Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/2/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/2/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena arrives at the Coffeehouse and meets Carrie. Carrie hugs her and thanks her for coming. Marlena notes that she sounded upset when she called. Carrie tells her that her life is a mess and she doesn't know what to do about it.

John and Gina drink champagne together. John regrets coming to where they are rather than going after Stefano. They toast to their freedom and money. John wants to sell Stefano's egg so they can be free of him forever. Gina adds that they can also have some fun. A woman enters and tells them that they have a man who wants to play a high stakes game.

Lucas sits with Sami at the Pub and tells her that his fiancée Autumn wants him to come home. Sami tells him that she can't leave because she needs him. Lucas disagrees because she has EJ now.

Rafe and Nicole eat at the town square. Nicole comments about being pregnant as EJ walks by and overhears her. EJ questions her being pregnant and asks if they are having a baby. Nicole tries to tell him that he didn't hear that but EJ insists that he did. Rafe stands and warns EJ to be careful.

Gina and John prepare for her to play the high stakes game as Stefano arrives as the man to play against her. Stefano greets them and says to let the games begin. Stefano talks to them about spending the money he gave them to find the egg. Stefano wants to decide what game they are going to play and suggests poker. They agree to play Texas Hold 'em.

Marlena sits with Carrie and wants to know what's going on. Carrie calls it her instinct to turn to her when things aren't going well but she knows she's upset about John and Hope being in Alamainia. Carrie hopes that they come home soon and that Bo will be okay. Carrie comments that a lot has happened in the last few weeks. Marlena wants to help her if she can and asks what's going on. Carrie reveals that Austin didn't cheat on her since Abigail lied to everyone.

EJ continues questioning Nicole. Rafe offers to make him leave. EJ wants to make sure that everything is okay and tells her that she will be a wonderful mother. EJ questions if Nicole wasn't going to tell him. Nicole states that she just found out. EJ talks to Nicole about seeing a doctor. EJ says he knows she's worried and should be.

Sami tells Lucas that she doesn't want anything to do with EJ. Lucas brings up everything EJ is doing for Sami. Sami feels she had to take him up on the offer. Sami claims that she's going to pay EJ back. Sami doesn't know why he's so upset since EJ did this all on his own. Lucas thinks it's obvious that EJ still has feelings for Sami. Sami tells Lucas that those feelings are anger, hate, and resentment. Lucas tells her to be honest with herself and calls it obvious that there are unresolved feelings between her and EJ. Sami calls him crazy but Lucas thinks it's crazy that she and EJ are denying it.

Gina and Stefano play Texas Hold Em. Gina talks about winning so far but Stefano warns her that he always wins in the end so John offers to up the stakes.

Marlena is surprised to hear that Abigail lied. Carrie explains how Austin got drunk and assumed what happened while Abigail let him believe the worst. Carrie talks about being so disappointed in Austin. Carrie admits that she is most upset with herself as instead of trying to save her marriage, she tried to justify her feelings for Rafe. Marlena asks Carrie if she's talking about the way she felt about Rafe or the way she feels now.

Rafe questions EJ if he was making a threat. EJ calls it a private, personal conversation. EJ wants Nicole to tell Rafe to go away. Rafe thinks EJ is threatening her. EJ brings up her medical history and understands how worried she is. Rafe tells him that bringing that up won't make her worry less. Nicole states that she wants Rafe there because he's her friend but doesn't think EJ is threatening her. Rafe sits near by to let them talk. EJ tells Nicole that he wouldn't threaten her. EJ says they did this together and he will be with her every step of the way. Nicole asks EJ to sit down so they sit with Rafe. Nicole reminds EJ that she just found out after being told that she could never have a baby so she has a lot to process. EJ tells her that he fully understands. Nicole says she has a lot of personal decisions to make. EJ wants her to move back into the Mansion and calls it the most logical thing to do. Nicole calls that crazy and refuses. EJ offers to take care of her and make sure she has everything she needs.

Sami questions Lucas thinking she and EJ have feelings for each other. Sami brings up shooting EJ in the head. Lucas thinks she's protesting too much. Sami calls it stupid and doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Lucas wants her to think about it and everything that's gone on between them and then tell her that nothing is going on. Sami thinks back to having sex with EJ the last time.

Stefano and Gina continue their poker game.

Carrie admits to Marlena that she still has feelings for Rafe and can't stop thinking about being with them. Carrie states that her feelings didn't go away when she found out Austin didn't cheat or when they talked about saving their marriage. Carrie says they have been through so much to be together. Marlena thinks what's important is what she feels right now. Carrie talks about all the times that she cried on Marlena's shoulder. She talks about not having these problems until moving back to Salem. Carrie worries if she'll ever be happy. Carrie asks Marlena how she found the courage to leave her dad to be with John.

Nicole tells EJ that she has decisions to make but one she has already made is that they are not getting back together ever.

John tells Stefano that if they win then they will give him back his egg at the right price but if Stefano wins then they will give him the egg with no price. Stefano agrees to the deal but John stops the dealer.

EJ tells Nicole that he understands she doesn't trust him but thinks she's making irrational and emotional decisions. Nicole calls it the most rational decision she could make and thinks it would be crazy to let him back in her life. EJ states that he hopes she isn't going to try and keep his baby away from him.

Sami spills her drink as Lucas thinks she either spills something or goes into a trance whenever he brings up EJ. Sami says if she had feelings for EJ why would she be asking for Lucas to stay. Lucas thinks she wants him to protect her. Lucas feels like he has to keep her away from everyone before she hurts someone. Lucas tells her that she and EJ have unresolved feelings for each other and if it continues then she can't move on with anyone else. Lucas declares that he won't watch her screw up her life again. Sami questions Lucas saying she needs him and then running away.

John states that he wants a different dealer and set of cards since he doesn't trust Stefano. Stefano questions whatever happened to trust.

Carrie apologizes to Marlena for asking her a personal question. Marlena tells her it's okay but she's just trying to think of how to answer. Marlena thinks they were different situations since she fell in love with John when she thought he was Roman. Marlena hopes she isn't making Carrie feel guilty. Marlena doesn't think discussing her situation will help. Marlena talks about the determination of saving a marriage. Carrie brings up how Roman left and Marlena had to follow her heart. Carrie asks Marlena if she would make the same decisions if she had to do it all over again.

Stefano remarks that he doesn't think Gina is as cool and collected as she seems. Gina says the same as the new dealer arrives to continue their game. John and Gina check the deck as the dealer begins.

Marlena tells Carrie that she knows she did the right thing by choosing John and never asked what if she had stayed with Roman since she can't answer that. Carrie admits that she's been struggling with the what-if's. Carrie talks about letting things come between them and how much work they have put into their marriage. Carrie talks about how she thinks about Rafe and what an honest, loving man he is and not wanting to walk away from that. Carrie doesn't know what to do and wants Marlena to tell her what to do. Marlena tells her that she can't since only Carrie knows what's in her heart. Marlena tells her to be true to herself and listen to her heart.

Lucas tells Sami that he's not turning his back on her but she accuses him of doing it to her and Will. Lucas brings up how he dropped everything to help them but she must not want his help. Lucas brings up Sami screwing up her life and her relationships with Rafe and Will all because of her feelings for EJ. Sami wants him to stop saying that so Lucas starts to leave but Sami begs him not to go. Lucas tells her that he can't do this anymore and is not going to deal with her until she deals with EJ. Lucas declares that she'll only have herself to blame and then storms out of the Pub.

Nicole tells EJ not to get ahead of themselves and brings up how she was told that she couldn't have a baby. That's why EJ thinks she needs to move back into the mansion so he can take care of her. EJ tells her not to think she can keep his child away from him and promises to be a part of the child's life. Rafe intervenes and says this has gone on long enough. EJ tells him it's not his business so Rafe declares that Nicole's baby is his child and he's the father.

Stefano wants to make the poker game a little more interesting by adding a stipulation that if Gina wins then he will leave them both alone forever but if Stefano wins then they will get his egg and bring it back tonight so they accept the deal. Gina feels she can not lose as Stefano says they will see.

Sami talks with Caroline at the Pub about Bo. Caroline says nothing has changed and wishes she knew how much longer it would be. Caroline brings up seeing her and Lucas having an intense conversation. Sami admits that he drives her crazy. Caroline thinks that's because he doesn't do exactly what she wants. Sami admits some of the things Lucas was saying were right. Sami states that she now knows what she has to do. Sami hugs Caroline goodbye and then exits. Caroline remarks that God only knows what Sami's going to do now.

Marlena wishes she could help Carrie more but reminds her that she's the only one that knows how she's feeling. Carrie declares that she's thought about a lot and knows who she wants to be with so she's going to find him right now. Carrie hugs her and thanks her for everything then rushes out of the coffeehouse.

EJ tells Rafe that there's no way that Nicole's baby is his. Rafe reminds him that he saw them together. Rafe tells EJ that he's not scared of how he would react and that they were discussing what they were going to do. EJ thinks Rafe is lying but Nicole backs up Rafe. Nicole brings up filing for divorce and how Rafe asked Sami for a divorce at the same time. Rafe adds that it's better to be out in the open.

Gina shows her hand in the game of a full house. Stefano has a higher full house and thus wins the game. Stefano tells her that she's lost and then orders her to go get the egg.

Marlena gets a call from Roman as he enters the Pub. Marlena tells him about trying to reach John and Hope but can't and is worried. Marlena wants his help. Roman tells her that he's about to meet Abe at the Pub so he invites her to join them. Marlena thanks him and hangs up then exits the coffeehouse to head to the Pub.

Stefano tells John and Gina that he hopes to hear from them very shortly and then exits. Gina and John talk about their plan and how Stefano has no idea that everything went as they planned it. Stefano remains outside their room and prepares to leave. Gina and John discuss their plan of their life together and then kiss.

Lucas exits the town square on the phone telling Autumn that he can't wait to get home and see her. Sami follows him and tells him that he's right that she has unresolved feelings. Lucas is glad she admits it. Sami then tells him that her feelings aren't for EJ but for Lucas.

Carrie arrives at the town square but sees Rafe with Nicole and EJ. EJ tells Nicole and Rafe that he doesn't know what they are trying to pull but says they won't get away with it. Rafe declares that he's the father of Nicole's baby and warns EJ to leave them alone which Carrie hears from a distance and is shocked by.

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