Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/19/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/19/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Billie goes to the spa and sees Daniel working out. Daniel turns around and they greet each other.

Lexie sits at the Pub as Abe approaches and joins her with coffee. Lexie is busy with hospital work as Abe mentions that she used to come home to he and Theo when she needed an escape from work.

Nicole stands in her hotel room feeling her stomach. She paces until Rafe arrives so she hides a baby pamphlet from the hospital.

Lucas joins Sami in her office at Countess Wilhelmina. Sami is surprised to see him as he wanted to see how she was doing. Sami tells him about being in charge of finding the mole. Lucas offers to help. Lucas sits with Sami and talks about wanting to find the mole at Countess Wilhelmina.

Daniel talks with Billie about his workout. Daniel comments that he thought she'd be home resting since she's been at Bo's hospital room a lot. Billie insists that she's fine. Daniel thinks it could make a difference if Bo could hear her voice since they can't get a hold of Hope. Billie just wishes Bo would wake up. Daniel assures her that Bo has a chance to get better. Billie brings up everything Bo has to fight for. Billie says she and Bo have been over and they are just friends now. Daniel asks if she's sure about that. Billie recalls Bo straightening her out when her life was a mess. Billie says Bo will always be an important part of her life but she's sure they are over.

Lexie questions Abe not wanting to pressure her and then making it sound like she broke up their marriage. Abe asks about Theo and Lexie says he's with the baby sitter. Abe talks about wanting to protect the town. Abe thinks Theo should be with him and Lexie too. Abe tells her how much he misses them. Lexie stops him from continuing. Abe says he knows he lied and broke her trust but didn't fix the election. Abe asks if they are really going to let it end over this after everything they have gone through.

Nicole asks Rafe what he's doing there. Rafe tells her that he was worried about her after her altercation with EJ. Nicole insists that she's as fine as she can be. Rafe offers to help press charges against EJ but Nicole doesn't think it was that big of a deal. Rafe thinks everyone should know what kind of person the mayor is. Nicole calls EJ a liar, cheater, and scum but she still helped him become mayor. Rafe tells her not to think that way. Nicole calls it insane for EJ to go back to Sami. Rafe comments that Nicole is looking stressed. Rafe talks about not taking care of himself either and misses his home. Rafe opens a bag he brought and shows Nicole all the food he brought for them but Nicole rushes into the bathroom as it makes her feel sick.

Lucas assures Sami that they are going to find the mole tonight since no one is that good. Lucas feels everything leaves a record somewhere. Sami tells him that he doesn't have to do this. Lucas reminds her why he came back. Sami tells him that if he wants to help then he should leave her the hell alone.

Lexie thinks Abe is saying that her past mistakes are worse than his. Abe asks how Theo is and if he asks about him. Abe wants Theo to understand that he didn't leave because he wanted to. Lexie says she talked to Marlena about what to tell Theo and she told him the truth. Lexie admits that Theo is having a hard time as the story is on the news and kids at school talk. Lexie adds that Theo doesn't understand how his dad would do something so bad and it's complicated for him to understand. Lexie states that Theo knows that Abe isn't one of the good guys anymore. Lexie says she did ask Theo if he wanted to see Abe but he said no. Abe can't believe it and worries about Theo saying no.

Lucas questions what Sami's problem is. Sami tells him that he could go be with Will and doesn't always have to be with her. Lucas says Will might need a break from him after their encounter with EJ. Sami doesn't believe Will likes working for EJ and thinks he's just doing it to get back at her. Lucas tells her what Will said about the job. Lucas thinks Will will be okay in the end but Sami doesn't think so if he's working for EJ. Sami worries about EJ having Will steal something or make a drug run. Lucas assures her that Will knows the difference between right and wrong. Sami worries that she screwed Will up for life and is now scared for their son.

Nicole comes out of the bathroom and Rafe apologizes. Nicole tells him that she thinks she's getting sick. Rafe checks that she doesn't have a fever. Nicole brings up Sydney and Rafe talks about not seeing the kids much. They agree that the kids probably miss them both. Nicole starts feeling sick again so Rafe takes the food out of the room. Rafe asks how long she's been feeling this way. Nicole says it hasn't been too long. Rafe wonders if it was something she ate but she insists it wasn't so Rafe realizes and asks if there's a chance she is pregnant. Nicole doesn't answer so Rafe realizes that she is pregnant.

Billie starts working out on the punching bag as Daniel rejoins her. Billie talks about learning to box when she was younger. Daniel gives her some tips on boxing. Billie asks about him being a surgeon so Daniel tells her about the tremors that stopped him being a surgeon. Daniel talks about coming to peace with still being a doctor. Daniel teaches her boxing so Billie ends up punching him in the stomach.

Sami tells Lucas that she can't believe what Will is doing and she knows that he knows what a monster EJ is. Lucas thinks they taught Will well. Sami can't believe Will doesn't see what working for EJ is all about. Lucas is afraid that Will won't know the consequences until he's face to face with them.

Rafe hopes Nicole's baby is not EJ'ss but she is sure that it is. Nicole informs Rafe that EJ doesn't know she's pregnant and she doesn't want him to find out. Rafe agrees to keep it secret. Rafe tells Nicole that he figured it out so EJ will probably figure it out too. Nicole thinks she has time to figure it out before she starts showing. Rafe asks if she's feeling better. Nicole says she's fine and can't go get checkups because EJ has eyes everywhere. Nicole tells him that she's been through this before and knows what does and doesn't feel normal. Nicole tells Rafe that she and the baby are fine and EJ will never hear about it.

Lucas looks through folders and doesn't find anything so Sami thinks they are never going to find the mole and should be done with it. Lucas wants to use the computer to find out who has been in contact with Mad World. Sami suggests she should do that instead and tries to stop Lucas but he keeps going. Lucas thinks Sami is acting like she doesn't want him to find out so Sami admits to Lucas that she is the mole.

Lexie apologizes to Abe for having to tell him that Theo didn't want to see him. Abe apologizes but can't believe his own son doesn't want to see him. Lexie tells him that Marlena said not to force the issue and to give him time. Lexie insists that Theo loves him. Abe cries that he loves Theo so much. Lexie says she tells him every night. Abe informs Lexie that he talked to Marlena too about their relationship and she said they need to keep communicating. Abe talks about how Marlena compared it to her and John losing so much time together. Lexie says she's trying but having a hard time. Abe reminds her that life is short and wants to keep the faith.

Nicole continues telling Rafe that EJ can't find out about the baby. Nicole calls it a miracle that she even got pregnant. Rafe asks how she feels about it. She calls it crazy and says she's confused but incredibly happy. Nicole recalls that she would've done anything to have a baby with EJ in the past. Nicole states that Sydney is not in their lives and now all she has is her baby. Nicole recalls doctors telling her that she'd never be able to carry a baby full term. Nicole calls losing her baby the worst thing that ever happened to her. Nicole worries about what she'll do if she loses this baby and says that she will die.

Sami explains to Lucas how she and Madison set Kate up. Lucas questions Sami trying to take Kate down and he can't believe that she did this. Sami continues explaining that Madison pulled out of their setup and then she quit Mad World and is now working for Countess Wilhelmina for real. Sami wants to make this work. Sami tells him that she's not being a mole anymore so there isn't a mole. Lucas can't believe that he didn't see this coming. Lucas says this is all so Sami.

Billie hopes Daniel is okay. Daniel says he is but just wasn't expecting her punch. Billie blames it on never holding back. Billie hurt her hand so Daniel looks at her hand until she pulls away.

Sami questions Lucas saying it's so her. Lucas reminds her that he flew to Salem for her and how they talked about EJ, Will, and Rafe and how she screwed up her life but she didn't tell him anything about this. Lucas thought he should've known about this. Sami didn't want him to lecture her about it. Sami says she's tired of him bashing her and wants to solve the problems. Lucas feels Sami doesn't know the difference between right and wrong and only cares about what's happening to her. Sami tells Lucas that he was the same way. Lucas tells her that he grew up. Sami brings up Chloe and his new fiancee Autumn and calls them bimbos. Lucas calls Autumn great and praises her. Lucas talks about telling her about Will but now he can't even recognize Will and blames Sami for it. Sami thinks they need to focus on what's important and that's making sure that Kate doesn't find out that she's the mole.

Rafe sits with Nicole and tells her to take care of herself and avoid stress. Rafe asks what she's thinking or if she's going to leave town. Nicole isn't sure and says she doesn't have any friends or family. Nicole says she'll never be alone and will get a great divorce settlement. Rafe questions how she will be able to travel. Rafe warns her to stay hydrated. Rafe thinks Nicole needs a doctor so she admits that she saw Daniel before and he helped her. Nicole says she trusts Daniel so Rafe wants to call him. Nicole doesn't want to call Daniel every time that she feels morning sickness and she heads back into the bathroom.

Daniel questions what's wrong with Billie. Billie talks about Daniel falling in love with his patients. Daniel tries to explain himself but Billie doesn't want him to check anything. Billie brings up that Daniel has been with her mother and her daughter. Daniel says she has the wrong idea. Daniel calls her an attractive woman but assures her that he's not interested in her. Daniel brings up just getting out of a relationship. Billie then informs him that Jack and Jennifer are old friends of hers. Billie apologizes for belittling his relationship with Jennifer and for jumping down his throat. Daniel says it's okay and just wants to put the past year behind him.

Lexie doesn't think there's hope for them. Abe wants to fix things for Theo but Lexie tells him that he can't say anything to make it better because she will still have her doubts about whether or not she can trust him. Abe refuses to give up and promises to do everything he can to win back her trust. Abe brings up everything John and Marlena have been through and thinks that should give her hope. Lexie states that the one difference is that John was innocent and didn't lie to Marlena. Lexie decides she has to leave and heads off to the hospital.

Billie tells Daniel that she had a bad year also. Billie comments that she likes the spa and might get a membership. She tells Daniel that she will be sticking in Salem for awhile. They joke about their boxing lesson and being sure that Daniel is not interested in her. Daniel offers again to look at her hand but she says she's tough. They say they will see each other soon as Billie then exits while Daniel looks over at her.

Lucas tells Sami that Kate is determined to find the mole so it doesn't matter if he keeps her secret. Lucas warns her that the truth always comes out.

Rafe thinks they should call Daniel as Nicole comes out of the bathroom. Nicole talks about feeling like she has the worst flu. Rafe tries to help Nicole get to bed but she faints.

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