Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/14/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/14/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Melanie and Abigail walk through the Town Square. Abigail looks around trying to find Austin and decides she wants to go check his hotel. Melanie questions what Abigail is doing and wants her to leave Austin alone. Abigail believes Austin and Carrie's marriage is over. Abigail thinks it's better for everyone this way. Melanie continues trying to stop Abigail from going to find Austin and tells her that he won't want to see her.

Austin returns to his hotel room and puts his bag down. Austin goes to the bed and tries to wake up Carrie by apologizing to her but is shocked when it turns out to be his sister Billie in their bed.

Carrie paces in her office while crying. Rafe arrives and notices something is wrong. Carrie hugs Rafe while crying.

John finally gets the drawer of the file cabinet open so he and Hope look inside but find that the passports are gone. Someone catches them and turns on the lights behind them which turns out to be Stefano. Stefano reveals he has the passports. Hope accuses Stefano of having Bo attacked. Stefano wants to be civil. Stefano tells them it was stupid to try and break into a government building. Stefano tells them that they won't be able to get a flight to be by Bo's side.

Abigail tells Melanie that she's wrong about Austin. Melanie reminds her that Austin went after Carrie instead of staying with her. Melanie thinks Austin is probably begging for her forgiveness. Abigail compares it to Phillip cheating on Melanie. Melanie thinks it's different. Abigail claims she's just fighting for the man she loves. Abigail thinks Austin won't feel guilty after his marriage is over.

Austin hugs Billie and is excited to see her. Billie hopes Austin knew it was her and was pretending to say he cheated on her. Billie realizes Austin was telling the truth. Austin tries to change the subject by asking what she's doing in Salem but Billie tells him he won't get out of it that easy.

Rafe continues asking Carrie what's wrong. Carrie suggests Rafe leave since she came there to think and be alone. Rafe refuses to leave Carrie alone. Carrie realizes she can't keep it from Rafe and agrees to tell him everything.

Austin tells Billie that he screwed up and has no idea what to do. Billie wants to know what happened. Austin explains that he and Carrie went to a ski lodge where they first made love. Austin talks about their relationship being rocky and they tried to work it out but the trip turned into a disaster and he's been trying to find her. Billie wants Austin to start from the beginning in telling her what happened.

Carrie explains to Rafe that Abigail and Austin slept together. Rafe can't believe it. Carrie talks about Abigail having her eye on Austin for awhile. Carrie feels humiliated but Rafe doesn't think she should. Rafe is shocked by Austin being a professor sleeping with a student. Carrie feels blindsided by it. Rafe asks if she's sure about it. Carrie says he admitted it and can't believe how Sami and Austin reacted to their kiss when they did much worse.

Abigail doesn't want Melanie to stand up for Carrie. Abigail talks about how Carrie was never around for Austin and was busy with Rafe. Abigail wants Melanie to stop acting like she's a slut. Abigail blames Carrie kissing Rafe for her getting a chance with Austin. Melanie still thinks Austin wants to be with Carrie. Abigail thinks what they have isn't just going to go away. Melanie points out to her that Abigail never would've been with Austin if it wasn't for his problems with Carrie. Melanie feels Abigail is making something out of nothing. Melanie believes Abigail loves Austin but that doesn't mean he loves her back.

Hope asks Stefano why he's doing this to them. Stefano tells them that they are the ones that broke into a government building so he came to investigate. John blames Stefano for them being there and still doesn't know why. Stefano insists he had no involvement in what happened to Bo. Hope tells Stefano that Bo needs her so if he's ever loved anyone, he shouldn't stop her from getting back to him. Stefano tells her he's sorry but it's too late.

Austin explains to Billie what happened with Abigail. Billie points out the age difference and they both don't know how it could be any worse. Austin blames himself for letting it get out of control. Austin admits he might have known that Abigail had a crush on him but things got bad between he and Carrie so he had too much to drink which led to Abigail thinking she's in love with him. Billie warns him about how dangerous it can be and tells Austin that he blew it.

Melanie tries to tell Abigail that she's her best friend and loves her but Abigail doesn't think she's helping her. Melanie reminds her of Austin continuing to go after Carrie. Melanie shouts at her to stop making excuses for Austin before it just gets worse.

Rafe and Carrie talk about how all they did was kiss. Rafe wonders if Austin wouldn't have done anything if they didn't kiss. Carrie hopes he's not blaming her but Austin feels bad. Carrie tells Rafe that he didn't make Austin do anything. Carrie explains how Abigail just showed up at the ski lodge. Carrie doesn't know what to believe anymore and feels she no longer knows Austin. Rafe hugs her as she starts to cry again.

Billie finishes a phone call getting an update on Bo's condition. Billie then tells Austin about what happened to Bo. Austin thinks that's why she came back to Salem but Billie tells him that it had already happened by the time she came back. Billie adds that Hope is out of the country so it's worse. Billie encourages Austin about he and Carrie's love. Austin tells Billie that he was drunk and doesn't remember being with Abigail but knows it doesn't really matter. Austin states that he would never do that.

Abigail tells Melanie that she can't help her when she's not listening to her that it's an awful time for Austin. Abigail admits that it wasn't good for Carrie to find out from her but feels they have too many problems to work out. Abigail thinks it's a chance for her to be with Austin because everything is in the open now. Abigail wants to see where they can go. Melanie points out that she slept with a married man.

Carrie talks with Rafe about all the plans they had for their office but they gave it up because they thought they owed Sami and Austin. Carrie wonders if they wouldn't have been so quick to make the change if they knew what was going on. Carrie wants to know what happens now that they do know.

Stefano tells John and Hope that the police will be there soon. John apologizes to Hope for not realizing this would backfire. Stefano warns them that he can distract the police if they hurry up and get out. John questions trusting Stefano. Stefano gives them the choice of trusting the devil they know or the devil they don't.

Rafe tells Carrie that seeing who can hurt who the most isn't the best idea. Carrie questions taking the high road. Rafe mentions that he's had more time to deal with what Sami did while this is new to Carrie. Carrie doesn't think time will change anything and the hurt won't go away. Rafe knows the feeling when thinking about Sami and EJ. Rafe doesn't want to make his life any worse than he is. Carrie knows he's worried about being a good person. Carrie adds that she used to. Rafe questions what she's saying. Carrie tells him that she kept thinking about how much of this was her fault and can't say Austin was totally to blame.

Billie questions Austin being unable to fix things. Austin feels that he crossed a line. Billie talks about knowing Carrie for so long. Austin calls being with Abigail just one stupid night. Billie thinks Carrie will remember what a good husband Austin is. Billie states that Austin messed up and wants to know how he's going to fix it.

Melanie continues to tell Abigail that sleeping with Austin was wrong. Abigail doesn't want to argue about it anymore. Melanie asks if she thinks she's going to have some great new beginning with Austin. Abigail believes Austin is her soul mate. Melanie doesn't think Austin feels the same way. Abigail thinks Austin just felt guilty and was upset but will get over it. Melanie warns Abigail about marrying a married man who cheated on his wife. Abigail refuses to believe it will be like that for them and insists that one day they will be together and everything will be perfect. Abigail talks about her future with Austin and looking forward to the first time they make love so Melanie quickly realizes that means that Abigail never really slept with Austin. Abigail tries to cover it up but Melanie feels Abigail slipped the truth. Melanie realizes that she made Austin think this because he was drunk. Abigail admits that it didn't happen because he passed out while they were kissing so she let him believe they made love.

Austin asks Billie if she really thinks he can fix his marriage. She thinks he should try but he doesn't know how Carrie will get over this. Billie thinks time can heal everything. Austin blames himself for getting drunk after his argument with Carrie. Austin asks how Billie would get past it if she were Carrie. Billie says she'd think about all the good things in their relationship. Austin doesn't think he can convince Carrie of their love.

Carrie tells Rafe that she's still furious, hurt, and confused but brings up the problems they were having before this. Rafe states that every couple has problems. Carrie talks about her past with Austin and how Sami wanted him too before. Carrie talks about marrying Austin and then going to law school. Carrie recalls thinking coming back to Salem would have them falling in love all over again but instead Austin cheated on her while she was already cheating on him in her heart.

John and Hope return to their room with Stefano. Stefano tells them that they are safe. Hope thanks him for getting out of there but wants their passports now. Stefano asks if they are tired of their time together. John wants their passports but Stefano says he has to keep them. Stefano assures them that Bo is fine since Lexie is a good doctor. They want their passports but Stefano tells them he didn't take their passports for nothing. Stefano informs them that he has a job for them and will give them the information later. John refuses to do anything for him but Stefano feels they owe him. Hope blames him for setting this all up and wants to know why he's doing this to them. Stefano responds that it's fun. John then tells Stefano that he will stay and do whatever he wants if he just lets Hope go back to Bo but Stefano informs him that he needs both of them. Stefano says they will get their instructions when the time is right and then he exits the room. Hope screams and throws her bag against the door in frustration.

Billie tells Austin that he shouldn't feel like he's lost all hope. Austin thanks her as she says she won't give up until they are back together. Austin tells her that he's happy to have her back and hugs her.

Melanie questions Abigail not being bothered by letting Austin believe he slept with her. Abigail says that it does bother her and she wasn't thinking then. Melanie tells Abigail that Austin and Carrie are having problems because of something Austin didn't even do. Abigail blames Carrie for kissing Rafe. Abigail feels her lie could get Austin out of his marriage. Melanie tells Abigail that she has more experience lying than her. Melanie warns her that lies always come back and bite her. Melanie tells Abigail to tell Austin the truth now.

Carrie continues talking to Rafe. Carrie feels Austin did what he did with Abigail because he knew how she was feeling. Carrie feels Austin felt betrayed because she was falling for someone else. Carrie then admits that she was falling in love with Rafe.

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