Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/16/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/16/12


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Sami returns home and goes to her office, finishing a phone call with Caroline about seeing the kids. She picks up some of her pictures from the trash can as Kate arrives and welcomes her back. Kate wants to hear all about it but Sami prefers to talk about it tomorrow. Sami then asks who's been using her desk while she's gone. Kate informs her that it's no longer her desk. Billie arrives and announces it's her desk now.

EJ leaves Will a phone message about not calling him back. Will then enters the DiMera Mansion and wants to know what EJ wants him to do. EJ tells him to always pick up the phone when he calls. Lucas then arrives behind Will and informs EJ that he's no longer Will's boss because he's firing him.

Austin and Abigail walk through the town square. Austin wants to know what Abigail has to say. Abigail says it's hard for her. Abigail then states that she thinks Carrie should hear this too but Austin tells her that isn't going to happen.

Brady goes to the Brady Pub and greets Kayla. Kayla invites him to sit down and takes his order. Brady thinks back to his last conversation with Madison where she told him to move on.

Madison stands outside her room thinking about Brady and then goes inside where Ian has set up a dinner with champagne. Ian tells Madison that he wanted to surprise her but Madison goes to the table and pulls everything off of it.

Abigail tells Austin that she's not trying to cause any more trouble. Austin then informs Abigail that Carrie is with Rafe.

Chad and Gabi prepare to sit together at the town square. Chad goes to get food so Gabi takes Chad's phone and turns his ring off while commenting that life is good since she's with Chad and Melanie is not.

Melanie goes to the Pub and tells Kayla that she came to meet Chad. Melanie then spots Brady and sits with him to ask how it's going. Brady tells her that she doesn't want to know. Melanie notices Brady drinking and asks if he wants to be alone so Brady tells her that he thinks that's the best. Melanie tells him that he knows where she is if he needs her as she then gets up and walks away.

Madison tells Ian that champagne is not going to fix what he did. Ian knows she's hurt but Madison shouts back that it doesn't explain how she feels because she just said goodbye to the man she loves and shut the door on him forever. Madison hates that Ian made her break Brady's heart. Madison screams at him so Ian tells her that he's sorry.

Daniel enters the Pub and greets Melanie. Daniel offers to join Melanie's table. Melanie says she's waiting for Chad but he can join them. Daniel then sees Brady and Melanie suggests he could use a friend. Daniel sits with Brady and asks if he's okay or if he wants to talk about it. Brady says he doesn't but he does want to kill Ian.

Madison questions Ian saying he's sorry. She asks if he's sorry for letting her out of his sight for too long or for letting her run Mad World or for making her feel miserable. Ian claims that he does not like to see her unhappy and sad. Ian says he keeps thinking about their wedding and honeymoon. Ian asks Madison if she was happy back then.

Daniel talks to Brady about Ian. Brady says he didn't want to think about life without Madison but doesn't think anything will help now. Daniel encourages him that it gets better but Brady doesn't believe him.

Sami is surprised to see Billie as Kate explains how she brought her back to her company. Sami welcomes her back. Sami asks where her desk is now. Kate is surprised Sami is asking about herself when Billie is back. Sami asks if Billie being back affects if she still has a job.

EJ questions Lucas trying to fire him as Will's boss. Will tells Lucas it's okay and he doesn't have to worry about his job. Lucas insists that he's protecting Will. Lucas tells EJ that Will no longer works for him. EJ brings up Will's car and apartment. Lucas encourages Will to tell EJ that he's leaving with him now. EJ says if Will tells him he wants to leave then he's free to go.

Abigail questions Austin saying Carrie is with Rafe now. Austin doesn't want to get into it now and wants Abigail to tell him what she was going to tell him.

Melanie remains at the Pub waiting for Chad. She sends him a text message thinking he should've been there by now as Kayla joins her. Kayla suggests Melanie call Chad instead of texting him.

Gabi tells Chad that she's sorry Melanie bailed on him. Gabi sees Melanie is calling on Chad's phone even though it's on silent so she sends Chad to get them some coffee to distract him. Gabi takes Chad's phone and deletes the call. Chad comes back and Gabi tells him that she's having a great time hanging out with him.

Melanie tells Kayla that she called Chad but he didn't answer. Melanie decides she's going to go find Chad herself and she exits the Pub.

Kate questions Sami being paranoid about her job. Kate tells her not to worry since there's plenty of work to go around. Kate brings up Sami feeling overworked before. Billie talks about being home with her family. Billie brings up looking forward to seeing Will and Allie. Kate declares that another reason she brought Billie back is because she trusts her. Kate adds that Sami will be trying to find the mole so she needs to be around people she trusts. Kate tells Sami that she will find her a special place as Sami insists that she's working on finding the mole. Sami suggests sending Billie to do some of the out of town stuff but Kate says no since Sami is doing so well at that. Kate tells Sami to just buckle down and work.

Will tells EJ that Lucas doesn't have much of a say in this so he still wants to work for EJ. Lucas doesn't care what Will wants right now and says the job ends now. Lucas tells EJ to stay out of it. Will tells Lucas that he loves him and appreciates his help but he likes his job. Will brings up how he has his apartment, car, and money because of EJ. Will adds that he likes what EJ has him doing. Lucas worries that EJ could have Will doing illegal things. Lucas tells Will that they are going but Will says no because he's working for EJ and never asked for his permission.

Madison tells Ian that she was very happy back then. Madison talks about being unable to believe someone like him was interested in her. Madison then brings up Ian cheating on her and uses her. Ian claims it's not true. Madison says she didn't think it could get any worse but it has. Madison tells him that Brady showed her what real love is and then Ian took it away from her to destroy her again. Madison wants to know why since Ian doesn't love her, she wants to know what he gets from destroying her life.

Kate tells Sami that she will see her in the morning. Sami wants to get home and see her kids but Kate tells her that she has to work on finding the mole. Kate instructs her to continue working. Sami wants to get the IT group on it but Kate points out that any one of them could be the mole so she only trusts Sami to do it. Kate tells Sami that when she finds the mole, she will get everything she deserves and more.

Lucas tries to forbid Will from working for EJ but EJ states that Will can do what he wants. Lucas says he knows that EJ blackmailed Will into this. EJ brings up Lucas turning himself in for shooting him to protect Will. Lucas tells him that he wishes he did shoot him so he'd be dead now. Lucas tells EJ that he can't keep Will under his thumb or he'll tell the media everything. EJ warns him that Lucas would be ruining Will's reputation. Lucas thinks the media would just hear the mayor and blackmail. Will tries to stop Lucas but EJ tells him not to worry since Lucas won't go through on his threat. EJ then tells Will that he's letting him go and is free to do whatever he wants. EJ adds that Will can keep the car and apartment and he'll still keep quiet about the shooting. Will is surprised and tells EJ that he will hold him to it. Lucas tells Will that they should leave then but Will informs Lucas that he wants to stay.

Abigail tells Austin that she thought if Carrie knew that Austin was drunk when he was with her then maybe it would make things better. Austin can't believe that's all she had to say. Abigail claims that she was just trying to help. Austin says he's told Carrie that already and it doesn't matter since Carrie will never get over the fact that they slept together. Austin can't believe he's lost Carrie after all these years of being happy. Abigail goes on about how much she cares about him and loves him and that she would never leave him. Austin tells her that this stops now.

Gabi and Chad continue eating. Gabi brings up their modeling. Chad jokes that if he has to be modeling then he's glad it's with her. Melanie arrives, wanting to find out what Chad was up to.

Brady tells Daniel that Madison loves him and not Ian. Daniel talks to Brady about trying to get over what she's done to him. Daniel suggests he just keep on going and that'll be the best for both of them.

Ian claims he can't believe that Madison doesn't think he wants to be with her. Ian says he created her so she's nothing without him. Madison questions Ian thinking he owns her. Madison calls him sick. Ian shouts at her to stop testing him. Ian warns her that she has no idea if she thinks Brady is suffering now. Madison questions his threats. Ian tells her that she's no good for Brady and he's no good for her. Ian claims that he won't allow anyone to destroy the person that he loves. Madison accuses him of destroying her and wonders how he doesn't see that. Ian exits the room leaving Madison crying.

Billie asks Sami and Kate what's going on. Kate says it's nothing and suggests that she and Billie take Sami's kids out to dinner. Kate points out that Sami sees her kids all the time while they don't and Sami has a lot of work to do. Sami mentions that the work will take all night. Kate adds that she and Billie can put the kids to sleep so they exit together leaving Sami to work. Sami remarks "bite me, bitches" after they leave.

Lucas warns Will that working for EJ is like sleeping with the enemy. Lucas brings up all the DiMeras have done to their family. Will insists that he wants to stay with EJ. Lucas questions if Will is afraid to leave. Will tells Lucas that he likes working for EJ. Will admits that he did it at first because he didn't have a choice but he's glad how it turned out because he's a great boss. Lucas thinks Will could find a better boss and role model. EJ thanks Will for the compliments. Lucas worries about Will and tells him that working for EJ is not the way to go. Will tells Lucas that it's a little too late to start telling him what to do. Will remarks that Lucas hasn't been the best role model for him. Lucas apologizes for not being there for him but he loves him and wants him to think twice about working for EJ. Will points out that Kate is married to Stefano. Lucas calls that different. Will says he loves working for EJ and doesn't care that he's a DiMera in the same way that he doesn't care about Chad being a DiMera. Will calls EJ a good guy so EJ thanks him and calls him a valued employee. Will remarks that Lucas must just be upset that EJ was there for him when he wasn't.

Chad tells Melanie that he thought she was busy with Abigail. Melanie brings up that she called and texted. Chad realizes his phone is off and doesn't know how that happened. Chad says all that matters is that she's here now. Melanie apologizes for missing the coffeehouse opening. Chad says bye to Gabi as they finish and exits with Melanie.

Abigail wants Austin to be with her if Carrie is with Rafe. Austin says they don't have anything to do with the other. Austin tells Abigail that no matter what happens, they can't be together. Austin tells her that there never was a them and never will be then walks away.

Kate and Billie go to the Pub. Billie wants to know what's going on with Kate and Sami before they get the kids. Kate agrees to tell Billie that they bonded over the kids so she hired her away from Madison but it turned out that they set her up and Sami is the mole. Billie questions not firing her but Kate thinks she needs more punishment and she will suffer.

Sami continues working at the office. She puts a folder down and looks at a picture of her family.

Will tells Lucas to go since he and EJ have work to do. Lucas tells EJ that he may have won this time but eventually Will will see him for the sick bastard he is. Lucas warns EJ that if he hurts Will then he will answer to him. Lucas then turns and exits. EJ congratulates Will and tells him that he is his own man. EJ offers Will a drink and tells him that he has big plans for him as they drink.

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