Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/4/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/4/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ finds Will at the coffeehouse and instructs him to keep an eye on Nicole and know her every move. Will comments that it sounds like a full time job and asks what he's supposed to do about school. EJ wants him to take a leave of absence but Marlena arrives and tells EJ to give his job a leave of absence.

Daniel and Billie walk through the town square, talking about Bo. Daniel jokes with her so Billie jokes back about flirting.

Gina and John return to their room with the egg. Gina calls it their ticket out so they can buy a place where no one can find them and then they kiss.

Lucas tells Sami that he should be mad but he's not. Sami thinks it's because she's still in his head like he's in hers. Lucas tells her that she's right because she gave him two kids and will always be part of his life but he has a fiancée and a life in Hong Kong now. Sami begs him to stay but Lucas thinks she just wants a man. Lucas tells her that she's always in trouble and now she needs to get herself out of it.

Abe asks Lexie if she's sure that she's okay. Lexie says she's fine but got a little dizzy. Lexie then faints into Abe's arms.

Sami stops Lucas from walking away and tells him that he left her to take care of the kids before. Sami takes the blame for what happened with Rafe but reminds Lucas that Will and Allie need him. Sami claims that Lucas is the only person that gets her. Lucas feels that she only calls when she loses a relationship and panics. Lucas thinks he'd never hear from Sami again if Rafe came in and took her back right now. Sami claims that she needs him now. Lucas thinks Sami has a crazy tendency to fall in love with any man who helps her. Lucas agrees to be her friend if they can agree that it's all that it is.

John and Gina continue kissing onto the couch until John spots a photo of Marlena that had fallen to the floor. John picks it up and looks at it as they wonder who she is.

EJ questions if Marlena is resigning Will from his job. Will tells her that he can handle it. Marlena thinks Will's education is priority. EJ agrees to schedule around his classes and Will thanks him. EJ points out that he does have Will's best interests in mind and thinks he's the only one that does. Marlena wants EJ to tell her what he means but he responds that he thinks she knows exactly what he's talking about.

Lexie wakes up and wants to know what happened. Abe tells her that she fainted and he wants to go get help but Lexie claims she will be fine. Abe worries that it could be serious. Abe tells her that he's taking her to the hospital but Lexie doesn't want to leave Theo alone. Lexie worries that she'd be a laughing stock at the hospital if she came in for something small. Abe offers to drive her but Lexie continues saying no. Abe wants her to do it for Theo. Lexie agrees to get checked out when she goes into work tomorrow but Abe wants to call Daniel and bring him over now. Lexie argues but Abe goes to make the call.

Daniel asks Billie about going out for coffee and she says she's interested but Daniel gets the call from Abe. Abe informs him that Lexie had passed out so he asks him to come by and look her over. Daniel agrees to come over and hangs up. Daniel tells Billie what happened and that he has to go. Daniel says he will text her about their going out for coffee and then he heads off. Billie then gets a call from Agent Spencer. Spencer wants to know what she has. Billie doesn't want to talk over the phone but wants him to see what she got.

Marlena asks EJ what he means but Will steps in and assures her that he can handle it all. Will goes to get coffee for Marlena. EJ tells Marlena that he cares about Will very much. She thinks he just cares about himself. EJ calls Will like a stepson and has his best interest at heart. Marlena feels his best interests are different from the rest of the world. EJ states that he wants Will to have the opportunity to be who he is without judgment. Marlena questions who decides that. EJ thinks they both know what they are talking about and promises not to take advantage of that. Marlena adds that she hates that Will is working for him but knows he's a grown up and made that choice. Marlena gives EJ the benefit of the doubt but warns him to watch his step. EJ then exits.

Abe brings Lexie some juice as her vision starts to get blurry but she claims that she's fine. Daniel arrives and begins checking her. He notes that her heart sounds good. Daniel begins checking her eyes as Theo walks in and wants to know what's wrong with his mom.

Billie meets with Agent Spencer outside the Town Square and shows Spencer a folder with what she found. Spencer is surprised EJ keeps these things at his house. They talk about the DiMeras being behind John's charges. They talk about Kate not knowing anything. Billie worries about John and Hope. They both worry that they could be in real trouble.

John and Gina talk about the photo of Marlena. John thinks she looks familiar. Gina tells him that she's going to take a shower and invites him to join but he continues staring at the photo. Gina goes to the shower an John puts the photo down. John starts walking but stops and looks back as he starts having flashbacks of all his memories with Marlena. John goes back to the photo and looks at it again, now recognizing her.

Will sits with Marlena and jokes about her scaring off EJ. Will hopes she won't do that again. Marlena understands that he made himself clear and apologizes if she embarrassed him. Will doesn't know why people think they can just butt into his life since he's taken care of himself and his mom since he was little. Marlena adds that she's concerned. They talk about thinking a lot since their last talk. Marlena feels overprotective but Will doesn't think he needs protecting. Marlena reminds him that he's working for EJ. Marlena asks if Will is working for EJ because he knows what he told her. Will says he knows she just wants what's best for him but he wants her to back off and give him some space.

Lucas talks to Sami about coming on too strong by claiming to be in love with him. Sami says she was desperate and they talk about Kate's threats against her. Sami worries about what would happen if Kate gets custody of the kids. Lucas reminds her that she said EJ wouldn't allow that. Sami wants him to stay and suggests he get Autumn to come to Salem. Sami brings up that Will needs him too. Sami begs him to stay and goes on about how important it is for him to stay. Lucas agrees to talk to Autumn about it and walks away to make the call. EJ arrives and goes right up to Sami to reveal that Nicole and Rafe are having a baby.

Abe tells Theo that Lexie will be okay. Lexie assures that she will be fine so Theo sits with her while Daniel continues the checkup. Daniel declares that he didn't find anything wrong but he wants her to come in for a complete physical.

Will tells Marlena that he's been around EJ for most of his life and understands the risks but he's decided to take the risks. Marlena apologizes for treating him like a kid. Will apologizes for being rude and doesn't want to hurt her feelings since she's the only person he can rely on and doesn't want that to change. Marlena admits she was concerned when he rushed off last time. Will says he ended up going to a club with Gabi after he felt like everyone was telling him how to live his life. Will states that when people tell him to be comfortable with who he is that it makes it harder.

Sami questions EJ trying to upset her. EJ says he isn't and continues that Nicole is having a baby with Rafe. Sami thinks Nicole has to be lying. EJ tells her that they are getting a paternity test because she is really pregnant. Sami sits down and holds back tears. Sami starts to say this is what they get for what they did. EJ tells her that he's sorry for blurting it out. EJ hugs her as she cries while Lucas returns and sees them together. Lucas says he doesn't mean to interrupt. Sami tells him that he isn't while EJ states he had to deliver some difficult news. Sami tells him that she appreciates being told. EJ hopes she's okay and then heads off to an appointment. Sami tells Lucas not to start as he sits with her. Lucas wants to know what was said. Sami informs him that it seems Nicole is pregnant with Rafe's baby. Lucas is surprised and Sami decides it's time to let go. Lucas thinks it's good for her to let go. Lucas tells her that he talked to Autumn and he's staying for now. Sami thanks him with a hug.

Spencer tells Billie that getting dirt on the DiMeras is the best way to help John and Hope. Billie tells him that Kate is afraid that Stefano is after Marlena. Spencer talks about being unable to get back to Alamainia and in the meantime, John is on his own.

John sits with the photo of Marlena as Gina comes out of the shower. John tells her that he got a little distracted. John says it wasn't the photo but the egg that was distracting him. Gina figures Stefano must be going out of his mind wondering what happened to it. Gina worries that John is having second thoughts.

Lexie tells Theo not to worry because she will take care of herself. Abe goes to call the hospital so they can clear a spot for her checkup. Lexie sends Theo with Abe to get ready to go back to bed. Lexie tells Daniel that she doesn't believe in unnecessary tests. Daniel reminds her how scared he was when his hands started shaking but he survived and couldn't have without her. Daniel asks her to come in for a few tests and reminds her that she promised Theo so she agrees to it.

Marlena tells Will that he's going into his 20s which is a tough time for young people with leaving home and trying to become the person he wants to be. Marlena says the people that love him are trying to give him support and space. Will says he knows who he is and has figured out who he wants to be but he's not ready to broadcast it to the world.

Billie says she knows John and Hope are smart and can take care of themselves but she's scared because they haven't been in touch. Spencer talks about Alamainia being dangerous. Spencer wants Billie to put pressure on Stefano and make him come back home. Billie thinks it was too easy to find the invoices and figures Stefano wouldn't leave them laying around. They wonder if someone is setting Stefano up or if someone else was behind the arms deal. Billie believes EJ is behind all of it.

Gina questions if John is having second thoughts about running away together and doesn't get an answer. Gina talks about how it's everything they have dreamed of and can't believe John doesn't want it. John tells her that they will have to be careful with the next step or else the other people they love are going to get hurt. Gina questions what he's talking about so John informs her that he's talking about her husband Bo.

Marlena tells Will that she gets that he wants to go his own way. Marlena reminds him that she loves and supports him no matter what. Will asks if that means even if he's gay so Marlena reiterates no matter what. Will asks her if she noticed that he just said he's gay. Will then exits.

Billie tells Spencer that she thinks Stefano having John and Hope in Alamainia had nothing to do with John's charges as it was all EJ. They question EJ running for mayor while also running a fraud. Billie declares that EJ is no different than Stefano deep down. Spencer thinks they need more proof to convince the higher ups. Billie promises that she will get it.

Gina tells John that he's the only man she's ever loved and doesn't know any Bo. Gina questions why he's saying this. John asks her if she remembers any of the last ten years. John says she doesn't remember because she was living another life in Salem with Bo Brady. Gina doesn't want to hear it. John warns her to remember or else Stefano will win and he calls her Hope. Gina questions who the hell is Hope.

Sami and Lucas go to Sami's apartment and talk about Lucas telling Autumn that he's staying. Lucas mentions that Autumn wasn't thrilled as he told her that he had to be there for Sami. Lucas adds that Autumn understands this is how it has to be. Lucas wants her to stand on her own two feet and not need a man. They exit the apartment to go get more boxes but run into EJ. EJ reveals that he's moving into the apartment across from the hall since he owns the building. Sami asks about the mansion so EJ says he wants to change his reputation. Sami questions EJ choosing to live in these apartments of all places. EJ points out that he'll be across from his children and walks on.

Abe returns from putting Theo to bed and tells Lexie that her schedule is being cleared for tomorrow. Daniel adds that he will have everything set up. Daniel instructs Lexie to call if she starts to get dizzy as he exits. Abe thanks her for not being stubborn and adds that Daniel was right about the tests. Lexie's mom Celeste suddenly bursts in from the back door and tells Lexie that she needs to get those tests done and worries that she could be in incredible danger.

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