Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/20/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/20/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Gabi goes to Chad's and tells him that she has the most exciting news for him.

Melanie joins Abigail at the coffeehouse. Melanie tells her that telling Austin the truth was the best thing she could have done but Abigail reveals that she didn't tell the truth and has decided that she's never going to.

Austin finishes drinking at the Pub. Kayla offers to get another but Austin doesn't think that's a good idea so he takes a water. Austin asks about Bo. Kayla tells him that he's about the same. Austin encourages her that Bo can beat this. Kayla thanks him for the concern and goes back to work. Jack enters the Pub which worries Austin at first. Jack sees Austin and offers to join him. Austin gets uncomfortable as Jack asks how things are going. Jack asks him where Carrie is but Austin doesn't know. Jack wonders if something is wrong so Austin informs him that Carrie is falling in love with another man.

EJ practices a speech at home. Kate walks in and mocks his speech. EJ knows it's a joke and worries about his speech. Kate encourages him that he's capable. EJ wishes he had Nicole back to help him. EJ says that he's completely lost without Nicole.

Nicole wakes up from fainting so Rafe gets her water to drink. They talk about the pregnancy and her morning sickness. Rafe is worried about her. Nicole points out that he doesn't even like her so he shouldn't worry. Rafe tells her that he's called Daniel and Daniel then arrives. Nicole says she's feeling better and tries to get up from bed but feels sick again and faints.

Gabi surprises Chad with their modeling photos in a magazine. Gabi excitedly says they are going to be famous.

Melanie questions Abigail not telling the truth. Abigail tells Melanie that Carrie left Austin for Rafe and admitted to having feelings for him. Melanie worries about Austin. Abigail thinks she can help Austin get through it and that it's all happening for a reason. Abigail believes they are meant to be together.

Jack talks to Austin about going through a similar situation with Jennifer. Jack tells Austin that he's there if he needs anything. Austin appreciates it. Jack then tells Austin he has something he wants to ask him about Abigail.

Daniel checks Nicole and finds out that she's severely dehydrated. Rafe wonders about taking her to the hospital but Daniel reminds him that she doesn't want EJ to find out. They both hope that Nicole and the baby will be okay.

Melanie tells Abigail to think about Austin and points out that he isn't interested in being with her. Abigail thinks Austin is just confused and hurt. Abigail tells Melanie that she's never going to tell Austin that they didn't really sleep together since she doesn't think it matters now that Carrie is leaving him. Abigail asks Melanie not to ever tell Austin the truth either.

Jack talks to Austin about Abigail being withdrawn and not being herself ever since breaking up with the guy she liked. Jack wants to know if she talked to Austin about it but Austin claims that she hasn't. Jack talks about being so upset seeing Abigail broken up over a guy. Austin thinks Abigail will be fine in time. Jack states that the guy who did this to Abigail is probably right under his nose and could be in one of his classes. Jack says if he ever finds out, he will make sure that the guy pays for breaking Abigail's heart.

Kate tells EJ that he needs to get over Nicole. EJ feels it's not that simple but Kate thinks it is since he's a DiMera. Kate tells EJ to stop whining and get back to work. EJ points out how much Nicole did for his campaign. Kate offers to talk to him about Nicole. EJ regrets lying to her and wishes he would've told her the truth. Kate tells him to concentrate on his career and his children now. Kate reminds EJ that he's been through this before and survived. EJ promises to not let it happen again.

Nicole wakes up and asks Daniel what happened. Daniel informs her that she collapsed and wants her to call him any time she feels this way. Nicole recalls her morning sickness the last time she was pregnant. Daniel tells her that sometimes it lasts the whole nine months. Daniel suggests eating small meals. Daniel warns her that if she loses weight then she could end up hospitalized. Daniel thinks someone needs to stay there with Nicole to be safe. Nicole states that she doesn't have anyone but Rafe offers to do it. Nicole is surprised but agrees to it and thanks him.

Chad looks at the modeling photos as Gabi notes that he isn't saying much. Chad admits he's shocked that they are in a magazine. Gabi thanks him for agreeing to model with her in the first place. Chad calls her a natural. Gabi calls it the best night of her life and hugs him.

Kayla brings Jack and Austin water. Jack asks her about her husband Steve. Kayla talks about him knowing that she has to be in Salem. Jack tells her that he is working on writing a book about his time in Afghanistan. Kayla goes back to work. Austin congratulates him on the book. Austin brings up that his teaching contract requires him to write five journal entries. Jack offers to help him with it but Austin thinks Jack has enough on his plate. Jack says it's the least he could do after all Austin has done for Abigail.

Melanie tells Abigail to tell Austin the truth or else the secret will hang over them for the rest of their lives. Melanie suggests that Austin could be totally understanding if she tells him the truth. Abigail agrees that she could be right so she has to tell him. Melanie suggests telling him tonight.

Kate tells EJ that his children are going to be spending a lot more time in their house. EJ asks what she's talking about. Kate tells him that she's working on it and past wrongs will be righted for the both of them.

Nicole thanks Daniel for coming and keeping things private. Daniel tells her that he will see her soon and tells Rafe to keep an eye on her. Nicole agrees to call him if she needs to as Daniel then exits. Nicole jokes around with Rafe about staying over and having a pillow fight. Rafe wants to talk about EJ. Rafe asks if she really thinks keeping the pregnancy from EJ is a good idea. Nicole thinks it's a great idea and not his business. Rafe worries about what's best for the child. Nicole thinks keeping it from EJ is the best thing she could do. Rafe brings up everything that Sami went through and asks if Nicole wants to go through the same thing. Nicole thought Rafe was on her side. Rafe says he's not picking sides but is thinking about the baby. Rafe tells Nicole that what she is about do is going to be really hard. Rafe begs her to think about what Sami went through and ask herself if it's worth it. Rafe says Sami suffered a lot and it was hard on everyone. Nicole asks Rafe if he's still in love with Sami. Rafe admits that he still has feelings for her as they don't just go away. Nicole asks if he's going to take her back but Rafe says no. Rafe states that even if he could forgive her for cheating, he could never forgive the lies. Nicole says she knows what he means.

EJ tells Kate to stop whatever she's up to. Kate tells him to have faith in the risk. EJ insists that she stop and then walks out of the room. Kate remarks to herself that EJ will thank her in the long run.

Nicole tells Rafe that she doesn't regret leaving EJ and calls it the best thing she's ever done but she misses Johnny and Sydney so sometimes she thinks going back to him would be worth it to have the kids in her life. Rafe knows how she feels. Nicole calls Sami an idiot for messing things up with Rafe as he's a saint. Rafe points out that it wasn't all her. Nicole hopes he's not defending Sami. Rafe admits to Nicole that he kissed Carrie. Nicole thinks it's good to give Sami a taste of her own medicine. Rafe points out that he did it before he found out that she cheated. Nicole asks Rafe if there's something between him and Carrie. Rafe doesn't answer right away so Nicole asks if Rafe is in love with Carrie. Rafe mentions that she's married. Nicole thinks Rafe is in trouble if he's in love with two Brady sisters.

Daniel joins Melanie at the town square. Daniel talks about things being crazy since he's been back. Melanie asks if it's weird not doing surgery. Daniel says it's not like he thought since he still feels useful. Daniel thinks he's got his priorities straight while away. Kate arrives and remarks about Daniel going away on a vacation.

Rafe tells Nicole to get some rest. Nicole jokes with him about wanting to play truth or dare so Rafe dares her to go to sleep. Nicole asks him if it's weird that they are getting along and sleeping in the same room. Rafe agrees that it's weird. Nicole thanks Rafe for doing this since she knows they aren't friends but she appreciates him sticking around. Rafe assures her that it's no trouble and tells her to rest for the baby. Nicole calls her baby the best thing EJ ever did for her. Nicole wishes they could've had a great life and can't believe she ever went back to EJ. Rafe tells her that she's only human and tells her not to worry. Rafe assures her that everything will be okay.

Chad and Gabi talk about their modeling. Gabi thinks it's just the beginning. Chad mentions that it might be for her but he's not sure about a career in modeling. Gabi talks about her mom working three jobs when she was a kid and that being why she works hard. Gabi promises to do whatever it takes to be successful in modeling and nothing will stop her.

Abigail arrives at the Pub and joins Austin. Austin tells her that it's not a good time as Jack returns to the table. Jack questions if something is wrong.

Rafe sees that Nicole has fallen asleep and prepares to sleep on the floor. Rafe removes his shirt as EJ then opens the door and enters the room. Rafe questions what EJ is doing there. EJ asks Rafe what he's doing in bed with his wife as Nicole wakes up in shock.

Abigail tells Jack that nothing is wrong. Jack mentions that they were just talking about her. Abigail says she has something to talk about Austin that is private work stuff. She asks Jack to give them a couple minutes alone but Austin wants Jack to stay. Kayla interrupts and informs them that she got a call that Bo could be coming around. Kayla asks if anyone could lock the place. Austin jumps up and offers to take over so Kayla heads to the hospital. Austin rushes off to start working leaving Abigail confused.

Melanie tells Daniel that she's going to go home. Daniel tells her that he will see her there as she exits. Daniel asks Kate what she wants. Kate says she just wanted to drop by and say hi and ask about Bo's condition. Kate tells him that Billie cares so any updates would be appreciated. Daniel tells her that he will let Billie know if there's any changes. Kate thinks Daniel has been spending a lot of time with Billie lately. Kate warns Daniel not to let it happen again and then tells him to stay away from her daughter.

Chad tells Gabi that he sees how much modeling means to her so he promises to stick with it. Chad gets a call from Melanie. Melanie says she was just hanging out with her dad and asks about his night. Chad informs her that Gabi came over to celebrate their first published ad. Chad suggests a romantic date for tomorrow night which Gabi does not like.

Nicole questions EJ getting into her room. Rafe tells him that he can't just barge in uninvited. Rafe warns EJ to get out. EJ accuses Rafe of being in bed with his wife. Nicole tries to talk but EJ tells her to shut up. EJ calls Nicole a deviant bitch. EJ then calls Nicole a whore so Rafe punches him in the face.

Chad tells Melanie how lucky he is to have the modeling gig, amazing friends, and he shares it all with her. Chad calls Melanie the best thing in his life and he's happy he's with her. Melanie says the same. Chad asks Melanie where she wants to go. Gabi hides her earrings in Chad's bed behind him as Chad tells Melanie that it doesn't matter where they go as long as he's with her.

Daniel laughs off Kate's warnings. Kate wishes he stayed away from Salem. Kate says first he was with her and then her granddaughter Chelsea and now her daughter Billie. Daniel tells her that she has no idea what she's talking about and calls her paranoid. Daniel tells her to go see a witch doctor and then walks away as Kate wishes him a bad night.

Austin works at the Pub as Jack remarks that it looks like Austin will be busy for the rest of the night. Abigail decides she'll just talk to Austin tomorrow. Jack offers to give her a ride home so they exit together. Abigail turns back to look at Austin as he watches her leave.

EJ's lip bleeds from Rafe's punch. EJ laughs it off and warns Rafe that he will regret that. EJ says maybe he won't even bother. EJ tells Nicole that she has no dignity or class. EJ warns Rafe to get himself checked out because he doesn't know where Nicole has been. EJ exits and Nicole throws a glass at the door, screaming that EJ is a son of a bitch as she breaks down crying.

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