Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/5/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/5/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Gabi sits with Abigail at the coffeehouse and shows her the modeling pictures of her and Chad on the Countess Wilhelmina website. Gabi points out all the comments of people thinking her and Chad make a cute couple. Abigail reminds her that Chad is with Melanie. Gabi says she knows and wants to look into the Mad World website where Abigail will be modeling. Chad and Melanie arrive together and Abigail calls them a cute couple. Gabi sarcastically agrees as Abigail gets up and joins them. Gabi then remarks to herself that they won't be for long.

Rafe and Nicole meet with Daniel in his office at the hospital. Nicole tells him that everything is fine with the baby but she wanted to give him a heads up that EJ found out she is pregnant. Daniel can't believe since they were going to keep it a secret. Daniel asks how EJ took the news. Nicole informs him that they decided to tell him that Rafe is the father. Rafe explains how he saw EJ badgering Nicole about the baby so he stood up and said it was his. They tell him that EJ wants a paternity test. Nicole says that they are the only ones who can know the truth because she refuses to let EJ near her baby.

Austin and Carrie go to the Pub together as Austin calls it the best day he's had in a long time. They sit down and Austin talks about how happy he is that they are back together and living together again. They talk about being a happy family again and how they are still living in a hotel room. Austin thinks they should start looking for a house but Carrie thinks they don't need that much space. Austin brings up having kids which catches Carrie by surprise. Austin wonders what they are waiting for when it comes to having kids.

Marlena finds Will at the town square and wants to talk to him about what he last said to her but Will doesn't want to. Marlena tells him that he doesn't have to talk if he doesn't want to but she can't believe that he wants to handle it by himself. Marlena thinks he should want someone to help him and share his life with. Will admits that he does and says he's tired of fighting what he knows is true which Marlena thinks is good. Will then confirms to Marlena that he's gay and promises not to take it back this time.

Lexie questions what Celeste means by saying she's in danger. Celeste explains that her tarot cards revealed that Lexie's life was in great peril so she came as soon as she could. Abe questions her coming because of tarot cards. Celeste tells them that she's never wrong about these things and asks how Lexie has been feeling. Lexie admits that she's had some headaches and fainted but Daniel checked her out and she's fine. Celeste tells her that she's wrong.

Marlena tells Will that he told her that he's gay and nothing bad happened and she still loves him. Marlena hugs Will as he thanks her. Will apologizes to her for losing his temper with her earlier and for being so difficult. Will says he knows how supportive and patient she's been with him and tells her how much that means to him and how much he loves her. Marlena tells him not to worry about apologizing to her as she's just glad that he's finally able to admit his true feelings. Will says he couldn't admit something that was so obvious to everybody. Marlena calls him one of the bravest men she's ever known and tells him that she is proud of him.

Carrie tells Austin that they haven't talked about kids in a long time and wonders why he brought it up today. Austin apologizes for getting ahead of himself. They agree that they need to take things slow and concentrate on rebuilding them before building a family. Austin regrets not telling her about Abigail from the start and promises to never make that mistake again. Carrie asks Austin to stop apologizing since they both made mistakes. They hold hands as Carrie declares that it's time for them to move on together.

Daniel questions Rafe taking on the commitment and asks if he's really okay with letting everyone think Nicole is having his baby. Rafe says he's okay and doesn't see an alternative. Rafe refuses to let EJ step in. Nicole tells Rafe that Daniel has a point that this could screw up Rafe's life. Nicole asks if he's sure he really wants to do this. She tells Rafe that she's grateful for what he's done already and promises to be okay if he wants to get out. Nicole doesn't know how they can keep up the secret and wants Rafe to tell her what he wants to do because she will understand.

Chad and Melanie sit with Abigail and Gabi. Abigail says they were just studying. Chad tells her that he's sorry about what happened with Austin. Abigail blames herself for it and regrets lying. Gabi comments that it doesn't seem like something she would do. Abigail talks about how she started to believe her own lies. She calls it a bad dream and can't believe what she did. Abigail admits that she loved Austin and still does. Melanie encourages her that she will find somebody else.

Rafe tells Nicole that he's not going to abandon her and reminds her that it was his idea to say he was the father. Nicole points out that she was already going to keep the pregnancy a secret. Rafe warns her that EJ will try to get sole custody. Rafe calls it payback for all the times EJ screwed up his life. Nicole thanks him. Daniel tells them that he has to go to a meeting. Nicole decides they are through then as Daniel exits. Nicole tells Rafe that she doesn't know what to say. Rafe wants to figure out what they are going to do about the paternity test. Nicole suggests going back to her original idea and having her leave town. Rafe reminds her that EJ would do whatever it took to find her since he knows she's pregnant now. Rafe wants Daniel to help them switch the paternity tests but Nicole says no since she feels Daniel has already done enough for her and she doesn't want to drag him further into this. Nicole worries that Daniel could lose his license or his life if EJ found out. Rafe wonders what else they can do. Nicole assumes they will have to switch the tests on their own.

Abe tells Celeste to stop with the bad predictions. Lexie assures her that she's fine. Celeste wants her to take it seriously. Celeste points out that she knew she was ill. Celeste warns her to get checked out today and not put it off. Abe wants her to stop but Celeste fears that Lexie could die if she doesn't listen.

Marlena and Will sit together and eat at the town square. Will talks about how he still can't believe he said he's gay. Marlena asks him how feels now that he's said it. Will admits that he feels relieved and can't believe how much saying it has helped. Marlena is glad to hear that. Will recalls encouragement from Sonny and feeling like weight has been lifted from his shoulders. Marlena hopes he will be at ease. Will says he's definitely gay but is still a little worried about what it means for his future. Will doesn't know if it will work itself out because he feels like he just gave up some of his hopes and dreams.

Melanie and Chad sit together at their own table playing checkers while Gabi watches them from her table with Abigail. Chad and Melanie kiss so Gabi interrupts by loudly pointing out that people are commenting on Melanie's modeling photos for Mad World. Gabi reads some of the compliments and then comes across one she doesn't want to read so Melanie goes over to see it.

Lexie tells Celeste that they haven't seen her in months. Celeste apologizes for being busy. Abe asks if it's all about her tarot cards. Celeste warns Lexie not to dismiss what she tells her. Celeste tells Abe that she loves Lexie and knows that she's about to face the challenge of her life. Lexie thinks she's getting ahead of herself since she hasn't even gotten tests yet. Celeste tells Lexie that she has to go get tests today. Lexie doesn't think one day will make a difference. Abe suggests that they might as well do it since there's no point in waiting and they won't be able to sleep with all the drama. Lexie agrees to go and asks Celeste to stay with Theo but Celeste insists on going with her. Lexie agrees as Celeste hugs her.

Carrie tells Austin that they should consider renting a house first since they don't have the best income. Austin agrees but points out a certain house that he found and shows it to her on his phone which Carrie loves as it reminds them of Switzerland. Austin talks about all the extra features the house has and ends up pointing out that it would be good for kids. They talk again about kids and Austin admits to wanting to be a dad. Austin understands it's a big commitment and knows they have to focus on them first but feels that babies change everything as Rafe and Nicole enter the Pub. Carrie looks at them and tells Austin that he's right that babies do change everything.

Chad gets up and wants to know what was said about Melanie. Melanie tells him that someone brought up her past as premiere party girl. Abigail calls it forever ago and Gabi adds that it sucks. Melanie continues reading that she's been called a con artist, a gold digger, and a slut. Chad wants to find out who posted that. Melanie points out that they aren't exactly lies. Melanie gets up and rushes out so Chad and Abigail follow her while Gabi hides a smile.

Abe, Lexie, and Celeste meet with Daniel in his office at the hospital. Lexie introduces Daniel to her mother. Celeste thanks him for arranging the tests right away. Lexie adds that she's having the tests now because Celeste insisted. Daniel takes Lexie to the lab to have her tests done.

Austin gets a call from Kate and steps away while Carrie looks over at Rafe and Nicole sitting together. Nicole understands if Rafe wants to leave since it's hard for him to see Carrie with Austin. Rafe insists that he's fine and gets up to get some menus. Rafe and Carrie greet each other as she points out that she saw he came in with Nicole. Rafe tells Carrie that he's glad he ran into her because there's something he wants to tell her.

Chad and Melanie sit back down together as Chad tries to make her feel better. Melanie admits she feels embarrassed that her past always comes back to haunt her. Chad calls it just one post on a message board but Melanie still cares. Melanie talks about what she used to and how awful she used to treat people. Chad points out that he's no saint and was in boarding school. Chad says all that matters is that they have changed from who they used to be. Chad tells Melanie that he loves the person that she is today. Chad tells her that he wouldn't change anything about her. Melanie thanks him and they kiss as Gabi continues watching them.

Marlena tells Will that he took a big step today and his life decisions can wait. Will knows it will take a lot of time to figure everything out. Marlena reminds him that being gay does not mean he has to give up on his dreams. Marlena wants to know what got Will to making the decision today and asks if he found someone that interests him. Will assures her that he hasn't and doesn't want to rush things. Will states that he's not ready to date guys yet and doesn't think he's ready to be that open. Marlena asks if he has anyone else to talk to. Will brings up Sonny and thinks he already knew. Marlena thinks Sonny will be a good friend for him and someone that he can talk to. Will agrees and brings up that he's talked to Sonny a lot but jokes that he doesn't want to turn him into his gay life coach. Marlena asks about his other friends. Will thinks they will be okay but admits he's a little worried about Gabi and thinks she might feel betrayed. Will worries that Gabi will think he led her on and wasted her time on purpose. Marlena thinks Gabi will understand that he was confused and never meant to mislead her. Will hopes she's right. Marlena then asks Will if he has thought about telling his parents, Sami and Lucas.

Carrie tells Rafe that he doesn't owe her any explanation but Rafe feels that he does. Rafe wants her to know the truth but Carrie says that whatever is going on with he and Nicole is none of her business. Carrie then informs Rafe that she and Austin are working things out. Rafe calls it good and says he's happy for them. Carrie apologizes for dragging him into her marital problems and states that she realized it's always been Austin that she loves. Carrie regrets what happened between her and Rafe and claims it was a mistake. Carrie says the feelings weren't real but just a reaction to the tensions in her marriage. Carrie apologizes to him. Rafe says there's no need to be sorry and he's happy for them. Carrie thanks him and hopes things were out for Rafe and Nicole as he then returns to Nicole.

Melanie and Chad rejoin Gabi and Abigail as Melanie apologizes for freaking out. Gabi claims that they understand. Melanie asks to borrow the computer and decides that she's going to hack into the site to delete the comments. Gabi is surprised that she can do that. Abigail suggests leaving it to the webmaster but Melanie wants to do it herself. Melanie deletes the comment as Abigail and Chad praise her. Abigail decides that she's done studying so she leaves while Gabi chooses to stay and go over her notes. Chad and Melanie start to leave but Gabi starts asking Chad questions to help her with studying. Chad tells Gabi that he finished studying so he could have more time with Melanie and kisses her.

Nicole asks Rafe what happened with Carrie. Rafe admits that he wanted to tell Carrie the truth that he's not with Nicole or having her baby but he didn't say anything. Nicole thanks him for not saying anything. Rafe is glad he didn't since Carrie told him that they were a mistake and that she always loved Austin while he was just a distraction. Nicole holds his hand and tells him that she really is sorry.

Austin returns to Carrie and tells her that Kate said she's happy that they are working things out and invited them to dinner. Carrie says that's great as long as it's not at the DiMera mansion. Austin agrees and looks over at Rafe and Nicole. Carrie assures Austin that he has nothing to worry about since whatever she felt for Rafe was nothing and the only man she wants is Austin. Austin asks if she's sure. Carrie tells him that she's completely sure and shows him by standing up and kissing him in front of Rafe. Abigail walks by outside the Pub and stops as she sees Carrie and Austin kissing through the window.

Lexie returns to Abe and Celeste and says they will know soon since Daniel is putting a rush on it. Lexie tells Celeste that she has missed her and is glad she's here. Celeste hugs her and thanks her. Lexie adds that Theo will be happy too since he's missed her. Lexie asks if she's staying long. Celeste says she will stay as long as she's needed. Abe says he will set up a room at the house. Celeste tells them that there's something else important that she has to tell Lexie which is a secret that she's kept for many years but now feels like she has to come clean because she must know. Before she can tell her, Daniel returns with the test results.

Melanie and Chad sit together again as Melanie tells him that she's going to call the webmaster at Mad World to block the person from making any more comments. Gabi overhears them and logs back in under the "Salemspy59" username that posted the negative comments.

Will tells Marlena that he doesn't think he should come out to his parents. Marlena suggests that they might surprise him. Will thinks Sami will just make it all about herself. Marlena asks about Lucas. Will thinks after their last conversation that Lucas has no idea and won't be thrilled. Marlena suggests not selling him short. Will points out how Lucas was afraid of other people's thoughts when he was messing around with Sonny. Marlena reminds him that his parents love him. Will says he knows and thanks her. Will adds that he never could've gotten this far without her. Marlena calls him a strong young man and adds that she's proud of him. Marlena tells him that the road will be bumpy and won't be easy all the time but assures him that he will be happy.

Abigail starts to cry at seeing Austin and Carrie kissing. She turns to run away but bumps into a guy who then yells at her about watching where she's going.

Austin and Carrie continue kissing then Carrie tells him that she wants to go back to their place. Austin likes the sound of their place and Carrie says she wants to be with him because it's been a long time. Austin acknowledges Nicole and Rafe as they then head out together. Nicole comments on their kiss. Rafe says it's all good since it will be easier to keep Nicole's secret from EJ if Carrie is not in his life.

Daniel informs Lexie, Abe, and Celeste that he got Lexie's test results back and is sorry to say that it is not good news.

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