Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/26/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/26/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Billie sits at the Pub as Daniel arrives to meet with her. Daniel apologizes for being late and mentions that he wasn't sure that she would show up. Daniel tells Billie that Kate ordered him not to go near her which Billie can't believe.

Kate tells Will not to be embarrassed and she thinks she's known this about him for ages. Will claims not to be sure what she's talking about and tells her that she's wrong. Kate thinks Lucas was just making him feel uncomfortable. Kate tells Will how much Lucas loves him and she thinks he's out of touch since he's been gone for so long. Kate tells Will that she knows what it's like to hide a secret from everyone. Kate tells Will that she loves him no matter what and doesn't care what his sexual orientation is.

Rafe arrives at Nicole's room. Nicole jokes with him about coming back as Rafe thinks he left his wallet. Nicole looks around and finds it. She hands it to him as a picture of Sami is inside. Rafe starts to leave but Nicole stops him and realizes that something happened with Sami.

Austin tells Carrie in her office that he never slept with Abigail and it was all lies. Carrie believes it so Austin points out that he never cheated on her or broken their vows. Austin asks Carrie if this changes things for them or is it too late.

John and Hope remain in their cell with Stefano on the screen in front of them. John asks if Stefano is still having Marlena followed so he shows them the camera of the man following Marlena at the Town Square.

Kate thinks Will must be wondering how she knows about him. Kate brings up sensing these things in the fashion industry. Kate wants Will to feel comfortable and tells him that she understands and will be there for him without judging him. Kate tells Will to be comfortable coming to her about anything. Will continues to claim that he has no idea what she is talking about. Kate suggests they go somewhere private and talk. Will claims he wants to but has to go meet a girl so he rushes out of the coffeehouse.

Stefano's guard continues following Marlena out of the Town Square. He pulls a gun out of his jacket as John tells Stefano to call off the guard and he'll do whatever Stefano wants as long as he doesn't hurt Marlena. Stefano calls the man off so he leaves Marlena. John regrettably tells Stefano that he wins.

Kate gets up from her seat at the coffeehouse as Lucas returns and tells her that they need to talk. Kate doesn't want to listen if it's about Sami.

Billie questions Daniel being warned by Kate to stay away from her. Daniel says he tried to tell Kate that there was nothing going on. Billie thinks Kate is blowing things out of proportion. Daniel jokes about taking Kate in stride. Daniel brings up that he has a lousy track record with her family. Daniel tells Billie not to let Kate get to her and is ok if she doesn't want to be seen with him. Billie tells him that they can forget having coffee as she wants a beer. Daniel gets up to get it as Billie receives a call from Agent Spencer that was in Alamainia. He tells her that he's outside the Pub and needs to talk to her. Billie says she will talk to him later but he tells her that it cannot wait.

Nicole asks Rafe what Sami did this time. Rafe tells her that he is getting divorced and never thought he would. Nicole encourages him to feel better about it.

Austin tells Carrie that she had to have known he was going to follow her. Austin can't stand when they aren't on the same page. Carrie brings up Austin not denying sleeping with Abigail when she first announced it and calls it the worst moment of her life. Austin apologizes and says it was the worst of his life too but now they know she lied. Carrie says she is just so angry. Austin asks if she doesn't see this as a second chance for them. Austin just wants her to tell him that he's not too late.

Nicole gives Rafe a beer and he thanks her. Nicole assures him that he will feel like celebrating and toasts with her glass of milk. Rafe asks how she does it since she was in love with EJ and about to spend her life with him but she's still smiling. Nicole admits that she feels lousy and is going to be a single mom but she won't give up for her baby. Nicole tells Rafe that he will be okay. Nicole knows he feels crappy about ending his marriage but thinks part of him will be relieved to have Sami out of his life. Rafe says he's just unsure about what happens next. Nicole calls it a weird feeling but not all bad to not know what's in store. Nicole asks how Sami took it. Rafe says that Sami still thought there was hope for them. Nicole calls her insane and thinks it will pass. Nicole thinks Sami will be messing with some new guy if she isn't already. Nicole tells Rafe that Sami will be enjoying her life again with someone else and wants to know what he's going to do.

Austin wants Carrie to tell him what she's thinking. Austin asks her to tell him that they still have a chance.

John tells Stefano that he will do whatever he wants on two conditions. Stefano tells him that he's not in a position to dictate terms. John says his conditions are that he stays away from Marlena and he lets Hope go back to Salem to be with Bo. Stefano says he can grant his first request. John asks about Hope since Bo needs her. Stefano calls it impossible since what he has in mind requires both of them. John says the deal is off then. Stefano brings up Marlena again. John swears to hunt Stefano down and kill him if anything happens to Marlena. Hope tells John that it's alright but Stefano is right that they are in no position to negotiate. Hope says John needs to do whatever it takes to keep Marlena safe. John turns back to Stefano and Hope tells him the answer is yes.

Lucas tells Kate that Sami is a wreck and she's upset about Kate's threats to send her to prison and take her kids. Lucas wants Kate to just fire Sami and be done with it. Kate points out that Sami committed a serious crime and should go to prison. Lucas can't believe her. Lucas informs Kate that he already knew Sami was the mole. Lucas tells Kate that Sami told her she had stopped spying so he believed her. Lucas asks how she found out but Kate doesn't think that matters. Kate can't believe her own son is against her and on Sami's side. Lucas thinks Kate just can't stand his relationship with Sami. Lucas wants Kate to back off on the threats as he thinks Sami has been punished enough. Kate feels Sami's punishment hasn't even begun. Kate says she wasn't sure about pressing charges or going for custody until Lucas stormed in but now she knows that she is because it's the only way to keep Sami's claws out of Lucas.

Nicole tells Rafe that she knows it's blunt but she knows Sami will find some loser to replace Rafe. Rafe doesn't want to talk about Sami anymore which Nicole calls his first step. Nicole talks to Rafe about being with a woman who isn't going to always lie to him. Rafe thinks it's not that simple. Nicole tells Rafe that it's okay to be scared. Rafe points out that she's hiding in a hotel room. Nicole thinks it's different. Nicole thinks Rafe already found the woman who doesn't lie to him and wants to know what he's waiting for. Rafe decides he's going to tell Carrie since he thinks they are both getting divorced so they don't have to fight it anymore. Rafe hugs Nicole and thanks her as he then exits to go find Carrie.

Will walks through the Town Square and comes across Marlena. Marlena talks about the town square having a party and asks Will to keep her company. Will says he has to go but Marlena thinks something is bothering him. Marlena offers to talk but Will doesn't think it's a good idea. Marlena wants to know what has him spooked.

Daniel and Billie talk outside the Pub. Billie says they can do it again sometime as Daniel tells her that he will call her and walks off. Billie remains outside as Agent Spencer joins her. Billie asks him what's going on. Spencer informs her that the agency wants to know what she found out about Stefano as they want to put him away for good.

Stefano talks to John and Hope about how years ago, he instructed them to steal a particular item to bring it to them. Stefano explains that they stole the item but never brought it to him and they hid it. John questions this all being about a stupid theft. Stefano says they defied him. Hope wants know what the item is. Stefano talks about the value of the items in a set and he needs this one to complete the set. Stefano shows a picture of the item and orders them to bring it to him. John responds that they can't help him. Stefano can't believe they are going back after five minutes into their deal. John explains that the plan won't work because they have no memory of the priceless item so they have no memory of where it's hidden. Stefano hoped the picture would jog their memory but Hope says it didn't. Stefano informs them that he has a solution.

Spencer tells Billie that he wished he could get John and Hope out of Alamainia but had to leave after Walsh was killed. Spencer believes Stefano had something to with John's previous charges and Billie agrees. Billie tells him that all signs are pointing towards EJ since he benefited the most from John's charges. Spencer thinks there must be more to the story. Spencer informs her that it's time to up her game.

Will explains to Marlena how Lucas freaked out about him goofing off with Sonny and how Kate claimed to know about him for a long time. Will asks Marlena if she told anyone but she vows that she wouldn't do that since everything he says is in confidence. Will says Kate just said she knew and he couldn't tell if Lucas thought it too. Will suggests doing this another time but Marlena wants to continue.

Daniel visits Nicole and checks her heartbeat. Nicole assures him that she's been fine. Daniel asks how long she thinks she can keep this a secret. Daniel doesn't think she can just stay in the hotel room and have the baby without going crazy. Nicole insists that she will figure it out. Nicole tells Daniel that she did get fresh air when she went to the Pub with Rafe. Nicole adds that Rafe has been good to her and stood up to EJ. Nicole states that she thought it was just going to be her and her baby but she ends up having a great support system with Rafe and Daniel who actually like her which surprised her.

Carrie tells Austin that Abigail's lie shattered her faith in him. Austin brings up that Abigail was not their only problem since they had other issues. Carrie feels thinking that Austin cheated on her was the tipping point. Carrie talks about how far Abigail went with her lies. Austin agrees that what she did was wrong but blames himself for leading her on and letting her twist their friendship into something it wasn't. Austin calls it his own mistake which Carrie agrees with. Austin adds that he will live with it for the rest of his life. Carrie asks why Austin didn't tell her about it. Austin admits he was afraid that it would put them over the edge when he just wanted to save their marriage and couldn't face the idea of living without her and he still can't. Austin wants Carrie to tell him that she feels the same way. Rafe arrives outside the office and prepares to head inside but he hears Carrie talking to Austin inside. Carrie talks to Austin about marriages needing work and admitting when you are wrong. Austin states that he's trying to do that. Carrie talks about how betrayed she felt when she thought he slept with Abigail and was ready to end their marriage. Carrie says everything she was feeling was based on a lie so it's all different now.

Kate returns home and leaves a message for Stefano asking him to call when he can. The doorbell rings so Kate goes and answers the door to see Stefano's guard. He hands Kate a package that Stefano ordered to be left for him. Kate is surprised to hear that he spoke to Stefano and wants to know more but he leaves.

Marlena understands if Will wants to go be alone to sort out his feelings but she hates to see him hurting. Marlena suggests it could help to talk about it out loud. Will says he can't but Marlena insists that he can.

Rafe continues listening as Austin tells Carrie that she has no idea how much he hoped she would say that. Austin knows it will take time but thinks they can put their problems behind them and start over as that's all he wants. Rafe leaves upon hearing that. Carrie tells Austin that it's not that simple since the feelings it all brought up for her can't be switched off. Carrie tells Austin that she doesn't know how to answer him or what the future holds for them. Carrie then takes her things and hurries out of the office.

Billie questions Spencer wanting her to up her game. Spencer wants Billie to go to the DiMera Mansion and finds EJ's files. Billie hates the mansion and doesn't want to go there. Spencer informs her that she's going to move in with Kate so that she can live there until she gets the goods on Stefano.

Kate paces at the mansion looking back at the package that came for Stefano. Kate decides to open the package since Stefano didn't answer her calls. She opens the box and finds papers inside. Kate reads the papers and discovers that he's tracking Marlena's every move as the papers are attached to pictures of Marlena being watched at the town square.

Stefano tells John and Hope that he brought an expert to help them remember their past. Stefano says they can be transformed into Princess Gina and the pawn. Hope calls him insane. Stefano wants to hear if they have another plan.

Will tells Marlena that part of him wants to leave but the other part of him says if he doesn't get it out then he's going to explode. Will worries that it will make it worse. Marlena encourages him to try. Will doesn't know when is the right time. Marlena doesn't have the answer. Will states that feelings suck. Will talks about trying to ignore them and push them away but it's not working for him. Will then says to Marlena that he thinks he might be gay.

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