Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/15/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/15/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad arrives at Sonny's new coffeehouse for the grand opening and greets Kareem and Dustin while Gabi stands nearby. Sonny announces how appreciative he is of everyone's support to Victor, Maggie, Justin, and Adrienne. Justin and Adrienne tell Sonny how proud they are of him. Victor and Maggie sit together. Victor worries about Bo as Adrienne approaches and asks if there's any news. Maggie says Bo is stable and fighting to wake up. Adrienne tells them that they are praying for Bo and thanks Victor for coming for Sonny. Victor remarks about being unsure about Sonny needing Chad as a DiMera. Sonny talks with Chad, Justin, and Gabi. Sonny reveals that he got an anonymous investor to help. Chad then gets mad and thinks Sonny took money from Stefano.

Brady meets with Marlena at the Pub. They talk about not hearing from John or Hope. Marlena talks to Brady about being busy with Basic Black. Marlena brings up that she hasn't heard him say anything about Madison. Brady informs Marlena that he proposed to Madison but it turned out she was already married.

Madison talks with Ian about her Mad World plans at her office. Ian calls it predictable and mundane while questioning her ideas.

Melanie walks with Abigail through the town square trying to convince her that she has to tell Austin the truth that they didn't sleep together. Melanie thinks Austin and Carrie deserve to know. Melanie tells Abigail that she needs to fix their marriage.

Carrie continues talking to Rafe. Carrie feels Austin did what he did with Abigail because he knew how she was feeling. Carrie feels Austin felt betrayed because she was falling for someone else. Carrie then admits that she was falling in love with Rafe. Carrie surprises herself by saying it out loud and then repeats that she loves Rafe. Rafe doesn't know what to say. Carrie hopes Rafe feels the same way about her as Austin arrives and wants to hear Rafe's answer as well.

Ian tells Madison that he's not enjoying watching her flounder. Ian thinks she is distracted from Mad World and she's lost her edge. Ian says Madison was a strong independent businesswoman until meeting Brady. Ian blames Madison since she should've known better. Madison mocks the idea that she should've been more like him. Madison thinks this is all because Ian is jealous of what she had with Brady.

Brady talks to Marlena about finding out that Madison is married. Brady talks about how they were going to work through it until she decided she was staying with Ian. Brady tells Marlena about the power that Ian has over Madison.

Abigail tells Melanie that what she did was not that horrible. Melanie brings up her marriage blowing up and compares it to Carrie. Abigail feels Austin and Carrie's marriage was on the rocks before she was involved. Melanie reminds Abigail that Austin loves Carrie and that they went to the lodge to work everything out. Melanie declares that Austin wants to spend his life with Carrie and she can't change that.

Austin questions this being a bad time. Carrie states that she didn't know he was there. Carrie tells Austin that they need to talk but Austin thinks it will be a short conversation. Austin says he came to ask for her forgiveness but walked in on her telling Rafe that she loves him so he doesn't think there's a lot to talk about.

Chad continues to accuse Sonny of taking money from Stefano and decides he can't trust him and walks away. Victor approaches and questions Sonny getting involved with Stefano. Justin offers to get him out of the contract. Sonny stops them so he can say what really happened. Sonny goes back to Chad and tells him that he turned Stefano down because he would never do that to Chad. Sonny announces their new investor has no connection to the DiMeras. Sonny tells everyone to look around because he knows what he's doing.

Ian tells Madison that he's not jealous of Brady or intimidated. Madison tells Ian that he can't change the way Brady makes her feel and that's what he's jealous of. Madison states that Brady showed her what love is and now she can't be with anyone but him. Ian tells her that she doesn't exist without him because he made her who she is. Ian calls Madison needy and warns her not to run around behind his back with Brady because he'll find out and take him down. Ian threatens to make Brady's life a living hell. Madison tells him to shut up. Ian tells her to stop because he's capable of anything but mercy. Ian warns Madison to pull herself together. Madison states that she despises him. Ian tells her to get her head back into the business because he doesn't want to remind her again. Ian warns Madison that Brady won't be the only casualty. Ian again tells her to get back to work as he then exits the office.

Marlena and Brady continue to talk about Madison's relationship with Ian. Marlena worries that their relationship could be destructive so Brady questions if he just walked away.

Melanie and Abigail continue to argue as Abigail tries to say Austin has feelings for her but Melanie disagrees.

Austin tells Carrie that her look answers all of his questions. Rafe offers to leave but Austin thinks everything has been said unless Carrie is going to say that she doesn't really love Rafe. Austin states that Carrie just can't lie. Carrie tries to talk but Austin stops her and doesn't want her to make it worse. Austin tells Carrie that he still loves her and that's the one thing he has always known. Austin says he thought they would get through this but he didn't have the whole story. Austin says that he turned to Abigail because he was hurt after she kissed Rafe and knows sleeping with her was wrong but it didn't mean anything. Austin recalls being so drunk that he doesn't even remember it but Carrie can't say the same because she hasn't slept with Rafe but loves him. Austin states that they all understand each other now. Carrie tells Austin that she never wanted to hurt him. Austin believes her except she's fallen in love with Rafe and he doesn't know what to do with that so he decides to leave.

Marlena tells Brady that she wouldn't tell him what to do but knows it's a delicate situation. Marlena warns Brady that it could get worse. Brady talks about how he loves Madison and thinks she's worth fighting for. Marlena suggests he let her know that and show her that she can count on him to be strong enough for the both of them. Marlena warns him that it will be an uphill battle.

Madison sits in her office looking at her wedding ring from Brady. She puts it on and thinks back to joking with Brady about all the kids they were going to have. Madison then wipes tears from her eyes.

Victor gets an update that there's still no change in Bo. Justin tells Victor that he can go to the hospital if he wants. Victor says Daniel told him that Bo will be having more tests so he wouldn't be able to see him anyways. Maggie thinks it's good that Victor is here with family. Victor praises Sonny and says he will do great.

Sonny and Chad sit with Kareem and Dustin. Dustin asks about Will and Sonny says that he'd probably be here soon. Kareem and Dustin step away as Gabi sits with Sonny and Chad. Chad brings up thinking that Melanie would be there. Gabi suggests that it's too bad Melanie missed the grand opening because it was so big for Chad. Gabi tells Chad that she's so proud of him.

Abigail tells Melanie to leave since she knows what she's going to say. Melanie continues telling Abigail that she can't keep lying. Abigail believes she and Austin care about each other. Melanie reminds her that Austin was drunk and that's the only reason it happened. Abigail wants her to stop talking like that. Melanie states that she is worried about Abigail.

Rafe asks Carrie if she's going to go after Austin but she doesn't want to. Carrie tells Rafe that she wants to stay with him.

Sonny has Chad give him the key to lock up the store room. Sonny has Chad go with him to help carry the cups. Chad accidentally leaves his phone on the table and Melanie calls, apologizing for missing the opening because she was with Abigail. Melanie leaves a message hoping she can make it up to him at the Pub later tonight. Gabi takes Chad's phone and listens to Melanie's voicemail, then deletes it. Chad and Sonny then return with boxes.

Brady arrives at Madison's office and tells her that they need to talk. Madison says she can't because she's busy. Brady tells her that he's not leaving until they talk.

Carrie tells Rafe that he still hasn't answered her question if she is alone in all of this. Rafe responds no and tells her that she's not alone in this.

Abigail and Melanie sit together. Abigail suggests Melanie goes to see Chad but she tells her that she left him a voicemail and is going to stay with her. Melanie continues trying to tell Abigail that she will end up hurt and alone. Abigail says she's never been in love like this before and believes Austin is in love with her. Melanie keeps telling her that Austin thinks of her as a friend and just got drunk. Abigail disagrees and keeps saying that Austin wanted her that night. Melanie keeps pointing out that Austin doesn't love her but Abigail thinks that he just felt guilty about Carrie. Melanie tells her not to ruin the marriage off a lie. Melanie wants Abigail to go find Austin and tell the truth but she refuses, saying she won't lose him but Melanie points out that she never had Austin.

Marlena arrives at the coffeehouse and joins Victor, Maggie, Justin, and Adrienne. Marlena asks about Will but Adrienne tells her that he hasn't come yet but is expected. Marlena tells them that she hasn't heard from Hope or John yet and asks about Bo. Victor informs her that they are running more tests. Marlena reminds him that Bo is in the best possible hands. Sonny brings Marlena a coffee and thanks her for coming as they talk about the crowd they will draw. Ian then enters the coffeehouse.

Madison thinks back to Ian warning her not to be running around with Brady behind his back. Brady wants her to talk but she has nothing to say. Madison states that her life is with Ian and theirs can't happen. Brady wants to know what Ian has on Madison. Madison tries to get him to leave but Brady sits down and refuses to leave. Brady thinks they can take Ian down together because he thinks what they have is worth fighting for. Madison reiterates that her life is with Ian but Brady doesn't believe her and refuses to leave. Madison tells Brady that they had fun but she belongs with Ian because she loves him and not Brady.

Carrie is glad to hear Rafe tell her that she's not alone. Rafe says he can't deny that there's been something going on between them for awhile now and they both know it. Carrie states that she knew how she felt but didn't know if he felt the same. Rafe thinks kissing her gave it away. Carrie brings up saying it didn't mean anything but Rafe says that they had to say that. Rafe feels the kiss wouldn't have happened if they both didn't want it to. Carrie is glad as they get close. Rafe calls it very complicated. Carrie almost kisses him but Rafe reminds her that they are both still married to other people. Carrie wonders what they do now.

Melanie tells Abigail that she's going to help her through this but she has to tell Austin. Austin arrives and wants to know what he's supposed to be told.

Chad tries calling Melanie but her phone is off. Gabi suggests Melanie got called in to work or something. Chad wonders why Melanie didn't let him know. Gabi is sure she will call. Gabi offers to go have dinner with Chad but Chad wants to wait a little longer.

Brady brings up how they talked about having a family together. Madison claims she doesn't want to hurt him but that was just a fantasy and Brady isn't enough of a challenge for her.

Gabi tells Chad that it's getting kind of late so Chad agrees that Melanie is not going to show up. Gabi wants to have a celebration of the grand opening so Chad agrees to go with her.

Ian approaches Victor at the coffeehouse. Ian introduces himself to Marlena. Victor remarks that Marlena will see through Ian. Ian calls Victor a sore loser. Ian talks with Justin and Adrienne about being proud of Sonny. Justin questions Ian knowing Sonny. Ian then reveals that he is the anonymous investor in the coffeehouse. Victor questions why. Ian says he's new in town and wants to get involved.

Madison tells Brady not to prolong his agony since he could go make another woman happy. Brady notes that Madison can't look him in the eye and say it. Madison gives Brady his ring back and tells him to get on with his life. She tells him not to hold on to something that will never happen and find someone else. Brady then turns and storms out of the office as Madison sits down and cries.

Rafe tells Carrie that in spite of everything, Austin still loves her so she owes it to him to give it a chance. Carrie asks if Rafe will try and make it work with Sami. Rafe says it's not about them but about Carrie and Austin and what's happened. Rafe tells Carrie that if she thinks there's a chance that they can work things out then she should try. Carrie asks about him. Rafe tells her not to think about him since it's the right thing to do and they both know it. Rafe decides to go and exits the office.

Austin wants to know what he's being told but then decides he doesn't want to hear it since enough damage has been done. Melanie stops him and says Abigail has to tell him something really important that he needs to hear. Melanie begs Abigail to tell the truth so she admits that Melanie is right and Austin deserves to know the truth.

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