Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/29/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/29/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

John and Hope remain in their cell until Stefano arrives and opens it. Hope tries to go after him but John holds her back. Stefano warns them about going after Marlena. John says they know he wouldn't hurt her. Stefano threatens him so Hope holds John back from going after him. Stefano asks if they are ready to go back to their other lives and they can give him the jewel back. John wants him to promise that he lets them go back to Salem afterward. Stefano brings up the love between Princess Gina and John as his pawn.

Kate wants Marlena to tell her what's going on between her and Stefano. Marlena calls it absurd. Marlena tells her that nothing is going on and says she knows that Stefano was behind the attacks on Bo and Roman. Marlena brings up that they used to be friends. Kate calls that a long time ago. Marlena asks if she's saying that she doesn't need friends now that she's married to Stefano. Kate states that they were happy until Marlena came back as she now believes that Stefano is still obsessed with Marlena.

EJ comes into the living room and asks Billie why she is going through Stefano's confidential files. Billie claims that she thought they were Kate's. EJ puts Stefano's files away and suggests she check the Countess Wilhelmina offices if that's really what she's looking for.

Carrie questions Sami accusing Rafe of sleeping with Nicole. Sami says it was hard to believe but Rafe is going from tramp to tramp. Sami accuses Rafe of getting caught with Nicole. Rafe insists that nothing is going on. Sami refuses to believe him and calls Rafe a hypocrite. Rafe tells Sami that it's not true but Sami continues to say that it is. Sami accuses Rafe of abandoning their family. Rafe asks if Sami is just calling sleeping with EJ a mistake. Sami claims that she didn't do it to hurt anyone but thinks Rafe is with Carrie and Nicole because she hates them the most. Sami thinks that's why Rafe wants the divorce so quickly. Sami tells him that he can move Carrie or Nicole in to the Loft with him. Rafe tells her that's enough but Sami states that she hasn't even started.

Billie asks EJ about being paranoid and calls him the mayor. EJ apologizes and says that he's just looking at Stefano's best interests. Billie tells him that she's doing the same for Kate so they have that in common. EJ remarks that they almost had more than one thing in common.

Marlena thinks Kate is saying that Stefano is obsessed with destroying her life. Kate talks about Stefano referring to Marlena as the Queen of the Night in front of her. Marlena assures Kate that she isn't a threat to her marriage and wants to know what's going on. Kate thinks back to opening Stefano's package with pictures of Marlena being tracked. Marlena wants to know if something else happened. Kate drops it and figures she's just being ridiculous. Kate states that she's the happiest she's ever been. Kate starts to leave but Marlena stops her and has something more to say.

John tells Stefano that he's tried switching them into different people before but it didn't work the way he wanted. Stefano tells them that all he cares about is getting his jewel back. John wants to be sure that he will turn them back into themselves after they get it. Stefano responds that they will just have to trust him.

Kate doesn't want Marlena to lecture her about Will again. Kate points out that she's been here all this time for Will while she wasn't. Marlena says it's not about that but she wants to know what Stefano has done to John and Hope. Kate says she doesn't know anything about it. Marlena wants to know where Stefano is and when he's coming back but then realizes that Kate really doesn't know. Marlena thinks that's why Kate is feeling insecure about her marriage. Kate tells Marlena that she has no proof that Stefano did anything to John or Hope. Marlena worries about Hope not being able to be with Bo and wonders what Stefano did this time.

Stefano tells John and Hope that they have to trust him and hopes they are ready to begin. Stefano introduces a hypnotist to bring back Princess Gina and the Pawn. Stefano explains that he's going to put them in a receptive state and use a gas to knock them out and open their minds to Princess Gina and the Pawn so that they can come back. John questions it being that simple. The hypnotist talks about making them into the people they once were.

Bille questions EJ bringing up the kiss they had so long ago. EJ says he's just pointing out that they were almost more than friends at one point. EJ suggests she go to the Countess Wilhelmina offices to find her files. Billie then informs her it can wait because she's moving in.

Sami says it's unbelievable that she's the bad one out of Rafe and Carrie. Carrie tries to stop her. Sami talks about how she loved and looked up to Rafe as she thought he was the most honorable decent man she ever met but now she thinks he's having revenge sex with Nicole. Rafe says it's between them so they should leave Carrie out of it. Sami accuses Carrie of putting herself in the middle of it. Rafe tells Sami to leave. Sami says it's her family's Pub so she can stay as long as she wants. Rafe tells Sami that he's not sleeping with Nicole so Sami asks him why he was half naked in her hotel room.

Kate doesn't want to listen to Marlena go on about Stefano. Marlena worries about John ending up like Bo. Kate says she does hope John is safe. Kate tells her that she has no reason to believe that Stefano has done anything to them and thinks Marlena's hatred is just making her imagination go wild. Marlena says she has reasons to hate Stefano since he's hurt her and people she love. Kate calls that ancient history and says Stefano makes her happy now. Marlena points out that she doesn't know where he is or when he's coming back so Kate then walks away. Marlena heads in the opposite direction as Stefano's guard follows her through the town square.

Stefano shows John and Hope a replica of Princess Gina's favorite possession to try and jog her memory. Hope says she only wants their freedom. Stefano assures them that if the hypnotist doesn't work then he'll make sure they never get back to Bo and Marlena.

EJ asks Billie why she'd consider moving in when she loathes Stefano. Billie thinks Kate could use the company. Billie says Stefano must be doing something extremely important to miss EJ's first weeks as mayor. EJ talks about needing to talk to Kate. Kate then arrives and asks if EJ wants to talk about Sami.

Sami continues to question Rafe being half naked in Nicole's hotel room. Rafe admits that he was so Carrie asks why. Rafe states that Nicole needed him. Sami brings up Nicole not even being his friend. Rafe tells them that it's not what it looked like. Sami says that Rafe had his shirt off and Nicole was in bed so she doesn't know what else it could be but sex.

EJ asks Billie to excuse them so he and Kate can talk. Kate thinks Billie can stay but Billie agrees to leave. She exits the room but remains at the bottom of the stairs to listen to their conversation. EJ tells Kate that he does want to talk about her vendetta against Sami. EJ wants Kate to drop the custody issue because the children are better with Sami and he wants them to stay there. EJ brings up Rafe leaving Sami and tells her that he's asked for a divorce. EJ believes Sami is a good mother. Kate questions why he is defending Sami since she's the reason he and Nicole broke up.

Rafe tells Sami that he knows she heard from EJ but they've turned an innocent situation into all of this. Rafe thinks Sami is just desperate to believe the worst in him so she's listening to EJ. Sami doesn't know what to believe but says Rafe is not the man she thought he was. Carrie wonders why Sami is even talking to EJ. Sami continues to believe that Rafe and Nicole are having an affair.

The hypnotist begins to work on John and Hope. John says it won't work because he still despises Stefano. Hope promises to get back to Bo. Stefano instructs the hypnotist to give them more gas to make it work faster.

EJ talks to Kate about her vendetta against Sami. EJ warns Kate that she will answer to him if she puts Sami in prison. Kate says she doesn't take answers from him as EJ exits the room and leaves the house. Billie goes back in to the living room and jokes with Kate about moving in to such a happy family.

Rafe tells Sami to calm down. Sami complains about everything she lost and how she might end up in prison. Sami tells Carrie that she should go home and beg her husband for forgiveness instead of slutting around with her husband. Carrie tells her to shut up before she says something she regrets. Sami claims that she doesn't regret anything she says. Carrie tells her that she will some day. Sami doesn't care what they think about her. Sami asks Carrie if she's going to forgive and go back to Austin or stay with Rafe. Sami accuses Rafe of cheating on Carrie like he did to her. Sami tells Carrie to go back to Austin while she still has the chance and then storms out. Carrie decides she should go but Rafe wants a chance to explain.

John and Hope pass out from the gas. Stefano instructs the hypnotist to leave so he can try and talk to Princess Gina and the Pawn. Stefano tells them that they loved to dance as they flashback to all the times they spent together in the past. Hope wakes up as Gina and Stefano gives her the replica. Gina kisses him on the cheek and thanks him.

Billie sits with Kate and they talk. Kate talks about missing Stefano. Billie wonders what she thinks he's doing. Kate says he's probably just in a business deal. Billie asks if she thinks it will be soon. Kate then realizes she left her scarf at the coffeehouse so she's going to get it. They hug and Kate then leaves. Billie goes back into the living room to continue looking through Stefano's files.

Caroline looks out the window of the Pub and sees Sami sitting alone. Rafe and Carrie sit together at the Pub as Carrie says hurricane Sami struck again. Rafe explains to Carrie that he was not lying and nothing happened between him and Nicole. Carrie wants to believe him but wonders why he was with Nicole.

Caroline goes outside and sits with Sami and asks if she's alright. Sami is glad she wasn't around five minutes ago because she probably scared off some customers. Caroline doesn't like to see Sami hurt like this and wants to help. Sami says this is something she has to do for herself. Caroline encourages her that she's strong and will do everything to make things right. Sami says sometimes she thinks she can but other times she fears that she will never find happiness and doesn't even deserve to. Caroline doesn't want her to think that way. Caroline says she has to go back and sign for a delivery but she will come back to get to the bottom of things. Caroline heads back inside as Sami cries outside. EJ arrives and gives her a tissue to wipe her tears. Sami thanks him. EJ brings up how she found him sitting alone earlier and he thought their conversation was helpful. Sami assures him that she will be fine. EJ tells her that he has an idea on how to speed up her being fine if she comes with him. EJ tells her to trust him and they walk off together.

Carrie tells Rafe that it's none of her business why he was with Nicole. Rafe wishes he could tell her but he can't tell the whole story. Rafe knows it sounds lame and doesn't blame her if she doesn't believe him. Carrie decides she does believe him as she knows what kind of man he is. Rafe asks what she was going to say about her and Austin before Sami stormed in. Carrie states it wasn't important and then leaves.

Billie continues looking through Stefano's drawers. She picks the lock of one and reads through a folder. Billie comes across an order of a million dollars worth of weapons. Billie takes a picture of it on her phone and continues looking through the rest of the drawers.

Kate goes to the coffeehouse and sits down with Stefano's folder on Marlena. She decides to try and call Stefano again but he doesn't answer so she leaves another message. Kate says she knows he could have five minutes to call her and this isn't like him but she needs to talk.

Marlena walks through the town square on the phone with Roman. Marlena tells him about being worried that she can't get a hold of John as Stefano's guard continues watching her.

John wakes up from the hypnotizing Stefano points him out to Gina. She and John get close and then kiss which pleases Stefano.

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