Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/23/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/23/12


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Stefano has Martin hold John and Hope at gunpoint. John says they aren't done and they know Stefano won't kill anyone. John points out that Stefano would be destroying his only chance at getting what he wants so he needs them alive.

Will arrives at the coffeehouse where Sonny is working. Sonny greets him and Will apologizes for not making the opening. Will says the place looks great. Sonny jokes with Will about going to his competitors. Sonny jokes around about giving Will a free coffee for life card and they end up getting close with Will holding him.

Sami questions Kate thinking she's the mole. Kate tells her there's evidence and says she's always known it was her. Kate tells Sami it was fun watching her twist in the wind but now the fun is over.

Rafe arrives at Sami's place and walks into the empty room. Rafe picks up a picture of Sami and the kids. Marlena enters behind him and asks Rafe if he misses Sami.

Austin questions what Abigail said. Abigail apologizes. Jennifer tries to intervene but Austin wants answers from Abigail. Abigail says this is the worst thing that she's ever done in her life but she made all of it up and they never slept together. Abigail continues that she let him think that they did. Carrie arrives and asks what's going on. Abigail responds that she's telling the truth. Carrie questions what they are supposed to believe. Jack tells Abigail to answer Carrie. Abigail explains that she lied about all of it at the lodge. Abigail says she made up everything about being in love with Austin in her head and none of it was real. Abigail reaffirms that she and Austin never slept together. Jack wants to know what happened. Abigail explains that they only kissed because Austin was drunk and upset. Abigail swears it didn't go any further because Austin passed out. Abigail talks about letting Austin believe they slept together. Abigail wants everyone to stop blaming Austin since none of it is his fault. Jennifer worries if Abigail is lying to protect Austin. Abigail shouts back that she would never do that. Abigail can't believe that nobody believes her.

Stefano tells John that he hoped to do this the easy way. Stefano brings up Bo's pain and suffering. Stefano mocks Hope for believing that he had nothing to do with Bo's attack. Stefano explains that he did it to send a message to them. Stefano warns them about not doing things his way.

Lucas goes to the Coffeehouse as Will and Sonny continue talking. Lucas greets them and compliments Sonny on the coffeehouse. Sonny goes back to working as Lucas wants to sit and talk with Will. Lucas notes that he saw Will and Sonny fooling around and knows it didn't mean anything but worries that if someone else saw that then they might get the wrong idea about him.

Kate calls Sami a world class liar and never thought she'd be stupid enough to throw away this opportunity. Sami admits it was an act at first but she doesn't know the whole story. Kate says she knows Sami came to spy on her for Madison. Sami blames it all on Madison. Kate believes that because Madison is second rate and desperate. Sami explains that she quit working for Madison months ago because she liked working for Kate. Kate feels that Sami sold her out. Sami swears she's been loyal to Kate. Sami wants Kate to believe that she's on her side.

Rafe puts the picture down as Marlena tells him that it's okay to miss her. Rafe admits that he does and walks in to be reminded of what they had and lost. Rafe says he can either spend his life regretting it or move forward. Marlena asks if he's really ready to move forward. Marlena adds that she knows it wouldn't be easy but asks if he can consider forgiving Sami. Rafe blames Sami for tearing the family apart. Marlena says she isn't defending Sami but knows she loves Rafe. Rafe thinks Sami loves herself more. Rafe talks about thinking what they had was solid and how he fought through everything for her but at some point it's time to stop fighting and protect yourself.

Abigail wants Carrie to believe her as she swears to be telling the truth. Austin continues to ask why she's telling them now. Abigail explains that she felt too horrible and couldn't do it anymore. Carrie brings up Abigail crying on her shoulder about the guy that broke her heart. Carrie talks about the advice she gave her and how Abigail was really trying to steal her husband. Abigail declares that Austin is still the amazing man that Carrie fell in love with and he always has been.

Kate refuses to believe Sami. Sami gets that she's angry but points out that she had the chance to bring Kate down and didn't because she chose not to. Kate calls it Sami's smartest decision but doesn't think it's enough to keep her out of prison. Sami gets worried as Kate hasn't decided when she's going to call the police. Sami asks her not to do this. Kate adds that she will go after her freedom and her life. Kate tells Sami to go home and hold her children because soon she won't be able to.

Abigail asks Jack and Jennifer for a moment alone with Carrie and Austin. Jack doesn't want to leave but Jennifer agrees that they will step aside. Abigail goes back to Carrie and says she knows she lied but she isn't lying now. Abigail calls Austin an incredible man and a good guy. Abigail thinks part of her knew she never had a chance and that's why she let him believe they slept together because she wanted him to have the same feelings but he never did because he loves Carrie. Abigail adds that she knows she messed up and hurt a lot of people but is trying to fix it. Abigail says Austin didn't do anything wrong and wants Carrie to believe her. Carrie tells her that she really believes her and then slaps Abigail across the face.

Sami returns home and is surprised to find Rafe. Rafe figures he should've called. Sami tells him that it's his house too. Rafe tells her they need to talk about them because there are some decisions to make. Rafe says things aren't the same and haven't been for a long time. Sami thinks Rafe has already made up his mind. Rafe tells her that he can't do this anymore. Sami asks if he's saying he no longer wants to be married to her. Rafe doesn't answer so Sami thinks they still have a chance but Rafe tells her no. Rafe declares that it's over.

Hope calls Stefano a pathetic coward and warns him that she would've killed him if she knew he was behind Bo's attack. John wants to know Stefano's terms. Stefano tells John that he's right that he needs them both. Hope questions helping him after what he did to Bo. John adds that he won't stop until they give in to what he needs. Stefano then threatens what he could do next by showing a picture of Marlena.

Will asks Lucas why people would get the wrong idea about him. Will tells him that what he saw was nothing. Lucas says there's some people that jump to the wrong conclusions. Lucas states that he knows Will is straight but thinks Sonny was looking at him. Will thinks Lucas is overreacting. Kate arrives and sees them together. Lucas continues talking to Will about Sonny being gay. Will thinks he sounds like Roman. Lucas adds that he just cares about him and doesn't want to see him get hurt. Kate joins them and greets them as Will then goes to get a drink. Kate asks about Will. Lucas tells her that he's fine. Kate asks Lucas not to answer his phone if Sami calls. Kate informs Lucas that she found out that Sami was the mole. Lucas wonders how she found out. Kate says Sami wasn't smart enough and she has warned her to enjoy her time before she goes to prison. Lucas questions her being serious. Kate blames Sami for trying to ruin her life and company. Lucas thinks they should be even. Kate questions Lucas defending Sami and thinks she has a hold on him. Kate adds that she warned Sami that she is going to get custody of her kids. Lucas states that's why he didn't tell her before about Sami and says to tell Will that he has to go as he storms out because of her.

Sami wants to talk to Rafe but he doesn't think that will change things. Sami understands Rafe is hurt but Rafe says they are broken. Sami thinks she only made one big mistake. Rafe tells her that he can't get past it. Rafe points out that she slept with the man that tried to destroy their family after everything he did to him, her, and their kids. Rafe says he didn't get it but now has figured out that it's just who Sami is. Rafe says he can't live with that person anymore. Sami thinks she's still the same person that he fell in love with. Rafe believes that who he thought she was, was all just a lie. Rafe thinks she only cares about herself. Sami admits she has major flaws but knows Rafe loved her and can't just turn it off. Rafe says he can't turn it off but Sami did when she slept with EJ.

Jack and Jennifer get mad at Carrie for slapping Abigail and they have to be held apart. Jennifer points out that no one knew this was going on. Carrie yells at Abigail for being obsessed with Austin and tearing their marriage apart. Jennifer thinks Abigail apologizing is enough. Jennifer questions Carrie assaulting Abigail. Jack thinks they can all talk this out. Carrie wants Abigail accountable for what she did. Abigail wants to do whatever she can to fix it and make it up to them. Austin asks Abigail how she could do this.

John tells Stefano that it's between them and not Marlena. Stefano warns him to start cooperating. John doesn't believe Stefano would hurt Marlena. Stefano assures him that they are not empty threats. Stefano then shows him that he has Marlena being watched as she sits at the town square while John warns him to stay away from her.

Austin talks to Abigail about turning their life into a train wreck. Abigail wants to make it right and wants to know what she can do. Austin asks if she has any idea what her lies have cost him. Austin looks back to Carrie and she walks away so Austin rushes after her as Abigail cries.

Rafe talks about how Sami carried around her lie for months and hoped she never would have to answer for it. Rafe knew she was keeping something from him but wouldn't tell him. Sami claims that she didn't know how. Rafe brings up Sami blaming him for everything and pushing him away. Sami says she felt so guilty. Rafe wishes that she would've just told him the truth and then maybe they could've saved their marriage. Sami thinks they still can and Rafe is just too angry to see it. Sami talks about regretting choices. Sami asks him not to throw away their family and everything they have without thinking it through. Rafe doesn't know how to get through to Sami that he is never going to wish he changed his mind about her. Sami wonders what she's supposed to do. Rafe tells her to stay with the kids since it's their home. Rafe adds that they've already lost him so they shouldn't leave their home. Sami says it isn't a home without him and the kids miss him. Rafe tells her that she should've thought about that before she did what she did. Rafe starts to leave and Sami asks if he's just going to leave without a goodbye. Rafe doesn't think there's any more to say. Sami tells him that she loves him and knows he loves her too. Rafe suggests she get a lawyer for the divorce. Sami brings up the kids and Rafe says he will talk to them as they will always be a part of his life. Rafe tells her to file the papers for divorce and then exits.

Kate gets up and sits with Will. Kate tells him that something came up to make Lucas leave but she thinks he will be back. Kate doesn't think Will is too upset that Lucas left. Kate talks about hearing some of the things Lucas said about Sonny and wonders if they were hitting close to home with Will.

John threatens to spend the rest of his life making Stefano pay if he lays a hand on Marlena. Stefano says he would never lay a hand on Marlena but he can't say the same for the man that is following her. Stefano's feed shows the man following Marlena and he gives her a flower. John watches and hopes she will get away from him.

Will tells Kate that he just didn't like what Lucas was saying about Sonny is all. Kate adds that he was talking about Sonny but he could've just as easily been talking about Will. Kate thinks that is what made him so uncomfortable. Kate tells Will not to worry because his secret is safe with her.

Jennifer tells Abigail that everything will be okay but she doesn't think so since everyone will know what she did by breaking up Austin and Carrie's marriage. Jack adds that she's going to have to deal with it.

Carrie goes to her office crying. Austin follows her in. Carrie didn't expect him to follow her. Austin thinks she knew he would and says he had to because he needed to know if what happened has changed things for them.

Sami runs across Lucas outside the Pub. Lucas tells Sami that he heard what happened with Kate. Sami tells Lucas that she almost forgot about Kate since a lot is going on in her bad day that she doesn't want to talk about it. Lucas wants to help but Sami tells him that there's nothing he can do and she doesn't want to talk about it as she then walks away.

Marlena tells the man that he's kind but she's married. He responds that her husband is a lucky man. Marlena thinks she's the lucky one and walks away.

Stefano tells John that Marlena doesn't know she's in danger and she won't until it's too late as the man continues to follow Marlena through the town square.

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