe jokes about it being interesting to see a couple try to actually stay married. Nicole suggests they call it a night and Rafe starts to agree but talks about how quiet it is going home. Rafe talks about missing the chaos of having all the kids around with Sami. Rafe agrees that they should go but Nicole brings up the moving playing at the town square and suggests they check it out rather than go home. Rafe agrees and they head out.

Austin and Carrie return to their hotel room kissing. Austin tells her he loves her and says he's so happy that he got her back where she belongs. Carrie says she loves him too and they continue kissing as they begin to undress.

John warns Stefano to stay away from Marlena and all of them. Stefano thinks he's delivered his message so they know what he wants and what he will do to get it. Stefano says goodnight and tells them to rest well if they can and then exits. Hope wants to help Bo back to bed but Bo wants to know the whole story of what's going on since Stefano seems willing to make good on his threats.

Will tells Gabi that he's not trying to make her feel bad. Gabi thinks Will made it clear that he had no interest in her at all after they made love and it hurt her. Will says it wasn't about her but it was about him. Gabi recalls throwing herself at him and he didn't care which made her not feel special. Gabi starts to leave but Will stops her and says he's not lying to her. Will tells her the problem with them was never her.

Melanie tells Abigail that Cameron was trying to save her life but Abigail insists that she wasn't choking. Melanie informs her that Cameron is a doctor which surprises Abigail. Abigail thinks Cameron was all over her for not saying thank you. Melanie questions what's going on. Melanie reminds her that Cameron saved her life. Melanie thinks Cameron likes her but Abigail thinks he just thinks she's a total klutz and is right. Abigail says she knows she's a little messed up right now and is still trying to figure out how she could lie to Austin and Carrie. Melanie calls it a mistake but Abigail says it was intentional, deliberate, and awful. Melanie thinks Abigail can move on since it's over now. Melanie tells her that she can't hide from life forever.

Rafe and Nicole arrive at the town square to watch the movie. They joke about comparing the movie to their lives. Nicole thanks Rafe for making her life a lot easier. Rafe calls it nice spending time with her as she actually has something to look forward in her life. Nicole decides she's seen the movie and suggests going back to her place to hang out but Rafe declines as he feels like a downer. Nicole tells Rafe that she hopes he has a happy ending in life because he deserves it. She kisses him on the cheek. Rafe offers to walk her home but Nicole tells him that she's good on her own.

Austin and Carrie lay in bed after making love. Austin sleeps while Carrie lies awake. Carrie sneaks out of bed and puts her robe on.

EJ and Kate continue talking about Stefano. EJ figures Stefano must be making someone else's life miserable since he's not here. Stefano then walks in and declares misery likes company.

Gabi tells Will that guys just say it's them to make themselves feel better about dumping a girl. Will promises he's sure that it had nothing to do with her and was him not knowing who he was. Will says he knows now. Gabi questions what that means. Will tells her that things didn't work out between them because they never were. Will declares that things didn't last because he's gay.

Abigail returns and sits next to Cameron at the movie. Abigail asks if they can start over since she hasn't been on her game since they first met. Abigail wants to forget most of it except she can't forget that she didn't thank him for saving her life. Cameron questions if it's an apology, or a thank you, or a hello. Abigail calls it all three and Cameron says it works for him. Cameron jokingly offers her some popcorn and they laugh. Chad and Melanie sit together and talk about things working out. Melanie says he brings out the romantic in her and then they kiss.

Rafe stands watching the movie from the back. Rafe turns and walks away then stops when he sees Carrie watching the movie.

Hope and John explain to Bo how Stefano wanted them to get the coin and why Stefano wanted the coin is what they need to find out. John wants to get the coin back from Spencer and thinks he doesn't have a choice but to give it back.

Stefano tells EJ and Kate that he's had a long day and is tired so they should leave. EJ refuses to leave before he gets some answers. EJ asks him about giving away Countess Wilhelmina, the games he's been playing, and most importantly about the folder in the secret drawer. EJ tells Stefano that fun time is over but Stefano thinks it had just begun.

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