Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/22/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/22/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

John and Hope remain in Alamainia unable to get through on cell phones. Hope worries about Bo being in critical condition and she can't get to him. Hope thinks they should cooperate with Stefano so they can get home. John disagrees and wants to take charge of the situation to get her home.

Stefano talks with the man that he's had following John and Hope. The man assures Stefano that John and Hope won't see it coming.

Austin sits outside the town square as Abigail walks up. They start to walk away but Austin stops and tells her that there's something that he wants to talk to her about.

Jack brings Jennifer to the Brady Pub after getting her out of jail. Jack thinks she needs to eat as Jennifer just wants to get home and shower. Jack tells her she looks beautiful. Jennifer can't believe everything Jack has done for her and thanks him for making everything seem easier as she hugs him.

Rafe brings Nicole lunch and asks how she's doing. Nicole tells him that she appreciates him staying. Rafe brings up EJ walking in. Nicole doesn't care what EJ thinks but doesn't want him to find out about the baby. Nicole believes no one is this nice to someone they hate so she wants to know why Rafe is really there.

Sami joins Kate in her office. Kate points out that she's late. Sami explains she was at the prayer mass for Bo. Kate tells Sami that she's going to need a prayer. Sami worries that Kate is being hostile. Kate informs Sami that she knows she's been keeping secrets.

Rafe tells Nicole that he's lied to her in the past. Nicole thinks he's used her so Rafe agrees that he did that in the past and apologizes for it. Rafe thinks he has shown her that he's not here to manipulate or hurt her but just to help her. Nicole doesn't think she needs a babysitter. Rafe encourages her to eat. Nicole decides that she doesn't want him to leave. Rafe thinks she should be resting. Nicole apologizes for being paranoid since he has been a great friend lately. Rafe tells her not to worry about it. Nicole says it's hard to trust anyone after being lied to by those you love. Nicole adds that now EJ thinks she and Rafe are sleeping together. Nicole warns Rafe that all hell is bound to break loose. Rafe says he's ready so Nicole asks about Sami finding out but Rafe declares that his life is not Sami's business anymore. Nicole can't believe Rafe has completely shut out Sami. Nicole feels Sami has gotten exactly what she deserves.

Sami tells Kate that she doesn't keep secrets from her. Kate thinks Sami already knows what she's going to say. Sami thinks back to Kate wanting her to find the mole and telling her what she was going to do when she found out. Sami claims to have no idea what she's talking about. Kate tells Sami that she has a folder with enough proof to blow her out of the water.

Jennifer and Jack eat at the Pub. Jennifer tells Jack that he was right and she feels better after eating. Jennifer thanks Jack for everything. Jack talks about doing everything he could to get her out. Jennifer then worries about Abe being in jail. Jennifer insists that they did not tamper with the ballots. Jennifer blames herself for Abe losing his job, his wife, and everything. Jennifer vows to prove that EJ set them up and Jack plans to do it with her.

Abigail tells Austin that she knows that he's going to say that she ruined his life so she apologizes. Austin admits that he was furious with her but blames himself for not telling Carrie right away. Austin apologizes to Abigail for Jennifer being arrested. Abigail can't believe how nice he's being after everything she did. Abigail feels bad. Austin thinks they both made mistakes and he made most of them. Abigail stops him and says that all of it is her fault.

Hope tells John that she wants to believe they can get home but doesn't see how it's possible since Stefano still has their passports. John tells her not to give up so Hope wants to know what their next plan is. John wants to figure out exactly what Stefano wants from them. Hope calls it a nightmare and blames herself for opening the safe deposit box. John believes the truth would've come out eventually but Hope isn't sure. Hope thinks that if she didn't open the box then Bo would be safe instead of fighting for his life. John wants to believe that Stefano wasn't behind Bo's attack but if he was then he could go after Marlena.

Stefano has a phone call with the man he was talking to. He tells him to make it fast as it's almost time. He finishes by telling him to call when the job is done.

Jennifer tells Jack to stop concocting a scheme. Jennifer thinks Jack is planning something dangerous and irrational. Jack assures her that he'll be safe and promises not to get hurt. Jennifer tells him that she thought about him while she was in jail. Jennifer says she thought about Jack in Afghanistan and can't imagine it. Jennifer talks about not being there for him but he was there as soon as she needed him. Jennifer wants to thank Jack for being there for her.

Austin tells Abigail that it's not all her fault since he let things get out of hand. Austin feels he let their relationship get past a certain point. Austin says that one night ruined everything but Abigail stops him and says there's something he needs to hear about that night.

John sits looking at a picture of Marlena. He decides to take the food out of the room and place it outside the door. While he's out of the room, Stefano's guard runs up and stabs John with a syringe. Hope comes back to the room looking for John but she sees the guard. Hope tries to run but he catches her and uses the syringe on her.

Rafe tells Nicole that he doesn't want to talk about Sami and encourages her to eat. Nicole starts feeling sick so Rafe takes the food away. Nicole decides she wants to get some fresh air. Nicole tells Rafe that he doesn't have to come but she'd like to repay a favor to him. Nicole tells Rafe that she's there to talk if he wants to so Rafe thanks her.

Sami tells Kate that she doesn't understand what she's talking about and wants to fix whatever she's done. Kate tells her that she can't fix this. Kate calls Sami an asset to the company but she's a liar.

Austin tells Abigail that he doesn't want to talk about that night and suggests they don't see each other for awhile so they come to terms and move on with their lives. Austin starts to walk away but Abigail stops him and says she needs to talk to him about the night they made love. Jennifer and Jack walk up and can't believe what they just heard.

Rafe and Nicole sit together at the Pub. Nicole eats some. Rafe asks if she wants to talk about EJ. Nicole decides that ruined her meal. Rafe thinks she should share her feelings. Nicole doesn't want to talk about it. Rafe thinks it's bad for the baby to keep her feeling bottled up. Nicole tells him they all come out with her morning sickness. Nicole tells Rafe to share his feelings about Sami cheating on him and hiding it from him for months. Rafe says that Sami is not who he thought her was and he got burned for not listening to everyone that warned him about her. Nicole tells Rafe that Sami is never going to change and is her own worst enemy.

Sami tries to tell Kate that she hasn't lied about anything. Kate points out that Sami hasn't found the mole yet despite saying she would. Kate accuses her of not even trying. Sami wants more time but Kate tells her that she has run out of time.

Jack hopes he did not hear what he thought. Abigail shouts that it's not what he thinks. Jack hopes it's just a joke. Austin apologizes to them that they found out this way but it's the truth. Jennifer can't believe it. Jack tries to go after Austin as Jennifer holds him back. Jack screams at Austin about how they sat together and he said nothing at the Pub while he knew he was the one who broke Abigail's heart. Austin knows he should've told the truth but didn't want to hurt anyone. Jack screams that he hurt Abigail. Jack accuses him of taking advantage of students. Abigail screams at him to stop. Abigail understands Jack is upset but she screams that it was her choice and her life so she wants them to leave her alone. Jennifer refuses to leave her alone. Austin thinks they need to talk about this. Austin says it's time to take responsibility for what he's done.

Sami talks to Kate about concentrating on the mole and wants a few more days. Kate says the spy could do more in a few days. Kate wants answers so Sami agrees to tell her what she knows. Kate then asks her who the mole is.

Nicole tells Rafe not to feel bad since many guys fell down the same road with Sami and they ended up the same way. Nicole tells Rafe that she fell for the same act with EJ after he told her that he changed. Nicole wishes she could have the right guy for the right reasons for once. Nicole wants a trustworthy, caring man who will be a good father to her baby. Rafe assures her that he's out there. Nicole says she used to believe that but needs to get over that dream. Rafe tells her not to give up. Nicole wishes she had given up on EJ. Nicole declares that she's done with bad boys forever and doesn't know why good guys would want her. Rafe tells her not to sell herself short because she never knows. Nicole asks if Sami has completely turned Rafe off from love or if he's hoping that someone else is out there. Rafe is not sure. Nicole says if anyone deserves to be happy, it's Rafe.

John wakes up against some crates in a cell. John crawls over to Hope and wakes her up. Hope wonders what happened as John tells her that they got attacked. Hope wonders where they are but John has no idea. John assures her that they will get out. Stefano appears on a TV screen in front of them. Stefano apologizes but says they made this as difficult as possible. John and Hope want to know what he wants and why they are here. Stefano informs them that he has a proposition and if they cooperate then no one will get hurt.

Austin apologizes to Jack and Jennifer and wishes he could take it back. Austin explains that he was having problems with Carrie and he started drinking. Jack still wants to go after Austin. Jennifer asks Austin if he's kidding. Jennifer questions what kind of man Austin is since he's known Abigail since the day she was born. Jennifer calls it disgusting. Abigail adds that she feels sick. Austin doesn't know what else to say. Jennifer tells him he has nothing to say. Jennifer says she thought Austin was a good man but he's not even a man. Jennifer promises to make sure to tell the dean to get Austin fired. Abigail tries to intervene. Austin thinks they are right but Abigail tells them to yell at her since it's her fault and she messed up, not Austin.

John tells Stefano that they aren't playing his games. Stefano calls them his two favorite players. John tries to take Hope and leave but Stefano's guard, Martin, enters with a gun. Stefano tells them to be listen because Martin is trained to be the best. John threatens to take out Martin. Stefano takes credit for training John. Stefano calls them an unbeatable team. Hope wants to be let go. Stefano informs them that they can't get anywhere since they are miles away from salvation. Stefano feels they left him no choice by being uncooperative. Hope wants to know what he wants them to do.

Kate asks Sami who the mole is but she claims not to know. Kate's getting sick of Sami not saying much. Kate wants Sami to just spit it out unless it's someone that she knows. Kate asks if it's someone who works for Mad World. Sami quickly says no but Kate doesn't believe her. Kate believes Sami is trying to protect someone and asks her who it is.

Nicole and Rafe return to Nicole's room. Nicole notes that Rafe was quiet on the way back. Rafe says there was a lot on his mind but he wasn't thinking about Sami. Nicole asks if he was thinking about Carrie but he says he wasn't. Rafe tells Nicole that she needs to rest. Nicole agrees to drop asking what he was thinking. Nicole thanks Rafe for everything. Rafe is glad to see she's feeling better. Rafe decides he should get going and tells Nicole to rest. Nicole tells Rafe that he's a really great guy. She assures him that he will be just fine. Rafe tells her that she will too. Rafe tells her to call him if she needs anything. Rafe then exits the room.

Abigail says everyone needs to stop blaming Austin and blame her. Abigail says it's all her fault and tells Jennifer that she needs to say this. Abigail turns to Austin and admits that they didn't have sex. Abigail reveals the truth is that she made it all up which shocks Austin, Jennifer, and Jack.

Stefano tells John and Hope that he needs their help with a special project and that's it. John asks what the catch is. Stefano claims there is no catch so either they assist him or they stay in Alamainia forever. Hope refuses to ever help him again. Stefano then instructs Martin so he aims the gun at John and Hope.

Sami talks to Kate about Madison not liking her. Kate points out Sami and Madison being close at one time. Kate recalls their argument almost being like she was meant to see it. Kate then informs Sami that she knows and has always known. Kate reveals that Sami has been caught and she knew she was going to try and ruin her but now Kate is going to ruin Sami.

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