Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/16/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/16/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Stefano brings Kate to the town square where he has a closed off space set up with a candle light dinner. Stefano thanks her for being the most loyal and beautiful wife. Stefano says he knows he's been testing her patience and wanted to make it up to her. Kate thinks it's unnecessary but Stefano says it's what she deserves. Stefano says it's for what Kate has gone through and done since he's been gone.

EJ asks Billie if she was looking for the folder. Billie claims she was looking for a pen and accidentally opened the drawer. EJ informs her that he saw her snooping around earlier as well and wants to know why.

Abigail enters the Pub and bumps into Cameron who was working, spilling his tray all over him.

Abe talks to Lexie at home about wanting her to rest but she wants to work. Abe is concerned about her health. Lexie tells him that she's well aware of her brain tumor but doesn't want things to change just because she's ill. Lexie states that she's still a doctor, mother, and wife. Abe tells her that nothing will change that. Lexie apologizes for snapping at him. Lexie thinks that going to one meeting isn't that big of a deal as she wants to decide when enough is enough and she's not ready to let the illness win.

Hope lays at Bo's bedside when Bo's hand moves and touches Hope's hand. Hope gets excited and hopes he is waking up. Daniel enters and Hope tells him that Bo moved his hand so she hopes he's coming out of the coma. Daniel checks Bo but tells Hope that there is no change in his condition. Daniel calls it a great sign but says Bo still has a long way to go.

Abe tells Lexie that he thinks they should get more opinions on her diagnosis. Lexie agrees and says she has already gotten an appointment with a neurosurgeon. Lexie tells Abe not to get too excited until they hear what she tells them. Lexie vows to do whatever it takes to fight the illness. Abe wishes he could help. Lexie tells him that being there for her is the best medicine she could ask for as he hugs her.

Billie tells EJ that she didn't know there were secret panels in the walls. EJ thinks she was looking for the files. Billie calls it all an accident. EJ confronts her about going back to it and asks who she was working for. Billie claims that she was just curious. EJ remarks that curiosity killed the cat.

Abigail helps Cameron clean up everything he dropped and tells him that he will accept her apology.

Kate asks Stefano what he means by what she did while he was gone. Stefano says he knows what she was doing and tells her that he meant running her business, taking care of the house, and putting up with EJ. Kate tells him that she missed him but everything was fine. Stefano talks about being unable to believe how she felt when she found out Sami was a mole in her company. Kate questions Stefano knowing about that. Stefano declares that he always knows what's going on with his family no matter where he is.

Lexie tells Abe not to let her give up. Abe promises to never let her. Lexie talks about seeing patients stop trying. Abe tells her that he's going to be her personal cheerleader. Lexie tells him that she couldn't do this without him. Theo then comes in and asks what she's talking about doing.

Cameron laughs with Abigail and says they have to stop meeting like this. Cameron finds it funny that he's covered in gravy while she demands an apology. Cameron agrees to accept her apology and then asks if she accepts his.

Hope asks Daniel if it's okay to tell people that Bo moved his hand. Daniel encourages her to tell everyone since it's a good sign that he's headed in the right direction. Daniel tells Hope that she's the reason for Bo's progress and encourages her to keep doing what she's doing. Daniel then exits the room. Hope goes back and sits with Bo.

Billie tells EJ that she's only there to be with Kate and not get into a step sibling rivalry. EJ thinks she's searching for information and asks if it's about him or Stefano. Billie questions why he made it so easy to find the files and suggests they come up with a better hiding place. EJ asks what she saw. Billie tells him that she saw ledgers and spreadsheets that showed someone stole a whole lot of money. Billie figures that EJ has no idea where the money went and states that they both want the same answers. Billie then suggests that they work as a team.

Cameron tells Abigail that he's really sorry about how he acted since he was overwhelmed and took it out on her. Abigail asks about his meeting at the hospital. Cameron says it went okay. Cameron reveals that he had offered to help work at the Pub since Kayla and Caroline had to go and that's why he was there. Abigail is surprised to learn he knows the Bradys. Cameron asks if she accepts his apology. Abigail tells him that she owes him one so she puts on an apron to help him work.

Billie tells EJ that she will keep her mouth shut if he works with her. EJ mocks the idea of trusting her. Billie threatens to spread vicious rumors about him if he turns her into the cops. EJ tells her that she isn't going to do that. Billie says it's up to him. EJ goes back to looking at his files. Billie says she's going to give him time to think about it and then exits the room.

Lexie tells Theo that she has an important meeting with EJ and is a little nervous. Theo hugs her and Abe takes him to pack his things for staying with Celeste.

Hope tells Bo that she knows he knows she's there and that he can feel it. Hope encourages him to fight and open his eyes.

Stefano tells Kate that he's sick of talking about Sami which Kate agrees with. Stefano toasts to Kate and says every day he spends with her is more exciting and more interesting than the day before. Kate thanks him but feels he didn't have to go through all the trouble. Stefano tells her it's only the best for her and asks if she's ready for another surprise.

Billie goes to the hospital and runs into Daniel. She says Hope texted her about Bo moving his hand. Daniel updates her and tells her that Bo's still not awake. Daniel tells Billie that Hope is still in with Bo so Billie decides she should not disturb them and just leave. Daniel suggests Billie join him for dinner. Billie isn't sure and says what's going on between them is feeling a little uncomfortable. Billie points out that Daniel dated her daughter and her mother so it's complicated and weird. Daniel tells her that he respects that and they agree that they can still be friends.

Abigail helps Cameron clean up. They introduce each other as Abigail Deveraux and Cameron Davis. Cameron realizes that Abigail is Jack and Jennifer's daughter and reveals that he's Celeste's son.

EJ meets with Lexie at her home. EJ goes over her health care proposals and likes what he sees. Abe interrupts and makes a suggestion but EJ cuts him off and says he's not mayor anymore so he should leave the budget decisions to him. Abe says EJ is going to ruin the city. EJ remarks that he's going to clean it up from what Abe's done to it. Lexie stops them and says this is the last thing she needs right now.

Kate tells Stefano that she doesn't need another surprise and only needs him. Stefano tells her only the best and informs her that he's ordered all of her favorite foods. Stefano says it might seem like too much but they are celebrating and comments that Kate hasn't had a meal like this in a long time. Kate doesn't know what to say. Stefano tells her to just enjoy the night as if it's their last and toasts to her again.

Hope yells at Bo about how she risked her life to get back to him and he's just lying there. Hope wants to hear his voice and see his smile. Hope tells Bo how much she misses him. Hope says if pleading and begging won't work then she's going to talk to him until he wakes up. Hope starts talking about the first day they met and their first kiss and flashes back to the old times. Hope recalls their first marriage and says it was perfect being just the two of them. Hope says she meant every word that Bo was her husband in heart and soul now and forever.

Abigail is surprised to learn Cameron is Lexie's half brother. Abigail offers to help him clean and they get close before continuing to clean.

Abe tells EJ he's right that it's not his place to tell him how to do his job. Lexie thinks they are done with their meeting. Lexie notices EJ seems distracted and asks if everything's alright. EJ admits there's something on his mind. Lexie asks if he cares to share. EJ says it's Stefano. Abe remarks that he's not surprised but Lexie asks for a moment alone with EJ so he steps out. Lexie asks EJ what about Stefano. EJ informs her that he went behind his back and sabotaged his plans to take over the family business. EJ says he knows Stefano doesn't think he's ready for the responsibility. Lexie wants EJ to tell her what Stefano actually did.

Daniel sits at the Pub and Billie then arrives. They acknowledge one another but Billie gets her own table. They look across at each other and Daniel calls it silly. Daniel gets up and joins her. Daniel says just because they decided to go out doesn't mean they have to avoid each other. They joke around about being sure. Daniel offers to join her so Billie accepts.

Stefano asks Kate if she's ready for dessert. Kate calls it sweet but doesn't think she can eat anymore. Kate suggests they take it home to have later. Stefano tells her that it's not an option. Kate wonders why not. Stefano then declares that Kate is no longer welcome in his home. Kate asks why he would say something like that. Stefano questions if she really thought he didn't know about the ultimate betrayal. Stefano tells Kate that this is their last supper.

Daniel and Billie finish their coffee. Daniel suggests they do it more often and they then exit.

Abigail and Cameron continue cleaning. Abigail slips on the wet floor but falls into Cameron's arms. Cameron tells Abigail that work is starting to slow so she could leave. Cameron thinks Abigail must have better things to do but she tells him that she has no plans. Cameron jokes with her and thanks her.

Lexie tells EJ that DiMera Enterprises is Stefano's baby and understands if he doesn't want to hand it over. EJ thinks he's done everything to prove he's ready. They talk about it being a test as Lexie then gets a headache. EJ worries if she's okay.

Kate asks Stefano what he's talking about. Stefano tells her that he's talking about Kate and Ian and how they had the same meal after she went to bed with him. Kate questions why he would ever think that. Stefano knows it's the truth and hopes she's not stupid enough to deny it. Stefano wants to hear the words come from Kate and asks what she did. Kate starts to cry and admits that she slept with Ian. Kate tries to tell him how it meant nothing and she immediately regretted it. Stefano tells her that she disgusts him. Kate says she didn't mean for it to happen but Stefano disappeared so she was vulnerable when he reached out. Kate tells Stefano that she loves him and only him and wants to be with him. Kate begs Stefano to understand and try to forgive her. Stefano pulls away and says never. Stefano declares that Kate is out of his life and is dead to him.

Hope talks about loving Bo for half of her life and all the great years they had together. Hope says they still have a lifetime to go. Hope calls Bo her best friend and her partner. Hope encourages him to open his eyes. Bo begins to twitch so Hope gets excited that he is waking up.

Abigail tells Cameron that she's almost done. They joke about Abigail having a date. Cameron tells her that maybe he'll see her around sometime.

Daniel and Billie talk outside the Pub about being just two friends hanging out. Daniel says it was nice seeing her. Billie decides she should go. Daniel says he should as well and they go their separate ways.

Abe and EJ sit Lexie down as she's having a headache. Abe worries about making a call but Lexie says the headache has passed. EJ wants to know what just happened. Lexie calls it just a headache but EJ knows it was more. EJ reminds her that he's her brother and asks her to tell him what just happened. Abe tells Lexie that EJ should know. Lexie informs EJ that she has a brain tumor.

Kate tries to stop Stefano from leaving and says she's sorry. Stefano slams an envelope on the table and calls it something to help her remember him. Stefano then storms off. Kate opens the envelope and screams. She throws the dinner table over and screams no.

Hope continues encouraging Bo to wake up. Bo finally opens his eyes and Hope excitedly greets him with a kiss.

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