Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/28/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/28/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abe gets released from jail and is surprised to find out that Lexie paid his bail.

Billie arrives at the coffeehouse and meets with Kate. They talk about Billie spending so much time with Bo at the hospital. Billie thinks Kate should be more sympathetic. Billie tells Kate that she's concerned about no one being able to reach Hope and John. Kate blows it off but Billie thinks Stefano is behind it. Billie wants Kate to tell her what Stefano is up to.

Marlena walks through the town square, leaving a message for John. She sits down as Will walks by and stops to greet her. Will asks to talk to her and thinks Marlena might have gotten the wrong impression on things he said. Will informs Marlena that he does not really think he's gay.

Rafe walks through the town square and comes across Nicole. They talk and Rafe admits he's a bit distracted about Carrie. Nicole thought Rafe was going to tell Carrie how he feels. Rafe explains that he went to talk to her but she was already talking to Austin and heard they are going to work things out. Rafe tries to say he's happy for them but doesn't want to talk about it. Rafe asks about Nicole. She tells him that she's fine and thanks him. Nicole thanks him for keeping her secret but feels bad for dragging him into her mess. EJ arrives and calls them Salem's latest lovers.

Sami sits at the Pub with her computer and talks on the phone trying to find a new place to live. She hangs up as Carrie arrives and they exchange glances. Carrie sits with her and wants to talk. Sami doesn't want to fight but Carrie wants to talk things out. Sami tells her that after what she has done, she will never forgive her.

Lexie enters at the police station as Abe thanks her. Abe tells her that she had every right to turn her back after everything he put her through. They talk about Theo as Abe says he misses them both. Abe talks about not knowing what got it into him about winning the election when winning isn't nearly as important as Lexie and Theo. Lexie admits she misses it too. Lexie declares that she owes him a huge apology.

EJ mocks Rafe and Nicole being together. Nicole tells him that he's wrong. Rafe adds that she doesn't owe an explanation. EJ doesn't think she could explain it. Nicole calls EJ a jerk.

Carrie tells Sami that they should try and talk this out but Sami doesn't want to. Carrie can't believe Sami won't try to be civil. Sami accuses her of stealing her husband but she denies doing that. Sami then reveals that Rafe asked for a divorce which surprises Carrie. Sami accuses her of setting up and not caring her. Sami shouts that Carrie did everything she could to take Rafe away from her.

Kate tells Billie that she just crossed a line if she can't talk about Stefano with respect. Kate tells her that Stefano is away on business and it has nothing to do with John or Hope. Billie states that it has all to do with Marlena. Billie doesn't think Stefano has gotten over his obsession with Marlena. Kate tells her that she's wrong. Billie points out that Marlena came back to Salem so Stefano made sure she's vulnerable and alone with John thousands of miles away.

Will tells Marlena that he overreacted because Lucas did about him messing around with Sonny. Will says Lucas and Kate are living in the past with stereotypes. Will states that if he was gay then he would know it but he's not so he wants to forget what he said. Marlena tells him that she can't do that. Marlena points out that she won't discuss it with anyone but can't pretend it never happened. Marlena thinks Will is just upset about his family thinking he's gay. Will tells her that it's not true. Marlena tells Will that she loves him and always will no matter what.

Carrie tells Sami that she can't blame her since she slept with EJ and that's what ended her marriage. Sami accuses Carrie of making a play for Rafe before they knew about that. Carrie tells her to take responsibility for once in her life. Sami claims she knows what she did was wrong but didn't mean to hurt anyone. Sami says she's a screwup but not a husband stealer.

Rafe tells Nicole they should leave but Nicole asks for a moment with EJ. Rafe tells her to call if she needs anything and walks away. EJ says Nicole disappointed him by taking Sami's leavings. Nicole tells him that what she has with Rafe is none of her business. EJ says it is his business when she flaunts what she has with Rafe in public to embarrass him. Nicole doesn't think she could tarnish his image. EJ reminds her that she's still his wife. Nicole informs him that she filed the divorce papers so she can't wait until the divorce is final as she then walks away.

Abe questions Lexie apologizing. She clarifies that he didn't deserve her turning her back on him. Abe thinks she had every right to be angry. Lexie says she saw how wrong this all is because Abe is a good man that made a mistake. She apologizes for not being by his side and hopes he can forgive her. Abe tells her that there is nothing to forgive as he loves her and always will.

Kate tells Billie that Stefano has nothing to do with John and Hope's situation. Kate doesn't like that Billie is denigrating her husband and happiness. Kate tells Billie that she loves Stefano. Billie responds that she's in a bigger mess than she thought so Kate gets up and walks away.

Will sits with Marlena and asks if she thinks he's gay. Marlena tells him that she doesn't care because nothing will change that she loves him. Will talks about thinking Lucas will be disappointed in him and how Sami would react if it were true. Marlena thinks his family would need time to rethink their assumptions but she's more worried about him. Marlena worries that he'll have an unhappy life if he can't accept who he is but Will disagrees because he's not gay. Will states that he just won't be gay.

Carrie tells Sami that she did not go after Rafe. Sami continues to mock her. Carrie calls her a hypocrite. Sami brings up Austin cheating on her but Carrie informs her that it didn't happen as Abigail just lied. Sami wonders if that changes everything and asks Carrie what she's going to do now that she knows the truth.

EJ follows Nicole and questions her divorcing him. EJ accuses her of trying to hurt him. Nicole brings up how humiliating and hurtful his tryst with Sami was. Nicole declares that she will never take EJ back. EJ admits that it kills him to see her with Rafe not because he's angry or jealous but because he knows he pushed her to do it and he loves her. EJ claims that Nicole is the only girl that he's ever loved.

Carrie tells Sami that she doesn't know what she's going to do. Sami thinks Carrie enjoys guys fighting over her. Sami accuses her of ruining her marriage and being able to get whoever she wants. Sami calls it unfair and says she hates Carrie for it and then storms out of the Pub.

Marlena asks Will if he thinks there's something wrong with being gay. Will says no and uses Sonny as an example. Will says it doesn't bother Sonny but it bothers him because he wants a family, kids, and a normal life. Marlena points out that gay people still have children but Will doesn't think it would be the same. Marlena tells Will to go for it and take what he's given. Will admits that he feels like he fits in with Sonny and his friends. Will then states that he can't believe his grandma is his best friend. They laugh as Marlena hugs him. Marlena talks about watching him go through so much for so long and says he keeps getting stronger. Marlena praises Will for becoming a hell of a man. She assures him that everything gets better every day. Marlena tells Will that she's proud of him and hugs him again.

EJ tries to tell Nicole that what they have is special and they can fix it. Nicole tells him to stop and pulls away. She tells him that she won't let him suck her back in. Nicole says she won't ever have to deal with him after their divorce is final and there will be nothing left to bond them together. Nicole says goodbye and tells EJ to have a lousy life as she then walks away. EJ sits down as Sami walks by and sees him. Sami approaches and comments that he looks like hell. She sits with him and says she knows the feeling.

Abe asks Lexie what they do now since he's not the mayor and he can't go back to the force with charges over him. Lexie tells him that there's something very important that she has to do and that's help him move back home where he belongs.

Billie gets up and follows Kate. She talks to her about being hard to accept that her mom is married to Stefano. Billie brings up wanting someone to watch over Kate and offers to move in with her which surprises Kate.

Rafe arrives at the Pub where Carrie remained seated. Rafe sits with her and Carrie explains that she found out that Abigail lied about sleeping with Austin. Rafe is surprised and states that must change everything. Rafe tells her that he gets it and she doesn't have to explain that it gives them a chance to work things out. Rafe tells her that he's happy for them.

EJ and Sami walk out of the town square as Sami talks about seeing Nicole storm off. EJ tells her that Nicole is filing for divorce so she could be with someone else. Sami is surprised to hear that Nicole is hooking up with someone else already. EJ explains that he went to Nicole's hotel room and Rafe was there. EJ reveals his belief that they are sleeping together which Sami laughs off.

Kate tells Billie that she doesn't need anyone watching over her. Billie claims that she just said that so she didn't have to admit that she's lonely and wants to spend time with her mom. Kate quickly accepts her offer and starts looking for her spare key. Billie offers to move in today. Kate tells her that she should have just said this in the beginning. Kate excitedly hugs her and says she's thrilled to have her live with her. Kate looks forward to coming home and having her at home. Kate tells Billie that she will find out that she is wrong about Stefano as she then heads off to work

Abe and Lexie return home as Abe talks about thinking he'd never see their room again. Abe tells her how he imagined being with her again. Lexie talks about how happy Theo will be when he comes home and sees they are back together. Abe thanks her and hugs her.

Billie calls Agent Spencer and informs him that she is moving into the DiMera Mansion today. They go over their plan to find all of Stefano's documents. Billie declares that Stefano and EJ will go behind bars and she will get Kate out of there.

Will and Marlena finish eating at the town square as he thanks her for their talk. Will gets up to go to class as Kate arrives. Will says goodbye and hurries off to class. Kate approaches Marlena and assumes that Will was confiding in her. Kate states that she knows Will is gay and is upset about it. Marlena doesn't want to talk about their private conversations. Kate brings up that she's Will's grandmother too. Marlena warns her not to push Will. Kate mocks her as Marlena says she's just trying to protect Will. Kate warns her that she will be sorry if she tries to come between her and Will.

Sami tells EJ that it's crazy because Rafe wouldn't sleep with Nicole. EJ talks about seeing them half-naked and then saw them together at the town square being very close. Sami wonders if they are doing it to get back at them. Sami can't believe Rafe is with Nicole before they are even divorced yet and can't believe that he hates her that much.

Abe and Lexie lay in bed together and talk about how much they missed each other. Lexie says they can't ever let anything come between them again. Lexie then gets a headache so Abe gets up to get her some aspirin.

Kate tells Marlena that Will is strong and doesn't need to be coddled as he will accept the truth. Marlena agrees that he will do it on his own time. Kate tells her to stay out of her relationship with Will and all her relationships. Marlena questions what that means. Kate says something is going on between Marlena and Stefano and she wants to know what it is. Marlena laughs it off.

Billie goes to the DiMera Mansion and finds that no one is home. She walks around and approaches Stefano's desk. She opens a folder and looks at papers inside. EJ enters and asks what she thinks that she's doing in his house.

Carrie tries to explain to Rafe about her and Austin but Sami returns to the Pub and asks how many women Rafe is stringing along. Rafe asks what she's talking about so Sami shouts out that she knows he had sex with Nicole.

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