Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/21/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/21/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas, Sami, and Marlena talk outside the Pub about Bo. Marlena encourages them that Bo just needs rest. Sami recalls seeing Bo coming into the Pub covered in blood as Lucas tries to comfort her.

Jennifer and Abe walk through the town square talking about how Abe should be the mayor and not EJ. Jennifer promises that they will prove that Abe was set up. Abe thinks EJ has already gotten away with it as EJ comes down the stairs with Kate to applause from the crowd and media.

Marlena goes into the Pub with Sami and Lucas and they greet Kayla and Caroline. Kayla sits with Caroline and talks about praying for Bo. They talk about gathering here for a special prayer mass. Austin arrives and is surprised to see Lucas. Sami asks Austin if he's seen Carrie. Austin says no and Sami brings up that Carrie nor Rafe were with the family at the hospital last night.

Rafe enters the town square where Carrie is seated. They talk about EJ being sworn in as mayor today. Rafe asks about Bo. Carrie says she went to the hospital but they don't know how long he will be in the coma. Carrie says she came to the town square to avoid Austin. Rafe says he didn't want to deal with Sami either. Carrie adds that she could use a time to kill some time with. Rafe isn't sure that they should spend time together as it could make things worse but Carrie doesn't think they can get worse. They then agree to go get a cup of coffee together.

Madison works on papers in her office as Ian arrives with breakfast and startles her. Ian compliments her work and says he brings out the best in her.

Jennifer tells Abe that she can't stand to be here and watch EJ be sworn in. Abe worries about John, Hope, and Bo. Lexie arrives and adds that she's worried as well. Abe asks her if there's any news but Lexie says she's sorry. Abe is glad and grateful that she came. Lexie tells Abe that she's here for EJ and not Abe. Jennifer can't believe it. Lexie brings up being angry and disappointed at Abe but says that's not why she's doing this. Abe questions her supporting EJ on the day he replaces him as mayor. Lexie reveals that she's there because EJ made her an offer that she couldn't refuse and then walks away.

Kate tells EJ how proud Stefano would be of him and how he wishes he was there. EJ admits to Kate that this isn't how he pictured it.

Ian offers Madison breakfast but she tells him that she already ate. Ian thinks Madison is more focused now. Madison feels like Ian's compliments are setting her up.

Abe follows Lexie out of the town square and wants to know what offer EJ made to her. Lexie informs him that EJ offered her a position on his staff. EJ questions what she is thinking by accepting it. Lexie thinks she can make a difference as health commissioner. Abe apologizes for all of it. Lexie tells him that she's not ready to talk yet. Abe wonders how long it will last and Lexie suggests it could be forever as she walks away.

Ian tells Madison that he's offended that she thinks he's setting her up. Ian suggests they should have a good marriage.

Kate tells EJ that he's about to be inaugurated as mayor so he should be happy. EJ then agrees that Nicole was a liability and he's better off without her. Billie arrives with Johnny, Sydney, and Allie. The kids run up and hug EJ telling him that they miss him.

Austin talks to Marlena about trying to reach Carrie as Rafe and Carrie then arrive to the Pub together. Carrie asks about Bo. Marlena informs her that they are about to head to the church for a prayer gathering. Sami points out that Carrie and Rafe were not with the family last night. Rafe suggests leaving but Carrie tells him not to leave since he did nothing wrong. Carrie assures that she was not with Rafe last night. Sami calls Carrie a liar and questions them coming in together. Austin tells Sami that she doesn't know everything. Carrie then reveals that Austin is the one having an affair not her which shocks Sami.

Ian talks to Madison about not being the husband she wants or deserves but he wants to change. Ian claims that Madison is important to him and recalls the beginning days of their relationship. Ian says he's here in Salem and CEO of Titan to be close to her.

EJ sits with Johnny and Sydney. EJ tells them that today is all about them and their family. EJ talks about being on a journey to build a better life for them all where they can be proud of who they are. EJ tells them that he loves them more than anything. Johnny says they love him too. EJ says he does everything for them.

Madison questions what Ian is saying. Ian tells her that he loves her and wants her to be happy. Madison wants him to prove it by letting her go and let her be with Brady.

Sami questions Austin cheating on Carrie. Marlena thinks this isn't the time or place. Austin tries to explain. Carrie points out that he was drunk. Austin swears it's not an excuse and he didn't mean for it to happen by the time he realized what he and Abigail had done. Sami and Lucas can't believe it was with Abigail. Austin says he's not the only one who cheated as he doesn't have feelings for Abigail. Austin questions Carrie's feelings. Rafe gets in between them but Austin tells him to stay out of it and wants Carrie to answer him but she can't. Austin brings up Carrie embarrassing him in front of the family and then announces that he walked in on Carrie telling Rafe that she's falling in love with him. Sami pokes fun at Carrie falling in love with Rafe. Sami shouts that Carrie is unbelievable. Rafe tries to calm the situation but Sami refuses to. Carrie wants to explain but Sami screams at her and calls her a slut. Marlena holds Sami back and tells her to back off as that's enough.

Ian questions letting Madison go to be with another man. Ian tells her that she understands why that's not going to work. Ian tells Madison not to ask him again to let her go. Ian tells her to go clean up because they are going to the mayor's inauguration and he wants her to dress and act like the perfect wife.

Jennifer rejoins Abe outside the town square. Jennifer is shocked that they didn't ask Abe to stand in the ceremony. Abe sits with her and informs her that he was asked but said no because he didn't want EJ to create a spectacle at his expense. Jennifer thinks EJ will eventually show his true colors and cause his own downfall. Abe hopes Lexie doesn't get caught in the crossfire.

Marlena questions what is happening as Bo is in the hospital fighting for his life and everyone's making it about themselves. Marlena tells everyone to stop hurling accusations and airing their differences. Marlena reminds them that they are family but Sami disagrees. Marlena warns Sami not to speak. Marlena tells Sami to look at Caroline and think about her pain but she still carries herself with dignity and respect. Marlena worries that their family is in trouble and pain and they all need to be together. Marlena tells them that they should be ashamed of themselves. Rafe sits with Caroline and tells her that he's praying for Bo and looks forward to working with him again. Caroline thanks him. Rafe apologizes to Marlena for everything else. Marlena appreciates it but feels it doesn't do much good. Kayla checks with Carrie off to the side. Carrie tells her that she never meant for any of this to happen. Kayla tells Carrie not to blame Abigail since she's a young girl. Lucas and Sami talk to Austin about sleeping with Abigail. Austin blames it on drinking and making a mistake. Austin wishes he could take it back but he can't and he's pretty sure it cost him everything.

EJ makes his mayoral speech with Lexie at his side as he announces she will be a dedicated advocate for the people. EJ thanks the crowd as they applaud. EJ brings up Roman and Bo being attacked and that they have evidence of the Maroni crime organization being behind it. EJ vows to bring an end to the corruption and violence in Salem as the crowd applauds. Jennifer can't believe EJ is making it sound like Abe was responsible. Abe feels EJ is just trying to make him look bad.

Lucas tells Austin that Jennifer and Jack are going to go ballistic when they find out. Sami asks how it happens. Austin explains that she works for him and she happened to be at the office when he was drunk and upset. Austin recalls not even knowing until Abigail told him. Lucas thinks that happens a lot and they bring up Sami drugging him years ago. Sami can't believe they are bringing that up. Lucas feels Austin can only blame himself this time. Sami goes over to Rafe. Rafe doesn't want to fight with her but Sami just wants to ask if Rafe is falling love with Carrie.

Kate and Billie sit with the kids at the town square as Ian and Madison approach. Kate introduces the kids and Madison introduces herself to Billie. Kate praises Billie over Madison. Ian introduces himself to Billie and looks forward to the competition as he walks away with Madison. Billie talks to Kate about Ian and Madison. Billie doesn't think Madison seems so bad and remarks that she finds Ian interesting and attractive. Kate warns her to stay away from Ian. Kate takes the kids to get food. Madison returns to Billie and they tell each other they've heard good things about the other. Madison tells Billie that whatever happens between them is not personal.

Sami wants an answer from Rafe if he's falling in love with Carrie. Rafe questions Sami talking about love after what she did to him and their family with EJ. Rafe tells Sami that she doesn't deserve an answer and then he exits the Pub.

Ian introduces himself to EJ. EJ calls it a pleasure to finally meet him. Ian thinks it's the beginning of a beautiful and productive friendship.

Carrie exits the Pub. Caroline asks Sami if she's alright. Sami responds that she isn't. Caroline offers to talk about it but Sami feels there's nothing to talk about as it's obvious that Rafe is falling in love with Carrie. Sami blames Carrie for ruining her life again but doesnt' want to talk about it and she goes back to Austin and Lucas.

Carrie sits with Rafe outside the Pub and apologizes. They agree that they need to talk to Sami and Austin about everything but they don't know what to say. Rafe looks back in the window as Lucas is comforting Sami. Rafe remarks that maybe there's no point as Sami may have already moved on. Rafe points out that Sami can't be trusted and plays games but he still defended her because he loved her. Rafe recalls people telling him not to trust her as she would never change and now it looks like they were right.

Austin brings up Lucas being engaged. Lucas shows Austin a picture of his fiancee, Autumn. Austin asks how she feels about Lucas leaving Hong Kong to hang out with his ex wife in Salem.

EJ tells Lexie that he needs his budget agenda by the end of the week. EJ feels the last four years has been a waste of time for Salem. EJ hopes Lexie will begin to see the truth about Abe and that he did nothing for the town. EJ feels Abe showed who he really is and he's glad he's out of office. Lexie reminds him that Abe is still the father of her child. EJ talks about setting an example for his kids. Abe and Jennifer watch from a distance as Abe worries that EJ is turning Lexie against him but Jennifer insists that Lexie is too smart to fall for it.

Lucas tells Austin that Autumn knows all about Sami and they don't keep secrets. Sami adds that she's happy for him. Kayla gets a phone call and announces it's from the hospital. Caroline wants to know what they say.

Kate finishes a call outside the town square as Ian approaches her. Ian tells Kate that her daugher is lovely like her. Kate warns Ian to stay away from Billie or he will regret it. Kate warns Ian that when she finishes with Sami, she's going after Madison for what she did to her. Ian tells her that Madison did nothing to her. Ian warns Kate that she will regret it if she goes after Madison because he will take care of his wife at all costs.

Abe and Jennifer approach EJ and Lexie. Abe tells EJ to leave Lexie out of it and come after him. EJ thinks they would both be better off without Abe. Jennifer holds Abe back so he doesn't give in to making a scene. EJ calls a cop over and has Abe handcuffed. EJ announces that his first act as mayor is arresting Abe for ballot tampering which shocks Lexie and the crowd of people that gathers around the scene.

Kayla finishes her call and declares that Bo is stable as Rafe and Carrie re-enter the Pub. Caroline thinks they should all go to the church now. Sami says she has so much work to do so she can't go. Lucas offers to give her a ride. Sami and Lucas talk about EJ being sworn in as mayor. Sami exits with Lucas. Caroline talks to Marlena about how hard it is when everyone they love is suffering so much. Marlena agrees and says all they can do is pray as they exit the Pub with Kayla.

Lexie questions EJ if this is really necessary. EJ brings up that he promised to keep the streets clean of corruption. EJ then has the cop handcuff Jennifer as well for being an accomplice. EJ orders both Jennifer and Abe to be taken away so they are escorted through the crowd in handcuffs.

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