Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/6/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/6/12


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Jack and Jennifer sit together at the coffeehouse and talk about what Abigail did. They both wish they could make it better. Jennifer tells him that they have to fix themselves to help Abigail.

Abigail apologizes to the guy she ran into and for breaking a picture frame that he was holding. He tells her to leave things alone before she makes it worse.

John shows Gina the picture of Marlena and tries to turn her back into Hope. Gina says she doesn't know why he's doing this as she does not know Marlena or Bo. Gina declares that she wants to sell Stefano's egg so they can run away together. John tells her to listen or else Stefano will win the ultimate game.

Stefano speaks with his guard and wants the latest. He informs him that Kate had been delivered the package. Stefano wonders what Kate will do with what she knows.

Kate sits at the town square alone looking at the files on Marlena. Kate looks at her phone as Ian then arrives. Kate pretends to run into Ian. Kate claims she didn't expect to see him but Ian asks if she's being honest with him.

Daniel tells Lexie that her fainting was caused by a tumor in her brain. Daniel reveals that the tumor is in an advanced stage. Abe doesn't understand how it could be in an advanced stage with no warnings. Daniel confirms to Lexie that the tumor is inoperable. Lexie thanks him and exits the room.

Gina tells John that Stefano has gotten to him and she doesn't understand why since they have the egg. John warns Gina that Stefano is still in control. Gina starts to leave but John apologizes and sits her down. John then ties her to the chair so she can't leave. John tells her that he's going to risk his life and exits the room.

Jack asks Jennifer how they fix them. Jennifer points out that they are both Abigail's parents. Jennifer suggests that they didn't realize that Abigail still needed them. Jack blames himself for not being there when she turned to Austin. Jennifer thinks they can do better and have to stay on the same page. Jennifer feels there is a distance between them and they don't want it. Jack states it has to be that way since every time he gets close then he hurts her or the kids. Jennifer disagrees and tells him that she adores him. Jennifer thinks they want the same thing and wonders what they are doing. Jennifer questions if they are just afraid to try again. Jack sticks by what he has said before so Jennifer storms out.

Abigail offers to buy a new frame but the guy is mad that the photo is messed up. Abigail tells him that she's trying to help but he thinks she just wants to be forgiven. He tells her it's not happening and walks away.

Stefano's guard asks him why he thinks Kate would open a package addressed to him. He realizes that it was a test. Stefano states that what interested him is what Kate would do with what's inside. He questions Stefano trying to make his wife jealous. Stefano tells him that he has his reasons.

Ian tells Kate that she meant to run into him. Kate calls him delusional and tells him to go to hell. Ian tells her not to walk away after waiting for him. He thinks she wants someone to talk to so he's there. They agree to go talk in private.

Celeste worries about Lexie leaving the room. Abe asks Daniel what they are looking at as far as her condition. Daniel says they first have to determine if the tumor has spread. Daniel calls it the worst case scenario. Abe goes to find Lexie. Lexie walks on and heads into a patient's room. Abe continues looking for her while Lexie goes back to work checking on a patient. Abe follows her inside and worries about her running off. Lexie claims she has rounds and patients to check. Abe points out that her patient is in a coma. Lexie wants to stick with her schedule. Lexie tells Abe that she didn't leave because she couldn't handle what Daniel said but because she hasn't changed as a doctor. Abe hugs her as she cries.

Jack follows Jennifer out of the coffeehouse and to the outside of the Pub. Jack catches up to her and tells her that he's scared because he doesn't know what's going to happen. Jack talks about being scared whenever anything happens. Jack admits that he's scared that he'll never be the man that Jennifer or his family need him to be. Jennifer assures him that he is that man. Jennifer knows what he went through was terrifying. They agree that he's making progress. Jennifer wants him to stop moving backwards and start moving forward. Jack tells her that it will start right now. Jack tells her that he's tired of being scared and alone. She tells him that she doesn't want him to be alone. Jack then kisses Jennifer. Abigail sits inside the Pub and sees them kissing through the window. Abigail exits and interrupts them to ask what's going on. She asks if this means they are back together. Jack states that he doesn't know and asks Jennifer if he blew it by waiting too long. Jennifer tells Jack that he got to her in the nick of time and then they kiss again. Abigail smiles and then hugs them.

Kate and Ian go to Ian's place to talk. They mock each other's marriages. Ian talks about Kate not knowing if Stefano is over a past love and how that's tearing her apart. Ian tells Kate that she deserves better. Kate responds that he doesn't know how many times she has called Stefano and left messages. Kate shows Ian the folder and states that Marlena takes up all of Stefano's attention. Kate brings up that Ian said he'd be waiting when she's ready and insists that it's not why she's here. Ian asks what she is doing there then.

John returns to Gina with a newspaper with the headline about Bo being in a coma. John shows it to her and tries to get her to remember Bo.

Lexie and Abe exit the patient room together. Abe tells her that Daniel was just giving the facts because that's his job. Abe tells her that there's still hope, faith, and love. Abe refuses to give up on her and them. Lexie tells him that she loves him and kisses him.

John keeps trying to get Gina to remember Bo but she denies knowing him. John continues encouraging her and tells her not to let Stefano keep them away from the people that they love. John tells her that Bo and Marlena are waiting for them to come back to them. John keeps trying to turn her back to Hope. It finally works as she begins saying Bo's name. She cries that she needs to get home to Bo as John hugs her.

Abigail, Jack, and Jennifer go to the hospital talking about how happy they are that they are back together. Jack talks about wanting to see Bo. Abigail sends them inside as the guy that she ran into earlier arrives. Abigail offers to help him find what he's looking for.

Kate tells Ian that she doesn't know why she's here. Ian questions why she chose to seek him out in particular. Kate asks if he wants her to say that he's the one person that could understand. Kate tells Ian that he's not that different from Stefano because they both thought of her as an afterthought. Kate wants to know how he can treat someone that he cares about that way. Ian can't justify it but feels he does owe her an explanation.

Abigail introduces herself and he responds that his name is Cameron. He apologizes for going off on her and says he's meeting someone for the first time today. Abigail wonders if it's a blind date. Cameron tells her that his photo was a gift for who he's meeting and he's looking for Daniel's office. Abigail instructs him on where to go. He thanks her and says he'll see her around as he walks off.

Hope talks to John about how she should be home with Bo but she's stuck here because of Stefano. John tells her that they resisted this part of Stefano's game since Princess Gina and the Pawn are gone. John shows Hope that they have the egg. She doesn't remember stealing it. John adds that Stefano has no idea since they moved all of his surveillance cameras. John thinks it's their ticket out of the mess. Stefano suddenly bangs on the door, saying he knows that they are in there.

Lexie and Abe return to Daniel's office and talk to Celeste. They bring up that Celeste didn't get to tell them what she was going to earlier. Cameron arrives to interrupt them. Celeste greets him with a hug. Celeste tells Lexie that this was the secret she was going to tell her. Celeste introduces Cameron as Lexie's brother. Lexie is shocked as Celeste explains that he's her half brother. Celeste adds that his father took her away when he was five and they just recently reconnected. Lexie can't believe it. Celeste talks about how she couldn't say anything. Lexie apologizes to Cameron and isn't sure what to say. Cameron reveals that they have met in the past and shows her the photo that he had with him. Lexie recalls still thinking Celeste was her aunt back then. Celeste regrets all the wasted time. Cameron tells Lexie that the photo is hers to keep. Celeste reveals that Cameron is also a doctor. Lexie says she can't do this and turns away. Abe introduces himself to Cameron and tells him that they had just heard some news that they had to process and is sure that Lexie will be open to getting to know him. Celeste tells Lexie that she loves her. Lexie tells Cameron that it was nice meeting him again as she then exits with Abe. Cameron asks Celeste what he just walked in on. She responds by showing him the test results.

Ian tells Kate that he was never happier than when he was with her. Kate questions why he ended it so abruptly then. Ian tells her that he did it to protect her since he was being blackmailed at the time. Ian explains that he was in a position to enact a hostile takeover and another company was circling the property that would've done anything to ruin him. Kate points out that he was never intimidated. Ian says that the man hired detectives to dig into her background and they know what would've been uncovered. Kate calls it so long ago. Ian didn't want her indiscretions to come to light since she was becoming successful so he had to distance himself from her to save her. Kate points out that he was away for years. Ian says the opponent was constant and could still have been a threat to her. Ian informs her that the other company has been handled so nothing can keep them apart now. Kate asks about Madison. Ian says they are married in name only while he's always loved Kate.

Celeste sits down with her tarot cards as Daniel returns. Celeste tells him that Abe took Lexie home. Daniel apologizes for not getting the results they hoped for. Celeste says she's sorry but not surprised. Daniel asks if the cards told her. Celeste tells him that he doesn't have to hid his skepticism but the cards are never wrong. She states that the cards warned her that something terrible was coming.

Lexie and Abe return home. Lexie hugs a picture of their family. Lexie tells Abe that she's not ready to face Theo yet with the news. Abe asks if he can do anything. Lexie hugs him as she cries. Abe promises her that they will get through this.

Ian apologizes to Kate for having to push her away and hurt her to protect her without an explanation. Kate says she got over it but Ian says he didn't. Ian adds that he'll never forget giving up the best thing to ever happen to him and knowing he'd never have her back. Kate calls never a long time and is subject to change. Ian and Kate then kiss.

John and Hope let Stefano in. They pretend to still be Gina and the Pawn. Stefano wants to know where the egg is. Stefano spots the newspaper with Bo on it in the trash can and questions what they are doing with it. Stefano asks them what is going on here.

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