Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/17/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/17/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope encourages Bo as he wakes up. Hope tells him that he doesn't have to try to talk. Hope tells him to save his strength. Bo closes his eyes and starts to fall back into the coma as Hope worries.

Marlena meets with John outside the Pub. Marlena talks about not wanting John to be in the ISA.

EJ can't believe Lexie has a brain tumor and hopes it was caught early enough. Lexie tells him that it's not something that will just go away.

Kate goes to Sami's apartment banging on the door and storms in. Kate yells that she wants to tear Sami's head off.

Hope tries to get Bo to wake back up. Hope rushes out of the room and gets Daniel. She brings Daniel into Bo's room.

Kate yells at Sami and talks about wishing she put her behind bars. Sami just keeps on smiling. Kate tries to go after her but Lucas bursts in and holds her back. Lucas wants to know what's going on. Sami reveals that Kate has lost control of Countess Wilhelmina as it now belongs to her. Sami says she is now the CEO and fires Kate. Kate tells Sami to enjoy this little bit of power because she promises that Sami will never run her company. Sami tells her that Countess Wilhelmina is not Kate's and never will be again. Lucas questions how this happened. Sami clarifies that she doesn't own it but she gets to run it as it was a gift from Stefano. Lucas wants to know what happened. Lucas questions Sami saying yes to Stefano knowing there could be strings attached. Sami states that Stefano told her that he trusts her to do what the old regime could not. Kate thinks Sami will run it into the ground. Kate tries to go after Sami again but Lucas holds her back. Sami says she's been waiting for this for half her life and is just getting started.

John and Marlena sit at the Pub. John wants to talk more about the ISA but Marlena says he already knows how she feels about it. John feels he is protecting her. John tells her that he loves her. Marlena admits that she's angry about his involvement in the ISA. John promises it won't involve her but she doesn't believe him.

Lexie tells EJ that the tumor is inoperable. EJ goes after Abe and asks how he could let this happen. Abe reminds EJ that he was in jail because of him and couldn't have been there for Lexie. Lexie yells at EJ not to blame Abe for this. EJ apologizes and hopes he can do something to help since he knows specialists all over the world. EJ begins making phone calls but Lexie stops him and says they have already made all the phone calls. Lexie says nothing will change her diagnosis. EJ tells her that he's sorry. Lexie doesn't want him to worry since they are not giving up. EJ hopes they can handle the situation. Lexie insists that they will get through it. EJ tells her that she can count on him. Lexie adds that it helps more than he knows but EJ doesn't know how after everything he did to Abe in the campaign. EJ starts blaming himself but Lexie says it's not his fault and all that matters is that he's there for her now. Lexie gets another headache which causes EJ and Abe to worry. Lexie says she's fine and just needs a moment to herself then steps out of the room.

Daniel checks on Bo and says there isn't a significant change in his condition. Hope explains how Bo woke up and tried to talk. Hope believes Bo is ready to wake up and wants Daniel to pull him out of the seduced coma. Daniel isn't sure but Hope insists that Bo is ready now to wake up.

Marlena tells John that she understands what the ISA means to him as his purpose and identity. John says that she comes before all of it. Marlena thinks John is putting the ISA first. John says it's all about taking care of his family. Marlena says she wants to be an equal and not taken care of. Marlena talks about how she believed that John was done with the ISA and all the danger. John feels that it's his responsibility to finish what he started with the ISA. Marlena wonders when it will be someone else's responsibility. Marlena expects John to live by his past promise that he was done with it all.

Lucas thinks there has to be a loophole since Countess Wilhelmina is Kate's company. Lucas wants to reason with Stefano but Sami continues saying that she runs it now. Sami mocks Kate. Kate vows to get a lawyer to get her company back and threatens to bury Sami. Sami brings up how Stefano makes sure that contracts are iron clad. Sami reveals that Stefano owned a majority of the company which surprises Lucas. Sami asks what Kate did to make Stefano so mad. Sami talks about getting on Stefano's bad side and calls it one of the best days of her life. Lucas asks her to back off from Kate but Sami excitedly feels that she is getting what she deserves. Lucas suggests Kate leave but Sami jokes around about wanting to know what happened with Stefano. Kate doesn't want to tell her anything that happened. Kate warns that it's not over and that Sami will be sorry when the tables turn. Kate then exits. Lucas asks Sami for the truth on why she took Stefano's deal. Sami says the reason just walked out the door and laughs about it. Sami calls it a great opportunity and continues laughing about Kate. Lucas refuses to defend Sami this time and storms out while Sami remains happy and jumps up and down.

Daniel tells Hope that Bo may need more time but has made improvements. Daniel says he will monitor Bo and agrees to take him out of the seduced coma. Hope hugs him and thanks him.

Abe tells EJ that Lexie is feeling better and will rejoin them in a minute. EJ remarks that he and Abe are never going to be friends but they agree that Lexie is all that matters. EJ reiterates that he will try anything he can and will pay for the cost of any treatment. Abe thanks him and appreciates it. EJ wants to be more than appreciated and tells Abe to call him if anything is needed. EJ says he will be there for Lexie and her family. They hope that this all won't become a burden to her. EJ apologizes to Abe for the things he's done and what they could have cost him. Abe questions if EJ is asking for forgiveness. EJ says he's just doing it for Lexie's sake and suggests that they move past it. EJ and Abe shake hands as Lexie returns and calls it a first. EJ asks how she's feeling. Lexie says she's fine since the pain is gone for now. Lexie talks about how it comes unexpected and sudden. Abe suggests Lexie go lay down. EJ agrees and decides to leave. EJ tells her to call if she needs anything. Lexie tells EJ that she knows and loves him too. Lexie asks EJ not to tell Stefano as she wants to tell him in her own time and own way. EJ hugs her and then exits as Abe comforts Lexie.

Marlena talks with John about how they came back to Salem for a new start. Marlena thinks she deserves a life without being worried about John. John feels that he will worry about Marlena every day if Stefano remains free. John says what he's working on now goes way beyond Stefano begin behind the embezzlement charges and if he doesn't go after him now then it could get worse.

Abe and Lexie talk about having a plan. Abe wants to find her a treatment that works and do what they need to do. Lexie reminds him that they have to be realistic and have to be sure to be prepared. Lexie says they can't just go on blindly hoping for the best. Lexie wants to consider everything that could possibly happen even what they don't want to face. Abe doesn't want her to talk like she has already given up.

EJ goes to Sami's and wants to see the children. Sami says they are still sleeping but EJ wants them to be woken up so he can tell them he loves them. Sami wants to know what's going on. EJ tells her that Lexie is sick. Sami wants to know how she's sick. EJ tells Sami that Lexie has an inoperable brain tumor. EJ talks about how Lexie's a doctor that helps and save people's lives. EJ complains about there not being help when Lexie needs it. Sami goes over and hugs EJ. Sami tells him that she's sorry about EJ. EJ says he had no idea she was sick since she looks fine. Sami encourages that a treatment could be found. EJ doesn't understand how this happens. Sami adds that sometimes there are no answers. EJ states that this isn't supposed to happen to Lexie since she's a better person and it doesn't seem fair that she's being punished. Sami points out that she's not being punished but EJ feels that way. Sami compares it to when Johnny was sick. Sami tells him that they don't know how these things are going to go. EJ sees the Countess Wilhelmina files and asks why Sami didn't take them back. Sami informs EJ that things have changed and she's now running Countess Wilhelmina. EJ questions who did that. Sami tells him that Kate must have done something to tick Stefano off. EJ shouts that Stefano can't just give control away without his approval since he's a partner in the company.

Marlena tells John that they shouldn't care about Stefano since he's away from him and out of his control. John keeps wondering what the coin inside the egg meant to Stefano. John thinks the coin is what Stefano was after. Marlena suggests that he just give Stefano the coin. John feels he needs to be working for the ISA since Stefano has never been more dangerous.

Kate finishes a phone call at the town square as Lucas catches up to her. Lucas says he's worried about her and wants to talk so they can figure this out. Kate feels there is nothing to figure out. Lucas gets that she's upset and suggests that they just start a new company. Kate cries that he has no idea. Lucas doesn't care how this happened and wants Kate and Billie to come work with him at Hearth and Home. Kate stops him and says she just had a phone call about Hearth and Home and reveals that Stefano took that from them too. Kate says that Stefano has taken everything from them.

Hope asks Daniel why Bo isn't waking up. Daniel says that these things take some time. Hope encourages Bo to wake up now. Bo starts moving again as Hope tells him to open his eyes. Bo opens his eyes and this time recognizes Hope. Hope tells him that she is here and kisses him.

Lexie assures Abe that she isn't giving up. Abe thinks so when she talks about needing to make plans for Theo. Lexie calls it just being responsible parents. Lexie thinks of it like a doctor and thinks it's what they need to do. Abe tells her to keep the faith and believe in miracles because he's heard her say that to many patients. Abe encourages her to stay strong, positive, and focus on getting better. Lexie cries as Abe declares that he's not going to lose her. Abe kisses her and hugs her.

Marlena tells John that she's done resisting him on this and understands how important it is to pursue. John thanks her for understanding. Marlena wishes that they could live their lives without worrying about Stefano. Marlena brings up how they could be spending time with family and friends without looking over their shoulders. John adds that he wants that too. Marlena realizes that will never happen until Stefano is gone. John states that's why he's going to put Stefano in prison but Marlena doesn't think that will do it. Marlena states that she doesn't think they will be free until Stefano is dead.

Sami questions EJ getting upset. EJ says it has nothing to do with her but feels Stefano can't do this without him signing off. EJ says he doesn't care what Stefano promised her since he's circumventing his authority. EJ wants to find out why since this isn't the first time. EJ calls this the latest in a long line of insults from Stefano and leaves to go find out why. Sami calls out after him that she hopes she still gets to run Countess Wilhelmina.

Kate tells Lucas that Stefano wants to destroy her. Lucas thinks there has to be a way to undo it all. Kate says Stefano can do whatever he wants since he has full control of Countess Wilhelmina and she had signed over Hearth and Home to him when they first got married. Lucas questions why she did that and how she let him get away with it. Kate doesn't know how she could be so stupid.

Hope tells Bo how much she missed him. Bo says he missed her more and wonders how long he's been in the hospital. Bo hopes everything is okay. Hope stops him and says there's plenty of time to fill him in but he needs to rest. Bo asks Daniel to give them a minute so Daniel steps out of the room. Bo tells Hope that he heard her talking about all their memories. Bo says all he wanted was to wake up and see her. Hope tells him that she loves him more than he will ever know and then kisses him.

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