Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/3/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/3/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate arrives at Lexie's which surprises her. Kate says she was just in the neighborhood and decided to stop by then admits she came to see if she heard from Stefano. Lexie asks if that means Kate hasn't.

Marlena, Abe, and Roman sit together at the Pub. Marlena talks to them about being unable to reach Hope and John. She's concerned about Stefano being behind it.

Gina and John talk about their plan to get the egg. Gina has John promise they won't stop having fun after they get the egg and then they kiss.

Lucas questions Sami saying she still has feelings for him. Sami says that she does but Lucas thinks she's just mad that he's going back to his fiancée. Sami claims it has nothing to do with that but Lucas says he knows her better than anyone else so he knows it's about EJ and not him. Sami insists that there is nothing between her and EJ but Lucas doesn't believe her. Sami tells Lucas that it's true because she's still in love with him.

EJ tells Nicole and Rafe that he doesn't know what they are trying to pull but says they won't get away with it. Rafe declares that he's the father of Nicole's baby which Carrie hears from a distance and is shocked by. EJ questions why he should believe that and Rafe tells him that it's the truth that it's his baby which causes Carrie to hold back tears. EJ asks if he's ready to tell the world. Rafe tells EJ that he knows now so he can go. Carrie walks away and leaves before she is seen. Nicole tells EJ to go but EJ wants Nicole to go with him. EJ wants to take Nicole to the hospital for a paternity test but Rafe is not willing.

Lucas tells Sami that she's not in love with him and she only thinks that because he's in love with someone else so she can't have him.

Kate talks to Lexie about the way Stefano gets when he's on business. Kate worries that Stefano is very busy. Lexie realizes that Kate has no idea where he is. Kate admits that she's getting worried about him. Lexie tells her that she hasn't spoken to him. Kate then asks Lexie if Stefano ever talked to her about Marlena.

John tells Gina they should go break into the castle now. Gina brings up that they hid the egg years ago so they have to worry about security now. Gina tells him that they will be invited and kisses him. A man known as Count Wilhelm enters to meet with Gina.

Austin finds Carrie crying at the town square and wants to know what happened.

Lexie wants to know why Stefano would talk about Marlena. Kate brings up their history and how secretive Stefano has been since they came back to town. Kate assures Lexie that Stefano had nothing to do with John's trial. Lexie knows Kate is worried that he's going to go after Marlena again.

Marlena, Roman, and Abe talk about being unable to reach Hope since Bo was put in the hospital. Roman and Abe both go to see if they can find out anything as Marlena thanks them.

Gina tells Wilhelm that John is no one important so he wants to get rid of him. Gina asks John to leave so he does. Gina asks Wilhelm to meet her back at his place so he leaves as she promises not to be long.

Sami tells Lucas that her feelings have nothing to do with Autumn. Lucas tells her that they wouldn't be having this conversation if she was still with Rafe. Lucas thinks Sami just always wants what she can't have. Sami claims it has nothing to do with that and brings up Lucas flying around the world for her. Lucas vows that it will be the last time he makes that mistake.

Austin wants Carrie to talk to him. She tells him that she can't. Austin states that he knows why.

Rafe tells EJ that they aren't going anywhere because he doesn't want to subject Nicole to a bunch of tests. EJ just wants to know the truth. Nicole says it is the truth but EJ still doesn't believe them. Rafe calls that unfortunate and they start to leave but EJ warns them that life will be easier if they cooperate. EJ says he will not let them out of his sight until he knows who the father is. EJ promises to never bother them again if they are telling the truth so Rafe agrees to do the test, saying that the sooner EJ is out of Nicole's life the better. EJ then walks away and Rafe walks on with Nicole.

Roman tells Marlena and Abe that he left messages with his contacts at the ISA so they have to wait and be patient. Marlena knows they are doing all they can and is grateful. Roman promises not to stop until John and Hope are home safe. Marlena suddenly realizes that today is Abe and Lexie's anniversary so they send him to go be with Lexie. Roman tells Marlena that he's going to check with his contacts again and walks away.

Lexie tells Kate that it's no secret that Stefano was once obsessed with Marlena but it was a long time ago and he's with Kate now and loves her. Kate says she knows since she's his wife. Kate decides that she should go. Kate asks Lexie to call if he does call her. Lexie suggests Kate call him so she tells her that she has several times but he doesn't seem interested in communicating.

Sami questions Lucas saying helping her was a mistake. Lucas says he was worried about her and tells her that this can't happen again. Lucas says he's going back to Hong Kong to a woman that won't break his heart. Lucas says goodbye and storms off.

Austin tells Carrie that he knows that they have hurt each other and she might not be able to stand him. Carrie stops him from apologizing but Austin wants to finish. Austin declares that he can fix thing and make it right but Carrie doesn't know if this can be fixed.

Gina and Wilhelm meet at his place. He goes to kiss her but she stops him and wants to start with champagne so he goes to get it. Gina locks the door behind him and sneaks John in. John wants to find the egg but Gina says they will have to get the Count of the picture first.

EJ, Nicole, and Rafe go to Lexie's office looking for her. EJ wants to find Lexie so they can get the paternity test taken care of. EJ goes to look for Lexie. Nicole thanks Rafe for what he did but doesn't know what to do now. Nicole worries that EJ is going to find out that he's the father and will then stop at nothing to take her baby away.

John gives Gina a sleeping aid to slip into Count Wilhelm's drink. Gina tells him not to worry because she won't let it go too far. John says he'd have to knock him out himself if it did. Gina assures him that she has it all under control.

Abe returns home with flowers for Lexie and wishes her a happy anniversary. Abe prepares champagne as Lexie tells him that Kate had just been there asking a lot of questions about Stefano.

Lucas goes to see Kate at the DiMera Mansion and tells her that he's leaving to go back to Hong Kong. Kate hugs him and says she loved having him but is glad that he is going back where he'll be away from Sami.

Austin brings Carrie some tea and they sit together. Austin says he knows she doesn't want to talk and he respects that but he has something that he wants to say that is important.

Rafe tells Nicole to calm down because it will be alright. Nicole worries how it will be alright since EJ will take her baby after the test is done. Rafe sits her down as Nicole worries that she's dying. Rafe understands it's a scary and stressful situation but promises her that EJ won't take the baby. Rafe promises to make sure it's alright. Nicole asks him why. Rafe responds that they have to for her and the baby. Nicole wants to know why Rafe is helping her.

John hides as Wilhelm returns to Gina with champagne. Gina notes that he only brought one glass so he informs her that he has quit drinking.

Abe asks Lexie if she thinks Kate has any idea what Stefano is up to. Lexie tells him that Kate has no idea and came for answers but is worried for Marlena. Abe says he and Roman are looking for answers to help Marlena and they hope to hear soon from their contacts. Lexie tells him that she's glad she married such a good man. They kiss as Lexie then goes to get glasses for champagne.

Lucas warns Kate not to talk bad about Sami in front of Will or Allie. Kate promises not to and says Lucas gets to escape while she is stuck with Sami. Lucas says goodbye. Kate insists on having a car drive him to the airport so that Sami can't stop him on his way.

Marlena paces at the Pub and talks with Roman about being impatient to hear from his sources. Roman takes her out of the Pub and says they are going to get answers.

Rafe tells Nicole that EJ is a monster so he couldn't stand by and do nothing. Rafe says he's going to take care of her and her baby. Nicole brings up Carrie but Rafe tells her that nothing is going on between them since she's working things out with Austin. Nicole remarks that she knows how much Rafe loves Carrie. EJ returns and tells them that Lexie is not working today since it's her anniversary. EJ wants to find another doctor but Rafe tells him to drop it since he isn't getting what he wants. Nicole declares that this ends right now.

Gina questions Wilhelm stopping drinking. She wants him to drink just one and convinces him to go get another glass. She slips the sleeping pill into her glass and insists that he take her glass. Gina decides she'll just drink out of the bottle while he drinks the glass. John continues listening from hiding under a table as Wilhelm wants to get romantic and they go to the bed. John stands up and gets ready to knock him out but he falls asleep. Gina tells John to get the egg.

Lucas says goodbye to Kate and starts to leave but gets a call from the airlines that said his secretary canceled his flight. Lucas calls it odd and decides he can't leave until tomorrow. Lucas goes to go call his secretary and make sure everything is alright.

Carrie tells Austin that she thinks they have said everything that needs to be said. Austin agrees that she could be right but tells her that he loves her more than anything in the world. Carrie tells him he's said that already. Austin asks if he's told her that he wants them to be together no matter what. Austin wants to keep going and tells her that he wants her to look at him like she did on their wedding day. Carrie calls that a new one. Austin calls it good progress. Austin tells Carrie that he knows this can't heal over night but he will do anything and everything including counseling, couples therapy, and dance lessons. Austin tells her that he's been in love with her for 20 years and is still crazy about it and can't do anything about it so he thinks that has to count for something. Austin adds that he doesn't want an answer but just wants her to think about it. Carrie stops him and feels that he deserves an answer and to know how she feels right now.

EJ questions Nicole. Rafe explains that they can't keep doing this because it's stressing out Nicole. EJ says that's why he wants the test done sooner than later. EJ exits to go find a doctor. Nicole tells Rafe that this isn't going to end well when EJ finds out that they lied. Rafe assures her that he will not find out.

Abe tells Lexie that they have had their ups and downs but he's never regretted falling in love with her. Abe states that he's proud she chose him and he loves her. She kisses him and they toast champagne to all the years they've had and will have. Lexie starts to get a headache but says she's alright.

Roman and Marlena arrive at the DiMera Mansion which startles Kate and she drops the folder that included Stefano's files on Marlena. Roman offers to help her pick things up but Kate gets them herself. Kate asks Roman what she can do. Roman wants her to tell him where Stefano is. Marlena adds that they need her help but Kate swears that she has not spoken with him since he left. Kate tells them that she's busy preparing for a meeting. Roman warns that he will find out if she's keeping something. Kate says she would tell them if she knew something. Roman says they will be in touch and he exits with Marlena. Kate sighs and picks up the folder again.

John and Gina find the egg in a drawer. They look at it and Gina calls it perfect like she remembers it. John says it's a job well done but Gina adds that it's not done yet. Gina gives him the egg to take back to the hotel and she will meet him back there. John kisses her and tells her he loves her. Gina says the same and tells him that it will only be a few hours until they can disappear and no one will find them again. John then exits.

Lucas returns to the Pub which seems to surprise Sami. Lucas reveals that he knows Sami canceled his flight. Sami hopes he's not mad. Lucas states that he should be but he's not. Sami claims she knows it's because deep down she's still in his head just like he is in hers.

Carrie tells Austin that she knows what she wants and doesn't need any more time. Carrie tells him that she wants him and wants to make their marriage work because now she knows that what they have is something she could never have with anyone else. Austin is surprised and asks if she means it. Carrie says she means it with all her heart and hugs him. Austin tells her that he loves her so much.

EJ returns to Rafe and Nicole. Rafe asks where the doctor is. EJ states that the test is going to have to wait since it can't be done until she's at least 10 weeks along. EJ wants to take her to see an OB/GYN. Rafe says they will take care of it. EJ warns that he will see to it because it's his baby and he will make sure that Nicole is taken care of. EJ then exits as Nicole worries to Rafe what they are going to do. Rafe responds that he doesn't know yet but they have time to figure it out.

Abe asks Lexie if she's sure that she's okay. Lexie says she's fine but got a little dizzy. Lexie then faints into Abe's arms.

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