Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/27/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/27/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ arrives at the Pub and sees Sami seated at the counter. EJ greets her and says he came to say goodnight to the kids. EJ brings up thinking Sami was out of town on business but Sami tells him there was a change of plans. EJ then heads upstairs to see the kids.

Kate walks into the town square and thinks back to finding out that Stefano was tracking Marlena. Kate then decides to try and call Stefano again. She leaves another message asking him to call her back.

John tells Hope that he can't believe he agreed to work for Stefano again. Hope questions why she has to turn into Princess Gina again. John worries that Stefano is now calling all the shots if they want to keep Bo and Marlena alive.

Madison arrives at the town square where Ian has set up a table for a dinner with fashion consultants. Ian points out their first guest as Brady.

Chad, Melanie, and Gabi are together at the coffeehouse when a girl comes up and recognizes Chad from his modeling ads. She gets Chad to autograph her shirt before leaving. Melanie jokes with Chad about being famous. Chad wonders what happened to Will as they get ready to leave.

Will tells Marlena that he thinks he might be gay. Will says he told her that he kissed Neil because he was drunk but he's not sure. Marlena thinks it's okay. Marlena brings up Will playing her the Lady Gaga song "Born This Way" and how she agrees with it. Marlena tells Will that it's nothing to be ashamed of but a cause for celebration. Will points out that he didn't say he was sure he was gay. Will worries about being the only one in his family to be gay. Marlena offers to cancel going to her dinner meeting but Will tells her not to and rushes off to pick up his friends.

Brady talks about getting an invite for fashion editors. Kate joins them as Ian says he wanted to invite everyone from Salem. Marlena arrives next and greets them. Ian goes to get some champagne for a toast. Kate asks Marlena what made her late. Marlena says she ran into Will. Kate hopes Will is okay and tells Marlena that she's not the only one who cares about Will since he has two grandmothers.

EJ goes back to Sami and tells her that the kids are fine and fell asleep. Sami talks about trying to figure out what to do next. Sami informs EJ that Kate is out to destroy her.

Kate introduces Gabi and Chad to two editors in the fashion industry. One of them ask how long Chad and Gabi have been together. Chad quickly clarifies that he's with Melanie.

Marlena talks to Brady about using this to promote Basic Black and she steps away to go do that. Kate watches her and remarks that they will see who is queen of the night.

John tells Hope that they have to do whatever it takes to get home so he's willing to do whatever Stefano wants. Hope worries about letting Stefano back in their heads. Hope thinks Stefano doesn't really care about the jewel but he just wants to control them. Hope declares that they are damned if they do it while Bo and Marlena are damned if they don't.

Chad, Gabi, and Melanie go back to the coffeehouse and they spot Will. They tell Will about how much they enjoyed meeting the fashion editors. Gabi suggests going to a club but Chad informs her that he's heading back to his place with Melanie. Gabi thinks back to hiding her earrings in Chad's bed and then tells them to have a great time since she and Will have catching up to do as Chad and Melanie then exit.

EJ tells Sami that he doesn't want to get involved in her dealings with Kate. Kayla comes over and worries about everything being okay. EJ orders a bottle of wine that Sami is having. Sami questions what he's doing. EJ points out that she's the mother of his children and looks like she could use a drink. EJ brings up thinking she and Kate were getting along. Sami regrets going to work for her. EJ suggests it could blow over. EJ brings up Kate worrying about the mole and suggests Sami find out who it is but then realizes that Sami was the spy. They sit together as Sami explains that it was Madison's idea and not hers. EJ questions her being out of her mind. Sami adds that Madison chickened out so she quit. Sami tells him that Kate is threatening to press charges. Sami decides she is desperate enough to ask EJ for advice. Kayla brings them their wine and offers to get Sami something to eat but she says she's fine so Kayla steps away. Sami wants EJ to tell her what to do now. EJ instructs her to calm down. Sami wants him to give her the name of a criminal lawyer. EJ suggests himself as her lawyer.

Marlena talks to Brady as they watch Madison with Ian. Marlena tells Brady that Madison loves him but must have a reason to be staying with Ian that he can't change. Ian announces that dinner is ready so everyone sits at the table. Ian thanks everyone for joining him despite being competitors but they all have fashion in common. Ian toasts to the best man or woman winning and attaining their heart's desire. Brady watches Madison and Kate keeps her eye on Marlena.

Chad takes Melanie to his place and sets up a candle lit dinner. Chad thinks Melanie seemed down all night. Melanie feels Chad went through a lot of trouble then admits there's something she isn't telling him.

Hope asks John what they are doing. John states that they are keeping the people that they love alive. Hope worries that they won't even remember Bo and Marlena when Stefano gets done with them. Hope adds that she doesn't believe a word from Stefano. Hope shouts that she wants proof that Bo is still alive. Hope wants Stefano to appear on the TV screen again but it remains off. John tries to calm her down. John tells her that they are going to have to do exactly what Stefano wants.

Sami questions EJ representing her and what he gets out of it. Sami worries that he would work with Kate to take her kids. EJ claims he would not do that to them. EJ says he wouldn't care if Sami disappeared if she wasn't the mother of his children but she is. EJ wants to stop Sami from making more of a mess with her life. Sami blames EJ for not having Rafe in her life anymore.

Chad blows out the candles as Melanie apologizes. Melanie explains that she feels like she has to fight off all the girls ever since Chad started modeling. Chad questions Melanie being jealous. Melanie mentions how everyone says Chad and Gabi have so much chemistry together.

Ian stands and talks about being CEO of Titan and how proud he is of Madison. Ian announces that he's created a foundation in Madison's name so that a portion of every Mad World sale will be used to help underprivileged women achieve their dreams. Madison doesn't know what to say. Brady stands and says he has a few things to say about Madison. Brady toasts to Madison and talks about how Ian did not create her. Marlena tries to get Brady to sit down. Brady says Madison is where she is because of herself and doesn't need Ian. Brady tells Ian to go back where he came from and leave her alone but Madison stands and tells Brady that's enough.

Chad questions Melanie being jealous of Gabi. Chad explains that they just get paid to model together. Melanie thinks Gabi thinks it's real and looks at him like she's madly in love with him. Chad tells her that it doesn't mean anything and that he's madly in love with Melanie. Chad tells her that he loves her and wants them to be together as they then kiss.

Gabi and Will go to the Pub. They stop outside as Will asks about her and Chad. Gabi says it's nothing and calls his apartment amazing. Will wants to know the deal with her and Chad but Gabi doesn't want to talk about Chad. Gabi questions EJ paying his rent and buying his car. Will calls it perks of his job. Gabi asks how Sami and Rafe feel. Will claims Sami loves it but Rafe doesn't get a vote anymore. Will tells Gabi that he didn't love working for EJ at first but does now as it turned out better than he expected.

EJ asks Sami about being done with Rafe. Sami talks about how calm Rafe is about it all. Sami doesn't want to stay at the loft without him so she wants to find somewhere else to stay with the kids but she doesn't have a job anymore. EJ thinks it's not like her to give up. Sami adds that she also has a problem with Carrie wanting Rafe. EJ asks if she really thinks Carrie is the problem. Sami thinks Carrie's loving every minute of it. Sami asks about he and Nicole as EJ informs her that he filed the divorce papers. Sami wonders what they were thinking. EJ reminds her that they thought they had lost Johnny. Sami wonders why they had to grieve by tearing each other's clothes off. Sami states that they just can't leave each other alone.

Gabi tells Will that she's glad that he's happy and if he has everything he wants. Will says he doesn't have everything. Gabi suggests that it could help to have a woman around so he questions what she's getting at.

Marlena follows Brady out of the town square. Brady complains about Ian as Marlena worries about him drinking. Marlena tells Brady that he made a fool of himself and also put Basic Black in jeopardy.

Kate tells Madison and Ian that Brady knows how to bring a deadly evening to life. Kate steps away. Madison gets up but Ian tells her to sit down. Madison accuses him of setting this all up to torture Brady and refuses to let him do it anymore. She walks off as Ian steps to Kate. Kate tells Ian that he's going to need another bottle of champagne. Kate tells Ian to accept that the one he loves is in love with someone else like she does. Kate informs him that she found out that Stefano is still in love with Marlena since he's tracking her every move. Kate doesn't know why she's telling Ian but Ian claims it's because she knows that he cares about her like Stefano never has.

Brady tells Marlena that he knows he lost it but he can fix it. Madison catches up to them outside the town square. Marlena tells them that they need to talk so she walks away. Madison tells Brady to stop letting Ian push his buttons. Brady says Ian doesn't scare him. Madison warns him that he should. Madison says she should've let Brady go but he says he wouldn't have left. Brady then grabs her and kisses her.

Sami continues talking to EJ about them being out of their minds. EJ says they are unique. Sami thinks that's a good way to describe them. EJ says they both think their the center of their universes. Sami suggests that must be what made the sex so good. Sami thinks they are the only two people that ever would've done that under those circumstances and calls it embarrassing. Sami asks if he was happy with Nicole which EJ says he was eventually. Sami wonders how they always ruin everything and she doesn't understand it since they are not sitting here alone. EJ then adds that she's not alone.

Will is trying to figure out what Gabi wants. Gabi explains that her whole life she has done everything by the book but sometimes she doesn't and Will's the same way. Gabi points out Will working for EJ and how waiting around sometimes gets nothing. Gabi thinks bending the rules is necessary sometimes. She wants Will to show her how he got to working with EJ. Will wants to know what he gets out of it. Marlena arrives and greets them. Marlena offers to get coffee but Will says he and Gabi are about to go out so they walk off together.

Chad and Melanie continue kissing and begin undressing each other. They kiss onto the bed but Melanie finds Gabi's earrings in the bed. Melanie wonders if there's something Chad isn't telling her. Chad tries to explain but Melanie gets up and puts her clothes on. Melanie gets upset and storms out.

Brady and Madison continue kissing until Madison pulls away and says they can't do this. Brady wants to continue but Madison warns him to let her go or else he will lose everything.

Ian sits with Kate and tells her that he came to Salem for her and not Madison. Kate doesn't believe him since he hasn't tried to destroy Madison. Ian says he just wanted to remind Madison how much she owes him but she still chases after Brady. Ian is glad though since she left him alone with Kate. Kate points out that she's not his anymore. Kate says there was a time when she wanted that more than anything but he preferred Madison and now she prefers Stefano. Ian asks about Stefano preferring Marlena but Kate says that won't last long and she will fix it. Ian tells her that he will be waiting for her whenever she's ready. Kate then gets up and hurries off.

Sami questions EJ telling her that she's not alone. Sami thinks he means because of the kids. EJ tells her that's right. Sami wonders how she can tell the kids that everything will be alright. EJ says he won't let her or the children go under. Sami thinks EJ will buy them off like he did Will. Sami mentions that Will is barely talking to her. Sami states that she took the job with Kate because she was proud to be good at the job and take care of her family and she liked it. Sami cries that now she doesn't have her job or Rafe. EJ tells her that they will get through this. He encourages her to be strong and overcome obstacles. EJ holds her hand and tells her that she will be fine.

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