Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/30/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/30/12


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John and Princess Gina kiss. Stefano welcomes them back as Gina and the Pawn. John asks what he brought them back for this time.

EJ brings Sami to a new apartment and reveals that he bought it for her.

Rafe meets with Nicole at the Town Square. Nicole tells Rafe that she wants his help to leave town.

Chad and Gabi sit together at the Pub. Caroline takes their orders. Chad thanks her for joining him to talk. Chad tells Gabi that Melanie thinks he's cheating on her.

Melanie and Abigail sit together at the Coffeehouse. Abigail tells Melanie that she told the truth that she lied about sleeping with Austin but thinks it made things worse. Abigail adds that her parents overheard and Carrie slapped her. They talk and Melanie then tells her that she has proof that Chad is cheating on her.

Stefano says it's been quite a while since their last visit. Gina and John want to know what happened in the time that they were gone. Stefano says it doesn't matter and wants them to do him a favor.

Lucas talks with Kayla and Caroline at the Pub about being unable to reach Sami. Caroline talks about how she last saw Sami feeling depressed. Lucas thinks that will make her do something stupid. Caroline informs them that she did see Sami leave with EJ.

Sami questions EJ as he tells her that the place is for her and the children. EJ reveals that he owns the building and tells her that she will have everything she needs. Sami thanks him but says she can't let him do this. EJ wonders what else she will do. Sami doesn't want to forget that he's the reason her marriage with Rafe ended. Sami thinks EJ is trying to buy her. EJ tells her to be practical that she has no other options. EJ tells Sami that she would lose the kids without a place to live.

Rafe tells Nicole that she can't leave town when she was just in the hospital. Nicole can't relax and worries about EJ finding out she's pregnant. Rafe reminds her that he and Daniel are the only ones that know. Nicole thinks EJ will find out some way and then do whatever he can to take her baby away. Nicole wants to go somewhere where no one can find her and believes Rafe is the only one that can help her do it.

John wants to leave but Gina suggests they stay and find out what Stefano wants. Stefano says the favor is a little large. Gina wants to know if there is something in it for all of them. John says they will talk about their cut after the favor. Stefano talks about the designer eggs from Russia and the one of a kind egg he needs to complete his collection. Stefano tells them that it was under very tight security until they stole it. They don't think they did and start to leave but Stefano says he knows they hid it. Stefano wants them to tell him where they hid it or else he will make them disappear forever.

Lucas can't believe Sami left with EJ. Lucas assumes that they must just be talking about the kids and they will be back soon. Kayla tells Lucas that he can't really believe that. Lucas admits he doesn't but didn't want to upset Caroline. Lucas doesn't know what's really going on but knows Sami never learns from her mistakes or sees the next one coming. Lucas worries about EJ being involved with Sami.

Sami asks EJ if this is all Kate's idea to take her kids away. Sami goes on about what Kate could do to her. EJ stops her and tells her that he told Kate not to press charges. Sami thinks Kate won't listen. EJ reminds her that he gave her custody because she's a wonderful mother. EJ talks about wanting Johnny and Sydney to grow up in a safe, happy house with her. EJ remarks that Kate knows he gets what he wants. Sami thinks that means that EJ threatened Kate with something that he has on her. EJ says he doesn't have anything but Sami wants him to tell her what it is so she can use it against Kate.

Rafe asks Nicole why she needs him to help leave town. Nicole brings up Rafe being in witness protection before and begs Rafe to help her do this but Rafe tells her that he can't do it.

Abigail tells Melanie that she can't believe Chad would cheat on her. Melanie assumes that everyone wants him since he's a model now. Abigail doesn't believe Chad would do that but Melanie reveals that she found an earring in his bed. Abigail can't believe it and calls him a jerk.

Gabi talks to Chad about how Melanie has to know that he wouldn't cheat. Chad tells her about the earrings in his bed. Gabi claims that she can't believe it. Gabi questions Melanie's love for Chad since she doesn't believe him. Chad says he knows Melanie loves him and doesn't blame her for thinking the worst but he can't think of an explanation of how the earring got in his bed. Gabi thinks back to when she put her earrings in his bed and asks Chad if he has any idea who it belongs to. Chad says he doesn't but thinks he may have seen it before. Chad shows Gabi the earring and Gabi then admits that it is hers.

John questions Stefano's threats. John warns him that if he wipes out their memories then he will never get the egg. Stefano threatens that if they don't do what he says then it will be the last time they are together.

Chad calls Melanie and tells her that he needs to see her. Melanie doesn't think it's a good idea but Chad insists that it's important. Chad tells her that he's going to the coffeehouse to see her. Melanie tells Abigail that she doesn't want to see Chad because he doesn't think he can make it better.

Rafe explains to Nicole that if she left then EJ would go looking for her. Nicole thinks Rafe could find a way. Rafe brings up Sami being found in witness protection. Nicole realizes that EJ could still find her. Rafe tells her that she shouldn't live that kind of life with her baby. Nicole wonders what she is supposed to do.

Lucas and Kayla talk about everything Sami is going through. Lucas admits that he's worried about her and Kayla is too. Kayla asks Lucas if he still has feelings for Sami. Lucas assures that he doesn't and says they are still friends for their kids. Lucas reminds Kayla that he's engaged and can't wait to go back to Hong Kong. Lucas talks about how amazing his fiancee Autumn is and how she's nothing like Sami. Lucas insists that Sami will stay in his past.

EJ tells Sami that he is the mayor and can't threaten people. Sami brings up Kate's threats against her. EJ reminds her that he saved her and gave her a new apartment to be safe with her children in. EJ tells Sami that he doesn't want anything from her in return. Sami then accepts the apartment on the condition that she pays him back because she doesn't want to owe anything so they shake hands on the deal.

Gina suggests they compromise by letting them get the egg and then they will tell him what they want for it. Stefano questions trusting them but Gina says he doesn't have a choice. Stefano hesitates but agrees to let them go back to their hotel. Stefano tells them that they have 48 hours to bring the egg back to him and they exit.

Nicole tells Rafe that she feels like a sitting duck. Rafe reminds her that EJ can't take her baby. Rafe instructs her to relax and avoid stress. Nicole worries about losing the baby.

Kayla wants Lucas to promise not to do anything stupid as EJ and Sami enter the Pub. Sami apologizes for keeping Lucas waiting. Lucas points out that she was with EJ and calls him a bastard that won't leave Sami alone.

John and Gina return to their hotel as Stefano watches them through a hidden camera. Stefano talks on the phone about the set up as they look around their hotel room. Stefano orders his man to get the egg from them as soon as they get it. John and Gina get close and talk about being alone at last as they start kissing. Stefano remarks that this is why Bo and Marlena didn't want them to leave.

Chad and Gabi join Melanie and Abigail at the coffeehouse. Chad has Gabi admit to Melanie that the earring was her. Melanie assumes that means Chad slept with Gabi.

Lucas continues being mad at EJ as Sami tries to calm him down. EJ says he doesn't know what causes his tantrums. EJ claims he only has Sami's best interests in mind. EJ thanks Sami for accepting his offer and then exits. Lucas immediately starts questioning what they were talking about so Sami reveals that EJ got her and the kids a new apartment. Lucas can't believe she's allowing EJ to pay for it and wished she would've come to him or her family for help. Lucas tells Sami that she should be ashamed of herself for being under EJ's thumb.

Rafe tells Nicole that he knows she's worried and scared but he promises that everything will be okay. Nicole tells him not to make promises he can't keep. Rafe says he will protect her and keep her safe from EJ. Nicole wants a plan so Rafe says they will come up with one. Nicole wants to hurry since she will be showing soon. Rafe agrees that they have a lot of work to do. Nicole doesn't think they can come up with any type of plan but Rafe tells her to relax and have some faith as he wants her to do something first.

Chad tells Melanie that he and Gabi are not hooking up because he loves Melanie. Gabi adds that she knows how much Melanie loves Chad. Abigail tells Gabi to explain how her earring ended up in his bed. Gabi explains that Chad would never cheat on Melanie because he loves her more than all the sex he could be having. Melanie wants to know how the earring got in his bed. Gabi explains that they were sitting on his bed and looking at their photos and it must have fallen off. Melanie understands and apologizes to Chad. Chad says he's sorry too. Gabi says she's sorry and declares that any girl would want to be with Chad so Melanie should be glad that he still wants to be with her.

John and Gina start searching for the egg. John looks into the mirror where Stefano's hidden camera is. John removes the mirror and takes the hidden camera off. Stefano calls his pawn clever but not as smart as he is as he turns on another hidden camera. Gina finds one of the audio feeds in the flowers. John talks about being sure that Stefano has more audio and video feeds that they need to find. Gina finds Stefano's hidden camera behind a picture and removes it. Stefano gets upset and makes a phone call ordering his guards not to let them out of their sight.

Rafe and Nicole sit together as Nicole says she doesn't know what she did to deserve him but he's been great. Rafe responds that he doesn't know what he did to deserve her either. Nicole holds his hand and thanks him.

Lucas tells Sami that it's stupid for her to accept anything from EJ. Sami thinks EJ is just helping her for the kids sake. Lucas adds that he would've got her a place if it kept her from EJ. Sami thinks this is what they need right now. They sit together with coffee as Lucas makes Sami promise to call if anything happens. Sami apologizes again for keeping him waiting. Lucas says he just wanted to talk with her about her problems with Kate. Lucas thinks he talked Kate out of pressing charges against her. Sami reveals that EJ said the same thing. Lucas thinks EJ is lying about everything and says he wouldn't do this unless he wants something. Sami wonders what she could have that EJ wants. Lucas thinks he wants her. Sami tells him it's not like that as EJ is still in love with Nicole. Lucas chalks it up to their history and admits he gets worried when it comes to her and EJ. Sami calls it sweet and tells Lucas that part of her will always love him.

Melanie tells Chad that they are okay now but she's a little embarrassed. Gabi tells her that it's only natural to think everyone wants to go out with a hot model. Chad wants to make it up to Melanie but Gabi informs him that they have a fitting for a photo shoot. Chad says he'll reschedule since nothing is more important than Melanie. Chad convinces Melanie to go so they exit together. Abigail then asks Gabi to tell her how her earring really ended up in Chad's bed.

John and Gina dress up in a tuxedo and dress. They kiss and talk about how much they missed each other. John states that they know where the egg is and how to get it so they should let Stefano stir for awhile.

Gabi tells Abigail that she already explained how the earring ended up in Chad's bed. Abigail questions Gabi not noticing it was missing and accuses her of causing problems between Chad and Melanie. Gabi says she's the one that fixed everything and hopes Melanie thinks twice before accusing Chad of cheating again. Gabi then decides to go to the photo shoot fitting alone and exits.

Lucas tells Sami that part of him will always love her too. Sami thanks him for all he's done for her. Lucas gets a call from Autumn and steps away.

Stefano orders his guard Martin to find John and Gina or all hell will break loose. Stefano declares that he is not going to lose.

Lucas returns to Sami and tells her that Autumn wants him to come back to Hong Kong but Sami tells him that he can't leave her.

Nicole and Rafe eat together at the town square. Nicole makes a comment about being pregnant as EJ walks by and overhears her. EJ stops and asks if they are having a baby.

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